The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 208

< Battle of Naju >

Naju Mansinjeon.

The Man-at-Arms and the local residents fought bravely against the demonic and anti-horse units that attacked.

The priests of Goddess Demera who use the Holy Law and the scarecrows who protect the farmland with the blessing of the goddess were mass-produced by fanatical followers to the point of being useless.

“The Frostman is dying!”

The demons didn’t specifically come to rob crops, but at their point, the demons were already frostmen who came to rob precious crops.

Besides, power isn’t just a scarecrow.

“Chunshik, what!”


The serfs who remained in the pantheon. They were forcibly charged by the highest-ranking Demera priest, Choi.

Shackled by Tatar, the god of heaven and judgment, they cannot disobey the orders of their senior commanding authority. That is what makes them display semi-compulsory bravery. Above all–

[Grail Knight Gratas’ ‘How to catch a giant with serfs’ grants a buff to serfs.]

– Increases ATK against half horses by 157.777%.

-Attack against demons increases by 101.666%.

The Holy Grail Knight Lord Gratas’s Bible kept in the Pantheon. ‘How to catch a giant with a serf’ spreads an attack power up buff to all serfs in the field.

1,576,660 people to hunt half horses.

1,017,770 to hunt demons.

A bible that has been handed down from generation to generation since the Grail Knight, Sir Gratas, and has shared the history of consumption of serfs in Lionheart Kingdom, such as the Serf Festival.

Its sacred and lofty power makes the worm meat shield serfs active as fairly useful one-hit limited attackers.

“I’m going to give each one a shot! You worms, demon seeds! When you die, give me permission and kill you! Otherwise, I’ll kill you prematurely!”

“Hehehehe…! They’re more like devils than these devils!”

The serfs howled and charged at their own people.

As they died from the swords of their half-horses, they left a desperate will.

“Never…! Never! Don’t get caught by them!”

“Ugh, ugh…!”

Even though the half-horses slaughtered the serfs, they could not abandon their feelings of shame and regret. But that’s just a very fragmented part.

– Aaaaaaaaaagh!

-stop! sorry! let me go!

-no! No eh eh eh!!

At the time of their death, their souls were taken away from their bodies, emitting a clear light that was visible to the naked eye.

The sight of him struggling and struggling not to be dragged away seemed so desperate.

-Three, my God…

-What is that.

-Is the soul… sucked in?


But it wasn’t enough for them to imagine their worst.

“Ugh, ugh…”

Moral bread that occurs in real time. They were plunged into chaos, fear and confusion.

If it had been this far, they would still have been able to try a tight power battle with Man-at-Arms.

But the bottom of the deep Pacific Ocean. Communication was restored and Yapi, who noticed the situation in South Korea, reacted immediately.

-At risk. emergency response kit. Call compatible pilots.

-Kick! Giggles (McDelof Hashimura Ohgent’s response!)

-Kick! Giggles (Glaster Basilisk All-For-One Response!)

The very few knight-level Kikkiruks who still remained in South Korea.

When they responded, serving Yacht Spinner as a savior and his faithful subordinates, Yapi immediately ejected weapons from the Stealth Strategic Satellite, the Space Integrated Arms Platform.

It rushed into the atmosphere in an instant, and immediately arrived in front of the two warriors of the Kirk clan——

– Support for Count-level war armament for Yacht Spinner. Pilot No. 13 McDeloff, Pilot No. 19 Glaster confirmed.

This is a custom equipment developed for bondi yakt spinners.

Although it is not the largest decisive battle weapon of the Marquis class, since compatibility was the focus, reinforcements other than Yapi were also considered.


-Kick look!

The latest star iron armament that can be installed in an instant. At the same time, unmanned weapons launched together follow the two pilots.

-2 squads of baron class support sub escorts. You will be under the command of the pilot.

An all-around combat escort, the baron class, followed the two warriors equipped with the war armament of the count class. In an instant, they confirmed the anti-horse corps fighting in front of the pantheon.

-Kick! (Initiate maximum firepower projection)

-Kiruruk! (overwhelm)

Baron-class unmanned robots unleashed firepower all at once.

A star iron warhead processed from star iron. and a star iron grenade launcher. Borrowing some of Yapi’s cutting-edge strong artificial intelligence computing power, the Baron-class linked operation demonstrates knight-class potential.


overwhelmed by the pouring firepower. Half-horses who have not even become demons cannot stand in front of this Holy Grenade.

– Aaah! age! My flesh is melting!

-Your soul burns! Who, who me…!

A terrible scream resounds among the banmans. But no one can preserve their souls.

Death of the soul, that is the most basic punishment the Holy Corps offers to evil.

“These guys…!”

Hellheart, the High Demon of Wisdom and Search, gnashed his teeth at the annoying enemy’s high-tech weapon.

Familiar high-level scientific weapons. If only that, it would have been just a little annoying toy.

For them, whose very existence is magical, high-tech weapons are not compatible.

However, most of the corps here are anti-horses with enemies in the body, and the weapons they are using are not just high-tech weapons.

“Combining hateful sacred technology with annoying science…!”

Since he had destroyed many worlds with high-level scientific civilizations in the past, he knew how annoying this combination could be.

“But the output is weak! You’re not even a high-ranking knight, do you think you can properly handle that kind of sergeant!”

Yes. Unlike the Baron class, which is an unmanned aerial vehicle, and the Viscount class, which is an elite aircraft for special operations, the Count class is a war weapon for Yacht spinners.

The energy source for those formidable armaments comes from the Holy Grail Knight, Yapi’s sacred reactor.

Without such an energy source for the Pilot Kikkiruk warriors, the Count class could not produce the highest level of potential.

-Kick! (launch heto anchor)

A beam of light pouring from the Count-class aircraft. It was unexpectedly stuck to the serfs in the middle of the battlefield.


“What is this?”

A beam of light suddenly connected to their nape. The serfs’ anxiety was justified.

These Lionhearts are like angels who can’t help but dismantle the serfs and recycle the iron powder.

– Giggling! (Temporary energy source requisition)

At the same time as he said that, something was quickly absorbed from the serf soldiers connected to the beam of light.



The serfs who fall pikpik. As if the soul had disappeared from the body…

-Kiruuk! (Soul drain transmission operating. 1.5% temporary power supply)

“”······ Eh?””

It purifies evil and uses it as energy. This itself was a method often used in Lionheart.

It’s because the efficiency is terribly inefficient.

of course.

The serf system itself did not think about efficiency.

If efficiency was considered, the serfs would have been given proper armor and weapons. I didn’t bother to get naked and charge with a dagger.

“This, a bastard more devilish than this devil…!”

“What color is your blood!!”

The serfs screamed and were enraged at the Count-class aircraft that took their souls. But they couldn’t escape.

“Chunsiks, wake up! Quietly dedicate your soul! Execute!”

Under Choi’s instruction, the serfs could not escape and had to suck their souls.

The pilots who stopped the high-ranking demons with baron-class unmanned combat robots entered the battle when they met the appropriate energy.

-Kiruruk! (Energy meets 2.7%.)

-Siege cannon star iron bullet SET.

What was fired at the same time as the set was a pure star iron bullet. A so-called super young and rich bullet for sniping high-ranking demons.

The Count class takes damage just by firing this one shot.

– Kwak!

Siege artillery fire from the air. The high-ranking devil reacted when the Count-class, unable to fix the fuselage, was shot with a tremendous recoil to the point of being thrown out of the sky.

‘High speed siege gun?!’

Indeed, if it were an ordinary high-ranking demon, it would have turned into mush in one shot. But… if you’re a demon of wisdom and exploration, especially if you’re a candidate for the next great devil–

Numerous protective spells block the front of siege shells. In that instant, the souls of a thousand half-horses of the Legion were chosen to use such protective magic, but Helheart didn’t care at all.

– Kaang!

Bouncing siege shells. It was when Helheart smiled in victory.

-puck! Puffer Puck!

The dull crashing sound of something dissolving a six punch. By the time Hellheart noticed, it was already too late.

-Kick! Kikkiroouk!

(Plasma Crab Holycutter consumes the souls of 87 serfs to operate)


-My, I disappear!

Huge robot claws that look like they embody the claws unique to the Kikkiruk tribe. He was holding on to Helheart’s waist, shining with the screams of serf soldiers.

“Hey, wait a minute—”

– Snip!

Hellheart’s corpse was cut in half, and a terrible scream of soul annihilation rang out as he died instantly with star-iron armaments.

The screams and cries of the High Demon were enough to plant moral bread in the entire half-horse army.

-Hey, Hellheart is dead!

-Hey, the soul… The soul is screaming!

immortality. Seeing that the demon, the target of all half-horses’ admiration, vanished so easily, they no longer had the strength to continue fighting.

– Ha, surrender!

– Surrender!

Looking at them, Choi and the residents smiled twistedly.

“New Chunsik is always welcome!”

* * * *

At the end of the battle in Naju, there was a mysterious man escaping the pantheon.

As soon as the battle started, he escaped from among the tourists who were pushed into the pantheon to protect civilians, and clicked his tongue as he watched the Man-at-Arms eager to acquire prisoners.

“The Pantheon has created an amazing weapon.”

[Veteran knight level who can deal with high-ranking demons! If the numbers come together, it should be worth dealing with even the Great Devil.]

“Is that enough…?”

[If there are at least two more machines like that, you won’t be able to compete!]

The man who heard Bo-ok’s voice… the archmage, Raynald Shellman, couldn’t believe it at all.

Even if it’s just that much, it’s a considerable skill in the human world. Among the demons, he is a magical darling that even a few high-ranking demons cannot rub against.

How many mass-produced weapons would he be defeated?

“Seriously, everything in the Pantheon is amazing.”

[More than those things, the real thing is the Holy Grail Knight. I never want to face those monsters!]

“I agree with you.”

Raynald hoped that the day he would face off against the Holy Grail Knight would never come. That’s why he accepted the request from ‘Chaos’ at the moment when Lion Heart King and the Holy Grail Knights were not around.

“Is this… really helpful? It’s like a simple piece of wood, isn’t it?”

Raynald looked at the ‘Gunlar’s Seedling’ of the pantheon stored in the subspace inventory.

The goal of this pantheon attack. Thousands of half-horse legions and high demons were just bait for this.

[Keukkeukuu… The history of the war between us and Lionheart is deeper than you can imagine.]

And this was the hidden peace that drove Lionheart, infested with monster scabs, to the brink of destruction.

[Lion Heart King was also planning to use this to annihilate us… but I wouldn’t have known if the new Lord of Chaos hadn’t taken over the same land as Lion Heart King!]

Certainly, the Lord of Chaos of this generation is bold. The reason why they deliberately chose the North Korean land, which is easy to be discovered at any time, was the logic that if this side is easy to be attacked, on the contrary, it is quicker to attack first.

“But… I’m fine, right? The Lion Heart King seems to have regained most of his main powers, although not as much as he did in his heyday…”

Raynald knew the history of the Lion Heart King from the Jewel of Wisdom.

Isn’t that the monster that killed three monarchs? Among them was the former Lord of Chaos.

It seems that the big supply demon is not even an opponent in terms of force, but can you deal with the lion heart king just because the rank goes up one level?

Besides, weren’t there already three monstrous Grail Knights beneath him?

[This is stupid. You can say that because you haven’t witnessed the power of the monarch.]

They mean evil. cluster of malignancies. It is not an existence that can be countered with imperfect power.

Being a demon lord is the pinnacle of pinnacles of holding and shaking the fate of the stars. Beyond the Gem of Wisdom, the Great Demon of Wisdom was convinced that the Fallen Lion Heart King was not an existence that could be matched.

“Then… are you going to join them and fight together as they requested? This time, a great being will come directly…”

“I’m crazy! I’m not going?!”


It was a very consistent demon.

* * * *

A whopping 13 million.

A large-scale raid that raided over 130,000 monsters, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Manshinjeon building began to be organized starting with Vulcanus, which fell in Seoul.

“I am…! I am Vulcanus!!”

A gigantic flame wielded by the Holy Grail Knight of Monstrous Power. Monsters and demon followers are just crumbs swept away by natural disasters.

Vulcanus and the warlords of Yapi, who made an emergency sortie, were swept away in front of them, and when the Pantheon Knights, who appeared aboard Dominator-class aircraft carriers, landed, the remaining troops were quickly organized.

However, even after arranging the remaining troops, the war clouds within Korea did not disappear.

Defection and death of a large number of North Korean pilots. Terrorism and raids hit the country.

This is because it has become clear that the devil and North Korea are behind the assassination of the president as well as the downing of the air force plane with the Mansinjeon.

Although the damage was minimized with a quick subjugation, numerous property damage and deaths followed one after another, and the size was too large to pass this over as a simple provocation.

The South Korean government immediately retaliated against North Korea with Air Force fighter jets and Army artillery units, and President Andong-Gil Ahn immediately appeared in front of reporters and declared.

“December 28, 2032, which will be remembered as a day of terrible national mourning. The Republic of Korea was attacked in a despicable surprise by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”

The president listened to several stories and explained how unfair North Korea’s attack was and how brutal they had been.

And at the end, the most terrible thing remained.

“They committed the most horrific and inhumane betrayal of attacking their fellow countrymen by joining hands with the devil. This must be a betrayal and deception of all mankind.”

“We must never allow this. Just as the blood of so many good people was shed for their preemptive strike 82 years ago, blood has been shed again for their outrageous acts today.”

“We believe that we must not only do our best to defend ourselves, but also make them pay for their inhumane acts.”

And at the end of President Andong-gil’s gaze, there was Leon. A very strong and reliable ally. Korea will be with Lionheart until the end.

“Our army and our people, with resolute will, will inevitably achieve victory! May the gods protect us!”

December 29, 2032 with applause. Before the new year dawned, an official declaration of war was declared.

It was the beginning of the Second Korean War.

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