The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 209

< Captured Gunlar’s Seedlings >

“Sorry, Your Majesty! It’s our mistake!”

Naju Mansinjeon. Manager Kim Jin-soo, Man at Arms, and the residents prostrated themselves and confessed the mistake to Leon.

The battle was a complete victory. Against the 10,000-strong anti-horse corps, Man-at-Arms and the residents brilliantly resisted, and the battle ended in victory with the mobilization of count-level war weapons.

In this battle, only 3,000 half-horses were captured, and the rest died or fled, so it could be said that it was a great victory. But–

“Gunlar’s seedling was stolen…”

Upon returning from the battle, Manager Kim Jin-soo realized that the seedlings that had been planted and growing in the courtyard of the Mansinjeon Hall had disappeared.

And that this is a trick of the devils to steal seedlings.

“Sir Spinner.”


When Leon called his name, Yaffy answered with a weak voice as if he was limp.

-The relic management system of this machine was perfect.

“However, the seedlings were stolen.”


Yapi didn’t answer. While Leon planted Gunlar’s seedlings and sprouted them, he ordered Yapi to care for and protect them.

Yapi prepared the best management system he could. There was a perfect defense system in this place without the vigilance of organisms.

It is limited, but it is a count class object that can deal with the great devil and a drone alert system that operates 24 hours a day. If necessary, it could even mobilize satellite weapons to bombard approaching hostile forces.

“Come to think of it, since the Hoeryong incident, the pilgrim article Koo Dae-seong couldn’t find anything wrong with North Korea’s surveillance, right?”


Yapi launched a number of covert mobile drones to inspect North Korea. But no abnormalities were found. It must have been, but what are the numerous monsters that have emerged from North Korea?

Leon did not doubt Yapi’s ability. In the first place, there is no such thing as carelessness or mistakes for Yapi, a strong artificial intelligence.

Then you have to think differently.

“They must have a way to trick the machine’s eyes.”

The demons insignificantly evaded the perfect surveillance and defense system of the advanced technology of the future century that Yapi is proud of.

Although easy to overlook due to their immortality, demons’ technological prowess never diminishes.

It’s just that they didn’t feel the need to develop, they would have already destroyed several worlds with high-level science power like Yapi.

“Your Majesty, is the situation serious?”

In response to Beatrice’s question, Karina and Vulcanus instead let out a sigh. This is because pure-blood Holy Grail Knights from the Lionheart Kingdom know what purpose it will be used for.

“It’s just to recreate that tree branch of destruction.”

Karina and Vulcanus both thought of the same thing.

“Yes, their purpose is probably the same as then.”

The first war between Lionheart and the Demon Corps. Malus, the lord of chaos summoned to the imperial capital, burned down the Sage’s Forest on the borders of the empire.

“If that of the empire is reproduced, the current Earth’s power cannot stop it.”

Only the two of them realized that it included the Lion Heart King himself.

When the previous Branch of Destruction was completed, five Holy Grail Knights were sacrificed, and the Lionheart was barely able to defeat the monarch.

“But at this point, it’s not such a big deal.”

At Leon’s words, Beatrice and Yapi’s gaze turned to him.

“The world tree I got from Gunlar is still just a ‘seedling’. It’s a seedling that hasn’t grown properly. I can’t recreate the tree branches of that time with it. It’s just that they’ve spent this much force to steal something like that. going to be.”

If Leon had been in the position of the devil, he would have attempted to steal it when the World Tree had grown to a certain extent.

But the demons didn’t. They stole seedlings that hadn’t fully grown while consuming their troops quite unreasonably.

“It must have been an accident that they had to hurry.”

Anyway, there was a time limit, but Leon didn’t care.

As long as the presence of demons is confirmed in North Korea, Leon will set aside any urgent matters and head north to punish them.

“The world tree grows in the hands of the demons and strikes them before they fable with branches of destruction. Sir Spinner. How is the battle on the armistice line?”

-Kick! Loading south with overwhelming numbers of enemies. It is estimated that it will be difficult for the Armed Forces to advance to the armistice line.

The second Korean War is always predicted as a unilateral victory and economic loss for South Korea.

The difference in military power between the two Koreas is already as overwhelming as that of an adult and a child.

However, the current North Korea is a mixed army full of demons and monsters. Modern weapons are ineffective against them.

“Sir Vulcanus.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“The vanguard of this war. I will leave it to the Lord and the Knights of the Burning Sword. First, push the sluggish front line.”

“GRARARA──! Of course, Your Majesty!”

Since ancient times, when Lionheart waged war, the riders of the God of War and Flame always took the lead.

Their overwhelming combat power always brought victory to the kingdom, so Leon was reassured that the kingdom’s strongest Holy Grail Knights were by his side.

* * * *



After getting off at the airport, the envoys were taken somewhere by the North Korean army. A high-class limousine was unsuitable for military use, but the high-ranking official’s ceremonial vehicle in this neighborhood is a German car.

“An old South Korean man. Charau with an eyepatch.”

The place we are going from now on is a secret place. It was a natural action, but Cheon Jin-soo slapped the palm of the People’s Army and shouted.

“How dare you, a young laborer! You bastard, you don’t even have a mother?!”

“Uh huh?”

Even the soldiers seemed taken aback by Cheon Jin-soo’s attitude of shouting in front of a soldier holding a gun. However, Cheon Jin-soo’s brashness did not end there.

“You’re born dark. Did you eat only meat and no vegetables since you were young? You look like a dwarf! You can see that I was educated at home!”

“Go, I’ve never eaten meat soup before…”

“Why do you blame me for being a beggar’s den! Are you proud?! If you want to eat meat soup, you should have done it! Nooooooh!!”

A true old man who doesn’t consider the opposite! Cheon Jin-soo was merciless towards the cheeky young man who tried to hide his face as he pointed a gun at me.

“Let’s do that. What can I do with the things I grew up without.”

And Jin-Sung Kang stopped such an innocence just because he didn’t want to do something bothersome without a bit of empathy.

When it comes to Korean legendary hunters, it is easy to think of images such as age and lofty immortals, but both Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong are in a position no different from the chairman of a fairly large conglomerate in Korea.

Social, economic, and military influence gave them huge wings along with capital, and naturally, their gaze was different from that of ‘ordinary people’.

Rather, it is the two of them who treat even the chairmen of chaebol groups as ‘ordinary people’ who will die if they touch them with their fingers.

“You don’t have any composure. Where are the bright young bastards——”

“I’m contemplating whether to kill them all and invade Pyongyang. Even if they don’t know, the commander knows the obvious result, so I’m thinking about why they’re doing this.”


At that, the People’s Army was appalled at the real threat looming.

Cheon Jin-soo is just a twisted old man, but this old man sincerely had the will and strength to kill them all.

And Cheon Jin-soo, Korea’s representative lightsaber, and Kang Jin-seong, the infinite sword. These two alone can annihilate even the clumsy North Korean Awakeners.

“Please do that, you two elders.”

An official from the Reconnaissance General Bureau, who was worse off, said as he removed the soldier’s eye patch.

“I’m sorry to have you like this, old people.”

“Hey! That’s it! Where the hell are you going now?”

“I don’t think it’s downtown Pyongyang.”

At the words of the two no-hunters, he smiled bitterly.

“Pyongyang is now in Magul. Probably, by now…”

Park Sang-gyo’s words were shocking. The two no-hunters understood why they dragged them from the airport like a kidnapper.

That’s how we arrived at the underground tunnel under a mountain. There, the South Korean delegation faced unexpected magnates.

“I ordered the missiles to be fired at the pantheon.”

Listed by Ri Cheol-ung, deputy commander of North Korea’s General Guard. He was the leader of the ‘resistance forces’ who fired the first gunshots of the incident.

* * * *

34 hours after the outbreak of the Second Korean War. The battlefield was already mired in mud.

It was ridiculous to compare the advanced forces of the two countries, and the North Korean Air Force disappeared from the map less than a day after the start of the war.

It was assumed that the war would proceed smoothly as the ROK Air Force, which had such overwhelming air superiority, unilaterally bombed the North Korean artillery, but…

“Fuck, I came to war, but I can’t see the North Koreans and there are a lot of monsters!”

The Armed Forces encountered an unexpected difficulty.

It was good to advance while blowing away the North Korean artillery, but as soon as they crossed the armistice line, they clashed with tens of thousands of monsters.

The ROK Army’s firepower is the strongest among Asian Army Groups, but it is a weapon to deal with the same human beings.

Considering the monster’s unique resistance to modern weapons, this wasn’t a good match.

‘Why don’t North Korean soldiers come out and only monsters like that come out?’

Lieutenant Kim recalled that the number of North Korean artillerymen he had dealt with was extremely small. To the point where it feels as if this war is not against North Korea, but against monsters or demons.

“Squadron commander…! Gargoyles in the foreground! Crazy statues are flying around!”

“Fuck it…!”

Lieutenant Kim requested fire support from the artillery unit, but even if Amman’s artillery firepower was strong, it was far from stopping the human-sized gargoyles moving at high speed.

The gargoyles that broke through the fire in an instant overturned the tank and tore apart the armored vehicle. Lieutenant Kim’s voice became urgent at the unbelievable reality in front of him.

“Here’s the front line breaking through! A lot of at least B-class monsters! Hunter support is needed!”

[This is headquarters company. Hunters arrive soon. Hang on a little.]

“What the fuck is right in front of your nose to hold on! My kids are all going to die!”

Another K2 tank flying into the sky. The tank looked like that, and it was obvious what the infantry would be like.

“Support! Support! Hunter! Send the Hunter!”


It was then. As if in response to Lieutenant Kim’s earnest scream, something fell from the sky with a tearing noise.

Realizing that it was a missile, the faces of Lieutenant Kim and the soldiers were stained with despair.

Dealing with monsters is not a matter of firepower. Whether it’s a tank gun or a missile, it’s because mankind’s weapons don’t work properly for them.

Just when they thought it was a waste of money, the faces of the ROK soldiers who witnessed the missile fall toward them turned white.

“Oh, allies?!”

No matter how much the armed forces know the human rights of soldiers at dog price, they still bombard missiles like this recklessly?

It was unbelievable, but the moment everyone was about to shout that the country had abandoned us while watching the missiles fall–

-Activation of landing dampers. Thrust Deflection Nozzle Max.

With a mechanical sound echoing inside the missile that the soldiers could not hear, the falling missile slowed down just before impact.

And a stable supersonic impact that is completely impossible with modern technology.

Lieutenant Kim thought it was too thick to be a missile that landed with a cloud of dust. As if it were a ‘transport missile’.

-Clap! Clap!

And that imagination was surprisingly right. This is because the cover of the missile opened, and knights in heavy, pre-modern armor poured out.

“Eh, a pantheon?!”

The three knights jumped out on horseback and charged at the gargoyles.




Knights spurring flames even with their breath.

“”Ruthless death…!!””

Every time they wield their flaming swords, the bodies of the monsters split, and when they touched the flames, they burned uncontrollably and were incinerated.

-Key, Kiii…

Even the ferocious monsters cower when they realize that the creature in front of them is a beast far superior to them.

However, despite such a natural hierarchy and submission, the beasts only wield brutal violence to satisfy my hunger.

Fighting or submitting, the fact that death was inevitable made the beasts attack the knights as if in a fit of fuss.

– Kaang! Kang!

– Kacan!

However, neither the brute force that overturned the tank nor the ferocious claws that tore apart the armored car could not break the star iron armor that had been blessed by the god of war.

Rather, it was to the extent that his entire body was burned by the flames gushing out of his armor for the shameful crime of trying to harm the knights of God.

– Tup!

In the burning divine flame, the knight grabbed the gargoyle’s face.

– Kiy! Kiyiyi…!

A struggling gargoyle. I fluttered with my wings and tried to escape from the knight’s grip, but soon the knight gave me strength and my face was crushed.

“The weaklings.”

Falling stone fragments. The drooping corpses of the gargoyles piled up like a mountain.

only 5 minutes. After the three knights fell with missiles, hundreds of monsters were wiped out within 5 minutes of fighting.

“Knights of the gods…”

Perhaps there was a pantheon believer among the soldiers, and when one soldier got down on one knee and bowed his head in salute, the soldiers gathered and knelt down one by one.

They looked longingly at these glorious knights who were blessed by God and claimed to be the protectors of mankind.



Missiles were pouring down from everywhere in the sky of the battlefield.

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