The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 201

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Christmas is coming.

The Pantheon’s Christmas was supposed to be spent in America.

This is because the Hobson administration decided to hold a grand banquet for hunters from allied countries to commemorate Washington’s success in conquering the Black Gate.

In reality, it was a way to solidify relations with allies and publicize the soundness of the United States to the world.

In the meantime, the pantheon moved busily.

First, he had to go to a ceremony with President Hobson, meet and talk with the Maverick Guild or some American pantheon believers, and proceed with the knight ordination ceremony.

Even in the United States, which is traditionally strong in Christianity, the power of the pantheon is expanding day by day, and other Holy Grail knights are also busy traveling around, so the more senior executives, the farther away they are from vacation.

Of course, Leon thought about leaving most of those things behind and going somewhere with Karina.

It is the daughter whom I thought was dead whom I met after nearly two hundred years. The senior executives understood, but Leon had to participate in this Christmas celebration.

“Cheon So-yeon.”


So-yeon, who had been following Leon as Leon’s assistant or as an agent for the Korean Hunter Association, fixed his awkward suit tie.

“Has Grand Duke Karina arrived?”

“Yes, the Grand Duke is also waiting.”

Christmas Eve.

Today is a celebration for the US government to commemorate the successful capture of Washtongue Gate. Even though the contents weren’t as dangerous as I thought, anyway, the success of clearing the Black Gate was something worth celebrating.

“By the way, Your Majesty, after today’s celebration, will the… ‘new divinity’ appear?”

“Yes. This country is the most powerful and influential country in the world. It’s a good opportunity to introduce them to a new god.”

“What does Ventasis say? Your Holy Grail Knight has been taken away.”

Cheon So-yeon was a Ventasis knight. He swore revenge on Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, and borrowed that power to get his revenge, but his soul was saved by Leon’s intervention.

But even after that, Cheon So-yeon was able to use Ventasis’ dark power, thanks to Ventasis’ convenience for Leon in many ways.

But this time, Ventasis wasn’t usually making big concessions.

The God of Darkness and Vengeance had to share his Holy Grail Knight with the new Dragon God, and he had to yield the 30,000 souls he should have harvested.

So-yeon was also worried because it would shake the authority of the god of darkness.

Even though he is one of the main gods of the pantheon, Ventasis is infinitely closer to an evil god. He wondered what price he had to pay for being so cooperative with Leon.

“Even the Dark God is not a person with limited flexibility. Although he lends his power in exchange for his soul, there are differences in his treatment.”

Is it personal revenge, national revenge, or who is the target?

Even so, since all of Ventasis’ contractees died and couldn’t go to paradise, Leon felt sorry for the avengers who contracted with him.

That’s why Leon realized the revenge of the devil on behalf of the souls that Ventasis should have taken, and it was so grand that even Ventasis moved.

“Your clothes are pretty.”

“Yes? Oh, go, thank you.”

Soyeon blushed when Leon praised her dress. However, So-yeon knows that this is not a rational approach.

She also knew that Leon reminded him of his daughter from himself who burned himself to take revenge on the Grand Duke of Slaughter.

“Once again, congratulations.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Leon made a genuinely happy face. Knowing why he was more excited than usual, So-yeon smiled heartily.

“Has your father recovered?”

“It’s thanks to Your Majesty’s concern. I’m also steadily consuming Goddess Demera’s crops, so you’ll wake up soon.”

“Yes, it’s fortunate. Both Karina and you should always feel guilty for having done a great disservice to your parents.”

“…Even though it was revenge that had to be done?”

“There are no parents who are happy when their children betray themselves for revenge. Children must bury their parents, not parents to bury their children.”

Upon hearing So-yeon’s story, Leon was sure that the sword’s former host, Cheon Ji-ho, would have feelings similar to his own.

He swallowed his heart-rending screams of pain, convinced that he was to blame.

Because it is the love that parents deserve, and because it is such a great love, only children can tear the hearts of their parents.

“Please stay by my father’s side. There are so many things I couldn’t do for Jim, so I always lived in regret.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

It must be the reason Leon has been trying to be with Karina so much lately. Even though I thought it was like a daughter’s foolishness, I thought that So-yeon should be good to her father because she knew the heartbreaking heart.

* * * *

Sponsors arrived. At the entrance, Leon found a limousine with Karina in it.

“Did you arrive first, Your Majesty?”


Leon stared at Karina as she descended with Arlen Taylor, the S-class hunter of the Maverick Guild.

The White House and the Maverick Guild members hired by the US government are entirely in charge of the protocol of Leon and the Pantheon in this trip to the United States.

Somehow, the fact that the number of followers of the Pantheon was not small and that they had joint attacking experience played a part.


Leon left the attendants behind and glanced at Karina.

As it was a celebratory party, participants such as Hari, Soyeon, and Allen were familiar with the appropriate dress code.

Men’s suits, women’s dresses.

Manshinjeon had her clothes tailored at the sericulture shops picked up by the White House secretaries, but Leon had only seen men’s clothing, so today he saw his daughter’s dress for the first time.

Karina was a dress that showed off her confidence.

Karina’s black dress has bold cuts in the back and sides, like Hollywood actresses would wear.

“Karina, those clothes…”

“It’s pretty good, right? I thought the dress culture of Lionheart and the Dragonia Empire was leading the fashion, but the Earth is also formidable.”

“Keu, keuhum… Is that so? It’s quite different from the clothes the other knights received.”

The female knights of the Pantheon also each wore a dress. However, the dresses introduced by the White House are basically expensive, but modified ready-made dresses.

However, Karina’s dress was far from ready-made dresses.

“This dress was a gift from Sir Graham of England. They say it was brought in by airlift from a craftsman who supplied it to the royal family. Indeed, the skill is amazing.”

“Sir Graham?”

Leon recalled vague memories of who Graham was. When Leon couldn’t remember it, Soyeon whispered softly.

“That, the one whom Your Majesty defeated along with Lord Cornwall in a courtship duel. He was the one who wore the silver armor.”

“You mean the one who looks like that parasitic brother?”

“He was knighted by Queen Victoria.”

“Heh, I know. And that he’s an unreasonable guy who’s outrageously courted me.”

Come to think of it… Leon’s eyes turned to Allen Taylor.

“You were one of the guys in the courtship duel.”

“Uh, um… Your Majesty. That’s for clearing the quest…”

“You said you were going to be Jim’s son-in-law just for a quest?”

“Ah, no. Actually, I have a good feeling for the Grand Duke of Dragonia—”

“What is it?”


what do you mean

Allen Taylor knew that the Lion Heart King in front of him was a great man worthy of respect, but apart from that, it was not easy to deal with a man who was a kkondae himself.

And it’s not that there’s no dark heart in my heart.

‘It’s only been a few days, but she’s an attractive woman.’

As he met many upper-class women, he realized that they were people from a different world.

However, when he brought Karina, it was an illusion.

Earth’s high society is a fake that only mimics the real aristocracy. Real nobility is overflowing with dignity just by walking.

Karina had the dignity of royalty and nobility, and everyone who met her was overwhelmed and instinctively gave in.

‘If it wasn’t for Peha, I’d try a courtship duel…’

It was then. Allen felt a fierce gaze directed at him and met it.


Allen is about to close his eyes. It was obvious, but the real king, who was more authoritative than Karina and proudly spread the theory of divine right, was glaring at her.

The incarnation of absolute power, independent children in the heavens and under the heavens, had long been able to penetrate the thoughts of a commoner who struggles with strength.

‘These lowly bastards?!’

Leon’s expression darkened.

There’s no way that Leon doesn’t know their dark intentions.

Graham, who dared to airlift a royal purveyor craftsman from England, or Allen, who pretended to be an escort and clung to my daughter’s side.

‘Are these guys still looking for an opportunity!’

It was at that time that Leon felt a sense of crisis.

“GRARARARA! Your Majesty, it seems like it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you! Oh, Grand Duke Carina, you’re dressed nicely!”

Vulcanus approaches from afar with the Knights of the Burning Sword. His bulging muscles tightened his suit, but he looked Karina up and down with a very pleasant gaze.

“Still amazing tits and ass!”


How dare this fucking savage take my daughter?

Just when Leon was stunned and was about to say something, Karina replied indifferently.

“Kyung has a ferocious face, so there’s nothing to see except for those strong muscles. Take off your clothes.”


Vulcanus laughing happily. Carina and Vulcanus are longtime friends, and it’s not a big deal to throw jokes like this, but the father who watches it is different.


“Yes? Why is that, Your Majesty?”

“You are curfew after ten o’clock from now on.”


Treasures should be kept hidden in the house and not displayed. It was something all fathers had in common.

* * * *

After the successful completion of the Washington Gate, a major event that turned the United States upside down, the whole of the United States is in a festive mood until Christmas.

Aside from that, what they are most interested in is the Pantheon and the Grand Duke of Dragonia who came from another world.

The existence of real gods, the lion heart king representing those gods. The transcendental power displayed by the Holy Grail Knights is bound to attract great attention even in the United States, a strong Christian country.

-God is only God…

-No, but it’s from a different dimension…

-Lion Heart King surprisingly seems to accept Christianity.

-Why doesn’t our god appear at a time like this?

-The number of followers of the Pantheon is increasing tremendously! Then even our believers…!

They were already established religions that had lost their authority after the cataclysm. The appearance of the pantheon cannot help but feel a great sense of crisis.

But apart from that, even ordinary Christians were confused as to how to accept the gods of another dimension.

“Your Excellency, I heard that the Pantheon is making an important announcement this time. Do you know anything?”

“Senator. Wait a little longer. We’re keeping it a secret for a surprise show.”

When President Hobson heard of Leon’s plans for a Christmas celebration, he cooperated.

Although he is a Christian, he was already aware of the existence of Meriel, the goddess of fate, and acknowledged that other-dimensional gods were very useful.

At this celebration, the US government is also planning to take a step in Leon’s plan.

However, the reason why the matter was kept secret until today is to prepare for protests and protests from religious associations affiliated with domestic opposition parties.

Fortunately, the Christians in the United States do not seem to have any intention of attacking the people of the other world who have attacked the Black Gate.

“You’re just coming over there.”

President Hobson pointed out Lionheart Leon and Grand Duke Carina of Dragonia approaching from the entrance.

The Lion Heart King and the blunt Grand Duke of Dragonia look somewhat uncomfortable.

I felt a strange air flow between the two, but President Hobson shook hands with a friendly smile.

“Welcome, Your Majesty the Lion Heart King. Grand Duke of Dragonia. Were there any inconveniences along the way?”

When he shakes hands, Leon accepts.

“Thanks to you, I’m having a good time.”

“That’s fortunate. How is Grand Duke Karina? Unlike Her Majesty, she must be very unfamiliar.”

“It’s nice to see the taste of seeing the different world. I’m just grateful for the hospitality.”

President Hobson, who succeeded in engraving goodwill on the two, continued his conversation with them with twitching lips.

“Anyway, we’re going to start at the opening ceremony, right? I’ve heard the general outline, but since it’s my first time, I don’t know what to prepare.”

“Just relaying it is enough.”

At Leon’s request, President Hobson arranged for broadcasting and Internet broadcasting.

Reporters from all over the world flocked to the event because of the success of the attack on Washington Gate, and the presence of two people who are currently receiving the most attention in the world, the Lionheart of the other world and the Emperor of the Empire.

Indeed, now that the world is paying attention, Leon has made an important announcement.

“Let’s start slowly.”

After a while, with the opening of the celebration, reporters’ cameras captured ministers and vice-ministers from all over the world and Hollywood stars.

However, even these people are only bridesmaids this time. It’s no different that reporters flocked to it like this.

“Lionheart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart! Grand Duke Carina of Dragonia is entering Dragonia!”

The two men and women step on the podium with the emcee’s roaring introduction.

One was a blonde young man in a stylish blue suit, the other a dark-haired beauty in a beautiful black dress.

Is there anyone who can understand at a glance that the two good-looking women are a father-daughter relationship?

The two focused on the camera as they made appropriate personal changes and gave a speech suitable for the opening ceremony.

They had listeners who were curious about so many things, but questions about royalty were strictly forbidden, and only the words of the two were allowed.

“Today, Jim would like to introduce a new god in the pantheon.”

and a bombshell. At the words of introducing God, everyone becomes noisy.


With Karina’s one word, the noise subsided. Leon is also Leon, but Karina’s gaze has an aura of silence that overwhelms the audience.

“Duke of Dragonia.”

At Leon’s words, Karina released something wriggling in her shadow.

The shadow, which borrowed the holy power of various gods through the holy power concentrating staff, was enough to reveal a huge incarnation even with its own divinity, which was still insufficient.

“That, that…!”

“oh my god···!”


It did not have a physical form.

The shadow expanded, revealing the shape of a beast that could only be seen at a glance.

However, the shadow huge enough to swallow the podium was enough to imprint its presence.

[I am the dragon king of Drakara and the master of mythology. A being holding the mountain and the progenitor of all dragons.]

His overflowing voice, showing off his overwhelming grandeur, made even the listeners on the other side of the camera nervous.

Dragonia felt that her voice was reaching the world enough, and proclaimed her new name with a voice full of dignity.

[Dragonia, the god of gold and the contract.]

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