The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 197

< Carina Dragonia (2) >

The connection with the gods was severed.

It was the first thing the Northern Army recognized after coming to this world.

“Your Excellency, the connection with the gods…”

“Some of the sexual methods can be used, but the level depends on the remaining amount in the body.”

The people of Lionheart, the knights, have served God since birth and enjoyed their miracles as if they were everyday.

Who could have predicted the sense of loss they would feel when they intuit that their connection with God was cut off?

It was to the point where even Karina couldn’t hide her dismay at the divinity she couldn’t feel. the gods–

“Don’t forget what we have to do. We’ve been following them all this way for revenge.”

Karina scattered darkness to cover them with her vast holy power. As a Holy Grail Knight, there is still overflowing holy power in her vessel.

I don’t know if this will remain until the demons, the Great Duke of River Desire, is defeated–

[Yes, the fence of holy power that protected you all is gone, and even the last remaining remnants are disappearing.]

The dragon king, who had been wriggling in the hearts of grand dukes for a very long time, did not miss this.

* * * *

[Kahiah, · ···!]

The battle between Grand Duke Gangyok and his legion was fierce, but in the end Karina and her legion ended in victory.

“Great, Grand Duke! Grand Duke Karina cut off the head of Grand Duke Gangyok!”

“Victory! Dragonia’s, Lionheart’s victory!!”

“Glory to Ventasis!!”

Although it cost a lot, he was able to annihilate Grand Duke Gangyok and his army. With this…

“Reduced, Your Excellency! The Queen will be delighted too!”

Delbosque, the long-time butler of the Grand Duchess, prostrated herself in tears in front of Carina.

The great war against the devil has resulted in the loss of many precious people.

Numerous knights lost their lives to Malus, the lord of chaos summoned by the Emperor of the Empire by offering 3 million people as sacrifices, and the entire continent was in the hands of the Devil Grand Dukes, such as the Grand Duke of Greed, the Grand Duke of Corruption, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, the Grand Duke of Glacier, and the Grand Duke of Wisdom. I was violated.

After so many deaths, he managed to get his revenge.

“Now… find a way back to Lionheart…”

Lion Heart King, what happened to his father? Will the kingdom eventually perish?

It’s not that they can’t guess what will happen after they leave. That’s why he left the union alone and came to another world to fight the Great Duke of Gangyok.

If Lionheart had already been destroyed by demons…

‘The next revenge is just beginning.’

On that day, the day they swore to sacrifice their souls to Ventasis, all the northerners swore to burn themselves in the fire of revenge.

Even the last one will destroy evil.

“Get your troops together. Finding a way back is next.”

After a long fight, the fatigue is coming. Let’s take a little break, then go back to Lionheart.


It was then. An enemy force appeared from behind. The patrols reported.

“Your Excellency! It’s an enemy raid!”

“Is it the remnants of demons?”

“No. The banner of the Seven Kingdoms! They betrayed us!”


Immediately after annihilating the demon grand duke’s legion, the seven kingdoms of this world betrayed Karina and the Northern Army all at once.

Surprisingly, the northerners were not concerned about this betrayal, for they took for granted the honor of a nobleman and the nobility of a king.

The possibility of betrayal itself was not ignored. I just couldn’t imagine that they would unite to this extent.

Those who have lived in faith, honor, and nobility can be said to be flowers in a greenhouse in a sense.

-Sir Gaspard!

-Protect the Grand Duke!

one by one they fall

The Northern Army, exhausted from the clash with the Devil Anti-Air Force, gradually collapsed in front of a large army of 850,000 men.

After moving to another world, I used all the remaining holy power, and Karina was the same.

The reason why Karina is still maintaining her innocence is the dragon’s heart, a powerful artifact that produces magic on its own.

‘Dangerous. If I continue to use the dragon’s magic…’

Even so, he was using the dragon’s heart far beyond the proper maintenance period. It was also a period with the purification effect due to holy power in mind.

However, the holy power had already been depleted, and Karina was filled with only the overflowing dragon’s mana. If this continues, Yonghwa cannot be avoided.


“I’m in the lead. Take cover.”


After hesitating, Karina abused her vast magical power instead of her holy power. Enemies who met her gaze died instantly, and the magic power of the sword she wielded swept away the entire unit.

Even though she only used the overflowing mana from the dragon’s heart, the battlefield is overwhelmed by her alone.

So how could I not use it? Hundreds of Northerners saved their lives every time she overdid it.

‘We must return them. To my hometown…!’

That was my duty as the Grand Duke of Dragonia representing the North. The knights, the nobles, and the free people of this world must be willing to give their lives.


The Northern Army, which is gradually disappearing, and the Allied Army, which is narrowing the encirclement with overwhelming numbers.

There were too many enemies to reverse with a single force.

“It’s over, invaders from the other world.”

“You cultists will all die here.”

The last moment was approaching, and the number of the remaining Northern Army was only about 1,400. Delbosque, who had been by Karina’s side until the end, said.

“Your Excellency. We will buy some time. Your Excellency, please get out.”


Karina silently watched the collapse of the battle line.

Should you have seen this too?

As the one who leads everyone, the sight of himself failing in the end.

That would definitely be a sad day.

It would be a pain of embarrassment, resentment, and tearing of the intestines.

How could you have endured the pain every time those who believed in you and followed you fell one by one?

“Don’t forgive me.”

Carina said, thinking of her father, who was too far away, where even the world they live in has changed.

“Dragonia. I will give you my flesh and soul.”

The day Grand Duke Karina became ‘Dragon Emperor Karina’.

The beginning of the dragon legion legend.

Dragonia’s founding myth began with the massacre of 850,000 soldiers from the Seven Kingdoms.

A turning point in the legend.

Karina became the Dragonian Emperor, not the Dragonian Grand Duke.

* * * *

“The deal is already over. I handed over my flesh and soul to Dragonia, and in return, Dragonia processed the soul of the northerners into middle-class stones.”

Instead of the lost paradise, the dragon’s magic created a false paradise.

The name of the middle village is to send them to a paradise that will be rebuilt someday.

30,000 people. What was the price Karina had to pay in order to settle the souls of all the Northerners into a crystal form?


“It was a cheap price. If only one person could save 30,000 people.”

And it’s not a sacrifice.

“It’s a responsibility. Just as you didn’t hesitate because you were the father of all gods and all people.”

Karina, Grand Duke of Dragonia, was obliged to take responsibility for her 30,000 soldiers.

“It seems that Your Majesty intends to bear the curse of the dragon on my behalf, but it is already too late.”


The daughter’s soul is not saved. Much less, even that body was no longer hers.

Hearing those words, how was his father supposed to react?

“No, it’s not too late. It’s not too late yet!”

deny Despite the testimony of the daughter in front of him and the ridicule of the dragon, he cannot give up as long as he is the father.

[You are foolish, Lionheart. You should already know how reasonable the contract your blood and flesh made is?]

“Shut up…!”

Leon pulled out the holy sword. He mercilessly swung his holy sword at the black energy that let out an evil voice.

– Kang!

However, it was his own daughter who blocked the sword. No, to be precise, the spirit of the dragon that took control of her daughter’s body.

“This bastard…! Get out of Karina’s body!”

The blue walls transform into red eyes with torn pupils. Dragonia said.

[I gave your daughter what she wanted, and she paid for it. It’s not something you can turn over.]


The mighty dragon’s magical power bounced Leon through the sword. The dragon’s magical power that even the Holy Sword could not cut through. It takes over the space in an instant and forms a magical form.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

Each one of them is an instant death-level great magic. Black magic explodes, creating a cloud of dust.

– Hee hee!

The white divine beast that escapes it. Even in the aftermath of the explosion, Lion Heart King’s allies dragged their riders out.

[Is it the lineage of the Heavenly Horse? A cheeky beast.]

In an instant, arrows of dense magical power are rained down toward the Shinsoo who is trying to close the distance. Each one has high firepower. Even star iron armor will melt in front of this firepower, but——

“Run, Stallion!”

In front of that ignorant conversational power, Leon likewise ventures into a reckless charge. Stallion also runs through the rain of magical arrows head-on without hesitation.



At the moment of the collision, what was heard was not the sound of flesh splitting, but the sound of iron fragments bouncing off metal.

At the moment of the clash, Dragonia’s magical arrows missed Stallion’s claws without even hurting them.

Starlion, Goddess of Light. A divine horse of the Goddess bestowed upon the strongest assaulter, Lion Heart King. This divine beast, who has been with the Lion Heart King for hundreds of years of war, can block any attack from the front.

Absolute resistance when charging. Even the dragon’s magical power is no exception.

[They still use annoying powers.]

Dragonia unsparingly poured her vast magical energy. Even the fallen dragon’s thoughts can reproduce the glory of the past to some extent if you obtain the body of a Holy Grail Knight.

The explosive power of that magic was enough to astonish all who watched.

“Monster, monster…”

Archmage Cornwall reacted with fear as he protected the audience from the aftermath of the explosion.

Because he is a great wizard, he can know the fear of that dragon’s magical power.

That is not a force that humans can deal with.

He could claim to be the archenemy of the gods.

‘How can I survive in front of such ridiculous destructive power?’

so that.

“Upper left! Grazed!”

Lion Heart King pulling the reins and giving instructions. A Shinsoo who immediately takes action at the rider’s command without a 0.1 second delay.

Stallion’s genius of achieving high mobility with advanced horsemanship and absurd horsepower.

Attacks from the front break through with confidence in resistance, and attacks from the side and from the air are evaded within a narrow range.

Dragonia muttered in annoyance towards Leon, who charged and evaded at the same time and thrust a threatening jousting spear little by little.

[Then I will crush you with overwhelming, unavoidable firepower.]

A huge magic circle appeared behind Karina’s back.

Dragon language——

[Leon, avoid!]

The power of a dragon that has lost its body and only has its soul. Its horror threatened even the gods.

<Dragon Breath>

pouring fire. The dragon king’s wrath that melts everything. This flame burns even the demigod’s body.

“I am a victor. A knight of the gods who leads to victory.”


Before the dragon king’s flame reaches the lion heart king, Leon’s holy spear catches the flame from the front. And the power at the tip of that spear…

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>

It is the divine punishment of the god of war who dominates and focuses all the flames in all directions.

“I have a history of hundreds of years of war and the protection of the gods. Dealing with such a Jim is like dealing with a single world, old lizard!”

The Dragon King’s flames poured down on the Lion Heart King returned as they were. Rather, the flame compressed at the tip of the spear is more dense than before.

[You bastard…!]

Dragonia immediately created a magic shield with vast amounts of magic. In an instant, the great barrier seemed to compress a castle.

“I’ll give it back!”

And the new punishment that tries to capture it is confronted.

The Dragon King poured more magic power toward the melting magic shield. Truly, the vast amount of mana that seems to be endless can withstand even his own breath.


A knight is one who charges.

Mounted on horseback, full gallop, straight and honest.

Just charge and charge as far as the sword and spear can reach.

So article.

A battlefield flower that boasts absolute breakthrough power.

– Kwaa!

And the man in front of me is the pinnacle of all knights.

knight king.


The tip of Leon’s spear instantly penetrated the cracked magic shield and reached Dragonia.

Dragonia slashed it with her sword, but the charge did not end with the clash of the spear points.

– Hee hee!

If the spear strike failed, the shock of the warhorse is the second strike.

The white divine beast gave Dragonia a shock loaded with ignorant breaking power, and Karina’s body exploded! and bounced off

[this guy···!]

Angry Dragonia. At that moment, the vast amount of mana on his body became a shield and absorbed the impact force.

Dragonia immediately tried to sweep the rider away with the cheeky beast, but her tearing pupils did not see the rider on the horse.


I looked up with a terrifying aura and saw a dazzlingly shining holy sword striking me down.


Dragonia blocks it with animal-like reflexes. However, as soon as Leon’s attack is blocked, he causes a wave of light to break Dragonia’s posture.



Leon, who pushes as it is. He skillfully drove into close combat.

“Even if it’s a dragon king, it’s a beast with only high firepower. It seems that close combat is not a specialty. You think you can deal with me with swordsmanship.”

[be impertinent···!]

The dragon swung his sword in anger, but each time it ended in vain, allowing Leon to approach.

face the world

As if to prove that the statement was never a mistake.

Little by little, little by little… eventually overpowering.

‘this guy···!’

from now on.

“Bring back my daughter…!”

“Fall down, Dragon King…!”

Like the man who once challenged himself.

Dragon Slayer Zeke.

Just an insignificant mortal in tin armor.

“You fool. A dwarf no bigger than my fingernails, dared to challenge this Dragon King?”

Even in front of the absolute difference in strength, the man was indomitable.

Calling out the improbable name of God. forward and forward again. At some point like that–


It is in front of him beyond all disadvantages.

‘Doesn’t it stop?’

I can’t stop.

only three hundred years. The history of humans who lived only 300 years overwhelms the immortal Dragon King.

Dragon’s Word <Wrath of the Slayer>

Horrible magical power. It becomes a huge wave of light and strikes the Lion Heart King. But–

<Holy Sword of Extreme Light>

The power of the goddess, the owner of all light, is contained in the holy sword and cuts through it.

That holy sword is now a polar light that cuts through even light.


couldn’t stop

In the place where all the waves of power had swept away, the Dragon King, who took control of the Holy Grail Knight’s body, collapsed on the floor of the arena and looked at the holy sword that had been dug down to his chin and said,

[You are a born warrior. The history of war itself, which immortals like us do not have.]

once laughed at

At one time, it was absurd.

When the authors of the gods declared that they would end the age of dragons by mortals, they said they were foolish.

But it is the age of dragons that is over, and it is the gods and their knights who have triumphed.

The venom that consumed dragons is none other than their arrogance and mortal fortitude.

[Surely, if you’re a fighter, you’re better than me.]

“Give me back. Karina.”

that’s why it’s stupid

An irreversible transaction is called out to be overturned by force.

You should know it yourself. Why are you so mad?

It is their temperament to challenge the impossible, but it is impossible because the impossible is impossible in the first place.

Carina Dragonia sacrificed herself for the souls of the 30,000 northerners, and the price has already been paid.

In any case, Karina’s soul and body cannot be saved. The reason she wanted to give birth to a child was only to leave a descendant of the family called ‘Dragonia’ before her own existence was destroyed.

Even that, he seemed to have no regrets, unless he knew that Leon was alive.

“Impossible, Your Majesty. I made a reasonable deal, and thanks to you I was able to fulfill my duty. Please do not make my choice meaningless.”


Karina said while grabbing the owner of the holy sword pointed at her.

“Delbosque and the 30,000 northern soldiers who followed me, guide their souls to paradise. With that, my duty is fulfilled.”

“No! It can’t be! You’ll have to bury me, never the other way around!”

Were you able to make such a face?

Karina smiled bitterly as she looked at the Lion Heart King, who was always upright and strong.

Because he was a king, he was able to sacrifice his own love. the people. friend. even yourself.

I know now because I walked the same steps as him.

Those who shouldered that many responsibilities should not regret it.

I can’t even cry Because he has to always show an unshakable figure to everyone who looks at his back.

Karina obviously made the right decision to fulfill her responsibilities.

Still, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for my father who would be left behind.

[Dragonia. The old enemy of our gods.]

At that moment, the goddess appeared with a form of pure white light. Ariana, who appeared in Leon’s halo, spoke to the Dragon King in Karina’s heart.

Now, they share their situation, which is no different from him.

[A little while ago, the agreement of the pantheon ended. It is a proposal made by the darkness.]

At that, everyone focused on the goddess’ voice. Instinctively, he senses what will be said next and how serious the issue is.

The goddess opened her mouth.

[Join the pantheon, Dragonia. We are willing to share with you as a community of destiny.]

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