The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 206

<Never ‘X’ retreat>

Seogwipo City, Jeju Island. Golden Lion Guildmaster Golden Chul swung a huge two-handed hammer at the attacking Merman.


Bang! With the sound of meat exploding, Merman’s head disappeared. Around him, dozens of Mermen were already tattered pieces of meat.


“Yeonha! Yeonha! Hwang Yeon-ha! You jerk!”

Hwang Yeon-ha, the deputy guild leader of the Golden Lion, who was recently promoted to an S-class hunter, took a stand against the title of his damn brother, who was still the same even after becoming an S-class hunter.

“Have you contacted team leader Park? I heard there are monsters in Jeju City as well.”

“They said they rode the car and ran right away. The airport was secured without any problems.”

“What is this all of a sudden?”

The Golden Lion Guild has recently come to Jeju Island to flex its words, which can be said to be the symbol of knights, as many hunters have been appointed knights of the Mansinjeon.

As I was about to go back after clearing a few gates and earning travel expenses, something happened.

A large number of monsters suddenly landed on the coast of Jeju Island.

“Boss! I’m contacting you from the governor of Jeju!”

“Change it!”

Golden Chul received the subordinate Hunter’s smartphone. Then a voice is heard over the receiver.

[Wa, are you CEO Hwang Hwang-cheol?]

“Ah, yes. It’s golden iron, Governor.”

[Yes, yes… I am Park Jong-wook, governor of Jeju-do.]

The voice over the receiver was servile and cautious. Golden Chul knows why he contacted him.

“The fire has been put out urgently, and we will return to the airport immediately. Our headquarters was also attacked and we have to deal with it.”

[That, it can’t be…]

Hunters reside in Jeju City, but there are not many of them.

This is because the limits of the island and the hunters from Busan were urgently dispatched.

But now, the coast of Busan was also attacked by marine monsters. Fortunately, if the Golden Lion Guild hadn’t visited the ranch in Jeju Island, Jeju City would have been defenseless.

I have to say that I’m lucky enough with this alone, but…

[The Coast Guard has confirmed the approach of the monsters! It doesn’t matter how much money it costs, so please protect our island!]


Golden Chul hesitated to answer. Normally, he would have received a higher amount of money and helped defend Jeju Island.

But now, the whole of Korea has been attacked by monsters. It is on a different level from the previous large-scale gate incident.

At that time, it was possible to reduce the number of monsters released in advance and prevent property damage by attacking the gate, but now, aren’t monsters coming in droves?

Even the government issued DEF CON 1 and entered a state of war. This means that monsters aren’t the only enemies.

“I’m sorry. My family is concentrated in Sin Pangyo. I have to run right away to defend that side.”

[That, it can’t be…!]

The headquarters of the Golden Lion Guild is Pangyo. All of the guild’s substantial assets were concentrated there.

If Pangyo could not be saved from the attack of monsters right away, the Golden Lion Guild would have to endure not only personal damage but also enormous property damage.

As a guild leader, the decisions he made were never wrong. But–


Hwang Yeon-ha grabbed the cuff of Geumcheol. My younger brother who received an official knighthood letter from Manshinden last month. He himself received a knighthood directly from King Leon.

“Protect the weak, do no injustice.”

The cheek that was hit then is still tingling. His mouth was torn and bloody, and his tattered cheeks made him realize that no matter how good the opponent was, nothing was in moderation.

“It means to keep in mind. You value your calling and duty more than your life. If you follow honor, surely everyone will follow you.”

At the ceremony, not only himself, but also his younger sister and guild members were present.

“······ Damn it.”

Golden Iron raised the hammer. The star iron hammer worn on his shoulder is still strong even after blasting so many monsters.

“Where is the planned landing?”

[Hwa, CEO Hwang…!]

After Hwanggeumcheol hung up the phone, the subordinate asked cautiously.

“Are you okay? If Pangyo is blown away, half of our guild’s property will be gone.”

“Money. You can earn that again. There are more important things than that.”

People are more important, I don’t bring out such strange words. He stroked his sister’s hair and grinned.

“You can’t bounce while showing your back to the monsters. It’s embarrassing.”

Golden Lion guild members decided to remain in Jeju Island.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t too much of a waste of money to lose. The reason is clear–

Maybe it’s because you know it’s worth more than money.

* * * *

A military technology analysis company has analyzed what the most important strategic goal in Korea in 2032 is.

It was an outsourcing request by the Ministry of Defense of Korea to analyze objective indicators and apply them to wartime planning, but quite different results came out this year.

Of course, the number one strategic target is Yongsan, where the Joint Chiefs of Staff and ROK-US Combined Forces Command are located.

Since the presidential office building was moved from the Blue House to Yongsan in the early 20’s, South Korea is spending enough budget every year to defend this place, including a large number of military police and hired hunter guilds, as an even more important goal.

In addition, there were several strategic goals, such as the Jeju Island naval base and the 7th Mobile Corps, but a target with new strategic value was created in Naju, somewhat unexpectedly for a military goal.

I saw Naju in Mansinjeon.

Since King Lion Heart, a survivor of the other world, selected it as a guild site and the epic item Geobrick’s Hammer was exhibited, the sanctuary has accelerated, and in less than half a year, it has emerged as a religious sanctuary equivalent to the Vatican in the Italian peninsula and Jerusalem in Israel.

However, this place is not a holy place with a simple religious meaning.

Thousands of man-at-arms are nurtured here every quarter, blessed crops that are even evaluated as Korea’s strategic resources are growing, and it is the base of knights who are specialists in the battle of the great devil.

In addition, the Mokpo coast and the Yeongsan River, the two major habitats inhabited by the Krashatria tribe, a large migratory tribe of survivors… also known as the Kikiru tribe warriors, are nearby, and Byeolcheol, the most important strategic item, is transported every day.

Mansinjeon in Naju is a religious, economic, political, and military sanctuary that guarantees the future of the Republic of Korea.

However, not many people are concerned about the security situation here. It was because the Man-at-Arms and the Kikkiruk Warriors, with hundreds of knights resident and now looking at 20,000 men, were a force that surpassed the army.


“Gather the battle team! Build a square!”

The main force of the pantheon is always the knights. Premodern knights shouting the name of God while holding spears on horseback.

Their superhuman strength, which surpasses modern weapons of war, is the main force that determines the battlefield.

But what if ‘at the end’, all of its main forces are overseas?

“Chief Kim Jin-soo! Those who came up the Yeongsan River are landing! The Kikkiruk tribe is blocking it, but we can’t respond because our main forces are out!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo, who was dispatched from the Hunter Association and was appointed a knight of Mansinjeon following Hari, was one of the few knights in this position.

He was dealing with monsters on horseback with about thirty knights, but the response seemed daunting.

The fortunate thing is that Yapi has a map hack thanks to the hologram mapping that is always in operation.

“The Yeongsan River is directly connected to Naju! Send an additional 100 troops! All the knights of the Kikkiruk tribe are on the aircraft carrier. Take five knights!”

“Ha, but we’re already dispatching troops for the fourth time! If the power continues to leak, here’s the defense…”

After Leon and the main force of the knights headed for Washington, Manshinden was steadily attacking the surrounding gates and dispatching troops.

The ones who actually reside here are the trainees and raiding parties that have returned for a break. Even so, it is difficult to move to protect the tourists who are bursting.

“The other guilds? When did Hanbitgung come?”

In this situation, the only thing you can rely on is Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, and his subordinate hunters.

Although they were not appointed as knights due to the suspicion of following the devil, the unit maintained its fighting power in the pantheon where the main force escaped.

“Ji, they say they’re coming right now, but they’re going to be late because they’re on a business trip to Taiwan!”


Manager Kim Jin-soo was about to ask the president of the association for help, but that person must have a good nose too. It’s just that they didn’t call back the staff of the association who were dispatched to the pantheon right away.

“Nonsense. I’ve never heard of a nationwide monster wave like this!”

Not only Seoul, but also Incheon, Mokpo, Naju, Jeju Island… There is no place that has not been attacked at all.

The monster estimate estimated by the association is at least 100,000.

Excluding the marine monsters still moving along the coast and the monsters rushing through the minefields of the armistice line, only the monsters that landed in South Korea were counted.

‘If at least the dispatched troops come back…!’

But even that can’t be wished for. The raiding parties who set out to attack the gate could not hear the news from this side from the inside.

In this way, the power vacuum of Manshinjeon, which actively attacks the gate at the level of people’s livelihood, revealed its weakness.

“And, Chief…! Over there!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo, who saw where the subordinate’s finger was pointing, was dumbfounded.

“A gate at this timing?!”

The gate’s distinctive shimmering was captured from a direction not far from the pantheon, just a few thousand meters away.

And it wasn’t just the people of Mansinjeon, including Manager Jinsu Kim, who saw it.

Tourists and pilgrims who came for pilgrimage also saw it.

– Oh, it’s okay. The gate originally occurred and it took more than 10 days until the dungeon break!

Such an obvious common sense, Chief Kim’s instinct rejected it.

Massive defection and bombing by North Korean troops.

The downfall of the charter plane that burned the pantheon.

A monster wave that attacks all of South Korea simultaneously.

In the meantime, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, where the president and generals gathered, was raided by armed forces presumed to be spies.

In this worst situation, the monsters are running towards the pantheon as if they had coordinates. But what about the gate?

Indeed, is that gate an ordinary gate?


Dungeon break at the same time as gate summoning.

The demons pouring out from there met eyes with Manager Kim Jin-soo.

“Sir, fuck…”

There was only one thing he could wish for. A subordinate who is not present here.

“Deputy Han, come quickly and save me…”

* * * *

– Kiki kick.

The army of demons who landed on the plains of Naju numbered well over 5,000.

However, the High Demon who led them, Helheart, clicked his tongue as he looked at the men he had brought.

“Get in line. The scale of the gate is small because we have to come urgently. Troops are limited.”

Their mission is one. Stealing of the pantheon ‘it’. To this end, I threw many of the monsters I had accumulated during the last gate incident as bait.

Of course, the monsters thrown as bait would completely destroy this country.

“Hellheart-nim. They… I can’t see chaos.”

“The demons are not suitable for such a delicate invasion. Our goal is to quickly escape after capturing the target. You can’t wage a war with these.”

Helheart lamented that most of the troops he led were half-horses.

In order for demons to be summoned to the material world, a corresponding sacrifice is required.

At the time of the Great Demon, hundreds of thousands of souls were needed. The damage suffered by the demons in the last great war was too great to exhaust the power of the great devil in the operation of throwing, hitting, and falling as bait.

Right now, the demons of Wisdom and Inquiry could only condescend with these meager troops.

“But their houses are empty. There are no Lion Heart Kings or knights. Tell the half-horses to form a rank and move!

The half-horse army marching towards the pantheon. Helheart walked through the golden fields and pointed the baton toward the pantheon he was aiming for.

“Break their resistance! There are a lot of civilians, so it will be easy to make holes.”

Only about 2,000 troops remain in the Mansinjeon. Even so, there were not even thirty knights left.

Both sides have low quality troops due to their own reasons, but the devil is overwhelming in scale.


Following Helheart’s command, thousands of anti-horse corps charged toward the defense line spread by Chief Kim Jin-soo.

However, Helheart, who had accumulated wisdom and experience for a long time, easily drove the pantheon.

“Ugh…! How can I stop that!”

“Three times as many of them! They’re targeting civilians, so it’s hard to maintain formation!”

“These damn demons…!”

It’s only been a few minutes since the battle started. Hellheart steadily destroyed Manager Kim Jin-soo and Man-at-Arms.

Even in the midst of this, the operation to seize ‘it’ must be proceeding successfully.

“Geukkeuk, this is easier than I thought——”

“Hey you fiends!!”

It was the moment when Helheart smiled triumphantly. A group of people was approaching from afar.

Even if they pretended to be soldiers, they were lagging behind in their armament.

Idiot farmers armed with pickaxes, shovels and hoes. or citizens. In addition, thousands of ‘scarecrows’ protecting the farmland of the goddess Demera are bizarrely jumping and approaching.

It seems that the news that the village is in crisis woke up, but in the battlefield of these pros, they are nothing but amateurs.


“Stop, can’t you?”

However, a commotion arose among the half-horse legion.

The article… is not. If they were a unit of knights, they would have to worry about the lives of the Hellhearts themselves before the battle line collapsed.

The half-horses were shocked because they felt that the people approaching from afar were somehow familiar ‘compatriots’.

half horse

Namely, demon followers.

Traitors who sold their souls and people to demons.

Unexpectedly, these halves, who failed to acquire immortality and ended up in fire, have a strong network with each other.

It has no choice but to be like that as they worship the demons and interact with each other in the demons’ territory.

“Mae, MacGreuger? I heard you’re missing?!”

“Wasn’t he dead? Why over there!”

They also knew through rumors. The fact that not too long ago, the demon grand duke’s territory was attacked, dozens of villages burned, and countless demons and demon grand dukes died.

It was a very unrealistic incident, but it was an incident that was overlooked, saying it was another territory.

And the truth of the case is right in front of you.

“These fucking fiends!”

Farmers of the goddess Demera. Leon built a pantheon in Naju, and among those who benefited first and received the priesthood, not a few became priests of the goddess Demera.

life and abundance. love and mercy. A priest of a benevolent church that satisfies the hungry… Among them, Choi, the oldest, shouted in the name of the goddess.

“Chunshik, ask!”

The absolute right to command was activated over the ‘serfs’ leading from Lion Heart King -> Holy Grail Knight -> Knight Commander -> Knight, Priest.

Thousands of Chunshik’s charge ‘without sparing their lives’. It was a fierce charge that not a single person could retreat.

[Grail Knight Gratas’ ‘How to catch a giant with serfs’ grants a buff to serfs.]

– Increases ATK against half horses by 157.777%.

-Attack against demons increases by 101.666%.

The Holy Grail Knight, Sir Gratas, compiled and swallowed the blood of millions of people from generation to generation, ordering a fratricide.

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