The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 212

< Pantheon-style hostage negotiations >

– Immediately disarm all weapons and suspend life activities by yourself. This is a very humane consideration that comes from the warm heart of Bongi.



At Yapi’s recommendation, the North Korean military and even the Kaesong Industrial Complex employees who became hostages were shocked.

For a moment, I wondered if I had heard it wrong.

disarm? Yes, it would be a natural request to capture him as a prisoner.

But what? Suspend life activity? Is that a very humane, warm-hearted consideration?

“Such a madman…”

-Recommended again.

Either that or not, Yapi pressed the North Korean army with a cold and eerie mechanical sound.

-You non-citizens who will be serfs are not a class that has the privilege of being immune to such illegal acts. He committed an aggravated offense of insulting the Holy Grail Knight, the original Gi, on the subject of a mere organism.

– Immediately disarm and suspend life activities by yourself. If desired, this machine can introduce a humane life cessation protocol. First, from blocking electrical signals in the brain–

“You, you madman! What nonsense are you talking about!

-Do not cut off this advice, organism. Organisms tend to prefer keeping the corpse intact, so this machine was considerate. If you want an immediate life stop, I will dispatch an execution drone——

“I won’t die! I won’t die! What the hell is this crazy robot talking about!”

-If you reject this recommendation, you have no choice but to execute righteous sanctions in accordance with the laws of the Lionheart Kingdom.

-The justice will be swift, and it will be painful.

It’s creepy.

Yapi, who doesn’t change his expression and makes cold machine sounds, was an incomprehensible being to the North Korean soldiers.

That inorganic gaze and voice brought strange credibility, and cultivated a fear that what he said would be done.

-Those monsters were fine even after being hit by the anti-tank rocket…

-Monsters who even flip the tank with their bare hands Aigan? If you get caught, what will happen to you…

The fear left room, and that room gave way to negotiations.

“Ooh, what we want is our safety and the eviction of cities in South Korea. We ask for a temporary ceasefire until the Party directs us to do so.”

– No. You have no right to initiate truce negotiations on behalf of the State. You have no right other than surrender or cessation of life.

-Make it clear that the enslavement of your officers is a lawful measure, and that the persecution of freedmen only increases the punishment.

“My, the Geneva Conventions! Human Rights!”

– No. Lionheart Kingdom is not affiliated with the United Nations. It is therefore notified that it is not obliged to abide by international humanitarian law as it was in Geneva and The Hague. Your human rights are not recognized.

“You’ve never heard of the Lionheart Kingdom! Aren’t you guys South Korean soldiers? Follow South Korean laws!”

– No. This machine complies with the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, but is not compelled by the Constitution. What you are dealing with is not the Republic of Korea’s armed forces, but the Holy Grail Knight, who has been given the authority of the Lionheart of the Holy Knight Kingdom, Lion Heart, and the agent of the Pantheon.

– This gi exists above the savage constitution of the organism.

– This machine is a solemn existence, and this machine is a sacred and inviolable existence that is not controlled by the law.

“What if you release the hostages?”

– If a neuroresocialization control chip is inserted through head surgery, an exception is recognized under the authority of this machine. I will guarantee you 10 years of survival after the oath of serfdom.

“It’s not about negotiating an alternative deal!”

– No negotiations with illegal organisms. This is international common sense.

“Where is that common sense!!”

The North Korean soldiers, who were enraged at Yapi, who couldn’t see a breakthrough and only talked about strange things, fired anti-tank rockets and machine guns.

Of course, Yapi’s skin lightly deflected them, and Yapi admitted that the negotiations had broken down and backed off.

– Many illegal acts of non-citizens scheduled to be serfs occurred. Notice that there is no room for extenuating circumstances.

-I will prepare the serf aging protocol for you.

The killing machine disappeared toward the camp with an eerie sound until the end.

* * * *

“Yankee go oh oh oh um…!”

“Let’s defeat the enemies of the US imperialist invaders!!”

-Two da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da!!

The North Korean soldiers, who were taking hostages, fired gunbombs, burning their will to fight.

It is a feeling at the edge of a cliff that I will die this way and die that way, but I will try to the end.

“Oh, what should I do! I’m really going to die if I do this!”

Hari expresses her worries in an anxious voice, but the Holy Grail Knights are carefree.

“Foolish thousand things. How merciful it is to not even destroy the soul.”

-admit. After suppression, re-socialization modification is required through brain surgery.

Vulcanus and Yapi were thinking about how to cook after subduing the rampaging North Korean army.

“Well, don’t worry too much, Lord Hanhari.

[No, you bastard! no way!]

How much holy power would it take to burn down an entire city? Petos, the god of war and flame, stopped Vulcan in a seizure.

“Oh, Mr. Petos. These days, prayer meetings, wars, and so on, the number of followers has increased and the holy power has been appropriated. If you earn hard, shouldn’t you know how to write like the Queen Dowager?”

[This crazy barbarian?!]

Petos stopped Vulcan’s suppression by force, shouting against death. And unexpectedly, Yappi joined the opposition.

-Agree with War God’s opinion. Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus needs to stock up on holy power.

-The current enemy force is only a small part that has not been revealed. It is strategically disadvantageous to waste holy power to subdue a single non-citizen.

“Hmm… that’s true too.”

Then, among the Holy Grail Knights, will Yapi, who has excellent ability to subdue multiples without using holy power, step forward?

– Possible. With this machine, 73% of civilians can be rescued successfully.

“Well, then the remaining 27%…”

-The main firepower of this machine is geared towards high-class entities such as monsters and demons. Expected damage is taken as collateral damage by Danger Close.


Such damage was too much of a political risk for the government to accept. Of course, if a decision is made, it can be said that it is a wartime situation, but…

“Still, we have to solve it in a way that causes no damage as much as possible.”

It was a natural duty as a rust eater of the government. It is not common for the armed forces in confrontation to take the damage to civilians.

“Isn’t there a way for the Queen?”

Hari’s gaze turned to Beatrice. The Holy Grail Knight is the only one who wants to reduce the damage to Yang Min in this hostage situation.

Besides, wouldn’t there be something else if it was the magician queen?

“Um~ But I’m a member of the royal family, so it’s a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of”

‘right! This man was a medieval royalty too!’

He was the kind of saint who cherishes and takes care of the people, but was limited to the gaze of the ‘royal family’.

Beatrice had no intention of harming her dignity and authority by even mingling with them directly.

“Huh, don’t worry too much, Ms. Hari.”

Beatrice patted Hari on the shoulder as if to reassure the restless Hari.

“If it’s necessary, I’ll put the entire district to sleep. With my last name, I can put the entire industrial complex to sleep.”

“Ah, that’s right! There was a way!”

It is a common method in Russia and mainland China. At the place where the hostage is taking place, the police enter after blowing off sleeping gas to put the guilty to sleep.

Of course, sleeping gas must have an immediate effect, so the problem is that many people die because it is so poisonous, but Beatrice is the priestess of dreams and death.

Handling the power of concepts, she had the ability to put thousands to sleep without killing a single one.

“But, likewise, it consumes a large amount of holy power. So I’m going to leave it as a last resort. At least, if ‘Princess Karina’s method doesn’t work.”

“Yes? Great Gong Gong?”

Come to think of it, I can’t see man-at-arms and knights in the camp since earlier. Where did Soyeon, Suho, and Jaehyuk go?

It was when Harry looked around.

-oh my!

– Oh come on!

– Don’t do this!

-Please spare me!

Some kind of song exploded all over the city. Hari, who escaped from the camp out of anxiety, found Leon.

“Huh, she’s also my daughter. Who will she look like and be so wise?”

Contrary to Leon’s happy expression, the soldiers’ expressions were hardened.

* * * *

It was no different that North Korean soldiers were holding out by using Kaesong Industrial Complex employees as hostages.

Take your time somehow A stern warning from the top that you will pay the price if you don’t.

The North Korean commander was afraid of his instructions, but deep down he expected the common sense of the South Korean army.

Unlike North Korea, they have many things to protect. Civilians, human rights, the Geneva Conventions and all that.

At least they wouldn’t kill them if they said they were forced to take hostages by order.

At least, aren’t we the same human beings, unlike the monsters that now devour Pyongyang?

“Zhou, comrade lieutenant. Is this really good?”

“Looks like those crazy bastards intend to kill us all!”

The soldiers also joined in this, relying on the common sense of the South Korean army, but the attitude of the Holy Grail Knights of the Pantheon Shrine sitting at the negotiating table was too overbearing.

This is not a negotiation, but a warning to notice.

I never imagined that it would be a merciful deal to draw only one person out of ten and burn it to death.

North Korean military political officer Lieutenant Lieutenant Lee, who led this incident, is equally embarrassed.

“Don’t worry! The whole world is watching this war! If you let the hostages die, you will be greatly criticized!”

Even so, the eyes of the international community are apathetic. They called for full-scale dispatch of the United Nations at the time when North Korea joined hands with the devil.

Even Russia, which they believed in, did not exercise their right to veto the dispatch of UN troops and abstained, so the only countries that sided with North Korea were Pakistan and Iran at most.

Of course, neither helps.

‘Couldn’t you really be forced to suppress it? There are 600 people in the industrial complex who were taken hostage! There’s no way the South Korean government would give up that many lives!’

But they were still obsessed with preconceived notions.

They realized that the opponent they were sitting at the negotiating table was not the South Korean government, which had to worry about human rights, common sense, and political interests, but an absolute monarchy based on the naked theocracy.

“Lord, comrade lieutenant! Look at that!”

A North Korean soldier hurriedly ran towards Lieutenant Lieutenant Lee, who was seized with anxiety. he shouted in a husky voice.

“No, they…! They’re crazy!”

Now Lieutenant Lieutenant Lee and the officials who were leading the hostage-taking hurriedly ran toward the entrance of the Kaesong Industrial Complex. And they witnessed something completely unbelievable.

-Stay still!

– Do you want to die!

Hundreds of people forcibly brought in by knights and soldiers.

They were violently caught, their clothes torn and their faces swollen as if they had been beaten up one by one, revealing how they were being treated.

“Uh, Mom?”


I recognized them all over the North Korean army. As if in response, the sound of music flowed from the kneeling people.

-Oh, Sanghyuk! Amy!

-dad! dad! save me!

– I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!

they were terrified The knights… especially those who were dragged by the wrathful hands of the Knights of the Burning Sword.

As the honorable knights of the Lionheart Kingdom, they looked like heartless killing machines to the people of Kaesong.

Why did the pantheon drag them out? Lieutenant Lieutenant Lee, who intuitively sensed the reason, felt a sense of dread when a woman riding a black horse stepped forward from afar.

“This work is the legitimate successor of the Grand Duke of Karina Dragonia, the Holy Grail Knight of revenge and darkness, and the Holy Grail Knight of Gold and Covenant, the Lionheart.”

Karina gave her own answer in a businesslike voice.

“From now until the hostages are freed, I will execute 10 people every 10 seconds.”

Respond to hostage with hostage. Grand Duke Karina, who held the family of a North Korean soldier hostage, started counting without hesitation.

* * * *

[Good work.]

Hearing the great devil’s piercing voice, Reynald barely held on to his trembling body.

“Go, thank you!”

This is a demon cave. It feels like my internal organs are rotting just by breathing in the air.

Obviously, it is like a different world that has changed from the weight of air.

Although he was a great wizard called the highest hunter among mankind, he kept in mind and kept in mind that he could die at any time because of their boredom.

“Well, then I’ll just step back—”

[for a moment.]

Raynald again knelt down at the restraint of the Great Devil. He felt more at ease when he dealt with the great demons of wisdom and inquiry through the Jewel of Wisdom.

“Ha, even if it’s something you’d like to say…”

[Beauty. Show me.]

“Ah, yes!”

Raynald presented the Jewel of Wisdom he had kept in his bosom.

[I have a business for something…]

Beyond the Jewel of Wisdom, the Great Devil answered in a gruff voice.

Although the system is different, in the crisis of the US and China, the great demons of wisdom and exploration decided to help this mad demon army.

And during that time, the jewel of wisdom, the youngest, is dealing with sins.

Regardless, he was competent. I was lucky.

‘Ah, I want to leave quickly.’

Apart from that, the Jewel of Wisdom wanted to leave this cursed land right away. It’s war, it’s shit, and it’s because the Lion Heart King is here.

However, the next words from the great demon of chaos were shocking.

[The monarch needs your help. We have prepared a summoning ceremony in the north, so start the ceremony there.]



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