The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 204

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Since the division in 1950, South Korea and North Korea have had a long confrontational relationship.

As North Korea began developing nuclear weapons and South Korea also increased its military power in step with it, the security of the Korean Peninsula, which was like a powder keg that could explode at any moment, was buried before a catastrophe that struck the earth 30 years ago when the 21st century was about to begin.

The phenomenon of gates and all kinds of monsters popping out of them. Even contamination by demons.

In Asia, Korea, which was the second most prosperous country after Japan, was also reeling from the waves of cataclysm.

This catastrophe was literally a money-eating hippo, but recruiting awakeners who awakened as hunters.

The cost of training them. Satellites and maintenance costs to arm them and proactively catch gate occurrences.

At the same time as the gate occurred, it literally absorbed the nation’s economic power, such as traffic control, area security, and buffering of air-raid shelter facilities in preparation for the dungeon break.

In other words.

The poorer the country’s infrastructure, the poorer the country’s treasury, the poorer the administrative power to control a sufficient Awoken population.

A single premise encompassing so many conditions.

If the country is poor, it can’t even cope with the gate crisis.

And no matter how much money you have, if a black gate appears, you will be on the road to destruction.

North Korea in the 21st century was still no different from North Korea in the 20th century, but rather became poorer. Even China, which North Korea could have depended on, has been torn apart into about 50 parts.

The only dependent place is South Korea, a compatriot like Russia.

North Korea first opened its hands to Russia.

“Hehe, older brother. We were from the same communist bloodline, so if you send us some Awakeners——”

“Ugh. Is this the ‘People’s Republic’ of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? It’s a beggar. Get out of here. We have to sell tanks to South Korea.”

There was no reason to cooperate with North Korea, which is not even worth money, in Russia, whose economy is reeling from a cataclysm.

Russia, in the middle of learning the true taste of capitalism, ruthlessly kicked out the North Korean envoys, and North Korea endured under the name of self-reliance, threatening South Korea with nuclear and missile threats—

“Hey, Ganna Shack from South Korea. A taste of Daepo-dong from our Great People’s Republic—”

“Shut up your mouth. I’m busy right now!”


Korea in the early 21st century. It was a time when diversification of food sources was urgent due to the economic depression caused by the cataclysm and the contamination of mana.

There was no time to make a conciliatory gesture to the naughty neighbor in the yard where the whole country was in emergency due to the food crisis.

Right now, my nose is stone, but North Korea, the Korean people, and Nabal, and Korea were thoroughly crouching down and crazy about hunter power reinforcement and food imports.

“We need more… more hunters.”

“Aren’t there hunters in Southeast Asia who are dissatisfied with their treatment? Buy them with cash? Diplomatic relations cut off? What to do?”

“China is ruined! Most of them have been lost, but we have to bring in at least one more person from there!”

10 years of chaos. South Korea, while watching its neighboring country China collapse under a single black gate, cut the defense budget to increase the Hunter Department budget, prevent the outflow of talent, and at the same time overdo headhunting.

money. we have a lot of money Once you come, I’ll give you an apartment in Gangnam, a medal, and a pension!

Even if North Korea fires missiles and threatens artillery fire, I can’t hear it, I can’t hear it! It’s been ten years that we’ve been shouting out loud and strengthening our power.

North Korea raised the white flag first.

“I’m giving up nuclear weapons… Send me a Hunter.”

Korean Peninsula in 2032.

North Korea was in a state of economic and security dependence on South Korea.

* * * *

“It’s been a while.”

It is not an exaggeration to say that he is leading Korea’s representative teenage guild and the largest faction, and Kang Jin-seong, the leader of the Cheongseong guild, had a face soaked in memories in the clear and clean air.

“Hey! I don’t come here unless I’m touring Mt. Geumgang, so is there anything else I can think of besides memories?”

Cheon Jin-soo argues whether he doesn’t like Kang Jin-seong.

“Unlike you, I have a lot of family members. I don’t have time to come here to take care of each North Korean pig.”

For Korean hunters, the mission to support North Korea is a kind of volunteer work.

You can take all the by-products obtained from the gate, but there were no South Korean hunters who liked being dispatched to North Korea, where the infrastructure was not working properly.

“Hey~ Hey, I heard you haven’t called since the last time you came and asked Kim Jong Il or something to give you back money. No, wait a minute? You can’t believe it?”

Recalling the blatant controversy of his snarky friend, Cheon Jin-soo thought of a possibility and was stunned.

“Is there a need to make a lot of trouble? If you don’t want to see each other, it’s best not to meet.”

“I tried my best not to do volunteer work! You look like such a clever old woman!”

Hunters dispatched to North Korea are basically a rotation. However, when it was an S-class hunter, there had to be a request from North Korea and a consultation with the Korean Hunter Association.

But what if you are a person who is extremely opposed to North Korea?

What if I beg you not to let this guy go?

Chun Jin-soo looked at Kang Jin-seong, the representative Korean hunter, with a shocked look in his eyes, who came out of North Korea as if he was kicked out after openly playing a game.

“No, but what kind of wind came in this time? I don’t think the Reds specifically pointed at you either.”

“I came to see Mt.

It was a kind of show of force.

After the cataclysm, while North Korea gave up its nuclear weapons and signed a humiliating security cooperation with South Korea, it sent a powerful S-class hunter that they could never raise to North Korea, which is slowly being eroded.

Depending on the outcome of the meeting, this superhuman unit, which can decapitate the North Korean leader and return to South Korea, has always prevented North Korea from taking unexpected actions.

If the South Korean government stops dispatching raiding parties to North Korea, which is suffering from a perpetual hunter shortage, North Korea will wither that day.

The difference in national power between the two Koreas had already become an insurmountable wall, and North Korea, which had almost no population and infrastructure, did not have the ability to train hunters on its own.

The hunters who were raised right away rebelled that their hair was a little thicker, and one company was often blown away that day, so North Korea had no choice but to regard the magic awakeners as reactionaries, and they had to rely entirely on the Korean hunters.

“Anyway, before I die, will we be unified?”

“Isn’t the Kaesong Industrial Complex and Gaema Plateau development partners gradually reducing the economic gap? I wonder if it will take another ten years.”

“No, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem anymore. You know my older brother?”

“older brother?”

“I mean Brother Leon.”


No matter how you look at it, Kang Jin-seong was not used to the fact that Lion Heart, whose face value is in his 20s, is 300 years old, and Cheon Jin-soo, who treats him as his older brother.

Although this friend, who is also a brat to herself, was thrilled when she was in the reverse of a brat.

“Stop drinking alcohol and arrive soon. Shouldn’t you see Kim Ga-nom bowing before the government officials?”

“It’s nice to see the red pigs bowing down.”

It was the moment the two of them got off the chartered plane at the airport.


The two had to face the sight of the North Korean soldiers surrounding them pointing their guns at them.

“Hello. I’m Park Sang-gyo, director of the 2nd Bureau of the General Reconnaissance Bureau of the Korean People’s Army.”

One of the top 5 executives in North Korea’s power hierarchy. He cast a sharp gaze at the two of them.

“Since there is no time, South Korean distinguished guests should follow us.”

Dozens of awakened people from the General Bureau of Reconnaissance were lined up nearby.

* * * *

After Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, was announced, the whole country was in a frenzy.

The business world studied how this absolute compliance contract works, and also found out that it is a contract that anyone who is a fan of the pantheon can issue.



The result of an experiment on how feedback is delivered by a huge American YouTuber deliberately breaking the Pantheonden contract.

– Hehehe fell down.

-Are you dead?

– Quickly report to the police!

– Call an ambulance!

The gigantic YouTuber, who immediately received feedback as the contract burned, was in cardiac arrest until the ambulance arrived, and he jumped up when the ambulance pressed the doorbell.

“Heh heh!”

The YouTuber miraculously survived as viewers watched.

He gasped for breath when he realized he had been left unattended for 15 minutes in cardiac arrest, but immediately broke into a cold sweat at the cool sensation on his back.

[This is the last one.]

The shape of a dragon that appears to viewers as a black mist. The voice, clearly audible to the YouTuber, had nothing to say about what it was warning about.

“Oh, this is real. Feedback comes right away. Ah, from now on, if I use this contract, I will keep it unconditionally.”

Everyone learned about the power of the Dragonia contract at the conclusion reached by a super-large YouTuber with 10 million subscribers──

“From now on, all contracts with the company will be signed with Dragonia contracts.’

When an advertising agency that quickly checked issues announced that it would sign all in-house contracts with Dragonia contracts, the stock price began to hit the upper limit and everyone started to follow suit.

“To run a company, you have to become a fan of the pantheon.

While the whole world turned its eyes to the new financial revolution, huge inquiries came in to the pantheon, and Yapi had to work even on the plane.

“Sir Yapi. What are you doing?”

To Hari’s question, Yapi gave a short answer.

-Dragonia contract work in progress.

“Really? It looks like he’s just standing still.”

-Processing work on network-attached storage. Currently, 9,657 contracts are under review.

“Wow, that’s great.”

Hari has heard that Yapi handles most of the work in the pantheon.

Advanced strong artificial intelligence that can simultaneously perform all kinds of multi-tasking, such as satellite search missions in the earth sphere, fund management, and factory system management.

If it wasn’t for Yapi, who would have been able to touch it?

“If you’re not busy, His Majesty is calling. Would you like to follow me for a while?”


Yaffy squeezed the seat belt with his mechanical leg, unfastened it, and climbed on top of Hari’s head.

Hari naturally delivers Yapi in front of Leon. In the first class of the plane, Leon was overlooking the Pacific Ocean as he soared.

“Your Majesty, I brought Lord Yapi.”


Leon looked at Yaffi, who came down from above Hari’s head.

“Sir Spinner. I called because I have something to check before arriving in Korea.”


“Do you remember what Jim ordered before? What the pilgrim knight Goo Dae-seong reported.”

If that was the case, Yapi had already done it.

– As a result of full-scale re-observation of the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, no abnormalities were found. North Korea as usual.

“Yeah, is that so?”

Leon looked unconvinced as to whether there was something he was concerned about in Yapi’s report.

Yapi’s information warfare cannot be compared with any technology on Earth.

The geosphere search function of the integrated space armed platform located in space was unparalleled by any satellite in the world, and direct observation using a drone system was carried out secretly without being noticed by any intelligence agency.

After the Koo Dae-seong incident, the entire North Korean region was searched, but the conclusions the reconnaissance system grasped were the same.

North Korea is still nothing different from usual.

“That’s strange. Is there anything different from usual?”

-It is.

Leon asked about the blind spot that was missed because it was a machine that insisted on thoroughly objective information.

“By other standards, in Sir Spinner’s opinion, can North Korea’s resources prevent a massive gate incident without much damage?”


Yapi immediately substituted North Korea’s available power, the ‘hunter’s number’ put forward by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and the gate incident that had occurred several months ago.

Korean hunters had already been dispatched to North Korea, and if you add up their power, the last large-scale gate incident was not an event that North Korea could not prevent.

‘According to North Korea’s statistics’.

“Sir Spinner. There are countries in the world who spread false statistics to save face.”


Yapi only then began to calculate the possibility of the ‘statistic trap’ registered on the network.

The number and level of people’s fighters that the North Korean government claims to save face. Considering that it was greatly exaggerated–

-Economic and human damage in North Korea is too slight.

Something is wrong. This rudimentary mistake occurred because it is strong artificial intelligence that controls all information with perfect and absolute technology.

The moment Yapi tried to substitute the calculation formula again, excluding the ‘imaginary numbers’ that the North Korean government insisted on—

– Satellite observation. The occurrence of sea level waves in the nearby sea. wake tracking. A number of SLCMs (Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles) approaching.


Hari is white. A cruise missile in the middle of the Pacific? Isn’t this the territory of the US Navy?

– Beep! Beep! Beep!

And as if Yapi’s observations weren’t false, a threat alert sounded on the charter plane. The US Air Force fighter jets escorting the chartered plane immediately responded to the alert announcing the missile’s approach.


-Many enemy cruise missiles. Evasion of all interceptions of allied aircraft. Conversion of the integrated armed platform to intercept posture.

Through satellite observation, Yapi continuously grasped the movements of the approaching missiles. Since the interception by the US Air Force fighter jet failed, Yapi also started intercepting the missile through an attack satellite.

– Kwaa!

– Kwaaa!

A particle cannon that slams down from space. Hypersonic energy particle cannons, which cannot be avoided by modern scientific civilization, were rained down on the approaching missiles.

– Quaang!

– Kwak!

Cruise missiles intercepted one after another. However, several missiles moved quickly through the plume of exploding missiles.

– Approaching. 15 seconds to crash.

The moment Yapi posted the report, Leon stretched out his arm and the missile crashed into the chartered plane almost at the same time.


Air Force Unit 2, which was flying with the knights of the Pantheon, crashed to the sea level with a huge explosion that exploded over the Pacific Ocean.

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