The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 207

<President Andong-gil>

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2,400 km east of the Kuril Islands.

The crew of the August 24 hero ship Shin Cheon, belonging to the Korean People’s Army Navy, were not happy to see that the target had crashed.

“Gwa, are you okay? I heard that a very important person in South Korea is on that plane.”

“I don’t know. We just have to do what we order.”

Suddenly, an order was given to depart, and they came out of the coast of the Republic to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the process, how many more times have you almost been caught by a Russian or Japanese submarine?

Considering the specifications of Shin Cheon-ho, it was a miraculous result just to come this far.

A suicide mission that is virtually impossible to return to. Nevertheless, Captain Shin Cheon-ho ordered the missile launch with a determined expression as if he had made a decision to save the country.

“What the hell is Captain Comrade thinking…”

“What do you mean by me? Let’s hope he hasn’t lost his mind after drinking since someone came from the Escort Bureau.”

8.24 Hero ship Shin Cheon-ho’s captain Park Sang-ki. He sensed the murmur of his men around him, but silently gave the order.

“Search for the downed South Korean aircraft. Move quickly.”

“Ha, but comrade Captain.

“Isn’t that important! Break through with the revolutionary spirit of the Republic!”

Park Sang-gi faced up to the fact that the lives of the Republic and 25 million people were at stake in this operation. This ship and his own life are not so important.

Comrades who made a decision will also be the same.

It was at that time when Captain Park Sang-ki approached his subordinates and Shin Cheon-ho was slowly moving toward the downed charter plane.


The huge hull shook and the Shincheon-ho trembled.

“What, what! Did you even hit a whale?”

“Lord, I haven’t caught such a huge body around!”

“Then what the hell!”

It was then. Shin Cheon-ho started to move at a terrifying speed. A speed that far exceeded Shin Cheon-ho’s speed. It was to this extent that he was being dragged while being caught by something.


Shin Chun-ho rolled horribly and fell somewhere. Captain Park Sang-ki thought it was like falling from a waterfall, but thought that was ridiculous.

A crash in this vast sea? Couldn’t that be possible?

However, such obvious common sense was new blood compared to what would happen in the future.

– Awesome!

“Ha, Comrade Captain!”

Shin Cheon-ho is torn like a piece of paper. Everyone was frightened and imagined the sea that would soon rush in. In this open sea, a damaged submarine drowns along with its crew.

However, no matter how long I waited, it was not the sea water that came in, but the fishy smell of the sea.

“Uh huh?”

Captain Park Sang-ki and the Shincheon-ho’s submarine crew were dumbfounded. That’s also true, because what you can see outside the half-opened Shincheonho is the vast ‘land’.

-Kick! Giggles!

(You are surrounded. Surrender is recommended.)

The ferocious muzzle of the crustaceans often surrounded them in an instant.

What the North Korean crew members lifted up their arms and were led out by their hands witnessed was the ocean parting and a huge sea wall forming, revealing the bottom of the deep sea.

Against the background of terrible deep-sea fish, the huge being that brought Shin Cheon-ho caught my eye.

“Um, what is that?”

“How can there be such a big submarine?”

“It’s bigger than an American aircraft carrier!?”

Dominator-class submarine carrier. The super-giant submarine carrier that brought the Shincheonho here was looking this way from inside the sea wall.

and. A blond-haired man standing calmly at the bottom of the deep sea exposed at the end of a sea split.

“Then let’s listen. The worms who foolishly attacked the Lion Heart King.”

Leon and the knights of the Pantheon were glaring at the crew of the Shincheonho.

* * * *

– Stop it!

-bang! Tattang!

Yongsan Joint Chiefs of Staff. All of Seoul is engulfed in telephone fire.

Yongsan is a place where the core of the Korean leadership gathers in case of emergency. As a result, the number of armed forces is insufficient and overflowing.

The ROK military, which receives military equipment first through the partnership between the Korean government and Mansinjeon, introduced a number of popular railguns and combat drones to the military police here.

The reason why the military police at the Joint Chiefs of Staff was able to hold on despite being raided was thanks to the superiority of their equipment.

– Damn it, so many!

But it was only a matter of time before they broke through. In the end, unless you were a superman, you couldn’t overcome the difference in numbers, and enemies weren’t limited to outsiders.


President Andong-gil watched half-horses entering the underground bunker every minute through CCTV.

half man half horse.

Demon followers were said to be corrupt beings who claimed to be slaves of demons.

The discovery of their identities hiding in governments around the world began with the dispatch of an investigation team by the UN Human Rights Commission.

After it was revealed that the UN inspectors burned to death in the pre-modern witch hunt were in fact followers of the devil, there was a massive demon hunt.

Wasn’t the battle act of the pantheon that turned Taiwan upside down right away to subdue the demons that had burrowed deep into Taiwan’s administration?

However, it seems that they have infiltrated human society more than I thought. That would be too–

“This is it, Your Excellency.”


With the sound of a pistol being pulled, the deputy chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff aimed a gun at President Ahn. And that’s not all. Dozens of field commanders and soldiers within the Joint Chiefs of Staff were watching this side at once.

“Lieutenant General Park, you bastard! What are you doing!”

The Minister of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff screamed in fright, but were overpowered by a soldier who struck the butt of a K2 rifle from behind him.


Seeing this, President Andong-gil was rather relieved. The fact that the Minister of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the core of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, are not traitors to humanity.

“I thinned out that way, but there are still some Frakchi left…”

“Hehehe, the devil’s body is amazing, Your Excellency. Even the immortal body that never ages is an incomparable blessing.”

The deputy chief of staff and his men laughed at the giggling mortals.

From their point of view, rather ordinary humans are worms.

Even if you serve the devil, it will give you an immortal body, but if you become the devil itself, you will not die.

Everyone on Earth knew it. That demons are beings that continue to resurrect even after they die.

But why is it tied to the species called human?

“You guys weren’t chosen, we were. That’s the difference.”

Deputy Chief of Staff… Deputy Chief Park laughed at them to the fullest and opened the sturdy iron door of the underground bunker with his own authority. Then, the half-demons, who could be called their seniors, and the high-ranking devil, the commander, entered.

“Hey, I was a little nervous about receiving the divine protection, but it wasn’t a big deal.”

In the position of the high-ranking demon, the halves all knelt down and greeted the owner. Either that or not, the high-ranking devil sent a burning gaze to President Andong-gil.

“Order the Missile Command right now. Coordinates are Naju Mansinjeon. To strike thoroughly.”


“If you follow my orders, I will make you a demon too.”


Was this the purpose?

Of course, in order to start a war, the natural goal is to subdue the enemy’s leadership.

However, they never thought they would blackmail them and give orders to attack their allies.

“Fuck you.”

At President Ahn’s insults, the high-ranking devil made a surprised expression.

“You’ve got quite a bit of courage to say you’re not submissive. This is unexpected.”


President Ahn asked for the cigar he had been fiddling with. Operating the ’emergency device’ in the form of a lighter that was ‘gifted’ one day.

“Hehe. What to do with this, there must have been a misunderstanding.”

-Wheein! Clap!

A dull and elegant structure. It suddenly appeared in the middle of the underground bunker at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The moment Lieutenant General Park, the deputy chief of staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was about to stop the president at the appearance of a structure he did not know, President Ahn pressed the button on an object that looked like a lighter.

[Sacred water injection. Operation of the emergency demon destruction system.]

“Oh, no—”


A large amount of holy water injected into the structure. It created a wave of light and swept the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


– Kieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Half-horses and demons screamed and collapsed. Some of them had their flesh pieces burst, and others were on the verge of death, to such an extent that even the high-ranking demons could not control themselves in the waves of holy light.

Seeing them collapsed, President Ahn grinned.

“I can’t believe that fiends like you guys install and run around, and I don’t have any insurance?”

President Ahn, who had been relaxing to the fullest with his hands behind his back, pressed the button once again, and a wave of holy water stirred the high-ranking devil.


Leon’s gift to President Ahn with sincerity of affection always protected him.

The star iron sword, which prevents the invasion of evil just by carrying it, was always carried by aides, and the holy power release device, which can destroy low-level demons through holy water, is hidden in the office of the president and underground bunkers.

If demons invade, it is a product that Yapi personally manufactured, calculating that they would target the president first.

Thanks to that, President Ahn was able to wear a wicked smile leisurely even in front of high-ranking devils and half-horses far stronger than himself.

“If I can’t have the Dominion, I’d rather burn it to ashes… No, no, this isn’t it. Kheheum…! It’s a national holiday, so we were preparing for a traditional game.”

“Yes, you bastard… for a human subject…!”

“Stop it now… die…!”

It was the moment Andong-gil was about to reactivate the sacred force device.



-Click! Click!


Holy water has run out. I’m going to fill it up in advance.

“Turn it off…!”

“Uh-uh, the fortune-telling is happening! Someone do something!”

“Very, Mr. President! Step down!”

Defense Minister Kim fired a pistol at the high-ranking devil. The trigger of the K5 pistol was repeatedly pulled and lead bullets were fired at the devil, but no matter how much holy water was burned, a high-ranking devil could not be killed by something like a pistol.

The halves were wiped out by two waves of holy water, but even if that high-ranking demon rises, everyone here will die!

something! When I thought I had to do something——

“Your Excellency! Take it!”

President Ahn instinctively grabbed something thrown by his aide. It was a gift that I usually carried with me to receive blessings.

It is a star iron sword with 99.9% purity that the Lion Heart King personally blessed and gifted to President Andong-gil.

– Keyring!

The feeling of the sword pulled out of the scabbard was familiar. It was only natural that Leon, who heard President Ahn’s history in the past, made and handed it to him.

“Ohhh… It’s the first time I’ve caught it since the Chuseok event.”

How harshly did he receive criticism after trying out this star iron sword given to him by Leon on the official line?

The old old man is scolded for being shivering, and the opposition party says he felt threatened and says nonsense about being the president of the Yakuza…

Internet malicious comments, annoying reporters, even unlucky members of the opposition party…

“Andong-gil, 4th degree in Haedong-gumdo! I’ll show you the skills of 7th place in the national competition!”

Seruk, the blade of the drawn star iron sword shone brightly. Realizing that it was a sacred sword that could cut demons, the high-ranking demon freaked out and backed away, but it was already too late.

“Ehee eh!”


President Andong-gil became the first president in history to have a high-ranking demon, Killog.

* * * *

As the sabotage of the devils who attacked the Joint Chiefs of Staff failed and the devil followers who infiltrated the military were also destroyed, President Ahn quickly seized military power and took command.

“First of all, send hunters from large guilds to the core unit! Where is the president Oh Kang-hyuk now?”

[This is Incheon Port, Your Excellency. I am also running in the field right now.]

Oh Kang-hyeok, the head of the association, a legendary Korean S-class hunter, did his best to calm the situation by breaking the head of the landing monster himself.

Not only them, but also the raiding parties belonging to the Hunter Association.

[Your Excellency, the problem is the source of contamination that started in the Naju Mansinjeon and the National Intelligence Service building. We need to quickly subdue these two and clean them up.]

“Isn’t it impossible to fire missiles in the middle of downtown Seoul? Tell the large guilds to head first. Isn’t there a Cheongseong Guild branch in Gwangju?”

[Since Kang Jin-seong’s guild leader lost contact in North Korea, he’s also been confused.]

“It’s the president’s order, so tell them to go to the Naju Mansinjeon right away! Now it’s a civilian and conscription authority, and it’s not the time to argue! Tell them that if you don’t listen, you’ll be thrown in!”

Oh Kang-hyeok, head of the association, was surprised by President Ahn’s bold order.

The Korean president had to keep an eye on the 10th guild throughout his tenure, a position he had never seen before.

President Ahn was no different from other high-ranking officials in the administration, who were infinitely smaller when he complained about something to the 10th guild, but now he is unstoppable when he exercises the authority of the military commander.

Does a seat make a person? no, that wouldn’t be it The existence of a strong backing force called Mansinjeon made it impossible not to notice the surroundings.

[I will tell you clearly, Your Excellency.]

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, broke the head of the monster that was running towards me with a warm smile. Their military communications were about to be cut off.

-Kick! connection success.

[Ah~ It’s under the sea, so now I can reach you.]

[Your Majesty the Lionheart?!]

Ahn Dong-gil and Oh Kang-hyuk responded with delight at the familiar voice that interrupted the communication.

“Are you all right?”

[Missiles can’t hurt Jim. Well, I couldn’t prevent the plane from being shot down.]

“I’m glad you’re okay!”

Of course, President Ahn did not even imagine that Leon would be killed by a missile. But at least I thought I would disappear for a long time in this chaos…

“Your Majesty, with all due respect, the situation here is not good. The return of Your Majesty and the Manshin Temple is urgent, so we will immediately dispatch a fleet to begin a rescue operation. I will contact the Japanese government.”

Of course, this would take a lot of time, but it was better than having to constantly search for missing people.

[You don’t have to. Jim can return on his own. However, since the situation is urgent, I will have to send back someone who can be strong immediately.]

“Yes? Is that possible?”

[Right now, there’s only one, but it’s not impossible.]

At those words, President Ahn could not hide his disappointment. Of course, the superhumans of the Pantheon are very strong, but what kind of help would a single knight be in a great chaos like now?

“What can you do with just one minute…”

It was the moment when I realized that what I had said inadvertently was a mistake.


A booming voice comes through the receiver vividly. While feeling overwhelmed with that voice alone, Lion Heart King confidently declared.

“Anything Jim can do.”

over the Pacific Ocean. A human-shaped flame soared toward the stratosphere and fell toward the Korean Peninsula in an apocalyptic trajectory.

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