The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 213

< Relief for Residents >

northern part of the Korean Peninsula.

Goo Dae-sung and Man-at-Arms succeeded in moving south surprisingly smoothly.

“Yes, the North Korean army here is really at a formal level. Yes, I will continue to go south.”

Goo Dae-seong, who reported to Yapi through communication, soon headed to the place where Kim Do-han and his colleagues were.

“How is the situation in the south?”

“The city of Kaesong has been occupied. They say the hostage taking took place at the Kaesong Industrial Complex, but they say it ended well.”

“It seemed like they would start taking hostages from there after the war. Eh~ I spent all that money to build a factory in a place that didn’t even cost money.”

Captain Kim Do-han clicked his tongue and blamed the government when he heard about the hostage taking at the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

“By the way, if you ate Gaeseong, then Pyongyang?”

Goo Daesung shook his head.

“It will attack Pyongyang, but it seems that it intends to occupy the surrounding area first. It is wary of the demon legions that may be lurking in Pyongyang.”

“Really? I thought that if it was a demon, it would just charge and crash into it.”

Captain Kim Do-han, looking around as if in surprise. Koo Dae-sung had a similar idea, but I thought it was fortunate that Leon’s policy was strangely making his back numb.

The feeling of déjà vu that has been felt ever since entering this North Korean land. The ambiguous sense of whether to call it intuition made Koo Dae-sung uneasy.

“We are told to go around and do our mission to support the people.”

“Well, if you’ve come in this far, you’ve come in pretty deep. Where are we even if it’s just that much?”

Goo Dae-sung and Man-at-Arms dug into the unknown land without a fight. On the GPS, it appears as Handong, but it is a place I am not familiar with. I was going to keep going like this, but there was a problem.

“I, South Korean hunters…”

A girl approaching Goo Dae-sung and Man at Arms. Even though Ai knew they were South Koreans, she had no hesitation in approaching them.

While dispatching hunters from South Korea, the fact was known, but that is not the only reason.

The skinny skin was so thin that the bones were exposed, and the eyes were deeply sunken.

Even at the age when her dimples would be in full bloom, the girl, whose beauty was nowhere to be seen, spread her hands as if she was not ashamed.

“Mmm, something to eat… give me something to eat. I’ve been starving for too long.”


Goo Dae-sung could not hide his regret at the girl’s miserable begging. It’s not just girls. The villages passed by were full of residents who were on the verge of becoming hungry due to poor food conditions.

I’ve heard a lot about the bad food situation in North Korea, but I never thought it would be this much.

“It’s a little early, but shall we have a mealtime?”

“Let’s do it.”

At Koo Dae-sung’s words, Captain Kim Do-han smiled. Goo Dae-seong heads toward the empty lot in the village with a puzzled look on his gaze that seems to be somewhere special.

As the crowds armed with swords, spears, shields and armor gathered, the old villagers began to gather one by one. They are looking forward to seeing these South Korean hunters from out of town to share something to eat.

Unfortunately, Goo Dae-sung and Man-at-Arms do not have enough food for battle. I fought as much as I could with activities in conflict zones in mind, but that’s just military rations.

“Captain Kim Do-han, please give me some seeds.”

“Ooo~ here it is, driver~”

Instead, what Koo Dae-seong took out was a handful of rice seeds. He looked at the barren land of the village and put on a bitter expression.

‘It’s a barren land.’

Basic soil is not bad. But too much intellect was wasted.

This is because corn, which consumes a lot of energy, was planted in piles in North Korea, where the food self-sufficiency rate was disastrous, and the vitality of the land was greatly reduced.

The land that had exhausted its intellectual power had to be given a rest, but in North Korea, where there was not enough food to eat right away, they continued to plant corn, and the vicious cycle would have continued.


Daeseong Koo began to sow rice seeds on the barren and barren land.

It was as if he saw the residents freaking out at the act.

Just sowing rice seeds without proper water? Even in the middle of winter?”

“Goddess Demera.”

But soon something amazing happened. Koo Dae-seong kissed the ground where rice seeds were sown and recited a prayer, and sprouts began to grow there.


The villagers were shocked beyond surprise, but the Man-at-Arms members behaved as if they were used to each other by reciting prayers.

“Thank you, Goddess of Life and Fertility.”

After the last Hoeryong prison camp incident, Koo Dae-seong was able to use the sex law.

It was thanks to the propagation of pantheon beliefs in Yanbian, continuous knight training, and the awe of Goddess Demera, which was firmly established in Gu Dae-seong’s faith.

“Okay, the sprouts sprout faster than last time? They should grow enough to eat in a couple of hours.”

The sacred law awakened by Koo Dae-seong was a prayer to bless the land and grow crops, as the priests of Goddess Demera usually do.

Although he couldn’t transform the land into the fertile soil of the goddess at all like Leon, he was able to restore the land’s fertility in the long term and grow blessed crops, albeit weakly.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu wished it would have been nice if it was useful in battle. That way I would be able to be knighted…”

“Haha, let’s not be in a hurry. But we don’t have to worry about military supplies wherever we go, right?”

It was. After Koo Dae-sung awakened to this technique, Man-at-Arms prepared their combat rations with a focus on their favorite foods.

It was because Koo Dae-seong had to grow crops such as rice and beans on the spot anyway.

“It’s good to buy a variety of meals. Can’t there be a pound cake in the battle rations for nothing?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Above all, Mr. Goo has now started giving the ‘God’s Protection Buff.’ That’s quite helpful.”

That is not the only strength Koo Dae-sung gained while awakening to the Seongbeop.

<Blessing of the Knight of Life>

A blessing trait that continuously regenerates battle damage and restores energy.

It was not at the level of a monster that smeared the entire legion with ridiculous buffs like Leon or the Holy Grail Knight, but like other pantheon knights who were ordained knights, they had a trait that gave buffs to their troops.

This alone was of considerable help in battle, so Captain Kim Do-han tapped Goo Dae-seong on the shoulder.

A couple of hours later, while the whole village was making a fire with a cauldron, they exclaimed when they saw the rice that had grown.

“Gee, real rice has grown!”

“Come on, let’s put rice in a cauldron, let’s light the fire! There’s ramen, so make some soup!”

Koo Dae-seong and his colleagues skillfully prepared meals and distributed rice to the residents. Residents gulping their saliva in front of the puffed white rice.

“Ah, Abai. Can we eat this rice?”

“Is this really this rice? No corn mixed in?

In North Korea, white rice was a symbol of wealth. Earthly Paradise where you eat beef soup with white rice.

Paradise on Earth, which North Korea has brainwashed its residents for 80 years, is truly a precious food that can only be found in Paradise on Earth.

Except for the Baekdu lineage, even Pyongyang citizens could eat meat soup with a piece or two of pork in white rice on special occasions.

Even the ramen soup that the Man at Arms served out saying that they would be bored if they only ate white rice was a stimulating taste that they had never received in their lives.

“Do I, South Korean hunters, have Baekdu lineage?”


“If you’re of Baekdu blood, you’re that Kim’s pig—um, should I refrain from living in this town?”

Captain Kim Do-han recalled the old brainwashing training of North Koreans he had vaguely heard about, and paid attention to his words and actions.

“It’s not like that. We’re just normal people.”

Koo Dae-seong showed off his propagation skills he had honed in Yanbian to North Koreans.

Residents took a great interest in this South Korean hunter who made rice grow in a couple of hours, and accepted the word that it is a faith that is emerging in South Korea.

“Oh, from today I will become a follower of Goddess Demera! Ah…!”

A villager who is shocked by what he said. In North Korea, people with religious beliefs were persecuted and executed under the influence of communism, saying that religion is the opiate of the people.

To them, the world was still the world of the Kims, so I had no choice but to shrink from my hasty remarks.

Koo Dae-seong did not force faith on them right away. As long as the war has already occurred, the destruction of North Korea is an established fact.

Lion Heart King is not the one who will leave this reckless Kim family hereditary regime alone.

Above all, I saw that there was no way that this regime could be maintained in the face of the devil encroaching on North Korea.

“Comrade South Korea…”

At that time, an old man who appeared to be the village chief approached him. He held Goo Dae-sung’s hand, and his strength was full of life.

“This old man wants to believe in the Goddess from now on. Even if the Party doesn’t allow it…!”

“Cho, Chief…!”

“That’s a dangerous statement!”

But the will of the village chief was firm. He had been dying from a chronic disease for a long time, but he felt that his body improved greatly after eating the crop.

It was a chronic disease that was said to be difficult to cure unless the Red Cross visited her ten years ago and treated her steadily. However, there is no way that it would have gotten better just by eating this rice.

The village chief was not afraid, as he intuited that the divine power contained in this rice could heal him.

“There is something you comrades in South Korea should know.”

The residents could not hide their fear at the appearance of the village chief. It was because the village chief couldn’t know what to say in the current situation.

But no one could stop the village chief. Because they also felt the blessings of the benevolent God dwelling in this rice, and were in awe of the miracle.

“A few months ago, the North Korean People’s Army built a strange facility nearby. A lot of comrades were taken there.”

The testimonies from the village chief surprised Koo Dae-seong and his colleagues.

* * * *

Although the South Korean army and pantheons quickly occupied Kaesong, the advance to Pyongyang was delayed.

“Is the missile swallowed?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. Our Armed Forces’ Guided Missile Command fired hundreds of missiles at Pyongyang, but all of them were blocked by some force.”

It was because of some huge power surrounding Pyongyang.

A power so huge that it could completely envelop the city swallowed up all the missiles that the ROK military had bombarded Pyongyang from the beginning of the war.


Leon looked around at the military forces concentrated in front of Pyongyang.

Keeping in mind the bombardment from the Pyongyang defense camp, knights were placed in each unit and long-distance defense methods were deployed, but there was no counterattack from the enemy, just waiting for an attack from this side.

‘It’s a trap.’

It’s also very blatant. You won’t be able to tell what you’ve prepared unless you hit it with your own body.

“Sir Tarhan.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

Leon gave orders to the Knights of the Burning Sword.

“New serfs. Did you eat well?”

“Of course, Your Majesty! I only fed half the amount of sugar and salt, so it’s in good condition!”

“It’s time for the bugger serfs to pay for their meal.”

With just a glance from Leon, Sir Tarhan of the Knights of the Burning Sword recognized the intention.

“Forward serf recruits!”

At Tarhan’s direction, a group moved somewhere in the camp. They were people in People’s Army uniforms, and when they move in unison, the ROK military is also wary.

“Your Majesty! What are you trying to do…”

“Shouldn’t we check how well the enemy fortress is defended?”

The general of the Armed Forces, who realized the intention of the words, was stunned.

‘Isn’t that just going to make a suicide charge?!’

Upon reading this astonishment, Leon grabbed his shoulder.

“Don’t feel too sorry. They are the most vicious of the serfs. They are worms who plunder and even kill the people they are supposed to protect.”

The serfs who have been subdued by the power of the sun and the god of judgment, Tatar, confess all their sins and receive appropriate punishment.

Leon had collected the worst of the worst among the people’s army serfs acquired in this war, and in his eyes, they were slightly less reprehensible than the devil’s followers.

“Sir Tarhan. Let’s charge fifty people as a test.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Lord Tarhan ordered the serfs in a booming voice.

“Numbers 1 through 50 advance until death!”

– Huh, huh?

– Shi, no! I’m not going——Mo, my body!

– Aaaaagh!

The People’s Army, who entered into a serf contract under the Tatar provincial law, had no right to veto.

Thanks to the compassionate care of the Lion Heart King, they were able to run toward Pyongyang with at least a rifle in their hands.

– Yes, yes! Rather, let’s surrender to Pyongyang and receive the protection of Abadi, the leader!

-It’s much better than sticking next to those crazy South Korean gannahs!

Some ran toward Pyongyang with that hope in mind, but they had to read between the lines of the order.

‘Go on till you die’

In other words, the ‘order’ was planted that no matter what happened in Pyongyang, whether there was a cliff or the sea at the end of the run, we had to keep moving forward.

‘If you look closely, these nobles are more like devils than devils…’

The general of the Armed Forces suddenly remembered these words.

If you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you…

Didn’t he evolve like a demon after dealing with demons? Knights of Lionheart…


– Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

It was then. People’s Army serfs close to Pyongyang were burned at some point and then scattered like black ink.

“Hey, look over there!”

The Armed Forces, who were watching the scene through a telescope, shouted. Even the knights of the Pantheon saw it with their naked eyes.

The remnants of the People’s Army, which had become black ink, gathered together and transformed into something strange.

It was like a monster with no biological characteristics.

“Is it there?”

Leon’s hand gestures were directed precisely at the place where the people’s army serfs had been mutated.


God’s wrath fell upon Pyongyang.

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