The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 215

< Resistance Army >

“It’s nothing.”

Chun Jin-soo, who smashed the people’s army without hesitation, beat the bulletproof hat of the people’s army who was wriggling.

“Evil! Evil! Evil! That, stop it, you crazy old man!”

“Uh, where is this spoiled little redhead to the elders? You don’t even have a mother or father?”

Kang Jin-seong stopped Cheon Jin-soo from beating the guards he had taken prisoner.

“Enough with that. What if I hear a scream inside?”

“I guess they didn’t notice it from the inside anyway. We have to suppress it with force.”

-there! Freeze!

It was then. The resistance special operations unit that raided the base with Korean hunters must have aimed their guns somewhere.

“No, what about those friends?”

At the end of the muzzle they were aiming at, the familiar pantheon equipment was visible, and Cheon Jin-su immediately recognized his face.

“In the pantheon, is that Gu Dae-seong your friend?”

“Oh, do you know me?”

Goo Dae-seong looked at him with puzzled eyes, probably not knowing that he would recognize him.

“He’s the young man Leon hyung-nim praised. It’s not like things these days.”


Hearing those words, Goo Dae-seong felt something tearful.

I don’t need Your Majesty’s evaluation of my challenge. After saying that, he set out on his own path to practice. But deep down, how thankful and grateful I was for his support and permission.

It seemed as if he believed in himself, so he wanted to repay that trust all the more.

But hearing this as a direct testimony made me cry.

“Keuheum…! We… came to the news that innocent people were brought here… but what about the elders?”

Besides, acting with the North Korean army? Kang Jin-seong stood in the way at Koo Dae-sung’s question.

“The story is getting longer. I don’t have time, so I’ll organize it from here and talk about it.”

The three of them suddenly enter the North Korean military camp. They entered the depths of the base.

* * * *

The inside of the base was connected to a deep cave as if a whole mountain had been dug up.

No, it’s a bit too deep for a cave. A secret base with a scale proportional to history, to dig into space for a long time and resist something for a long time.

“Anyway, the Reds dug a lot of burrows here and there. Not even the Afghans.”

Goo Dae-seong asked cautiously at Cheon Jin-soo’s complaint.

“Have you been to other places too?”

“This is the fourth.”

They said they had been raiding secret bases in North Korea since contact with South Korea was cut off.

It seems that those who assisted them are ‘resistance forces’ inside North Korea.


If you want to hear more details, you’ll have to finish your work here first. Goo Dae-seong signaled to his colleagues to follow him and stood next to Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong.

‘Look at him?’

Cheon Jin-soo was surprised to see Goo Dae-seong standing in the lead alongside the S-class hunters.

Judging from the aura I can feel from him, he’s at least C-ranked. Even taking into account the equipment, it is at the bottom of the B class.

Except for Man-at-Arms here, he is the weakest Hunter. Even the Hunters belonging to the North Korean Army’s Special Operations Forces had only the best.

‘But stand alongside us? No, I mean, I was half a step ahead.’

Are you a man who wants to die? Or–

‘It must have become a bad habit after playing the role of captain among the idiots.’

Kang Jin-seong reads Cheon Jin-soo’s eyes and whispers softly. Chen Jin-soo nodded in affirmation.

‘If you play the role of raid leader, there are many cases where you don’t know my subject. but······.’

The two old men knew empirically. Usually, the reckless ones who risk the most are either the first to search… or survive to the end and make it big.

“Young knight friend. Where did you leave your horse?”

“It’s hard to work in the cave, so I left it at the entrance.”

“If the knight doesn’t ride a horse, do you use it?”

“Um… I’ve been riding through dungeon-type gates, but it’s not easy to get out after charging.”

It was true.

In a field-type dungeon with a wide battlefield, it is difficult to use the horse’s mobility in a narrow place.

If you’re a veteran among veterans like the Burning Sword Knights, Goo Dae-sung’s horseback riding skills aren’t quite up to that level.

“Really? Then you’re a rather strong tanker. Then go ahead and pick up a shield.”


At Cheon Jin-soo’s words, Goo Dae-seong lifts his shield first. It was a conditioned reflex action.

– Kang!

It was then. Just when Goo Dae-sung was holding his shield, a projectile from somewhere hit his shield.


Koo Dae-seong knew that the projectile that hit the shield was a poison needle and tried to inform the enemy of the projectile, but—

-Two da da da da da da da da da!

Bullets raging like a storm hit the Hunters. Goo Daeseong exclaimed.


The Man-at-Arms raised their shields all at once according to the instructions. They formed a standard shield formation and protected the North Korean Special Operations Forces from the rain of bullets.

“Oh, thank you.”

“What have you got?”

There were also hunters among the North Korean special operations forces, but more than half of them, about 100, were ordinary soldiers. They must be trained soldiers in their own way, but they can’t stop the shells from flying in such a narrow place.


The barrage of bullets that had been pouring down just like that stopped. Of course, armed with the strength of the body and star iron armor of the Hunters, they cannot be hurt by bullets.

“Ahmon thing.”

Kang Jin-seong raised his sword with a hand gesture. This swordsmanship is the exclusive patent of Infinite Sword Kang Jin-seong. As he points his finger beyond the darkness, the sword boasting magical power rushes at a tremendous speed.


-100 million!

– Nope!


-bang! Tattang!

Screams and gunshots echoed from beyond. They seem to have realized that their attacks do not take any damage, but rather, only one side is hit unilaterally.


– Charge!

A group of people rushing in with a loud voice. Goo Daesung frowned.

“Monsters and humans together…”

“They must be monsters and villains.”

Cheon Jin-soo raised his sword. His sword grows huge and is barely large enough to wield in a cave.

In the next moment, the light strike he struck cut the group in the lead in one stroke and cut them in a straight line.

“These are the ones who gave up on being human. Throw away anything like sympathy and kill them all.”

The battle has begun.

About 130 special operations forces, including Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seon, and about 50 Man-at-Arms. No matter how you think about it, flocking against a unit that is less than two hundred is well over a thousand.

The sharp screams of the monsters and the appearance of the North Korean People’s Army charging with bayonets were truly bizarre, but a hand-to-hand battle in which iron collided with iron and blood splattered began.

“Forward the shield!”

Koo Dae-seong took up hand-to-hand combat as he learned and trained.

Build a shield wall to block attacks, and stab swords and spears through gaps.

It is a terrain where the knight’s advantage, cavalry charge, cannot be active, but on the contrary, it is a terrain where the power of the dense formation is maximized.

The space was ambiguous to detour, and it was difficult to penetrate the shield wall with the impact force from the front. furthermore······.


It’s the North Korean army that only had a military bayonet attached to its gun. Even so, even the monsters are so weak?

“Hey, hey, Mr. Gu. This…”

“Yes, I have a strange sensation in my hand.”

They stabbed the raw flesh of monsters countless times and learned the sense of living meat. But now this feeling is something…

“It’s like stabbing some hard jelly—”


feet are damp When he noticed that, ‘they’ appeared next to Koo Dae-sung.


“Captain Kim!”

Goo Dae-sung was startled and stabbed his sword at Kim Do-han and the monster that appeared next to him. The star-steel sword pierced him at once, and his body disintegrated. At the same time… he felt a presence behind his back.

– Kwajik!


“Mr. Goo!”

I was bitten on the nape of the neck. However, as soon as he struck the monster with his shield, he felt an unpleasant blow.

“What are these guys!”

“The dead ones…!”

Between the hunters, the resurrected monsters and North Korean soldiers attacked. Since he was resurrected in a gap, the melee begins without time to form a formation.

It took a considerable amount of time to subdue them all.

* * * *

“Turn it off…”

“Are you okay, Mr. Goo?”

“It’s a scratch. It’s a bit stinging.”

“Then why did you start by helping the guy next to you?”


Was there any time to think about that? Goo Dae-seong was checking to see if the monsters he had dealt with would not respawn, when Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong came.

“Stop, seniors…”

“Uh, sit down. How can an injured person be so quick?”

The two old men do not have a single wound despite the surprise attack. No, the fact that several North Korean special forces ended up dead in an unexpected surprise attack was thanks to their quick response.

“Did you notice?”

Kang Jin-seong asked.

“Yes? Which part… I mean——Ah!”

Goo Dae-seong looked at the corpses of the monsters and suddenly realized.

If monsters are resurrected beings, why aren’t they resurrecting now?

“Star iron sword.”

“It’s a weapon filled with divine power. Among us, the only ones who had special iron weapons were me and this old man who paid a lot of money and got them in turn. But not you.”

The basic armament of Mansinjeon is star iron armor. No matter how low-level soldiers are, at least one set of star iron arms with divine protection is given.

“Those who were hit by the star iron armor didn’t resurrect.”

“The pantheon is the devil’s natural enemy. Everything in their lives is the devil and superficial.”

Kang Jin-seong trampled on the monster’s corpse. The thing that doesn’t happen anymore is the monster Koo Dae-sung stabbed himself.

“So, if you have enough armaments, would you like to distribute special iron armaments to our men and the North Korean army?

If this is the case, the troops brought in will be useless. Kang Jin-seong’s proposal was very natural.

“Mu, of course. We carry two main and secondary armaments.”

Chivalrous Man-at-Arms are also commonly armed with a spear and a sword, and carry an ax, mace, or dagger as secondary weapons.

It’s for the usefulness of melee tactics, but it’s not difficult to distribute the surplus armaments.

In this way, the hunters under Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong were given Man-at-Arms swords or spears, and those armed with guns were given daggers.

It was a staggering amount of money in that all of them were equipped with iron and steel, but in the first place, the productivity of that weapon was guaranteed by Yapi, so it was not a very valuable weapon in the pantheon.

“Okay, let’s go now.”

Without delay, they continued further into the cave.

Not seeing the place they left, the monsters they should have defeated and the North Korean soldiers melted into black ink.

* * * *

After running for a while, we arrived at a large hollow.

“Something is different from what I expected.”

“I mean, aren’t there usually tanks and armored vehicles in places like this?”

Cheon Jin-soo had a disappointed expression as he looked at the dark cavity where he could not see an inch ahead.

When he was receiving anti-communist education in the old days, he had imagined that there was a secret base of puppet forces hidden in the mountains.

“You redhead over there! Turn on the lights! It’s so dark even though the lights are on!”

“That, that… Now is the maximum brightness!”


What is maximum brightness?

Then shouldn’t there be something to show in front of you? Why is it that only ‘black things’ are reflected?


“South Korean comrades… didn’t something move just now?”

“Something moved—”

– Kwajik!


Everyone’s eyes are focused in the direction of the loud noise. A ‘black thing’ was seen in the place where the North Korean soldier had just found something.

On the floor that seemed to have been crushed to death, there was red blood that contrasted sharply with the black… It took a second to realize that it wasn’t just because of the darkness.

“It’s an enemy…!”

“Explode flares!!”

3 seconds before a North Korean hunter took out a flare from his chest and fired it after doing an evasive movement without knowing what it was.

– Kwajik!

– Kwajik!

After a few more victims came out, the flare that flew up to the height of the common area reflected part of its shape.


it’s so huge

Something so dreadfully large that it overwhelms.

No eyes to meet, no brain to think about, no torso to house internal organs… just tentacles. tentacle. tentacles tentacles tentacles.

[Chaos Great Old One Mergiola has detected a new tribute.]

Great Devil. An ancient demon called the Old Ones began to stretch out hundreds of gigantic tentacles.

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