The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 2 Black Gate

The gate opened in the middle of Seoul.

This in itself is not very rare.

Since gates such as Jamsil Gate, Namyangju Gate, and Songdo Gate were opened all over the district 30 years ago, it has become a daily occurrence for gates to appear in the middle of the city.

The problem is the grade of the gate.


An ‘out of standard’ rating that is out of the question even in the official measurement rating of the World Hunter Association.

Because it is measured by the amount of energy in the gate, it boasts a 99.9% hit rate.

The Korean Hunter Association made full preparation for this. He requested support from the World Hunter Association and asked the domestic hunter guilds to enter the gate.

“Fucking bastards… only busy at times like this.”

“Has the Hunter Guild done that once or twice?”

At the words of Manager Kim Jin-soo of the Hunter Association, Han Ha-ri, a member of the Hunter Association, gave an expression that was not new.

The black gate that appeared after 13 years. Large domestic guilds refused to enter the initial stage and went on a wait-and-see basis.

In a way, it is natural Even the scarlet color, the A-class gate, often causes numerous casualties. By the way, it’s not the red of the S grade, but the black of the non-standard grade?

No large guild wanted to waste their valuable power at the Gate of Unmeasurable Risk.

In the end, the government-affiliated Hunter Association had no choice but to come forward to investigate the condition of the gate.

The advance party enters first, examines the risk, returns with as much information as possible, and distributes it to large guilds.

It was also a classic method because there is a great benefit to the strategy if you properly understand the prior information.

The problem is the advance team that has to enter without any prior information.

“Hari… are you okay?”

Manager Kim looked at Hari, who had followed the Hunter Association selection team, with a worried expression.

It was a dangerous starting reconnaissance mission. The association also made a heroic resolution to the point of selecting only applicants and departing, leaving a will.

It was very unfortunate that a newcomer to the association, who was only 20 years old, would appear in such a place.

“It’s okay. Among the applicants, I am the only A-rank hunter.

“Even so…”

Class A Hunters are definitely a great force. Above all, the Hunter Association almost did not have any A-class Hunters.

That’s because hunters who were that talented entered the large guild.

“For the safety of citizens and the well-being of the country! Isn’t that the motto of our association?”

“…a foolish bitch.”

She is one of the few prospects in the association.

In the modern world where large guilds have absorbed talented people, hunters who volunteer to become government officials are usually D or C class. Even when I had time to spare, it was only a B grade.

A promising A-rank hunter who applied for a job in such an association as soon as he graduated from the academy. If raised well, he is a talented person who can aim for the only S-class hunter excluding the president of the association.

I wanted to say please go back for the future, but the power of the advance team is too insufficient to send it back like this.

It is the first black grade in 13 years. Even though it was a selection mission that would not be enough to accompany an S-class hunter, not an A-class hunter, there was only one A-class hunter, Hari.

“Huh… Please, let’s pray that he returns alive.”

– Enter! Get ready everyone!

* * * *

“Huh… Is it a field type gate?”

The entrance gate was a mess.

Some of the gates were devastated, as if they had been destroyed, but the black gate the Association advance party entered was beyond their imagination.

First, the sky turned red.

The sky dyed in crimson is not the level of sunset light or anything.

It was an eerie red light, as if the sky had turned upside down.

Not a single blade of grass was visible on the ground. It is dry and desolate enough to wonder if this place was really alive.

“Oh my God, I’ve never seen a gate like this. Where the hell is this?”

“Nervous, Hari. It’s been 13 years since the immeasurable gate. I don’t know what will come out.”

“I know… but what on earth is this world, so it can’t even be graded?”

“I don’t know… Aren’t there even advanced demons?”

“Don’t say anything terrible.”

It was then. A message window flew to Hari and the hunters belonging to the association who entered.

[Gate Mission]

A mission system window created after gates appeared in the world and hunters awakened their magical powers.

It is a valuable system that informs the hunters entering the gate of the gate’s minimum information and clear goal.

“And, chief…”


However, the hunters who checked the system window trembled with pale complexions.

[Hunt all demons.]

Remaining Demons: 117/????????


A race that occasionally appears in high-level gates out of countless gates.

Six years ago, Kanbala, a high-ranking demon who appeared at the vermilion-level gate, even killed the Korean S-rank hunter Ko Jin-hyeok.

Is that all? Twenty-two years ago, the emergence of the great evil Skajacaria or monarch-class demons in China always caused terrible disasters.

“Fuck! Fuck! I need to get out of here!”


In the worst case, even the thick-hearted manager Kim fell into confusion.

Among many gates, this gate is the Demon Gate where demons appear.

“Those bastards won’t die even if you kill them!”

It’s not really an immortal being. only resurrected.

22 years ago, the Great Evil Skajakaria, which appeared at the Demon Gate in Shanghai, China, has been subjugated more than five times so far.

However, the Demon Gate does not disappear and is resurrected every 4 years to cause a dungeon break.

“Calm down, chief. Even if it’s demons, there are only 117 of them. You might be able to finish them off surprisingly easily.”

“That’s more of a problem! There are only 117 of them, but the black rank has risen! Even if that’s the minimum, you should consider that there is a great devil!”

The level of a dungeon is determined by the amount of energy in the dungeon.

Even though there were only 117 demons, the fact that the grade was black meant that each individual was terribly powerful.

Above all, if it was a Daemon-level Demon Gate, there was a risk that the dungeon would remain permanently without being closed like the Shanghai Demon Gate.

It’s terrible. Didn’t Shanghai become a ghost town because of that Demon Gate?

“Retreat first! We have to inform the association that it’s a Demon Gate!”

This is not something that can be done with a selection of less than 20 people.

It was when the party leader, Section Chief Kim, decided to retreat.

“Chief! Look over there!”

The direction a hunter pointed. There, a demon with a large mask was looking down at the hunters.

“Damn it… Great Sword!”

Lesser Demon Greatsword.

A 1.5m tall little demon with a sword bigger than my body.

However, as a lower-class demon, you can’t be careless. Among the demons, the Great Sword possesses particularly strong attack power.

As the name suggests, the Greatsword’s attack caused the human body to bleed without stopping.

“iced coffee……”

And there wasn’t just one Greatsword.

Great Swords that appear one after another. In addition, the number of other demons has already exceeded 100.

“Bur, are you already triggering a dungeon break?”

In any gate, there is a grace period until the mission is cleared. But as soon as the gate opens, they come rushing in like this?

-It’s the gate! It’s the gate!

– I’m alive, I’m alive!

– Run away, run away!

Demons rejoicing with bizarre cheers. The hunters grabbed their weapons as they watched the demons running out of breath.

“Come on, everyone! Don’t let the demons cross the gate! We can sneak in as soon as they cross over to Earth!”

characteristic of demons.

They either morphed into humans or hid in the shadows of humans.

Even if only one demon sneaked in, a terrible thing would happen, so the principle is to close the Demon Gate unconditionally within the gate.

“Set the display! I’ll be in the lead!”


Despite Chief Kim’s dissuade, Hari pulled out her sword at the forefront.

Taking the lead as a non-tank would be like committing suicide, but she was needed to encourage the now fearful hunters.

– Run away! run away!

– I want to live! I don’t want to perish!

The demons rushing forward with their brains in an unknown language. Hell Hound was the first to run to the fore.

A demon of the lowest rank, but a quadrupedal beast whose speed is faster than that of a car. They rushed towards Hari, gasping for breath.

– Kyaaaaaaa!

Leaping Hellhound. Hari put magic on her sword and cut down the Hellhounds.

The sword loaded with magic easily cut through their hides, and the hellhound struggled in agony.

‘Good! Good start!’

Killed four at once. Just when he was hoping for his morale to rise while watching his struggles, the Hellhounds with split stomachs caused strange behavior.

“What, what?”

The hellhounds, who must have been mortally wounded, gallantly ran while bleeding. As if trying to get past the gate somehow.


However, that was blocked by the hunters who organized the display.

Not just Hellhounds. The great swords also collided with the hunters in front and crawled towards the gate without even reacting.

-come! come!

– It’s coming! He’s coming!

-no! run away! Beyond the Gate!

“What, what?”

“Did these guys take the medicine as a group…”

Thanks to this, the demons were easily defeated, but the hunters, including Hari, couldn’t let go of a bad feeling.

No matter how much time passes, they are resurrected again, but why are they so ignorant? As if ‘run away’.

“Hariya, avoid!”

It was then. bang! and something hitting the ground. Something overwhelming that swept the terrain with only the aftermath of the shock wave swept everyone, including Hari.


Hari rolling across the ground. Clinging to her distraught mind, she checks what has happened.

“What, what the hell…”

something fell Hari knew it right away.


Something huge came into view.

Torn wing marks and a huge ax that far surpassed those of humans.

The red skin and the evil gaze that I don’t want to see even in my dreams.

“iced coffee…….”

Great Devil.

winged giant.

Demon Gate’s nightmare that even S-rank hunters were torn alive.

“Get out of the way, lower ones! Before I kill them all!”

The devil overwhelms the hunters with a horrifying sound.

The Hunters were suppressed by the energy he emitted and did not dare to move.

“Fuck, it’s over.”

Legs not moving and breath rising. Despair and fear weigh down on everyone.

“Oh, no. If that guy crosses over to Earth…”

It should be blocked. If a monster like that causes a dungeon break in the middle of Seoul… Ten million citizens are at risk!


Harry raised his sword. I forcibly dragged my unmoving leg. I stood in front of irresistible despair.

“A worthless human being…!”

The Great Devil clicked his tongue as he saw Hari standing in front of him. But strangely, I don’t feel any murderous intent. The feeling I feel from him is urgency.

“Get out of the way, worm!”

A light blow that was swung as if to literally get rid of insects. Hari concentrated all her mana to stop the ax strike… … .

“Shut up?!”

In a single blow, it bounced all the way to the gate.


The ground itself becomes a weapon and hacks through Hari’s body. I felt it in a single hit.


that’s a monster

I felt it in a single hit.

It was majestic enough to break even the will to survive.


Just as the dying embers trembled dangerously, a human stopped in front of her.

At first, I thought it was Manager Kim. However, in my field of vision, I saw the Hunters of the Association who were overwhelmed by the power of the Great Devil and could not move.

Chief Kim, a veteran, was also trembling and unable to move. Even the head of the great devil rolling on the floor.


What’s rolling in front of me right now… Is it the head of the great devil who despaired them just a moment ago?

“Four, Lion Heart King! No! No!”

The screaming demon. He writhes in pain as he burns from the amputation. And that’s not all. The demons around were also trembling with fear.


The appearance of the Great Devil was strange. In the recorded video, the great demons, as usual, foretold the resurrection and vomited curses on mankind.

But what about the devil right in front of you?

“No! No! The Holy Law…! My soul… is extinguished!”

It screams and struggles desperately as if facing real death.


i get it.

The demons didn’t come in to cause a dungeon break.

to live… In order to escape from someone, he desperately ran towards the gate.

who the hell Who can make those cruel demons tremble, those infinitely resurrecting demons?

“With this, you guys are the last.”

He was a naked man.

Am I looking in vain?

In this ruined world, a man wearing nothing but holding an old longsword.

Nevertheless, the light that shines from his halo is graciously holy and brilliant.

“Arise, courageous one.”

The only words that came out of the madman’s mouth were the old-fashioned way of speaking.

The flowing tone, attitude, posture… Everything was overlaid on the man’s attire.

Just hearing the voice revived the extinguished fire.

“ha ha ha…….”

What is this? The man in front of me is… … .

“Now is not the time to fall… stand up and fight.”

Just hearing your voice gives me the feeling that energy has flowed into me. An overflowing vitality and vitality lifted the injured body.

“You… who are you?”

In response to Hari’s question, the radiant blond man said with a solemn expression.

“I am the Lion Heart King. The King of the glorious knights and the one who carries out the will of the pantheon. I am Leon Dragonia Lionheart.”

a man with a sword

[You have defeated all demons.]

Demons left: 0 / ????????

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