The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 200

< Father Leon (2) >

“Yes, Your Majesty. Then I understand that you are spending the end of the year in the United States.”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the Korea Hunter Association, bowed his head at the voice over the receiver.

[Sir Spinner will deliver the proper cargo. He asked me to take action against him.]

“Yes, as Your Majesty wished, we sent blessed crops and pantheon followers together. It was a consecration ceremony, right?”

[Yes, I will finish my work here and go back to Korea.]

Oh Kang-hyeok tried to make Manshinjeon as convenient as possible. I wanted Leon to come back quickly because he was so hard on the upper line.

“Then, Your Majesty, will you be coming before the New Year?”

[We will be leaving after the Christmas celebrations are over. How can you be so anxious?]

“Haha, I’m sorry about this. It looks like you’re showing off. It’s nothing else than His Excellency President, who wants to celebrate the New Year with the pantheon.”

A new survivor, Grand Duke Dragonia. Her appearance was a hot issue in Korea as well.

Oh Kang-hyuk put down his phone after hearing a positive response from Leon.

“Whoa~ You seem quite excited.”

Oh Kang-hyuk was surprised by Leon’s excited voice throughout the call.

“Well, I’m glad to see my daughter after hundreds of years.”

Oh Kang-hyeok is about to contact his grandchildren after a while. These days, they are grandchildren who have a taste for giving pocket money. Before New Year’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the New Year’s sunrise together.

‘Isn’t His Excellency the President calling?’

Normally, a president would go around with ministers and say a word of thanks, but it is difficult to imagine President Ahn saying a favor to Leon.

“Anyway, I’m glad it ended well.”

Even though it was a black gate, it was a miracle that not a single death occurred. In addition, he plans to return to Korea with a powerful force called the Duke of Dragonia.

Oh Kang-hyeok knows better than anyone how powerful the power of a Holy Grail knight-class existence is. That’s why I had a hunch about something strange recently.

There might be a big war soon.

Intuition that even one power would be needed to prepare for that day.

Oh Kang-hyeok read a report reported to him. A report of a wandering knight under the Manseonden that was submitted to the Manshinden and Yapi provided it as shared information.

「Report on Rescue of Compatriots from Hoeryong Prison Camp」

Based on this report he received in the process of naturalizing a large number of North Korean defectors, Oh Kang-hyeok dispatched an investigation team for one in a million.

It was nominally a special envoy for inter-Korean talks, but it was supposed to look into North Korea through hunters belonging to the NIS.

“I hope it’s nothing special, but…”

I feel strangely uneasy.

Unfortunately, Kang-Hyeok Oh’s premonitions were often right.

* * * *

“Karina, let’s have a meal together. My President Hobson recommended a good cook.”

“Karina, would you like to join us for a bear hunt in a place called Olympic National Park?

– Karina.

– Karina.

– Karina.



“I can’t eat it.”


A dressmaker on the streets of Washington, USA. While shopping for clothes, Hari blinks at Karina’s words.

“Your Majesty. He wears this work like a young lady who never got married.”

‘Isn’t it true that I couldn’t get married?’

Even though I tried to visit it once, it failed due to the real-time ‘artisan adult is too strong’.

“It’s not that Jim didn’t go. He didn’t go.”


When I read my thoughts, Hari shuts her mouth. Is it a woman’s specialty to read people’s minds? is this respectable?

“By the way, how about this? Speaking of the current style, this kind of clothes are fine!”

What Hari held out was a suit-style suit. Karina staring blankly at it.

“Why is this dress so short?”

“Because it’s a belly button tee! It’s hot among young people these days——!”

“Arthur. How can an overaged virgin shamelessly show off her navel?”


Hari, who suddenly became a shameful maiden, kept her mouth shut.

“Is it comfortable? The wind blows softly, so it’s cool…”

“It takes a lot of time.”

Karina chicly flipped through her clothes and looked up and down at Hari’s outfit.

Now, she is wearing a suit, but when I ran into her at the imperial palace, she was said to have dressed like a renegade by the standards of the Dragonian Empire.

“Your Majesty prefers a discreet and modest maiden.”


“You can tell by looking at your mother.”

“What are you talking about?!”

frightened harry. However, Karina calmly continues her bombshell remarks.

“The seat of the honorable Lion Heart King’s mistress is vacant. If you’re a woman, shouldn’t you stare?”

“Oh, Your Excellency?! Isn’t your idea too old-fashioned?!”

I wanted to say, how many people these days want to be queens——but, well… Come to think of it, it wasn’t like that.

‘He’s handsome. not strong A lot of money… It’s a flaw that I’m a bit old.’

Conversely, that youth even though he is three hundred years old. There will be thousands of truckloads of women who want to marry the Immortal Lion Heart King.

“I-I heard that your Excellency also had a lot of suitors?”

“Of course. She’s about as good as the original. If you’re a man, shouldn’t you stare?”


what confidence. Is the unique pride that father and daughter are the same?

“For now, imitate the magician queen who takes her place next to Her Majesty as if it were natural. She seems to be a fait accompli.”

“Bee, Queen Beatrice?”

“Okay, other than that, he’s the new Knight Commander. That kid is a good candidate too. It’s no exaggeration to say that he’s a candidate for the next Holy Grail Knight in that he can borrow power from the Dark God without any cost.”

Karina insists that becoming a Holy Grail Knight is, of course, enough to become a queen candidate for the Lion Heart King. Her gaze turned to Hari.

“I think you’ll be a pretty good mother. You’re a vessel that receives the holy power of both the Poma god and the Petos god.”

“That, that’s… that…! That’s…!”

Hari was speechless as her face was as red as her hair. As if Hari was cute, Karina grabbed Hari’s chin and watched her blushing face.

“Well, that kind of innocence isn’t bad either. Well, the face is smooth and the hips are easy to deliver, so you’ll have a good baby.”

“Sir, it’s sexual harassment…”

Hari was stunned by Karina’s evaluation of younger stepmom candidates.

“No, by the way, is your Excellency okay? Even if Peha gets married?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Lung, Your Majesty… is Your Excellency’s mother’s husband!”

“You don’t think this work will know the obvious family tree even if you don’t explain it like that?”

You mean you know that? To Hari, whose expression she couldn’t understand, Karina didn’t care.

“If you’re like His Majesty, it’s normal to have dozens of concubines.”

“Yes, yes?!”

“The Lion Heart King itself is proof of a great knight. The first Lion Heart King, Leon Lionheart, also got seven wives, and the 6th generation Empress Leona Lionheart only had 12 official concubines.”

“Women too?!”

“As for the child, the goddess Demera provided a surrogate womb, so the queens had no problems with fertility.”

“No, what about a surrogate uterus… Ah, anyway, it’s not that kind of problem!”

“Then what the hell is the problem…”

Karina tilted her head as if she really didn’t know why. Harry shook his clenched fists and shouted.

“This, monogamy! Monogamy is very natural!”

“Hanhari, you have a pretty old way of thinking. Even though you’re a priestess of the sea god.”

“Am I old? Me?”

“It is a duty for a person with an excellent seed to leave behind many descendants. The issue of succession may become complicated, but it is enough to engage in a bloody struggle under the control of the gods.”

“Uh, uhhh…”

Hari couldn’t follow Karina’s way of thinking, which was shocking to modern Earthlings.

Is it true that you have multiple wives and husbands to leave a lot of excellent seed, and when the problem of succession arises, you make the brothers fight each other?

Even medieval kings did not deliberately create such bean flour families.

“It’s been a problem since Your Majesty. No matter how much you were cursed by the Moon Goddess at your wedding, you’re the Lion Heart King and the Grand Duke of Dragonia, and you’re only giving birth to one main character.”

“Am I a curse?”

“Oh, you don’t know.”

The romance of Lionheart King, who kidnapped Castile, who was the priest of the moon and purity, from the temple and held a wedding ceremony, was a love story that has been talked about in the kingdom for 50 years.

The goddesses of the moon and chastity were greatly angered by the lion heart king who broke the chastity of her priest.

“Even Goddess Dina is too harsh. To put such a curse on the Lion Heart King, who is supposed to give birth to an heir.”


Realizing what that meant, Father, Hari couldn’t open her lips. But apart from that, I wanted to solve my curiosity.

“Um, did you break the curse?”

“So the original work was not born?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

how? Hari’s candid gaze reminded Karina of a story she had heard.

“It is said that they reached an agreement by breaking the quest through the mediation of the goddess Ariana. It must have been that they were building a temple on the moon alone. It took about three years.”

A temple to the moon? is that possible?

“It’s not impossible. If you get help from the World Tree, which is tended by the goddess of forests and trees…”

“Huh? World demand?”

“You know?”

“Ah, yes! Your Majesty is raising the seedlings of the world tree. He planted them in Naju and is growing them!”

Leon obtained a seedling from Gunlar in Paradise and was growing it in the pantheon of Naju.

However, the gate that he opened to seek a solution from the wise men of the forest was the Lionheart Kingdom gate, and obtained the Moon Chalice from there, completing the current Holy Grail.

“Your Majesty said that one piece is still missing to complete the World Tree.”

“It’s one piece… I think I can understand it.”

Karina stroked her chin as if remembering something. Just then, a shadow rose from Karina’s shadow and a small dragon appeared.

It was Dragonia’s incarnation.

“Ah! Ah, hello, Mr. Dragonia!”

[Is it the goddess of war and the sea?]

Dragonia glanced at Hari and soon landed on Karina’s shoulder.

[Tell me, what is the missing piece?]

“Are you curious?”

[The one who promised to rebuild my race through the world tree is the pantheon.]

“Don’t be impatient, dragon god. Your wish will come true somehow. It’s only a matter of time.”

How long it will take is the key, but anyway, the gods intend to keep the restoration of the race they promised with Dragonia.

“You know, but prepare for the upcoming celebration. It’s a good time to announce a new divinity there. However, if you can’t come to an agreement with the gods, you won’t be able to gather faith even if you acquire a divinity.”

[Hey, there are plenty of ways to gather the faith of mortals. Do your duty as you or my Holy Grail Knight.]

The relationship between Dragonia and Karina has become very strange.

This is because Dragonia had to rely on Karina as a representative of her divinity from the host whose soul and body were stolen.

Unlike the other Holy Grail Knights, the relationship between Dragonia and Karina had a strong business meaning.

“Ha-ri Han, do you know that?”


For some reason, Hari felt an ominous feeling in Karina’s grumpy expression.

“Even the first offspring of Dragonia must have dozens of females. As soon as they are born, they must start working as stallions.”

It leaves many good seeds. Like the lion heart king.

“I-I mean, that’s sexual harassment!”

The aged Grand Duke of Dragonia had a lot of fun making fun of this innocent priestess.

* * * *

“It seems that Karina… is avoiding Jim.”

“Oh, is that so?”

Despite Leon’s sudden words, Beatrice continued to tilt the wine bottle she was pouring into Leon.

He silently listened to Leon, who took time for the first time in a while, to continue talking about his daughter. She was a good listener.

“You must have accumulated a lot of things you wanted to do with your daughter you haven’t seen in a long time.”

“That’s right. There are so many things I couldn’t do with my daughter. Even if I go back to Korea, there are many things I have to do, but I’m worried about how to spend time with my daughter.”

“Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time in the future.”

The relationship between the two, observed by Beatrice, was quite natural.

Clearly, both the father and the daughter care for and love each other, but the father is eager to do things with his daughter, and the daughter reacts bluntly.

The normal father-daughter relationship is like this, but the scale has grown a bit in that it is a 300-year-old father and a 200-year-old daughter.

“Your daughter will need time to adjust to the earth, too.”

“Isn’t that what Jim will teach you?”

“Your Majesty, who can’t even use a smartphone yet?”

Hehe, Beatrice took out her smartphone and looked at it.

“A cell phone is enough to make calls. In the first place, the lower ones only need to be carried——”

“It looks like you created an SNS after being recommended by Grand Duke Karina and Lord Vulcanus.


The photo Beatrice showed was a photo from Karina’s SNS account. Leon looks at this with his eyes wide open.

There were several pictures of Karina taken by someone else on social media. It was probably taken by Harina Vulcanus, who goes with her.

“······ none.”


“There’s no picture with Jim. Sir Vulcanus and Sir Laihar here! There’s Soyeon Cheon and Sir Spinner too!”

“Ah~ Come to think of it…”

Beatrice secretly covered the two shots she and Karina took together with her thumb, but even if she covered it with her little finger, there was no way it would be covered.

“Vice, there’s a picture of you too! But why only Jim…!”

“That’s right…”

It would be too harsh a rule for Leon to mention the ecology of daughters who think that a daughter posting a two-shot photo with her father on social media is rare.

“Well, shouldn’t we take pictures together in the future? For example, this Christmas banquet.”

“Apparently the raid celebration hosted by President Hobson. That’s it. Jim intends to spend Christmas alone with Karina—”

“your majesty.”

Beatrice softly grabs Leon’s hand. The action was gentle, the expression was smiling, but the power felt in the grip was clearly sending strong intentions.

“I, Sir Vulcanus, and Sir Spinner did all sorts of public affairs, such as the National Rifle Association support party and celebrations, for Your Majesty to spend time with your daughter?”

“That’s right? It’s a lot of trouble.”

“This Christmas celebration is a place where all the International Hunter Alliance and ministers from each country participate. There is no better place to spread the faith of the Pantheon.”

“So, believe in me and you——”

“Oh, I have to participate as Her Majesty’s partner. Thanks to the consideration of the First Lady, I even got a very pretty dress.”

Your Majesty, of course.

Beatrice’s purple eyes sent a fresh gaze. In that gaze, there was an unspoken pressure to do some work now.

“······Is Karina coming too?”

“Sure. I went to buy a dress with Hari.”

I can’t see a way out

Leon sighed and promised to participate in the Christmas celebration.

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