The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 203

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Meriel refers to the self-indulgence of humans who have built Earth’s civilization and the meaningless beliefs they believe in.

Unlike the omnipotent god in the story, the gods of the pantheon, the gods of the other world like Meriel, are not omniscient but benevolent and act omnipotent.


The subject of the deserving faith should be themselves.

“The United States thought King Leon would dominate Korea and Asia before long. But I’m looking at the bigger picture.”

The pantheon will soon take over the world.

“I’m not saying all of them. There are a lot of zealots in this world with false beliefs. You’ll need some traffic control over there, but you won’t be able to get rid of them all.”

“Conversion by force is not the consensus of Lionheart.”

“But if you are attacked preemptively, counterattack is a must, right? You seem to hate the loss of your authority.”

That’s right.

Lionheart is tolerant of his fellow human beings to the extent that he approves of the existence of an empire.

Distrust is also a human choice. As long as they do not insult real gods, they do not force their belief.


If you show aggression beyond disbelief, Lionheart’s knights will gladly aim the sword at you.

“The times will change. And in the course of that change, you will surely be challenged by the existing vested interests. You must have guessed that from the time you decided to receive the divinity of the god of gold and contracts in the pantheon?”

Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts.

Leon was not aware of Dragonia’s intention to thoroughly encroach on the modern capitalist society, and the gods were aware of the dragon’s greed and extortion.

Meriel already guessed that Leon was determined to encroach on the world.

‘As expected, I can’t fool the divine wisdom.’

[Yes, but this goddess will not tell her allies.]

The reason could be guessed.

“Goddess of Fate, if you want a place in the pantheon, the gods say they’ll gladly accept it.”

At those words, Meriel smiled silently.

Although she has a business relationship with humans, she is a divinity. For an eternity of beings, fleeting transactions are unclear.

Meriel responded with a smile.

“I’ve been holding on to this busy man for a long time. Let’s go.”

Leon followed Meriel, who got up, and kissed her on the back of her hand.

“I look forward to the day when the goddess of fate will return to the pantheon.”

“Hehe… I’m looking forward to the day I get a good agent like King Leon.”

-pop! Perong! pop!

Outside, fireworks were spreading in full glory.

The flames spread splendidly as if to hide the tacit secret agreement made here.

* * * *

After the fireworks, the finale of the Christmas celebration, the pantheons naturally gathered together.

Magician Queen Beatrice, Iron and Blacksmith Grail Knight Yakt Spinner, Grail Knight Vulcanus and Flaming Sword Holy Grail Knights of War and Flame.

The Naju Knights, including Cheon So-yeon, the head of the Knights, and Han Ha-ri, the priestess of the two gods.

And even curious people who naturally followed the movement of the pantheon.

-Kick. End of process step. Proceed to the final process.

When Yapi approached and reported it, Leon confirmed that rice and stones were piling up in the center of the pantheon.

From the blessed rice airlifted from Naju, Korea, to the blessed corn and wheat grown in the great plains of the midwest of North America.

The amount amounted to several tens of tons, and this was not the only offering piled up like a tribute.

Star iron enough to make hundreds of weapons, pearls and coral reefs that the Kikkiruk tribe gathered from the sea. Gold piled up like a mountain.

They are undoubtedly the precious things of the world, but even more precious because the gods have blessed them and allowed them to harvest.

At this moment, as if this land had returned to the days of Lionheart’s glory, as if it were trying to recreate that era.

Leon went to the middle and saw stones surrounded by all sorts of precious things.

Karinaga, the Grand Duke of Dragonia, had been carrying on for the sake of those who followed her, a responsibility that had been cherished for two hundred years.

For their souls, Karina gave up her soul and body to the dragon.

Leon does not deny the life of his daughter who was sacrificed for them, knowing that it is not a worthless task and that it is an honorable duty as a nobleman, a grand duke, and a royal family.

“His Excellency… No, Master, this is my grandson, Delbosque. This child will help Lady Karina.”

There was a butler who had served the Grand Duke for generations.

“I’m sorry, this Gaspard. I will serve His Excellency Karina with all my life.”

There was a northern knight who fought together on the battlefield.

「Thank you for all your hard work, Grand Duke. The North considers it an honor to have produced a great Lion Heart King.”

There were vassals who had been advisors to the Grand Duchess for a long time.

They did their best for the Grand Duke of Dragonia until the very end, and their shining lives were fading away.


As the former Grand Duke of Dragonia, Leon will also have to keep his faith with them until the end.

“Earlier there was a great war.”

It was a harsh time for everyone. There was a mortal enemy that everyone in this place faced.

“We fought, defended, and proved our honor many times. No matter how hard it was.”

Even in the harsh battle with the devil, even in the middle of the destruction of the world, they fought without running away.

How honorable and proud that is.

“These are the souls who were lost in the battle and still wander the nine heavens.


30,000 knights, nobles, and soldiers recruited from the Grand Duke of Dragonia and its rider families.

On that day, the old subordinates who could not fall together collapsed one by one in the other world, where they were not even cared for by the gods.

“Remember. Our enemies, across all dimensions, are common enemies.”

In the future, the earth will move toward a new world and cultural clashes with countless survivors, but there are things that must be resolved before that.

“Devil. All the culprits and invaders who lost many hometowns will have to be destroyed. The souls of those here are the heroes who died for him.”

Leon picked up a stone. It was a familiar name, a name that had been Leon’s friend.

“Gods. Our grateful and gracious gods who love and protect us. These warriors of the gods have returned to your arms after a long wandering.”

And that’s not all. Every name here was Leon’s soldier, knight, vassal and rider.

Leon willingly got down on one knee for them.

“Please take away their souls. If you have any sins during your lifetime, wash them with a major, and even in the face of death, evaluate the dragon that burns so that you can enjoy a feast with the gods.”

magic stone. The light of the soul emerged from the place that Karina had ordered to stay for a while, so it was named the middle class seat.

The moment that the soul flowed into the Holy Grail on the altar was an amazing moment that everyone would marvel at.

The pious moment when the soul is embraced in the arms of God made the viewer even shed tears.

While everyone was intoxicated by the miracle they saw right in front of their eyes, Leon silently watched their departing souls.

“Let’s have a drink sometime.”

As a mortal, we promise the end we deserve.

* * * *

Karina closed her eyes as she watched the departing souls.

Because it was impossible to look at their last. Karina made a deal with the dragons and imprisoned their souls in stone.

It was an atrocity done because they could never see their souls scattered and returned to nothing, and they feared that perhaps they would be confined to that cramped stone for eternity.

‘I succeeded.’

But in the end, Manshin’s agent returned. With a paradise to embrace their souls.

Two hundred years of guilt and regret are coming to an end.

Now she had no time.

“The winter weather is cold.”

At that time, Leon came over and put his suit on Karina’s shoulder. A warm suit warms up your skin.

“Thank you. Their souls will now rest.”

“It was the right thing to do. You just did what Jim had to do.”


Karina stared blankly at Leon, who was sitting next to her.

He shows no resentment or resentment.

On that day, in the Allied barracks ahead of a fierce battle, he has no resentment towards himself or the Northern Army for leaving the Union for revenge.

In the end, you finally won.

We didn’t trust him and left you to avenge ourselves.

To the prodigal son who has returned, you do not greet him with anger or ridicule, but only with joy and gratitude.


Even if you consider it unforgivable, I…

“Take it.”

It was time to chew the words that did not come out in my mouth. What Leon took out of his bosom was some candy.


“It’s your favorite candy since you were little. I chewed several candies to find a similar taste.”

Karina, who inadvertently put the candies pushed into her mouth, recalled that it was truly a taste that remained in her old memory.

It’s not the fancy sweetness of modern times, it’s sober and bland… It’s more like a candy than a candy, and it’s a taste that is popularized as a favorite food in the Northern Territory.

It is a taste commonly consumed in the northern territories, far from the fancy desserts of the royal capital.

“Did you find it yourself?”

“The sweet taste lingers on your tongue. It wasn’t too difficult to find, though.”


Karina laughed when she thought of her father, who would put dozens of candies in his mouth to find the taste of old memories.

That smile was so nice that Leon thought that the hard work he had done was worthwhile.

“It’s delicious.”

“I’m glad it’s delicious. Is there anything else you want?”

“There is no way. If you want more than this, you’re greedy.”

“You are my daughter. How can a daughter be greedy for what she wants from her father?”

“She is also an unfilial daughter who abandoned her father at the most difficult moment.”


Leon knew what Karina meant.

The Northern Army withdrew from the Union before the final battle. And the grand duke who led them and left Lionheart.

The Lion Heart King did not know what kind of guilt Karina had.

“I still remember what I said to you then.”

I don’t want to see you again. Disappear before my eyes, Leon’s last words to his daughter.

“I still regret it. I knew that we wouldn’t be able to see each other for such a long time, and even though I had an intuition that it was the last time, I said such harsh words.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“It’s also this father’s fault.”


Leon stroked Karina’s black hair. Resembling her mother, many traces of herself are left in her black hair.

Upright posture and upright atmosphere, blue eyes and innate dragon power.

Proof of love with his wife that is clear enough to tell at a glance that it is his bloodline.

Because love is so precious, right or wrong has no meaning.

Even if parents generously give love to their children, it is always lacking.

“The thing that will never change no matter what happens is this father’s love. Even if you abandon your father, I will never forsake you.”

Leon had no remnants of anger from that time. The only emotions left from two hundred years ago are regret and regret.

“My daughter. My beloved daughter. My child, whom I thought I would never see again, has returned like this. What parent in the world can have feelings other than joy?”

To the prodigal son who has returned, the father does not reprove anything.

Because parents’ unconditional love is always infinite.


Karina rested her head on Leon’s shoulder without saying a word.

Recalling the happy memories in the very distant past, now only memories remain.

“Thank you, Dad.”

That alone is enough for every father in the world.

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