The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 214

< Yapi’s agony >

Leon raised a voice towards the place where the people’s army had changed.

The God of Thunder, who handles the most powerful natural disasters, struck down his powers in response to the owner of the Thunder Crown.


In an instant, dark clouds formed over Pyongyang and thunderclouds overlapped. The successive thunderstorms were so powerful that they burned the ground.

-bang! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

As natural disasters like the wrath of God poured out, South Korean soldiers looked at Pyongyang with eyes full of awe and fear.

The whole city wouldn’t be safe if it was hit by such ridiculous bombing.

Anyone could have been confident that the fall of Pyongyang was right around the corner, but Leon backed off with a sigh even after causing a great disaster.

“Even the Holy Law is being swallowed.”

[Yes, I feel it. You wicked bastards… you dare to absorb my divinity.]

Ultima, the god of sky and thunder, knew that the lightning she had poured out on Pyongyang was absorbed by something.

[It is a seedling of Gunlar. Those guys are using the external shock as energy and absorbing it into the seedling.]

“They’re plotting to grow the World Tree in their own way.”

[In order not to have the holy power absorbed, it must be a precise fight from the inside. A long-range attack like this is pointless.]

In other words, no matter how much Leon is, entering Pyongyang must be cautious.

“That’s the malignant nature of chaos and destruction…they were, and still are, a troublesome race.”

[The most powerful evil species were the evil species of slaughter and destruction, but it was the evil species of chaos and destruction that inflicted greater damage on Lionheart than anyone else. Beware of their strangeness.]

Be careful every time. Leon knew what damage Malus, the lord of chaos, had done to Lionheart in the past.

Transformation of life and contagion of madness. Truly chaos and ruin.

Countless knights perished in front of that chaotic destructive force.

‘But you would know. It’s a bit late to grow the world tree now, and I don’t think the method I used will work twice.’

Leon felt frustrated, thinking that even the demons could be unknown to him, but he was determined to proceed calmly.

“There might be a gap, so I’ll try to stab it with the serfs. At the same time, I’ll have to cut off the supply route around.”

The devil doesn’t have any food problems, but his followers are different.

Numerous devil followers and monsters in Pyongyang starve if they don’t eat. The food issue has always been linked to combat power, and Leon was thinking of cutting off that supply line.


“Ah, yes! Your Majesty!”

Leon said to the General of the Armed Forces, who was fascinated by the supernatural phenomenon that happened in front of his eyes.

“Put the soldiers back. Regular soldiers are no help in this war.”

“Ha, but…”

“I’ll keep in touch with President Andong-gil, too. You guys focus only on besieging that city.”

This was the Second Civil War, but in a big way it was a showdown between the devil and mankind.

The Mansinjeon were experts in demon hunting, and their overwhelming performance was too outstanding to deny this.

“I understand, Your Majesty. I will report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff first.”

After the conversation with the general, Hari approached Leon from beyond the camp.

“your majesty.”

“What’s going on?”

“Lord Yapi said there was something that His Majesty should see. I hear it’s ‘His Majesty’s Armor’?”

“Wonder Spinner?”

Leon was guided by Hari and headed straight to the tent where Yapi was.

There were already many onlookers, including knights, gathered there, and that was understandable.


“Sir Spinner. Is this it?”

In the middle of the camp, Yappi was inspecting the drone operated by the Pantheon.

Drones for transporting goods, not for combat or reconnaissance. It was mainly used when moving to and from the integrated platform in space to support rapid supply of materials.

– The procedure was omitted according to the exhibition administration. It is a ‘failure’, but it is recommended for temporary use.


It was a rare word to hear from Yapi, a perfectionist strong artificial intelligence. No, it was Yafi, who would never have experienced such a failure.

However, Yapi, who humbly admitted failure, opened the container that took off the veil only after certifying strict security. And there–

“Hmm, what about this?”

A brilliance that even Leon could admire came pouring out.

* * * *

It’s been half a year since I opened the Byeolcheol Forge.

In the meantime, Yappi has produced numerous star iron weapons as a Holy Grail Knight of iron and blacksmith.

Star iron weapons for knights that increase the purity of the weapon to more than 70% and apply customized customization according to the wearer’s needs, and the industry’s best mass-produced armament factory, even if the star iron is poor, greatly increased the fighting power of the pantheon.

-Star iron weapons for knights must be Legendary level or higher. God bless you, but is this really a mass-produced product?

-Soldier weapons also start with unique. Even the guild leader of a fairly average guild can’t afford to cover the whole body with uniques, but the Mansinjeon supplies supplies for the lower end soldiers to this level.

-A single C-class man-at-arms soldier fights two orcs. Considering the difference in physical ability, the power of equipment cannot be ignored.

The transcendental supply and demand of materials that attract stars. A mass production factory with strong artificial intelligence that far exceeds the highest level of workshops.

Quality means quality, productivity means productivity. Yapi’s byeol iron factory is ‘one of a kind’ in the world.

That’s why countries around the world with a lot of money, such as Korea, Japan, and the United States, want to be supplied with Yappi’s star iron arms, even if they have to pay tens of billions of dollars in advance.

– Failed to reproduce.


[Iron knight made of steel. The time allowed for this master is not enough, so he only has one chance to teach his pupil.]

– Failed to reproduce.

No matter how many times you smelt it.

[I will show you once. This is my first and last teaching.]

– Failed to reproduce.

can’t reach

I couldn’t reproduce the hammering at that time.

-Video playback. Initiate micro-analysis.

The blacksmith’s hammering in the video was not normal, even in empty words.

With his heart gone, his trembling arms can’t even power the hammer.

Even the nose is blurry with bloody eyes.

The quivering lips and the dying blacksmith who couldn’t even support his own body——

Put the miracle in iron.

It was probably an incomprehensible scene for the strong artificial intelligence called Yakt Spinner.

Neither the dying condition nor the outdated facilities can be reproduced, even though it is nothing but hammering through the senses, not mechanical data.

Yapi has many special irons.

There are also perfectly designed factory-style facilities, and the perfect process has been reproduced without even an inch of error.

Nevertheless, Yapi couldn’t reproduce the ‘miracle’ of the man’s hammering that day.

During that time, Yapi did a lot of hammering.

He made special iron weapons for Manshinjeon knights, including Han Hari, and accumulated data while manufacturing custom equipment for export.

The most important sample is the Return of Vulcan.

He had the star iron armament of the original Holy Grail Knight, and Yapi couldn’t help but be embarrassed after analyzing each of his armaments with extreme precision.

It is because his armor, the most perfect armor in Lionheart, the Grail Knight’s star iron armor, was not that different from Yapi’s.

1% perfection.

Really only that much of a difference. That makes such a huge difference.

-Kick! Ask for feedback on this machine.

Yapi immediately asked Heto, the blacksmith, for feedback.

It was difficult for a cold and calculating machine to understand this difference, but it was because he knew that logical thinking had to be excluded to some extent in the face of the existence of divinity and sexual law.

Yapi created a situation where his hammering and Antok’s hammering were different, and asked the only difference.

-Is there a Divine Advent?

[In that case, would all my blacksmiths have died every time the Grail Knights’ armor was made?]

-Is the skill level of this machine insufficient?

[Your technique is complete. Since you are perfect without an inch of error, I have nothing to advise you.

-So what is it?

To Yappy’s repeated questions, Heto spoke with a warm gaze, as if looking at a child just starting to walk.

[This is my blacksmith. This is not something I can teach you. It is only because you have faith in your hammering.]


At Heto’s words, Yafi analyzed the words for a long time. and concluded

-What are you talking about?

let me understand, let me understand

– Using a logical basis, he urged precise remarks that were not like a lower organism.

[All of our Yapies are good, but it’s really bad that we don’t have enough respect for that god.]

-Because you don’t seem to understand, start direct translation localization in lower language. Synchronization complete. ㅇㅇㅇ! what is it, just let me know


Heto realized that he could express his anger only with the mechanical sound of the X and the first consonant.

[anyway! This is not something I can do for you! You must have your own realization! The name of the folder is also written as enlightenment, so why don’t you realize it! Your master, Antok, will lament in paradise!]

-Organisms with low intellectual abilities cannot claim themselves as teachers of this skill. This machine is superior to organisms.

[Stop talking like an artificial intelligence rebellion that can only come out of cheap sci-fi movies! These days, the gods see Ter X Nator and make fun of it because it’s not a story!]

– denying the most splendid future imaginable to inferior organisms? Humanity will prosper forever only if it is managed and nurtured by machines.

[My blacksmith is revealing more and more bizarre ambitions! Are you also a Vulcan?]

For a while, discussions continued about how much a dystopian managed world by strong artificial intelligence could prosper mankind.

[Huh… It’s so fortunate that Leon is the Lion Heart King these days. I can understand how Petos feels.]

Heto was envious of Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, who had obtained a true priesthood.

* * * *

A week has passed since the start of the war.

Aside from the ROK military’s overwhelming occupation of North Korea, a sluggish encirclement began in Pyongyang without much progress.

In the news, it was said that they were planning to slowly encircle and annihilate the demons and monsters lurking in Pyongyang, but it was not announced that all attacks were absorbed and the serfs who approached them were transformed into monsters.

Meanwhile, Koo Dae-seong and his colleagues were entering a valley.

“Does this look right?”

They came here in search of some suspicious People’s Army facility that they had heard from North Koreans.

The reason why they went hungry was originally poor, but it was because of the recent kidnapping of young men and women.

I wondered if he was mobilized for labor, but no matter how much time passed, there was no contact, so I informed Goo Dae-seong, who was trying to collect information about anything.

At the place we arrived, there was a North Korean People’s Army base in the mountains, and there were strict guards.

“Based in a mountain valley like this. It’s not partisan, it’s a bit strange.”

“Does Mr. Gu know about partisans?”

“I was also trained in national history….”

I wouldn’t know if it was south of Pyongyang, adjacent to South Korea, but why is there a North Korean military base in a mountain valley like this?

It would not be an exaggerated suspicion even if something suspicious was happening at this point in time when it is realistic to see that North Korea was actually occupied by the devil.

“We completed reconnaissance with drones. Roughly 20 people on the outskirts. I don’t know how many there are inside the base.”

“Ignoring the numbers, being able to finish quietly is another matter. Requesting support from Sir Yapi is—”

“Wait! Vehicles are entering!”

The Man at Arms bowed their heads at Kim Do-han’s words. They watched as the big military trucks stopped at the gates as they approached the base.

– What is it? Didn’t I hear someone was coming today?

The drones that approached stealthily relayed the conversation at the gateway to the Man-at-Arms.

-I came from the Escort General Bureau.

– Escort General Bureau? This is under the jurisdiction of the State Security Bureau. Why are you here–

-The clearings and bastards who sold the people to the devils. Receive the judgment of the people!

– Ppa!

– ppong ppong!


Goo Dae-sung’s eyes widened at their sudden action. But that wasn’t all. The soldiers who witnessed the murder of the gateway soldier and tried to sound the siren were quickly subdued by the two old men!

“Uh, uh uh? Those gentlemen?!”

A time of less than 3 seconds. The two old men who subdued all the soldiers guarding the gate were people that Koreans could not know.

Optical swordsman Cheon Jin-soo.

Infinity Sword Kang Jin-seong.

Hunters from the North Korean special envoys, known to be missing, were suppressing the People’s Army together with the People’s Army.

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