The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 211

< Street Fighting >

The occupation of Kaesong, one of North Korea’s largest cities, was expected to be a sluggish street fight as originally expected.

The battle that takes place in the city center where buildings are densely built is a demon cave with hundreds or thousands of forts.

It is narrow for tanks or armored vehicles to enter, and the attack surface is spread in all directions, so you don’t know when and where an attack will come.

The most difficult thing was the civilians.

International criticism could not be avoided if civilian casualties were severe, even if they tried to flatten the country by bombarding it with artillery bombardment and missiles rather than accept the damage of urban warfare.

but. What if it’s a whole bunch of armor that laughs at the bullets and anti-tank missiles pouring out of the windows?

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa!

– Shoot! Shoot all!

Countless bullets and anti-tank rockets rained down from building windows and rooftops.

The burning sword knights calmly continued their conversation even as the tanks were hit like poultices by the firepower that would melt them.

“Sir Tarhan! Can you hear his voice!”

“It’s okay, Sir Laihar! These things are so loud! What about Sir Kim Jae-hyeok over there!”

“Ah, ah ah! I think my eardrum is broken! Oh, can’t you use my voice!”

“What are you doing with this much! Sir Han Soo-ho here seems to be doing well!”

“That’s because he’s a fraudulent shield!!”

30 minutes to leisurely walk around downtown Kaesong. The amount of gunbombs rained down on the knights was gunpowder that, if piled up, would blow up an entire cavalry unit.

“This world’s main weapon? I heard it’s something like that, how about it, Lord Tarhan!”

“If Man-at-Arms use it, what is it! Normal hit? I’ll fix that! Is this the word used by today’s generation!?”

“Trying at the age of two hundred and eighty! Sir Tarhan!”

“Shouldn’t the frozen period be a bit off! Sir Raihar, who is 290 this year!”

“Anyway! It’s noisy and lukewarm! It won’t be particularly meaningful to Petos-sama’s knights like us!”


Jaehyuk and Suho are speechless at the conversation between Lord Raihar and Lord Tarhan of the Holy Grail Knights.

No matter how much they say they are members of the Holy Grail Knights, who are considered the highest among knights, they are strange creatures who treat anti-tank rockets as biting toothpicks.

And it’s surprising that they themselves also fell into the ranks of such monsters.

“Sir Raihar! First of all, the observation information has been sent!”

“Really?! Then send the information straight to Sir Spinner!”

At that, Suho took out his communicator and inputted his biological vision information into the terminal.

“Is this really working? I don’t understand why it tracks the direction of the gaze and transmits information.”

“I don’t know. It’s like some other mysterious future technology.”

The information collector that Yapi supplied to the Knights and Man at Arms was a new information collector that collected and transmitted the information confirmed by the biological vision to the central system.

I heard that it is part of the cyber optics remodeling process that is inserted during the cyborg remodeling process, but Jae-hyeok, who is anxious at the word cyborg, puts it off.

-That… remodeling the normal eye color or something like that?

-Kick! This is a rudimentary implant.

In any case, all the members of the Pantheon had to accept this biomodification. It is because the reconnaissance system that relied on cameras in North Korea suffered a complete failure.

Therefore, an inefficient biometric information tracking system, but a technology that can cope with this camera distortion was used──

“Transmission complete!”

– Ppa! poop! Pimp ppeep ppeep pew!!

At the same time as the information was transmitted, thousands of bullets fired from somewhere fell on the buildings in downtown Kaesong, and the city fell silent.

“Did I kill them all?”

“No, they said that they were caught as serfs and worked for 20 years, so they only shot one place…”

that’s scary as it is Knowing the treatment of serfs, the two sympathized with the North Korean soldiers.

“Haha, don’t worry too much, you two.”

Lord Raihar patted his shoulder and said, as if he knew the concerns of the still weak knights.

“Unless you’ve followed the devil directly, you’ll suffer moderately before dying. At least your soul won’t be crushed.”

“Is dying a fait accompli?!”

Lionheart also ranks serfs. However, the conclusion of ‘death’ did not change.

In Lionheart, who valued the rest of the afterlife, this was a fairly merciful treatment.

“Anyway, let’s head towards the center. Shouldn’t we finish occupying the city?”

The Holy Grail Knights roar with terrifying laughter, saying that there is nothing as meaningless as caring for the lives of serf worms.

With the help of ruthless superhumans and powerful artificial intelligence killing machines that surpass modern technology, the occupation of Kaesong went smoothly.

However, they encountered unexpected resistance from the North Korean army.

“Kko, don’t move! If you get any closer, you’ll kill all these South Korean Ganna bastards!”

* * * *

“A hostage take?”

Right before the suppression of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, the final stage of the occupation of Kaesong City, Mansinjeon and the South Korean army confronted the North Korean army taking hostages.

Leon wondered and asked the commander of the Armed Forces Division.

“Why are the people of South Korea in their hands?”

Leon did not understand this situation and asked the division commander who came with him.

It is because Leon, who remembers Korea in the 1990s for the last time, could not understand that South Koreans were in North Korea.

“Ah, there is an industrial complex in North Korea where our private companies have entered. It is called the Kaesong Industrial Complex, and it is the manpower to hire and manage North Koreans there.”

Leon had an expression that he couldn’t understand at the time.

Sending civilians to North Korea to build a factory and manage it?

“That was a foolish thing. It’s obvious that those disrespectful writers will use you as a hostage.”

“Keuk… There were several political reasons, such as evidence of inter-Korean reconciliation.”

“Tsk tsk, no matter how important my courtship is, how can I send my people to an enemy country as hostages?”

At Leon’s point, the division commander did not make excuses from the politicians, saying that it was a necessary decision.

North Korea always repeated crazy things, and it was possible, even if you think about it, that they would take hostages of their own citizens dispatched to the Kaesong Industrial Complex in case of emergency.

“By the way, it’s been a headache. Taking hostages like that while the whole city is occupied.”

The street fighting, which was expected to cause great damage, was able to break through with the tanking of the knights and indiscriminate sniping through the city center by Yapi.

However, the hostage-taking chosen by the cornered North Korean army successfully held back the South Korean army.

“Hey, what are you going to do with them?”

“I’m thinking of calling in a negotiator first. I’ll have to listen to what you want.”

“Hmm, is that so?”

When Leon made a disapproving expression, the division commander became cautious.

Even so, the president himself mentioned it and asked Leon to listen to whatever he wanted. In this war, it was an order from the upper level to treat the pantheons as ‘allied forces’ rather than being requisitioned.

It is said that it is difficult for a division commander to go against Leon.

“I can’t stand to see such unscrupulous writers. Leave it to my knights.”


Were there counterterrorism experts in the pantheon?

The division commander gave a puzzled look, but Leon summoned the knights because it was his duty as a knight to save civilians.

* * * *

“The number of hostages is higher than expected. We need to be a little more careful.”

Pantheon barracks. Beatrice spoke of prudence.

“Hmm! But, don’t show weakness to the serf candidates!”

Vulcan was a hardliner. An authoritarian who would rather kill a few hostages than have a knight lose his face. That much can be passed off as collateral damage.

“Ha, but those people are not guilty. Our country has to prioritize people’s safety!”

Hari gave an exemplary answer as a civil servant. Regardless of the position, Hari’s mentality has no option to abandon the hostages.

-There is a risk of further damage while trying to save hostages. I’d rather take the damage of a few hostages and hard economic pressure can definitely save the majority.

Thoroughly calculating Yapi proposed a complete, complete, and thorough eradication operation of the North Korean hostage-taking. He is more hardline than Vulcanus.

“No, suppression is also suppression, but the problem is that we have not grasped the exact scale of the hostages and the hostage takers. there is.”

Karina made a realistic proposal.

“It seems urgent to prioritize negotiations first and to determine the exact size and location of the hostages and hostage takers, Your Majesty.”

“Hmm… Grand Duke Karina is right. At this point, it would be right to pretend to negotiate and get to know them.”

Leon raised Karina’s hand and ordered the knights.

“It’s unpleasant to even talk to those rude people, but this is also for the sake of the innocent people. Try your best to rescue them.”

first batter. Hari Han.

“Ah~ hello! North Korean soldiers! I’m Ha-ri Han of the Korean Hunter Association!”

Hari held a loudspeaker and shouted at the North Korean soldiers who were holding hostages. They shouted harshly when they saw Saekmokin, who had come alone to the entrance of the empty industrial complex.

“Yankee go home!”

“Eh?! I’m Korean! Native Korean!”

“Which Korean peninsular in the world wore red pepper paste hair and shiny eyes?”

“This, this is the effect of awakening? There must be a similar case in North Korea?!”

It was surprisingly common for body parts to change under the influence of awakening, so the hostage takers did not say much.

“Now, calm down. If you have any requests, please tell me. We will actively review them. We are all one people, aren’t we?”

“Our demand is one! Stop the aggression of South Korean capitalists led by American agents and withdraw immediately!”

“······Excuse me? You all hit the ball first, didn’t you?”

Besides, the U.S. military hadn’t even appeared yet. Although the Korean People’s Army has mobilized reconnaissance satellites, even Yapi’s reconnaissance system is prone to errors. The US military’s reconnaissance assets were not very helpful at this point.

Besides, he’s an invader. Wasn’t it North Korea that made the preemptive strike?

Hari, a Korean, was astounded by the North Korean army’s audacity to define this side as an aggressor.

“If you surrender even now, you can still be treated like a human being!”

“What’s up?!”

The hostage takers get angry at Hari’s provocative words. But what if that statement is true?

Hari now intended to relocate the hostage-takers’ camps to military installations as an agent of the South Korean government if they surrendered.

But what if other people quell it, not you? You will not be able to avoid being a serf without a yaljjam.

The UN Human Rights Commission will talk about the Geneva Conventions, but Leon can’t even hear it. It’s good if you don’t try to burn it, wondering if you’re possessed by a demon.

“It’s true! I’m sure you’re the only one thinking of me here right now?! So let’s turn ourselves in and find the light—”

“Shut up, you mother!”

-Two da da da da da da da da da!


Hari was hit by a shower of machine guns and fled to the camp.

second batter. vulcan.

“I am Vulcanus!”

As Vulcan approached, the North Koreans began to agitate.

“What, what, what about that lump of tin?”

“How big is that guy?”

A giant over 2m tall is wearing full armor that looks like it could weigh hundreds of kilograms.

“To the reckless hostage takers!”

“Uhhhh! My ears! My ears!”

“What kind of person’s voice is this…!”

Vulcanus threatened the hostage-takers’ eardrums with a booming voice without a loudspeaker. The words that came out of that hoarse voice were simple.

“If you free all the innocent civilians, I’ll kill only one out of ten.”


“What did you just say…”

“Quickly wash your neck and choose the ones to stick out. If it’s hard to choose, draw lots. Come on!”

“Um, what is that madman saying?!”

“I can’t see these South Korean gannahs! Uh! Should I kill them!”

He shrugged his shoulders as he watched the North Korean soldiers point their guns at the hostages.

“Kill it.”


“If one hostage dies, I will burn a hundred of you alive.

After that, Vulcanus turned around. Leaving an eerie word.

“When you come back in a little while, choose the ones who will die well. Otherwise, I will burn them all.”

crazy guy

The North Korean soldiers intuited that the knight in front of them was not an ordinary madman.

‘This isn’t it…’

‘Do South Korean Gannas originally negotiate like this?’

It wasn’t the kind of negotiation drama they thought. Then I suddenly remembered what the red-haired girl who came out first said.

“If you surrender even now, you can still be treated like a human being!”

Somehow, as the desperate girl’s eyes came to mind, voices saying, “I can’t believe it,” were swallowed up here and there.

third batter. Yakt Spinner.


A machine of some minimal size.

I thought it was an unmanned drone of South Korean children, but it declared to the North Korean army with an eerie mechanical sound.

-Initiate recommendation by Lionheart Kingdom Law. non-citizens destined for serfdom.

Non-citizens destined for serfdom?

-This machine is Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Heto, the god of iron and blacksmith. You are breaking many kingdom laws.

-You non-citizens expected to be serfs have no legal protection, and such offenses only increase the penalty.

What are you talking about, this guy?

However, regardless of the reaction of the North Korean army, the machine sound continued to flow.

– Immediately disarm all weapons and suspend life activities by yourself. This is a very humane consideration that comes from the warm heart of Bongi.

These guys aren’t crazy.

Why does it seem like things only get worse with new ones coming out… I guess it’s just my mood?

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