The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 199

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The 25th, which stunned the United States and its allies, ended in an unexpected direction.

“It is a monumental moment. The United States of America faced the whole world beyond the gate for the first time, and the Emperor of the Empire and the Hobson administration——”

“The missing scouting party also returned safely without anyone getting hurt—”

“Even more so when it turns out that the Dragonian Emperor is the only daughter of the Lion Heart King of the Pantheon, who is emerging as a worldwide icon—”

Contact with the whole world for the first time since the many gates occurred. And even the news that the ruler over there is Leon’s only child.

Not only the United States, but the whole world reported this fact, and they expected contact with the new world…

“The Dragonian Empire intends to refrain from contact with Earth for the time being.”

The emperor of the other world, Karina Dragonia, stepped onto the podium and crushed their expectations.

“What do you mean by that?”

“It’s literally. Don’t misinterpret the words of this work.”

“Why? The exchange between the Empire and the United States is sure to lead to the development of both sides——”


At those words, Karina laughed openly. Her subsequent words are coldly realistic.

“I have no intention of making Jim’s empire a colony of Earth.”

“Poetry, colony! You misunderstood!”

“Occupation by force is impossible. Because I am. But culture, politics, and economy are all poisoned holy grails.”

Some understood the meaning of the words. The logic that the poor countries of the Third World become economic and cultural colonies of the great powers has been proven a long time ago.

“Therefore, recognize me as the Lionheart’s Grand Duke of Dragonia, not the Dragonian Emperor. The reason I came to this world is to help the Lion Heart King.”

With that, Karina finished her position statement.

Even the gate that was opened in Washington DC was demolished together with Karina and Beatrice, so the US will no longer be able to interfere with the world beyond the gate.

“It was a temporary plan, but the ‘Delivery of Democracy’ plan should be put on hold.”

President Hobson showed regret at the report of his aides and reversed the direction he had gone astray for a while.

“Then, let’s celebrate the heroes who solved the crisis in Washington. Isn’t it Christmas soon?”

In any case, stock prices recovered, and real estate in Washington, which had been plummeting, calmed down. President Hobson hoped that such a big event would not happen again during his term.

* * * *

A suite at the InterContinental, the finest five-star hotel in the heart of Washington. Carina was watching the night view in a place where the entire top floor was given up by the US government for the full propaganda war.

“It’s a very developed city. I couldn’t even imagine something like this.”

“Even so, they are ordinary people who do not receive the grace of the gods. Even though they are decorated with splendor, they cannot find peace of mind.”

Leon despised vulgar capitalism and irresponsible democracy. For him, human greed is an irresponsible desire.

It was a problem with those who were always overzealous than necessary.

“Isn’t that why we made such remarkable progress?”

Karina had a slightly different opinion, but she did not hide her cold-hearted wariness.

Isn’t that why the gate that connects the empire and the United States has been closed?

Of course, I don’t intend to completely block both sides. I will move to the Empire through Beatrice, and after Karina fully understands the Earth, I plan to secure technology.

Of course, all of that would only be transferred under Karina’s judgment.

“Are you okay anyway?”

“What do you mean?”

“Your empire. Would it be okay if I just gave up and came here?”

Karina put an end to the courtship commotion in Dragonia and laid down her power.

To be precise, it was more like a temporary entrustment. No matter what the nobles think, Karina has the absolute power to regain power at any time.

“I am still their emperor.

Even so, the emperor’s absence would cause them great confusion.

“And this is a test.”


“Originally, the empire was run by bureaucrats, not by me. I was a monarch who reigned but did not rule.”

“It’s not wrong if it was Lionheart. Everyone will figure it out. But…”

Other worlds are different from Lionheart.

Nobles are virtuous, and knights are obliged to protect free people, so free people serve them and pay taxes.

However, this earth lacked such a natural sense of coexistence. In words, they talk about noblesse oblige, but there are many things that are corrupt, greedy, and do not even fulfill their duties.

Lionheart’s superiority comes from his unwavering integrity and chivalry. Karina also guessed this.

“I know. They will probably fail. They will eat the country to be exact.”

“Then why?”

“Their failure will make me wait for the return of the Dragon Lord. I was a feared emperor, but an emperor who never failed.”

And Karina added that it would be advantageous for the spread of the Dragon God Dragonia’s faith. Then, something that let out a laugh between her shadows.

[Keukkeuk, it is said that foolish dwarves realize the value of something precious only after they lose it.]

Leon spoke politely to Dragonia.

“Doesn’t sound like a bad strategy. Did you come up with it?”

[Oops, your language has softened quite a bit. When did you say it was a lizard?]

“If you claim to be a god, you will become one of the gods I will serve, unless you are an evil god. Of course, it depends on the dragon god’s choice.”

[Depending on what I do? It’s hard to say that if you don’t like it, you’ll cut it with a single knife.]


Leon did not deny Dragonia’s guess. Dragonia was satisfied with his respectful attitude, but still accepted the arrogant Leon quite leniently.

[Well, good. Dragon God Dragonia, now that I’ve become your daughter’s guardian, you might be a little lenient.]

Dragonia was quite satisfied with this deal.

From the humiliating offer of the arrogant gods surrendering their divinity, the price he had to pay was the soul and body of a captive.

Of course, they gave away the souls of 30,000 northern soldiers as a tax, but it was Dragonia’s advantage in terms of a large country.

“You are now the seat of the gods. You will have to cooperate in destroying the evil species.”

[Can you figure it out even if I don’t tell you? What I detest more than the gods are the filthy fragments of evil.]

Faced with their common enemy, the devil, the dragon king willingly held the hands of the gods.

Karina asked the Dragon King who resided in her heart.

“By the way, have you decided on a divinity to call yourself? You’ll need a proper code to spread your faith.”

[Cluck cluck… I still have something in mind.]

Leon still didn’t like this old ghost, but apart from that, he distinguished between public and private life.

“At the time of the great consecration ceremony, I will proclaim the new god’s decree. Until then, finish your consultations with the gods.”

[I’m trying to figure it out.]

“If you claim to be a god, give the love you deserve for your subjects. The spirit will be the bridge between the gods and humans.”

Leon gave advice rather than advice to Dragonia and then moved his gaze to Karina.

“Karina. Do you have any other plans after that?”

“Yes, well… On the occasion of Christmas, there must be some suggestions.”

Right away, a celebration celebrating the successful capture of the gate and leading economic and political organizations in the United States were very interested in Lion Heart’s Lion Heart and the Dragonian Emperor.

If I return to East Asia this time, I do not know when it will come, so it is inevitable that it will be full of people who want to take a picture of their eyes.

“is it······.”

Leon tried to say something, but repeated his end. Anyone who knew him would have been surprised by the hesitant attitude of the Lion Heart King.

Karina is puzzled by her father’s attitude, which was like an iron fortress.

But in the end, Leon said what he wanted to say.

“Then why don’t you go on a date with Jim… no, this father?”

Karina’s eyes widened at Leon’s difficult suggestion.

* * * *

With Christmas approaching, the Knights of the Pantheon were excited about vacationing in Washington.

It is said that the Burning Sword Knights are similarly amazing and different experiences wherever they go, but most of the Naju Knights formed by Leon on Earth are still students at the academy.

I felt like I was traveling overseas just by sending troops to the US to attack Gate, but to spend Christmas in the US.

Even with the support of the U.S. government, which provides assistance to each and every driver with utmost sincerity, it is bound to be even more exciting.

-Those who are going to Disneyland, hands!

– Worm. Disneyland is in California. It’s the exact opposite of Washington.

-Washington Michelin restaurants are reserved, so go on a tour!

-I want to go to Olympic National Park! I’m going to have fun running with my friend!

-The neighborhood has a million acres, isn’t there a bear? What if the horse gets eaten?

– Just beat the bear with your finger.

– Eung Natural Monument. Jail if caught.

Anyway, they made all sorts of plans right before Christmas. For the Knights of the graduating class, this year is the last winter of their status as students.

I was going to enjoy the best Christmas that the White House accommodates, but…

-Kick! Stand up straight, organism. can’t you just do that

A sharp steel wire swings like a whip, creating a sense of intimidation.

The cute minimal-sized spider robot ferociously wielded a wire and lined up the knights.

-A-37. Attention, upright!

“Ah, yep!”

A boy who follows Yapi’s instructions and takes a tight stance. Yapi also turned a bright red infrared gaze at Cheon So-yeon in the front row.

-Organism captain is not straight, so organisms are messed up. hold the flag straight.

“Oh, okay!”

Cheon So-yeon, the leader of the knights, maintained her posture in a tense posture, but as if she was dissatisfied, Yapi’s mechanical leg slapped Hari’s shin in the shin next to her.

“Aww! Me, why are you hitting me?!”

– Dissatisfied, organism?


dissatisfaction. It was something that everyone in this room had, but it was a word that I dared not let out.

I was brought into the army, but no one answered yes to the question, ‘Trainees, have you been drafted into the army now?’ As if I couldn’t answer.

Another thing in common is that, in fact, the members of the Knights Templar are strictly soldiers.

-How long do we have to be like this?

-I don’t know, until His Majesty tells me to stop?

Leon said in a triumphant voice, appreciating their discipline and the way they moved according to Yapi’s instructions.

“How is it? I have raised the ignorant and oblivious things without a single line of faith to be seen.”


Karina moderately responded to Leon’s boast.

These are not empty words. It has been over a year since Leon came to this world.

The Burning Sword Knights were one of the most elite knights even 200 years ago, but here on Earth, not a single pantheon of faith could be found.

Leon’s ability to build an order of knights and rebuild thousands of man-at-arms in such a place was worthy of being followed even as the Grand Duke of Dragonia.

“It must have taken an unusual amount of effort to raise a single knight, so how did you organize the knights so quickly?”

“It’s thanks to the help of the gods. Originally, they were children who couldn’t make enough merit to be knighted.”

Leon announced that he hoped that the gods of the pantheon would be connected directly with the knights, and that the ordination ceremony also proceeded so quickly that it was hard to imagine if it were Lionheart.

“Certainly… if that’s the case, we’ll be able to quickly secure quality troops, even if they’re not at the level of regular knights.”

Of course, Lion Heart King needs the protection of the pantheon gods who are too cooperative.

“A king loved like me is capable of so much.”

Hearing Leon’s boast, Karina suppressed a laugh that burst out.

He is not one to show off his things to others. It was even less the one who borrowed the authority of the gods to increase his prestige.

He is an agent of the gods, a faithful follower who is purely happy with all the love the gods do for him.

Showing it off to my daughter seemed to mean a little bit of leisure, unlike the tense past, and it was fun.

Because he is such a man, the gods must love him.

“Among them, those four are special. All of them have one sacred relic, and did you say they were Han Hari and Cheon So-yeon? I was honestly surprised.”

“Yes, they are talented knights who deserve the favor of the gods.

“Is Aunt Isabel… you mean? Ah… that time. When Your Majesty was preparing for the last war…”

Carina heard the speculation that the Gate was a huge archive of past events.

The Lionheart’s last fight there, the fact that he left Lion Heart King and came back, and what kind of fight the Lion Heart King fought until the end.


What if you were like that in real history too? So, did the Lion Heart King not have to fight alone for so long?

Aside from being bitter at the thought of such an event, Leon grumbled in a voice like millet.

“Your Majesty. Um… Majesty. Um… Yes, Majesty. Um… Isabel is my aunt, but I am…”

Unfortunately, Grand Duke Karina did not hear it.

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