The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 21: Hunting Spiders (4)

“The bravery of charging with short-term shooting against multiple enemies!

“I confer the honor of knowing the Dragon’s Eye and the honor of dueling with this Lion Heart King. Allow me to stand up to the main king, warrior!”

There is no need to interpret the meaning of words. The yakt spinner pointed his railgun at the cavalryman, who waited patiently for stupidity.

The bullet headed for Gil Tae-seong oscillates with superelectronic acceleration.

“Set up the railgun acceleration timing. Output 13%.”

There is no choice but to save the energy limited to the save cap as much as possible and shoot. But it’s good enough against human size.

There is no ‘creature’ that can survive even if it is hit from the front by this railgun of destruction. If there is, it is a being from another world or possesses the power of an alien form——

“Let’s run, my friend.”


Stallion readily responded.

Kicks off the ground like a storm with four legs and rushes towards the enemy in front.

It reminded me of a scene from history.

A knight on horseback charges with a lance.

An ancient tank that has been active as mankind’s strongest weapon for a long time.

The sight of an old-time knight clad in honor, glory, valor, and power as he charged made everyone aroused admiration.

However, the melee weapon is just a relic of the old era that has fallen.

What is the meaning of the mass produced by words when the occupation of hunter has already exceeded the limits of living things?

A melee weapon that challenges armored weapons armed with super-heavy armor and super-high-speed cannons. Do I need to put that stupidity into words?

– Quaang!

The supersonic railgun bursts at a speed that cannot be recognized.

This is the difference between mechanical and biological weapons. An overwhelming difference in firepower from a distance. that… Leon must have been fully aware.

“Knights! They won’t get hit by cowardly ranged weapons!”

The holy power flowing from Leon’s whole body formed a thin film in front of him.

– Quaang!

The colliding bullet and the membrane. The railgun is surprisingly blocked by a thin film. no… It’s not just about being stopped.

As if forced by something, the bullet bent and bounced off.


In an instant, even Yacht Spinner’s high-performance AI stopped calculating.

Logic couldn’t prove what happened right in front of us.

Yacht spinner hunted hunter. I saw a wizard. I have left as data the pitiful attempt to block my main gun and cannon by causing abnormal physics.

I understand that the ‘spell’ that raises the intangible energy has a physical effect.

But this is not it. It’s different this time.

The result of penetration or defense was not derived through the process of clashing and stopping.

It just bounced off. Only the result came out without a process.

The blessing of the holy law arrow shield.

Any ‘ranged attack’ ‘once’ ‘unconditionally’ ‘rebounds’.

All Holy Grail knights develop their voice as if they were breathing.

A miracle possessed by the Holy Grail Knights, mankind’s strongest superweapons.

The law that enforces the rules.

The knight, who had lightly deflected the railgun’s fire, rushed at an incredible speed.


The Shinma rushed right in front of the yakt spinner in an instant, scattering debris from the storm and high heat.

– Beep!

The machine judges.

The weapon he is holding is an old-fashioned jousting spear, and although it is said to be fast, there is a limit to the impact force of mass no matter how much speed increases.

Unlike hunters who load their weapons with superhuman movements and special energy called ‘magical power’, that spear contains no energy.

It is to attack with only pure physical force and breakthrough power.

Threat level 0.

A threat you don’t even have to respond to. At most, it would hit my leg and stop. Then–

Derive a reasonable response method. Receives zero damage lance charging and crushes the stopped threat with an autocannon.

The rationality of the machine made an irreversible choice.



The machine did not understand the situation.

If the ‘leg pierced’ sound detected by sensor 3 was not recorded,

If the auxiliary camera did not capture the way the heavy armor of the joint part penetrated like pudding,

Yacht spinner wouldn’t even hypothesize that it might have been that man’s lance that pierced my leg in an instant.

not possible


Artificial intelligence that denies established hypotheses. That’s also the case, because the solid armor of the joint was not something that could be broken by the absurdly outdated physical bullet charge of lance charging.

Even the products of the old civilization could not escape the framework of ‘common sense’ established by science and physical laws.

But proof is not the job of machines——

The reality that has come is the proof.

– Kwak!


A Yacht Spinner whose joints groan and sway when hit by a spear that has been swung.

“You’re strong.”

information addition. reanalysis.

No logical analysis. Physics cannot be understood.

Forced increase in enemy threat level.

Threat level 5.

It was only after a forced threat judgment was made that the main battle tank was assumed, and the Yacht Spinner’s response was changed to retreat.

A yakt spinner that jumps up big while risking the strain on the joints against enemies that would normally be ignored or crushed.

One leg was completely blown off, and another joint was distorted, so it wasn’t very stable, but the Yacht Spinner’s auxiliary joint moved a good distance apart.


A wire cutter that swings like a whip. A murderous whip that cut countless hunters in half was swung at Leon.

A supersonic wire whip that hunters whose body vision surpasses that of humans cannot even recognize.

However, Leon’s body vision is not comparable to those of hunters. He simply entwined the wire with the spear erected.

A yakt spinner that pulls coiled wire. A power confrontation between the two is naturally established.

“Is this a power struggle with me? It’s fun.”

Leon pulls the wire wrapped around the holy spear.

-simplicity and honesty!

Originally, the auxiliary joint for clearing minor obstacles or explosives could not withstand the grip that Leon pulled.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

The Yacht Spinners, which had lost their railguns and wire cutters, unleashed a net of cannon fire like mad.

The yakt spinner that landed on the roof of the building focused all of the cannon’s fire on Leon, and Shinsoo Stallion escaped from the fire in an instant with a phenomenal run-up.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!!

Even though it was a containment shot that was not expected to hit, it had the mobility to escape from the net itself.

In any case, the distance was widened. Autocannon fire is restrained to the last. It was to keep Leon away from me, so the purpose was accomplished. Railgun once again… … .


The next moment, something flew through the air. The camera sensor detects that it is the spear Leon was holding, and in 0.02 seconds.

The response of the machine was slow, and the penetrating power that was incomparable to that of the railgun pierced the Yacht Spinner’s left brain and shattered the railgun’s body.

-Kirik! Kirik!

The yakt spinner, which had half of its sensors and even its spleen’s railgun, sagged due to the slow calculation of the motion of the drive joint. In the meantime, the containment through shooting continues.

For in this crisis the only hope for retreat is to block the enemy’s approach.

In human terms, he was severely injured, and the creaking of his distorted joints was like a roar of anger or pain.

-Kirik! Kirik!

The yakt spinner disappeared into the darkness of the sandstorm, leaving behind the creaking sound of a killing machine like something out of a cheap B-movie.

* * * *

Outside, there was still silence inside the Hunter camp, where a sandstorm raged.

Attacks by Yakt spinners and resulting mass deaths.

The sense of crisis aroused by the sense of awareness brought individualistic hunters together.

“How many died?”

“Seventeen pieces that can be put together. I couldn’t count the ones who died from being crushed by the building.”

“It’s said that he died at about thirty.”

One third of the hunters in the hunter camp were killed in a single raid.

If the Yacht Spinner hadn’t retreated, it would have done more damage than this.

“Is it fortunate that we destroyed the railgun…”

Hunters’ eyes turned to a man. This is what everyone in the room saw. A monster that single-handedly repulsed a Yacht Spinner.

‘… … What are you doing?’

‘A hunter that hasn’t even been recorded in the latest data.’

‘This guy… Didn’t you use magic? Could it be that you dealt with that monster only with your real physical abilities?

There were many conjectures, but nothing was certain, and no number of cases answered their doubts.

What is certain is that this man is the only one capable of defeating Yakt Spinner alone.

“You are much stronger than I thought.”

Hwang Geum-cheol was convinced by Leon’s inaction. This man is a survivor. It’s also incredibly powerful.

‘Maybe it’s outside the standard like the Heavenly Demon or the Killing Star.’

If that’s the case, you have to be thoroughly cooperative with him. As long as he settles down in Korea, Korea in the future will revolve around him.


This was the same for Gil Tae-seong, though he was embarrassed. If it wasn’t for him, the damage caused by the yakt spinner would have been much greater.

In particular, Gil Tae-seong became impatient.

“If you don’t mind, would you like to make a deal with our mage tower? If you obtain only the Jewel of Wisdom, we will fully support you in the future—”


one word. With just one word, Leon shattered all possibilities.

“I expected it to be something that would be used only by spellcasters and powers, but in the end, I wonder what it was. Jim was the only one who had the qualifications of a true knight.”

In that gaze and expression, even the interest in the hair was gone. However, his arrogance remains unshakable and he glances at the hunters and wizards.

“Have the minimum qualifications and get to know Jim. It is not easy to get the qualifications to face Jim, the King of Knights.”

Retaining his arrogance and disdainful attitude to the end, he walked away. Only the braided swordsman girl crouched down and hurriedly followed him.

“Ah~ A really strange survivor called me.”

Hwang Geum-cheol smiled bitterly as if he was dumbfounded. Gil Tae-sung’s lips trembled in shame… … .

“Fuck… what a fucking merset.”

Unexpectedly, he was awestruck with yearning eyes like a child.

* * * *

Yacht spinners dragged along creaking joints as they entered the garage.

“Keep the seal. Don’t let anyone get close.”

It is the first time that it has been destroyed and dented so badly even though it has been replaced due to deterioration of parts while carrying out the ‘top order’ for a long time.

The Yacht Spinner disassembled the bolts connecting the joints that were only in the way, step by step.


falling joints. There are no spare parts.

Yacht Spinner diligently searches the garage’s remaining armaments and parts list.

Main armament not available. Temporary disposal of 5 regular bullets and 36 homemade bullets.

Secondary armament 60mm cannon available. 657 rounds of ammunition. Required to manufacture homemade ammunition.

Resupply of wire cutters. Auxiliary joint diagnosis, fracture. Causing serious imbalances in the use of arms.

Auxiliary joints discarded.

Abolition of main armament.

It is concluded that it is impossible to kill a threat level 5 with only secondary armament.

Threat level 5. Originally a level targeting enemy main battle tanks, attack helicopters, or first-class biological weapons.

The Yakt Spinner is something that surpasses Leon as a first-class biological weapon. It was judged to be a new entity of hostile forces that had not appeared in the past millennium.

How to respond to a new object that is more agile than itself and shows unknown destructive power.

The AI compared its own strength, ran a battle simulation, found a valid tactic, and selected and executed the option with the highest probability of victory.

Self-mounting of modular robotic arms in the garage. A Yakt Spinner that starts tearing off my body one by one by manipulating it.

There is no need for thick armor that can withstand even the main gun of a main battle tank. Take it off.

You don’t even need legs to bear the load. Remove two more of the remaining six legs. The remaining legs were also dismantled, leaving only minimal armor.

Excluding the remaining barrel of the railgun, which has become meaningless as a weapon, and a dedicated battery for energy supply, the weight of the multi-purpose tank, which reached 100 tons, was reduced to 46 tons.

In lieu of firearms with limited ammunition due to continuous undersupply, synthesis of the remnants of the city normally collected.

The appearance of Yacht Spinner, which was supplied with steel wires and additionally equipped with robot arms for maintenance, was completely different from the original catalog.

The legs were stripped of armor enough to only defend against rifle bullets and explosives.

The joints were bony and only the skeleton remained, but it was enough to handle the reduced weight.

Having lost firepower and defense, the spider gained terrible mobility instead.

The machine’s rigorous rationality is stripped of everything superfluous and ready to repulse the enemy.

Even so–

「Yapi. Thank you for protecting the city.”

Inside the old memory module, the unbroken voice was still playing.

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