The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 210

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“Yes, yes… I see. Then neither will we… No. We should too.”

Goo Dae-sung finished the call and returned to the lobby. There, Captain Kim Do-han and other men-at-arms were waiting for Goo Dae-seong.

“What? How did it go?”

“There is no major damage to the Pantheon.”

“Whoa~ I’m glad that’s the case.”

Manshinjeon usually focuses on attacking the gate in terms of people’s livelihood.

That means most of the power at all times is inside the gate.

Currently, only Man-at-Arms soldiers and trainees who are resting are left at the Mansinjeon, so the news of the 10,000-strong anti-horse corps attack made Gu Dae-seong and Man-at-Arms panic.

“It seems that Lord Yapi’s war weapons have been active.

“That’s nice. But it’s strange after all.”


Koo Dae-sung and his unit have been active in the North Korean border area recently. Most of the operations were conducted with the help of Yapi’s reconnaissance assets, and not a few people were rescued.

“Sir Yapi dispatched reconnaissance assets to Pyongyang and the Demarcation Line. But it is also strange that such a large-scale movement was not identified.”

Until now, no one doubted Yapi’s ability in the pantheon.

Isn’t it Yapi who showed absolute ability in everything from the pantheon management business to combat, politics, and maneuvering?

Rather, that’s why I couldn’t think of the obvious question until now.

The possibility that Yaffi was collecting false information.

“Lord Yapi classifies all information observed by the camera as uncertain information. From now on, he will collect only information confirmed by the naked eye as data…”

“In other words, you’ll need a scouting party to act as your eyes.”

“There are military and hunters near the ceasefire line. But it’s different in the north.”

In other words, they must play that role. I don’t know if it’s the usual level of border invasion, but this was a war.

Fifty soldiers consisting of one pilgrim knight and C-class hunters. It was a great risk for them to enter North Korea, which became a battlefield.

“Let’s do it.”

But no one wants to run away from here.

On December 30th, with 30 hours left until the New Year, Koo Dae-sung and 50 man-at-arms crossed the Tumen River.

* * * *

After a cataclysm, it is not often that countries go to war with one another.

After China is divided into over 50 countries, each other claims to be the successor of the true People’s Republic of China and engages in skirmishes, but it is only at the level of local warfare.

An increase in territory means an increase in the number of gates occurring in the country, and each country, busy cleaning its own gates, never dreamed of a war for territorial expansion.

That is why the world paid attention to the war between the two Koreas that broke out ahead of the year 2033.

Aside from the United States and Japan, which dispatched a large-scale landing force and navy to support the military alliance, isn’t it a super-large army with over a million active duty soldiers in both the South and the North?

Both countries still maintain huge military sizes despite the reduced demand for modern weapons since the cataclysm.

If such two armies collided, it was expected that a bloody slaughter battle would break out, reminiscent of an axis of world war.


– What is it? The North Korean army is not coming out, only monsters are pouring out.

-Does North Korea intend to focus only on defending Pyongyang? It is not active even if it is a preemptive strike.

– The actual battle on the battlefield is a confrontation between monsters and hunters. Said the Navy and Air Force had nowhere to run, so they were annihilated long ago.

– The Korean Marines are also hesitant to land because of the monsters. The battlefield can only take place from the armistice line as a starting point.

Starting with large-scale defection, it is North Korea that has caused missile downings of Air Force charter planes and large-scale raids.

However, when the war started, the air force was hit and destroyed by a massive missile swarm on the first day of the war, and the North Korean artillerymen, who had a lot of numbers, were only passively resisting.

It’s as if some units didn’t participate in the battle, while others did… and it felt like they had no choice but to respond because the opponent was attacking them.

In the end, it showed a different aspect of war than imagined for an all-out war between countries with the largest armies in Asia.

It was a pre-modern hand-to-hand combat.

Not to mention effective weapons against monsters, swords and axes wielded by Awakeners.

Above all, over the past 30 years, experts who know better about monster strategy and ecology than anyone else are hunters.

The hunters who were mobilized for the war and sent to the armistice line escorted the armed forces and repulsed the monsters. Among them–


A monster that overwhelms the battlefield. Knights who break through the waves of monsters with such monsters.


Every time the mighty Holy Grail Knight wields the Holy Sword, flames that burn the mountain hit the monsters like a wave.

-bang! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwam!

And as the hundreds of thousands of land mines along the truce line exploded along with those monsters, a terrifying explosion rang out all over the place.

It’s not just them. At the request of the Armed Forces, knights from all over the world are transported using missile platforms. When the number reached 300, including the Holy Grail Knights, three cheers of pantheon were heard all over the battlefield.

“That’s… the Holy Grail Knights. Those are the knights…”

The soldiers of the Armed Forces, who were suddenly escorted by the Hunters, were in awe of the knights who had broken through beyond the role of firefighters on the battlefield.

Even Hunter is a superhuman that ordinary humans can’t reach. Superhumans who cut the thick skin and flesh of monsters with cold weapons. Their fight videos were completely different from other martial arts sports.

Even if they try to attack Patini, in the end, unlike the hunters who live on their individual pride, the knights of the Pantheon and Man-at-Arms are——

‘Soldier… I’m actually closer to that side.’

Quite a few superhumans equivalent to S-class hunters operate under the discipline of knights.

It is said that the Burning Sword Knights were original knights, so even so, Cheon So-yeon and other Earth-born knights and Man-at-Arms are so thorough with less than a year of training.

That was possible not only through rigorous training, but also because of the absolute charisma of Leon Dragonia and Lionheart.

‘This war. It’s only natural that the protagonist is a pantheon.’

Hunters and the Armed Forces are not accustomed to a war centered on this pre-modern hand-to-hand combat.

In that respect, the pantheons are specialists in hand-to-hand combat. The opponents of those knights are also demons, so the protagonist of this war must be the pantheon.

[Army! Successfully breaking through the ceasefire line! Live broadcast of Her Highness Beatrice’s Demarcation Line!]

[At least 10,000 Kilroggs of the Burning Sword Knights of Lord Vulcanus! The monster wave is also annihilated before the power of the Holy Grail Knights.]

[With Grand Duke Karina and Sir Yakt Spinner, Gaeseong City arrives right in front of you! A splendid feat three hours after entering the battle!]

Even the tidal wave of monsters was washed away like a stain in front of the waves in front of the overwhelming fighting power of the Pantheon and Holy Grail Knights.

Even though Leon didn’t even step forward, overwhelming criminal records were handed down one after another.

* * * *

In this war, the Mansinjeon was given a status close to the ‘Allied Forces’, not subject to conscription.

Originally, as a Korean citizen, it is necessary to be controlled by the government authorities in case of emergency, but–

“A king cannot enter another king’s gate.”


After thinking about it for a while, President Ahn treated Mansinjeon as an ally’s military and gave it independent military operation rights.

Including the Man-at-Arms and the Kikkiruk warriors, the force was less than 20,000, but no one could deny the fighting power of the Pantheon.

In fact, the sluggish battle on the armistice line was sorted out within less than a day after the Holy Grail Knights were deployed.

“The Knights of the Burning Sword run at the forefront!!”

In addition, a splendid advance to individuality. The Holy Grail Knights, who broke through the battlefield while piercing through the tens of millions of landmines along the armistice line, were fear itself.

With that personality right in front of his nose, Leon had no choice but to stop for a moment.

“What are those?”

“They are North Koreans. They seem to be digging trenches.”

The commander of the armored division of the ROK Army, barely following the relentless rapid breakthrough of the Mansinjeon knights, witnessed North Korean citizens digging trenches and preparing for defensive battles in Kaesong City.

“All of them were skin and bone. Are you starving?”

“Well, it’s common in North Korea. At least, it has a better personality. Rice is supplied first in aid to North Korea.”

But even taking that into account, the residents of Kaesong City seemed starving.

‘You stole our support supplies.’

It’s a common occurrence.

The rice or medicines that are provided to poor countries are smuggled out through the back hole.

Just looking at the export of rice to China from North Korea, which has not been able to solve the food situation of its own people, it is obvious to whom the money for the export is accumulated.

Even knowing that, it was the reality of the moment that I was willing to give away 100,000 tons if I supported 1 million tons.

“Even that won’t go back to the residents properly.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“North Korea has a predatory economy where soldiers plunder the people.”

At those words, Leon widened his eyes. Even in the 1990s, when he was still an earthling, North Korea was notorious, but he hadn’t even heard of soldiers plundering the people.

However, North Korea became poorer as time went by, and the tyranny of the dictatorship intensified day by day.

While maintaining an army of over one million, it is obvious where the guns of the soldiers who have no military supplies to siphon off have not been provided with provisions to feed them.

As a result, the area where soldiers were stationed was in a vicious cycle where food and goods were periodically plundered by soldiers.

“Have you seen these honorless bastards!”

Even considering that situation, it was natural for Leon to be angry.

“A soldier is a sacred profession that exists to protect the country and its citizens! But you plunder the citizens of your own country that you need to protect? This is an insult to all soldiers!”

“That’s right. By the way, Your Majesty? Why are you pulling out your sword?”

The division commander was taken aback when he saw Leon having a seizure beyond the level of anger.


Leon suddenly draws his sword and summons the new beast, Stallion. As he drew his sword and shouted in the middle of the camp, knights and man-at-arms soldiers gathered.

“What is it, Your Majesty!”

When Lord Raihar of the Burning Sword Knights asked, Leon shouted.

“Those soldiers persecute and plunder the civilians, and they are a people who are calling their stomachs!”

“Is that true?!”

“Have you seen these honorless bastards!”

“Aren’t they crazy?!”

The Knights of the Burning Sword were angry. Leon didn’t stop there and went around the encampment barracks and shouted.

“Gun! Ready to charge!”

“Charge! Prepare!”


“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Wait a minute! Wait a minute!”

The commander of the division tried to dissuade Leon, who was raging like a madman, but as soon as the burning sword knights got on the horse in anger, Cheon So-yeon and the 2nd and 3rd knights of the 1st Knight Dango followed them without hesitation.

only two hundred. Leon gave the order without delay.

“It’s a gun charge! Turn the gun!”


The two hundred horsemen charging into the trenches reminded me of the mounted soldiers charging at Maxim machine guns in World War I, but–

“Second, the gun bomb doesn’t work!”

“Whatever that is! Is that a person?!”

“Help me! Save me!”

This last-minute dog charge ended in victory, destroying 134 North Korean tanks, 437 armored vehicles, and 1,000 cannon batteries.

Earth’s history goes backwards.

* * * *

Surprisingly, the North Koreans welcomed the South Korean army as liberators.

In the meantime, they have suffered from the people’s army and the party, but with active support and dispatched hunters for the past dozen years, they have been aware that those who protect them are South Korea, not North Korea.

In particular, Gaeseong is where the Gaeseong Industrial Complex operates and the black market for Choco Pie, which is provided as a snack to employees, is active.

Choco Pie, which is smuggled throughout North Korea, has made Gaeseong relatively wealthy, and it is said that most of the salary is taken away by the party, but even 10% of the salary is equivalent to 3 years of salary that can be earned by working in North Korea.

It sounds really unrealistic, but since all of this is true, everyone knows the enormous size of the North Korean economy.

“Long live South Korea! Long live leader Andong-gil!”

“Long live the pantheon! Long live the Lionheart!”

In addition, in North Korea, where South Korean culture and news are common, the South Korean military could not be particularly excluded.

It was an open fact that the most popular cultural contents in North Korea were South Korean dramas, and they trafficked USBs containing South Korean dramas and passed them around.

-Is that Westerner named Leon really the king of the other world?

-I mean? Flash in the east, flash in the west. He’s the one who uses the axis method and turns pine cones into grenades.

-You look like comrade Kim Il-sung.

Among them, Leon’s news is famous even in North Korea. It was only natural that the hottest South Korean news recently was Manshinjeon and Leon.

– Anybody is fine. Better than People’s Army!

– Ganna bastards, you stole half of the rice you were fighting for!

-If that is taken away, what are you going to do this winter…?

-Is that all? It’s simple to build a trench and drag it without pay. In this cold, severe winter, they gave me no gloves and made me dig!

Over the past 50 years, the People’s Army and the Party have never been protectors of North Koreans.

How many North Koreans have eaten that meat soup while singing the song, “Enjoy on Earth”?

Few people have ever eaten a piece of white rice, let alone meat soup. In the meantime, as South Korea occupies North Korea, expectations rise in their eyes.

“Occupy the city step by step. Is this all the mobilized residents?”

Residents of Kaesong City were overwhelmed when they saw a man with blond hair riding on a horse, whom they had never seen before.

Sometimes Kim Jong-un appeared on TV riding a white horse, but his words looked tough and there was nothing fancy about it.

“Yes, yes…! Most of the people were mobilized for labor! There are a few people’s army kids inside.”

“I see. It’s good. The situation is urgent, so I will declare the policy for the occupied territory in a short form.”

Indeed, what policy will this new leader show? Whatever you do, it will be better than the People’s Army and the Party.


“First, all private resources are released according to the Lionheart Special Wartime Act. This will be treated as a tithe special tax.”


“In addition, all strong men are mobilized for labor. All men who can move except for the elderly, children and women will follow the army and belong to the volunteer corps. Ideally.”

An ancient hero who seems to have jumped out of mythology.

It fits perfectly.

“Are you dissatisfied, something lowly?”

However, it was even correct that the heroes in the myth were sinful aristocrats and royalty.

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