The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 205

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“What? You lost contact with the North Korean delegation?”

Office of the President. President Andong-gil looked up at the news that the New Year’s envoy sent to North Korea had lost contact.

“Isn’t communication just blocked? It’s not like yesterday or today that your hotline is unstable.”

After China was torn apart, even if North Korea, which had no place to lean on, gave up its nuclear program and calmed down, its outdated infrastructure remained.

Even today, when the weather is bad, the base station is blown up and communication is often interrupted, and there are not many hotlines between the two Koreas in the first place.

Even for the South Korean government, which seeks gradual collapse and integration of North Korea, this problem is difficult to resolve.

This is because North Korea refuses help other than Hunter and somehow uses the energy to extend its power.

In Paradise on Earth, which is maintained by the grace of the leader Abai, the less we hear about the South Korean rebellious bandits, the better.

“Is there any unsavory movement in North Korea?”

“Yes! All of North Korea is being monitored by US military satellites. There is no movement.”

“Then there’s no problem?”

In response to the aides’ answers, President Andong-gil didn’t take it seriously.

“More than that, what about the Pantheon? When does the Pantheon come back?

“Yes, we departed from Dulles Washington Airport tonight. US Air Force escorts and our Air Force aircraft will take over.”

The aide added one thing.

“The Japanese government has proposed a joint escort. What would you do?”

“Ghmm… the intention is obvious.”

Leon decided to make an official New Year’s schedule with President Andong-gil. After the announcement of Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, governments and business people around the world want to contact Leon, and President Andong-gil can say that he is very attached.

Before anyone else, you’ll be able to contact Leon, the leader of the pantheon, and discuss the Dragonian Contract, which is tantamount to a financial revolution.

‘Relay costs for commissions hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe.’

Manshinjeon does not officially pay taxes, but the corresponding expenses are appropriately packaged and paid to the Korean government.

In addition, the contracts signed all over the world by Manshinjeon Headquarters and their 1% fee have no choice but to go through Korea.

Truly, an enormous amount of goods will pass through Korea, so even the rice cake dumplings can be used as one’s achievements.

“The Japanese side must have intended that as well, right?”

“Yes, they are probably confident that they will be able to meet first after Korea.

“Queen Beatrice and Sir Yakt Spinner are practically the equivalent of Lion Heart King’s agents. They must be in the position that it is okay to invite only one of them.”

It’s not just Japan. Nearby Russia, Taiwan, and other European countries were eager to contact the pantheon.

The fact that ministerial-level figures with strangely high positions flocked to the presidential official New Year’s ceremony right away made the intention clear.


President Andong-gil realized the national prestige that goes up to the visitation intentions flocking from all over the world.

When the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, went all-in to Mansinjeon to die, I wondered if that old man was crazy, but now I see that it was the foresight of an old man.

‘A rising national rank! My achievements are piling up! It’s very stable!’

What to do when Leon and the pantheon arrive? First of all, since the red carpet is laid out and preparations are made for the welcome party, a dinner party is held, and the new survivor, Grand Duke Karina, meets.

The most important thing is how to manage Dragonia contracts in the future.

No matter what you do, if you do the basics, Korea’s economic growth rate will hit its peak in the new year. Is there anything easier than this?

“Make sure Minister Kim of the Ministry of National Defense undergoes protocol training, yes! If there are ministers going back to their hometowns to meet their families at the welcome ceremony, tell them that they will be fired at my hand!”

“Yes, yep…!”

But the next day, President Andong-gil faces a crisis of a lifetime.

* * * *

The work of the armistice line, which split the Korean peninsula in half and divided the nation, has been similar for 80 years.

Both sides have soldiers patrolling in front of the demilitarized zone.

In the past, there were many cases of provocations against the South, such as wooden box mines, but as North Korea began to subordinate to South Korea’s hunter dispatched units, such provocations almost disappeared.

At best, it was only to shoot a few shells at the sea level around Yeonpyeong Island. Even this, North Korea was keeping a reasonable line while paying attention to the South Korean government.


A GOP guard post near the armistice line. Sergeant Kim, who was about to be discharged after serving in the military for 1 year and 10 months, looked up at the clear and clean starry sky and became sentimental.

“You’re going to be discharged soon, but you’re insulting me.”

“Hehe, by tomorrow, I’ll use up all the vacations I’ve planned, and this boring military life will be over. Park Il-hoon~ You stay and I go~”

“Ah jjom…!”

Although peace with North Korea has been going on for a long time, the South Korean military is still wary of the North Korean military.

Anyway, it was also the significance of the existence of the Armed Forces, and there were several provocations against the South whenever I was bored.

Surprisingly, however, the GOPs along the armistice line were at peace, because North Korea’s main provocations were limited to sea level artillery fire that resulted in no casualties along the coastline.

In the past, there was a lot of talk about wooden box mines, but the North Korean military was also avoiding provocations that caused casualties as much as possible, paying attention to the South Korean government.

As long as there is nothing special, the military life with the elk and the wild boar will end smoothly.


From the quiet demarcation line to the grotesque noise. They didn’t doubt that.

“No, someone did a tiller in the middle of the night…”

“You crazy bastard, someone drives a tiller in this town!”

At Sergeant Kim’s harsh criticism, Corporal Park turned his gaze toward the source of the noise. and······.

“Ha… fuck.”

-Yi Lee Yi Ying!

Dozens of aircraft were heading towards their ceasefire line.

Watching North Korean transport planes approaching at dawn out of nowhere, the two enlisted men recalled a fighter pilot who defected from North Korea with a MiG 50 years ago.

* * * *

Aircraft pilots from North Korea were escorted to Suwon Air Base by an emergency South Korean fighter squadron.

Dozens of aircraft made a soft landing at the Suwon combat airfield, and one MiG plane, whose landing gear was damaged due to aging, crashed into the airfield, but no one was killed and was safely delivered to the NIS.

“So, Mr. Lee Sang-hyeok came as a defector? Do you all mean the same thing?”

“That’s right! I came down like this by fighting spirit with my comrades in the Air Force. Trust me!”

“Ah, yes yes…”

It is not unusual for North Korean defectors to escape from North Korea today, but it was the first time in the history of the 80-year division that a group of people brought an airplane together like this.

The NIS investigators intended to thoroughly investigate the truth, and decided to cross-examine the 40 North Korean pilots separately.

If there is a lie, someone will expose the loophole.

But they exposed too many loopholes.

“That, that’s why, from the 5th corps, Mr. Park Jin-sang——”

“You just said that you are in Ryu Gyeong-soo’s division. No, are you already changing what you said a few minutes ago?”

“That, that’s not it…!”

“Since my house is not far from Pyongyang… No, did Abadi live in Wonsan? No, that… Kaesong? Nope…”

“I have come down with a special order. Very important to pass on to the South Korean comrades–I have come down with a special order to pass on to the South Korean comrades–“

“······Mr. Ri Jin-soo?”

It was 1:00 pm on the 28th, three hours after the mass defection of North Korean fighter pilots.

The pilots who defected from North Korea stopped like a broken watch.

All 40 pilots exactly at the same time. The sight of the walls stopping all at once was bizarre to the NIS agents watching through the magic mirror.

“What, what? Why are you like that all of a sudden?”

“For now, tell them to come out inside! Something’s strange!”

Instinctively, the command of the executive who sensed ‘danger’ was meaningless, and the bomb planted on the ‘traitors’ was activated.

“Ah, I knew——”

The eyeballs of the pilot in despair exploded.

– Weeing! Wheein!!

“Shouting to all agents in the facility! A demon arises inside! Monster Outbreak! Move the Awakened Suppression Units quickly!”

December 28, 2032 at 1 PM.

A monster occurred at the NIS building in Naegok-dong. Pollution sources are expanding.

* * * *

“Fuck fuck fuck!!”

The president is a position that requires dignity. Pro-opposition reporters would open fire if reporters found out that he was swearing around in the government building, not in his office.

The fortunate thing is that this is the Yongsan Joint Chiefs of Staff Headquarters, a military facility.

Aside from that, I thought there would be no Korean high-ranking people who wouldn’t swear at me right now, even in the opinion of my aides.

There was a sudden large-scale North Korean transport plane defection in the middle of the night.

Although we do not know the details, it was not that there was any actual damage, so the Ministry of National Defense regarded it as the largest defection of the North Korean People’s Army since the division of the South and the North.


“Are you sure? That there was a monster in the investigation room?”

“Yes, this is an issue directly reported by the second deputy director of the NIS. Currently, the Awakened unit directly under the NIS is suppressing it.”

“That’s not enough. Call in the hunter guilds around you too! You can’t push armored units into downtown Seoul!”

President Andong-gil immediately issued a state of war, and the president moved to the underground bunker of the Joint Chiefs of Staff according to wartime protocol.

There were already generals, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and they jumped up to President Ahn’s position.

“Are you here, Your Excellency!”

Upon receiving the greeting from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, President Ahn passed it over with a rare gesture and immediately sat down at the table of honor. It is the first time that President Ahn has been here since a black gate occurred in the middle of Seoul about a year ago.

“I heard roughly, but please explain briefly.”

“Yes, 27 minutes ago, all North Korean pilots who defected died.”

“At the same time, there is a report that an unknown monster has occurred inside.


something ambiguous

North Korean aircraft disguised as large-scale defection and infiltrating, and the pilots destroy themselves all at once?

Of course, this scale of provocation against the South was the largest in the history of the 80-year armistice. In terms of scale, it far exceeded the Panmunjom ax incident or the Yeonpyeong Island shelling.

However, the scale was ambiguous for this to be an attempt at an all-out war.

If the damage was to neutralize a single NIS building with only dozens of suicide bombers, it would be damage.

Of course, since monsters appeared, it was not an issue to be taken lightly, but there were over 10,000 hunters in Seoul.

“Is there a hotline on the North Korean side right now?”

“We haven’t been able to connect since the delegation lost contact.”

The timing was also odd. President Ahn began to get confused.

“Are these bastards scrambling for food?”

“That’s why the scale of this provocation…”

“No, that’s why even a declaration of war is an ambiguous scale. It could be a terror attack by hardliners inside.”

It was an ambiguous incident that was too large-scale to be an extension of provocations against South Korea that had been almost cut off for the past 20 years, and too small to be a declaration of war.

“For now, until DEF CON 3… I have to issue it, right?”

This alone is a state of quasi-war on par with the Panmunjom incident. A wartime posture that has never been issued since the Battle of Yeonpyeong. However, the situation is not too serious to issue a lower grade.

Defcon 3 or Watchcon 2? When President Ahn fell into agony——

“Your Excellency! Emergency contact from the Korean People’s Army! An unknown submarine shot down Air Force Unit 2!”


Air Force Unit 2.

In other words, it is one of the high-ranking chartered flights of the Korean government. It was the charter plane that recently carried the Pantheon from Washington International Airport.

“Eh, the pantheon?”

“That, that’s…”

President Ahn was distorted with astonishment at the reaction of the aide, who was hesitant to answer. The moment he was about to say something——


Yongsan Joint Chiefs of Staff Underground Bunker. Above them, an unusual explosion rang out.

-Wheein~! Weing! Wheein!

And an emergency sound echoed throughout the government building. At the same time, the telecommunications soldiers were passing on emergency information while completely white.

“This, the landing of monsters at Incheon Port has been confirmed!”

“A large-scale monster wave occurred near the Demilitarized Line! It’s over 100,000! Radar caught it too late!”

“There is a mysterious bombing attack inside Seoul! Citizens… there are reports that citizens have turned into monsters!

“A similar explosion occurred in Naju City! A large army of monsters is said to be marching towards the Pantheon!”

A wave of so much information came all of a sudden.

Bad news poured out as if an incident had become the starting point.

And this was by no means an external unrest.

“An unidentified unit has attacked the government building! It’s a human! It’s a human, not a monster!”

As if they had been waiting, a unit made up of humans raided the Joint Chiefs of Staff. What this meant was clear.

Aside from how and why.

The raid on the government building where the president and military generals gathered at this timing meant only one thing.

It’s a war.

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