The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 20: Hunting Spiders (3)

The sandstorm that blew to the outskirts of the city didn’t just obscure the view.

A strong wind pounded the floor and the building, drowning out most of the sound.

Therefore, this is the perfect time to surprise the invaders who have invaded the city. Yacht spinners have advanced to the outskirts.

「Yapi. I am here.”

The ‘Last Order’ handed down from the highest commanding authority.

As a successor to that will, Yakt Spinner item number 10,253 had to kill all the uncertain factors that invaded the city.

Dissemination cannot be expected.

No repairs can be expected.

There is no support either.

That’s why you have to win with maximum efficiency and minimum damage.

The yakt spinner used the sandstorm as camouflage and slowly and carefully approached the hunters’ camp.

The hunters stood guard with their sharp five senses, but in the end, they couldn’t cross the limit of the creature, and the yakt spinner is backed up by the city level.

Despite their immature handling, Yacht Spinner thoroughly analyzes the camp. Machines are not careless.

Real-time mapping starts after long-distance scanning and figuring out the number of enemies one by one.

Lightly fooling around with clumsy boundaries, entrusting oneself to the sandstorm, the multi-legged chariot melts into the darkness and the noise of the storm.

“Ugh… Mr. I can’t even see this.”

A doll is out of camp and alone in a remote place.

Yacht Spinner immediately looked at the measurement information of the person in question.

Recent intruders have been wearing metal armor, albeit light. Even more bizarrely, he comes armed with a sharp weapon, not a gun or artillery.

Threat level 1.

But there is a threat of calling allies.

Arct Spinner decided that when dealing with a large group of people, it was safe and less risky to defeat them individually in small groups.


Looking at Sophie with the windshield on the outer wall of the building, Hunter did not notice the existence of the yakt spinner.

At that time when the gigantic body made of steel was moving in terrifying silence——

“Hey! Why are you peeing there?”

“Huh? Is it Jackson?”

The crab-like body bent down again. The object named Jackson, who approached Hunter, shrugged with him and pretended to be overly friendly.

“What, what? Why are you like this all of a sudden?”

He was a mercenary member of the same Black Mamba, but not to the extent of making such an excessive gesture. When he said something in bewilderment, shh! whispered Jackson.

“Shut up. Quietly. Quietly get out. If you don’t want to be followed…”

He alerted his comrades to the threat of the enemy in a voice so low that it was buried in the sandstorm.

Having been warned by his comrades, he must have noticed, but he calmly moved on without looking around, but—

“all… go… This is… Dragon——Hee—I have to dig out—Ditch… ji… Ah—and—”

-Apply noise filter to voice file. Sentence reinterpretation work completed. replay–

The voice buried in the sandstorm was filtered through a noise filter and analyzed as a clear voice file.

“Shut up. quietly. You have to get out quietly. If you don’t want to fall behind… … .」


The auxiliary joints moved and the sound of whipping was drowned out by the sandstorm.

* * * *

It was around the time the twelfth victim appeared that the hunters noticed the yakt spinner attack.

It is thanks to the death of the hunter who did not die immediately among the hunters who were cut off by the silent wire cutter and the shady surprise attack on the outskirts of the camp.



Although he was a hunter who wielded a magical sword even after his lower body was cut off by a wire cutter, a large shadow casts over him even though his fighting spirit is meaningless.

“Oh, no.”

Each pair of armored legs weighing more than 5 tons crushed the Hunter of the Black Mamba Mercenary Corps.

– Kwajik!

Sensing the commotion, the hunters came and found a fellow hunter with guts torn apart and a yakt spinner with a ghastly glow in his eyes.

The joints, where pieces of muddy meat cling to each other, are making creaking sounds, probably because parts have not been replaced and maintained for a long time.

The sound was like the cry of the soul of a victim clinging to a piece of meat, and chills ran down the Hunters’ spines.

“It’s a Yakt Spinner!!”

The voices buried in the sandstorm could not reach their own people. It’s because Yakt Spinner’s vicious killing machine spewed fire.

-bang! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Murderous artillery fire from 60mm autocannons. Hunters in heavy armor only had their whole body bounced off, but Hunters in light armor had their limbs torn off.

Obvious overkill. Excessive violence to deal with armored vehicles, not people, tramples the hunters.

Despite the sound of sandstorm dust hitting concrete, the sound of shell impact is imprinted in our minds as the eerie sound of mincing meat.

“Cover! Take cover!”

The words have not yet been conveyed, but among them there is no fool who would stand calmly on the wide, flat ground.

They hurriedly ducked into the buildings to avoid the machine-gun shells raining down through the sandstorm.

The Yacht Spinner’s wide-angle lens calculated the hunter’s movement path.

The place where the most hunters hid, the aging building, the number of steel bars supporting the concrete… … When knocked down, which one does the most damage?

Bullets were supplied to Yacht Spinner’s railgun, and electromagnetic force was generated for superelectronic acceleration.

– Kwak!

A bullet fired from a 240mm railgun broke through Mach 3 in an instant. Scatters a sonic boom and penetrates the building.

– Scold!

Exactly 5 pillars. When the hunters exquisitely destroyed the weak point of the hidden building, it began to collapse.

“Damn it…!”

Their deathbed was buried with collapsing concrete.

Hunters with superhuman physical abilities wouldn’t die if they were crushed by a building, but it was great that dozens of people were incapacitated in an instant.

“Sir, fuck, what kind of monster…!”

You cannot leave the building. If you do, you will be the victim of machine gun shells.

The yakt spinner got scared and prepared to fire a second shot at the hunters.

The time when the increased power of the railgun was about to pinpoint the building again——

“Get lost.”

Something struck the Yakt spinner with the sound of a shell being fired.

– Kwak!

The joints of the Yacht Spinner collapse with a dizzying impact sound.

The Yacht Spinner’s wide-angle lens, hit for the first time since the raid, searches for the assailant. There, a golden iron clad in brilliant golden armor was wielding a huge hammer.

– Giing!

The crushed joint creaks and the logo says that the spring cannot withstand the pressure. but ignore

-Ku Kwa Kaka Kaka Kak!

machine gun fire. Golden Iron raises his shield to block it. A 60mm bullet hit him mercilessly.


However, the golden iron shield was hard. Even after being baptized by that merciless cannon, it didn’t even go gold.

“Legendary class shield! Do you think it will be pierced by shells! Geumsun-ah!”

“I told you not to call me Geumsoon!!”

Hwang Yeon-ha’s weapon is a fist. A unique-grade gauntlet that stretches like a ferocious lion’s mane. The gauntlets that swallowed up mana like a rocket boost created a thrust.


The fist hit the joints of the yakt spinner, scattering golden mana. My legs staggered from the shock and I was momentarily tied up.

At that very moment, a magic circle unfolded in the sky.

“You tied it up well.”

Battle mage Gil Tae-seong. The thunderbolt he struck at the yakt spinner whose legs were tied to the Hwang siblings.

– Kwareung!

The lightning strikes the carapace’s armor and releases a massive electric shock. A fatal blow to the machine. A Yacht spinner that completes self-diagnosis and makes judgments within 0.8 seconds.

“Emergency purge of overloaded wires. Radar system down.”

As the system they had been searching for went down, Yacht Spinner had to locate enemies with only a wide-angle lens. But that’s not good in an enclosed situation.

「Approval for the use of limited resources. Operation of RWR equipment in the city. Substitute the target poet.”

In a city whose infrastructure has collapsed, it operates electronic equipment that has been accumulated over a long period of time.

Observation equipment hidden all over the city was activated and became the eyes of the yakt spinner.

「Threat level 3. Priority exclusion target identification.」

“Uh, look at this kid?”

“Run away! Chase!”

The Yakt Spinner, staggered by the brother and sister’s attack, evaded the brother and sister’s pursuit by climbing on the nearby buildings.

The multi-legged tank of the dash home appliance specification aimed its 60mm cannon at a specific target while moving in and out of the building.

Wizard Gil Tae-sung. Machine shells rain down on him, who is heavily protected by the Black Mamba mercenary hunters.


Gil Tae-seong breaks a magic tool in the form of a bead toward the baptism of cannonballs fired at him. Then, something like a transparent membrane unfolded.


Distorted into an impossible trajectory, the bombardment of the cannonballs landed in the wrong place.

“What, what…”

When the Black Mamba mercenaries escorting him looked at the station manager with strange expressions, Gil Tae-seong was proud.

“A magical tool inscribed with distortion force field magic developed to target Yacht Spinners. It can never be pierced by firearms.”

The power of firearms comes from their rate of fire and accuracy. No matter how many dozens or hundreds of shots are fired, if the impact point is distorted, it will inevitably be useless.

It is an expensive disposable magic tool, but the difficulty of attack is to deal with the red yakt spinner. You should be prepared for this

“Observation of risk factor abnormal physics. Maintenance calculation start.」

However, the opponent is a powerful artificial intelligence killing machine. To him, who has already faced three raids, even observation targets that deviate from these laws of physics are calculation targets.

“Analysis complete. Hit points D15, S37, F11.”

– Tung! Tung! Tung!

While avoiding the pursuit of the hunters by going back and forth between buildings, the machine gun fired with a single shot is stuck in the distortion force field.

A completely different point of impact, different from the existing ghost-like hitting point. But the distorted shell poof! He bent over and struck the black mamba mercenary hunters in the side of the head.


“What is this!”

Totally unexpected bullet trajectory. He hit the hunters while performing acrobatic stunts that could not have a bullet bent in the distortion force field.

“No, nonsense!”

Did you do the analysis in that short time? is that possible?

“Eh, wizard Gil Tae-seong! Turn off the distortion force field! I can’t defend myself!”

It was a continuous bombardment. Sniping by precise shooting, not conventional firefighting. It was also calculated by a city maintenance supercomputer that humans could not dare to catch up with.

It would have been much better if a pure physical barrier had been deployed.

“Damn it! What are you all doing! Deal with him!”

When Gil Tae-seong urgently shouted, the Hwang siblings and the Golden Lion Guild immediately tried to rule out the yakt spinner. But then, Hwang Geum-cheol, who witnessed something, exclaimed urgently.



The Golden Lion hunters, including Hwang Yeon-ha, stopped at an urgent word from Golden Chul. And they could see why he said that.


‘I didn’t just run away.’

‘When the hell did I get all this?’

it was a wire

Yacht spinners are wired in all directions while going to and from the building to avoid the pursuit of the Hwang siblings.

It’s as if the whole area is surrounded by a giant cobweb.

Truly a paradise. Just a few seconds that blocked the movements of the hunters. The Yacht Spinner’s railgun is aimed at Guiltaeseong.

“Oh no…!”

When the railgun shooter started superelectronic acceleration… A strange object is caught on the Yacht Spinner’s rear camera.

-Dag dag dag dag!


People’s faces are distorted.

Four straight white legs.

If you follow the white fur that looks soft like down, the soft mane rustles like cotton candy.

But the tight muscles of the whole body gave the creature an intensity that was not endearing. Its identity is——





While everyone is watching with astonishment, the shining Stallion, boasting a strong body and the brilliance of magnificently decorated gloves, appears.

“It’s been a while, old friend.”

Leon strongly hugged Stallion, who exuded ferocious force, and the lofty god willingly put his allies on his back.

While stroking his glowing mane, Leon pointed his holy spear at the Yacht Spinner and shouted.

“Listen, warrior!”

Even though it is a ridiculous sight in a modern battlefield, the thick divine power flowing from the spear and the shinma makes the audience shut their mouths.

You cannot deny it with reason, but understand it with instinct. that it is a different entity.

“The bravery of charging with short-term shooting against multiple enemies!

He praised the outstanding warrior first.

“I confer the honor of knowing the Dragon’s Eye and the honor of dueling with this Lion Heart King. Allow me to stand up to the main king, warrior!”

gave the right to challenge a duel.

Hwang Yeon-ha, who was watching this generous and merciful act for the lion heart, inadvertently spit out the sincerity in her heart.

“…………Are you a bastard?”

At this moment, no one can deny that everyone was of one mind.

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