The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 202

<God of Gold and Contract>

God of gold and contracts.

When Dragonia announced her divinity, the hall whispered.

And this is also true for Internet viewers and major broadcasters around the world who are relaying this video.

-God of gold and contract? What does this mean? What do you think of reporter Park?

-Gold? The name is something of a dick.

-It’s a bit different from the pantheon gods so far. There were a lot of ideological things like light and the sea.

Even in that short moment, numerous speculations were made, but unless Dragonia directly proclaimed the Code, all speculations were meaningless.

[There are many divinities in the pantheon, but I will be able to form a closer relationship with you. Any follower of the Pantheon will be able to receive my favor.]

Everyone seemed to be curious about Dragonia’s confident attitude.

‘In the end, what matters is God’s decree. These are complementary things that must be protected between gods and followers…’

Numerous high-ranking officials, including President Hobson, also focused on what the Dragonian Code was. Gold and contracts were so important in a capitalist society because the code could have a great impact on the United States.

Soon after, Dragonia proclaimed her own decrees.

1. All Gold and Covenant followers can enter into a contract under divine mediation.

2. Contracts made under divine mediation must be kept. Divinity can intervene in contracts that are not kept.

3. Contracts that are unreasonable to one party can be canceled at the stage of contract establishment under the judgment of the priest.




10. In exchange for all contracts, followers give 1% of the mediated contract’s gold to the Dragonian Church.

When all the decrees were announced, the crowd began to murmur loudly.

Even those who were slow in interpreting the Code clearly knew what this Code meant.

Absolute compliance with the contract.

1% contributions from the arbitration process.

Some of the smarter ones sensed that this was a massive tsunami that would shake up modern economic history.

Issuance of a contract of absolute trust punished directly by the golden god.

Transactions between individuals, transactions between companies, and transactions between countries. Modern credit transactions, which are mixed with each other and make holes by digging into all kinds of sloppy contracts and legal provisions, become a piece of toilet paper as soon as you have more money and stronger power.

But what if the contract was mediated by the Dragonian Church?

God does not discriminate against humans.

Gods do not discriminate against believers.

No matter how powerful they are, no matter how wealthy they are, no matter how much holes they make and open the way to escape.

Under divine mediation, anyone who breaks the contract must be punished. No one can imagine what form of punishment that would be.

– You’re crazy. Wall Street will have a seizure right now.

– Shall we block tricks involving subcontractors?

-This will go beyond a revolution and change the game of the market. The reliability of all contracts will become trash and they will only want the contracts of the Dragonian Church.

This was a contract in which the weak had no choice but to gain a huge advantage, and forced each other to trust each other even in contracts where they did not trust each other.

In modern society, even if a civil lawsuit is filed for unreasonable contracts or non-fulfillment of contracts, isn’t it a world where trials can drag on for ten or twenty years?

Whether the amount is large or small, the victim is always the weak in modern capitalist society.

-If you commit charter fraud, you’ll be punished, right?

– All the existing contracts are shredded with toilet paper haha Who cares about private contracts? Everyone should only use the Dragonia Church contract.

– Not only that. Wage contracts, insurance contracts, subcontract contracts… all trick contracts that the socially underprivileged had no choice but to face without being able to sue will be eliminated.

– You can not use it unless you have a Dragonia Church contract hahaha

– The scammers will perish ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The financial industry… no, it was the first divinity in history that shook the economy called credit transaction that mankind had built up so far.

The fact that the fee is only 1% is Dragonia’s ploy to secure a huge number of followers without burdening the fee and sell them out.

A greedy dragon who loves gold and silver, he is convinced that his divinity and his code will rule the global financial economy.

The more advanced the human economy becomes, the more powerful the absolute compliance contract will be.

* * * *

The Christmas celebrations had highly political intentions, but were eventually overshadowed by the new divinity of Dragonia.

People began to discuss the enormous security of becoming followers of the pantheon and contractually mediated by Dragonian divinities, leaving even the specifics of Christmas Eve behind and calculating the impact this would have.

Nightmarish times began for public officials and the world’s leading businessmen.

Apart from it, and.

“Karina, there is such a thing as the dignity of the royal family, but isn’t it a bit too much to expose your back? Wear this father’s suit even now.”

Leon was clinging to his daughter as if he was not interested in acting as a proxy for his faith, which had such an enormous ripple effect.

“You are tenacious.”

“No, don’t you have speed? That savage thing of Vulcanus is making fun of you, how can you just look at it! If it were on this earth, you would have been arrested for molesting eyes long ago!”

“Do you have such a ridiculous crime?”

“There are in the world these days! Just like the demons who look at Jim are beheaded!”

“Doesn’t the devil always cut his throat without asking or questioning?”

In response to Karina’s sullen response, Leon became impatient and spoke here and there.

“The skin of a royal family is noble. It’s not something to show off to commoners. You are the Grand Duke of Dragonia, but aren’t you the only princess of this Lion Heart King?”

“······It’s not our hereditary kingdom.”

Karina puts on an absurd expression. With a tired expression on her face, she looked for a subject to end the conversation, and found President Hobson, who happened to overhear their conversation unintentionally.

“President Hobson, the first lady is missing.”

Carina tried to divert the topic by inviting President Hobson into the conversation.

“Ah… your wife is at the villa with the children right now. Wasn’t it a big deal to spend with the family? As president, I have to take care of it.”

“Isn’t that right? Isn’t that what being a public official means? It’s our duty to serve the people.”

“Hahaha, but I don’t think it’s any loss to see His Excellency the Grand Duke of Dragonia, who is so beautiful. She’s really beautiful——”

Hobson made eye contact with Leon, who was giving an unusual glance over Karina’s shoulder, and spoke urgently as if making an excuse.

“I would like to introduce the Grand Duke and His Majesty to my wife and children. I am sixty-three years old this year, heh heh heh heh.”

I have a wife, kids, and old age. Why are you like that?

“Sometimes in the middle of the day.”

nope quite young I don’t believe it.

“Hahahaha… By the way, Your Majesty the Lion Heart King. You’re really cool. Your suit suits you really well. I’ll be wary of all husbands with wives.”

President Hobson, who uses his senses to pass it off in a moderately humorous way. There, Karina agreed.

“That’s right. There’s a succession problem, so you should only do it with a reliable girl at night.”

‘Answer like that here?!’

Why don’t you pass a joke off as a joke? President Hobson sent a resentful look, but Karina was sincere.

“Your Majesty, avoid kidnapping and holding secret weddings here. Shouldn’t we abide by the laws here?”


“Ka, Karina… Jim is not a horny man who kidnaps women and commits crimes! There’s never been anything like that other than your mother!”

‘I did it?!’

“If you’ve been working on an eagle workshop for 200 years, you deserve it. But if you look around, there are many decent women, so wouldn’t it be better to touch them first?”


“Since I also have to give birth to an heir, why don’t we get some decent seeds?”


Leon frothed halfway through, trying to control the simmering inside.

Is this really a conversation between a 300-year-old father and a 200-year-old daughter? President Hobson wondered if people would not change much no matter how old they were.

“Umm… Was the timing bad for me to find?”

Just then, a beautiful woman with platinum hair and a beautiful pure white dress approached the three of them.

“Are you here?”

The three greeted her with a short, unobtrusive bow. Because her identity is still unknown.

“King Leon, congratulations on successfully bringing back your daughter.”

Goddess of Fate, Meriel.

A goddess from another dimension, such as the Pantheon or Dragonia.

“King Leon, did you like my gift to you enough?”

Her gaze turned to Karina and she smiled.

* * * *

Amidst the tumultuous celebrations and declarations of the God of Gold and Covenant, Leon was having a private meeting with the goddess Meriel.

“You are the one who brought me to America.”

“I read something about my daughter’s fate.”

It was the reason King Leon went to this place while mobilizing all his power.

The Goddess of Destiny he met in Korea was unable to determine his fate.

After returning saying it was of no help, the second contact he made was that he was warned at Washington Gate that his daughter’s fate would be decided by him.

“Fate is easily changed when everything is said. It is appropriate to induce it to come true.”

So, Meriel only gave the minimum hint, but did not put any requirements into Leon’s actions. In fact, Leon saved Karina from the dragon’s curse and met with his daughter.

“It doesn’t just seem like that.”

“Did you notice?”

It wasn’t Leon who answered the grinning Meriel, but the divinity behind it.

[My knight is closer to divinity than anyone else. You can’t hide things related to divinity from him.]

At Ariana’s words, Meriel took a sip of tea and showed her composure.

“That’s right. I can’t get involved with a person like King Leon as the main person in the shell of the body.

Meriel read Leon’s fate but couldn’t get involved. There are things that her own level has fallen, but on the other hand, there are things that Leon’s level is too high.

So, he tested whether a branch derived from the huge stem of fate called Leon could intervene.

“Karina Dragonia. I read the child’s fate from King Leon, and I was able to ‘intervene’.”

In other words.

“It’s the fate I intervened that caused the Black Gate in Washington. I didn’t intend the gate.”

He admitted that he was behind the summoning of the Black Gate, which was like a catastrophe for mankind.

“Oh, please take this off the record. It’s a story the U.S. government is afraid of.”

“I’m not immoral enough to spill the word of the Divine. But I have my doubts.”

“I’ll answer anything.”

“Isn’t it a long-standing alliance with the US government? The Goddess could be seen as betraying them.”

The black gate gives a huge economic blow as soon as it occurs.

An atmosphere of anxiety and fear that the country might perish is created, causing people from all walks of life to fall into panic.

Although the United States has built diplomacy well enough to invite allied hunters from all over the world, calling them in is never free.

If this fact is leaked to the outside, the US government will feel a bitter sense of betrayal towards Goddess Meriel.

“I didn’t expect the Black Gate to be summoned… Well, this must be a lie.”

Meriel looked at the Lion Heart King in front of her. He doesn’t hide his goodwill as if he is very lovable.

“I got to Earth faster than King Leon and the gods of the pantheon. Can I tell you what I’ve been feeling?”


“The children of this Earth are self-indulgent and corrupt. More than King Leon and the Pantheon can imagine.”

There is a cold chill in the voice of the goddess. It was not anger or hatred, but pity and sympathy.

“In the history of this earth, people are slaughtered and persecuted in the name of God. Even if we add up the history of countless wars, there will be many more people who died in the name of God.”

“There are many names of gods on Earth, but they are false, and if they exist, they are outrageous demons. They put my child to the test of human sacrifice, and if they don’t like it, they fill the whole world with water.”

“What about the less civilized regions? They rule the country in the name of their god, and they tarnish the name of their god more than anyone else with diabolical acts.”

A god that doesn’t exist.

An anecdote of a god who does not reveal himself and exists only in stories.

A god who doesn’t do anything even though the world is facing a demonic invasion.

The omnipotent gods in the story do not exercise any power on this earth.

“You know I’ve been on this planet for years and I’ve been doing the favors of the US government. Do you know what they want most?”


“The defense of the gate? The truth about demons and magic stones? It seems that no one in high rank wants it when it comes to world peace.”

Goddess Meriel showed a disappointing look at the American high-ranking people who had been her good business partners.

It wasn’t anger or hatred, but enough of it was pathetic.

“More opportunities for money, less risk for becoming a hegemon. Bad luck for adversaries. To quote a catchphrase, make America greater.”

Disappointed and disappointed again. However, the goddess did not know that this was the essence of human life. But–

“You appeared, King Leon.”

Goddess Meriel’s gaze was directed straight at Leon.

A very lovable representative of the gods, a well-deserved king of men.’

“I judged that your existence, able to establish the proper order, is more important than the deals with the allies that have been made so far.”

For him, it doesn’t matter if he has to turn his back on the United States, said the mysterious goddess.

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