The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 216

< Great Demon Mergiola (1) >

After receiving about great beings through the Jewel of Wisdom, Raynald Shellman had a longing for them.

Infinite wisdom and endless inquiry.

It was a virtue that any magician should have, and it was inevitable that they would come in contact with him while he was immersed in the Mage Tower’s laboratory and searching for all kinds of truth.

That’s why–

“Why is that bastard here! why! why?!”

The devil, who gave Samra’s treasure trove of truth and knowledge, witnessed Leon on the news.

“I-I give up. I will not. I don’t.”

When I cut the connection abruptly, I felt frustrated beyond bewilderment.

[Shut up… In the end, I took care of it…]

That’s why I had no choice but to be disappointed with the Great Devil beyond the Jewel of Wisdom that appeared next.

[Crazy? Why did I go there?]

[You’re not going?]

[I’m not going!]

this bastardist. Chewy Shack·······.

The newly enshrined Great Demon of Wisdom was an extreme self-confident and seemed to be keeping a distance from the invasion of Earth itself.

Still, it seems that he has been called out here and there because he is the youngest great devil with the lowest amount of time.

Anyway, as a bonus, as I acted with myself, I came to understand what kind of existence Lion Heart King is and how terrifying and fearful it is…



jewel of wisdom. A great artifact that summons the great devil by accumulating magical power in the present world to be summoned as a pass with the contractor.

If you have the Jewel of Wisdom, you can summon the Great Demon, which requires tens of thousands of sacrifices, without such a grandiose ceremony.

In this way, the first demon summoned by the Lord of Chaos in this war was Gob, the great demon of wisdom and exploration linked to jewels, and the summoning ceremony was supervised by Raynald.



Raynald summoned the great devil he had summoned, the great being he wanted to meet someday, but they only stared at each other awkwardly.

“I, the great being——”

[Don’t talk to me! Pak! Seed!]

A Gob who shows his temper as if he is about to wield a staff. He sighed and thought for a moment before calling for Reynald.

[Come quickly, stupid thing! I mean, I have to draw the essence of consciousness alone!]

“Ah, old! Great One!”

The moment he approached Gob, Gob magically grabbed his ear flap and pulled him in front of him.

[I will escape this peninsula. I figured it out from the back hole.]


Jewel of Wisdom… No, Gob, the Great Demon of Wisdom, was planning to leave this battlefield right after being summoned.

Although Raynald, who usually cursed at him for being a coward, a coward, and a self-respecting man, Gove’s quick decision made me admire him.

“The wise one…”

Isn’t this the true truth and wisdom of life?

Somehow, I was convinced that I could survive anywhere with him.

* * * *

[Chaos Great Old One Mergiola has detected a new tribute.]

“What, what, that…”

A being so huge that it fills the cavity.

The moment they saw it, nobody was at a loss for words.

“The Great, the Great Devil?”

“Wrong… These guys have been seen in Taiwan…”

Great Old One. From what I’ve heard, it’s an ancient origin among demons.

Because they are so old, they are treated as elders even among demons. I heard that the size of the power is not lacking even compared to the devil’s grand duke.

‘These are the monsters that the Holy Grail Knights have to step up and deal with! Why is this guy in a place like this!’


While Koo Dae-seong was shocked, one North Korean hunter screamed.

Recognizing Mergiola’s gigantic figure, he trembled and was terrified. No, it goes beyond that and is close to chaos──

“At the time of Rakshaar…!”

And that wasn’t all. Hunters of the North Korean Special Operations Forces, North Korean soldiers, and even members of the Cheongseong Guild in Gangjinseong and the Shingeom Guild in Cheonjinsu showed symptoms of seizures.

[【Despairing Existence】]


: All living beings are overcome with fear, confusion, and despair.

: Decreases morale by 65%.

: Physical resistance is reduced by 55%.

: Defense is reduced by 55%.

It’s not the level of Rakshaar, but desperate traits occurred one after another. The reason Goo Dae-sung and Man at Arms are resisting is not different.

[The knight’s full plate mail protects the wearer.]

[The knight’s long sword protects the wearer.]

[The knight’s leggings offset the slowing.]

[The knight’s gauntlet supports shaking.]

[The priestess of dreams and death Beatrice’s blessing earrings protect the mental barrier.]

Star iron weapons given to all Man-at-Arms. In addition, the knight Koo Dae-seong was given Beatrice’s special mental barrier protection special iron accessory.

de facto immunity. It has the power to withstand even the contamination of the Great Old Ones.

But the others weren’t.

“Damn it, what kind of debuff is so hard?”

“It’s not at the same level as the Grand Duke of Slaughter, but…”

Likewise, the two no-hunters who were first supplied with expensive star iron swords and equipment are enduring in this situation. but······.

“Sa, save me!”

“You can’t beat that!”

The North Korean special operations forces running away… Even the elite hunters of the Cheongseong or Shingeom guilds can’t come to their senses.

“Where are you running away! Stay in place!”

Cheon Jin-soo sighed, but his broken heart did not return.


– Kwajik!

But evil tentacles blocked their retreat. It strikes down and kills those heading towards the entrance, and gathers them like a net.

It was more like a sheep hunt than a combat act.


The fleeing soldiers return. But the broken heart did not come back. It just avoided the tentacles and returned to a place with more tentacles.


Then, a North Korean soldier fell. He couldn’t stand up again. The time when I was about to be swallowed up by the approaching tentacles while trembling——

“Shield wall!”

At Goo Dae-seong’s command, the man-at-arms’ shield wall is deployed. One of the huge tentacles was blocked by the shields of fifty soldiers.


Man-at-arms being pushed at the same time as the collision. But in the end, they supported each other and endured.


hooked! hooked!

A spear blade stabbed in succession. The blade of the supply star iron spear pierced the flesh of the tentacle like soft tofu, causing blood to pour out like black ink.

Then, the tentacles trembled. The tentacles withdrew to see if they could not feel the pain, and Goo Dae-seong looked at the North Korean soldiers who were still unable to wake up.

-Sah, save me.

-Uh, ugh… run away, run away…

Not receiving the protection of the gods, they couldn’t move and muttered with eyes full of fear.

‘There are too many people who cannot fight…!’

It is unknown whether everyone will survive even if they join forces, but they cannot afford such non-combat losses. Goo Dae-seong quickly took out rice seeds from his bosom and scattered them around.

There was no proper farming or even watering, but there was nothing I could do because I was in a hurry right now.

“Mother of life…”

The only sex law he can do. He regretted that it was not useful in battle, but this effect was greater than he thought.

Seeds germinate and sprout. The rice seeds sown on the surrounding land grew and the dark and black land was brightly colored.

[The Knight of Life and Abundance has blessed the land.]

Where the holy power of Goddess Demera dwells, weak but holy power springs up. Hunters and soldiers gradually come to their senses due to the heterogeneous warm energy in the chillingly cold cavity.

“This, this?”

“Be at ease. The goddess protects you.”

Even if it was only a ray of light in the endless darkness, it had a dramatic effect.

Feeling the holy power and looking at Goo Dae-seong, the body is naturally energized.

“Let’s fight. Together.”

How could they not be shaken in the face of this huge enemy?

They felt ashamed of themselves for a moment. He and his colleagues were by no means strong.

The Hunters of Shingeom and Cheongseong here, and the Hunters of the North Korean Special Operations Forces are all the best. Even so, he showed ugliness worse than Goo Dae-sung or Man at Arms.

When a man realizes his shame, he wants to make up for it.

Watching them wake up one by one, Goo Dae-seong sighed in relief.

“By the way, that guy… is too big? How do you hold it?”

Goo Dae-seong scratched his head at Kim Do-han’s words.


“Oh~ It was a bit like a heroine in a hero movie.”

“It would be the limit for the two elders to endure. We have to support them.”

While they fall and get up again, the two S-class hunters are buying them time. You have to back up their support… and use it.

* * * *


Kang Jin-seong’s sword quickly formed an army.

Infinity Sword <Destruction Sword>

Kang Jin-seong’s unique skill that duplicates the sword as many times as the amount of magic power allows and uses it as a sword.

The Extinction Sword, which is a replica of the best customizing star iron sword in the pantheon, is twice as powerful as before and five times more powerful against demons.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa!

A shower of replica star iron swords hit Mergiola.

Tentacles are torn apart by a large attack close to bombardment, and are cut off. The Legend’s attack did not end here.

“Avoid on your own! A big one goes out!”

A huge sword the size of a building passed by Kang Jinseong. A great sword that cuts even that huge black mountain. As it is, it strikes at Mergiola.


The lightsaber <Ikki-dang-cheon-manbu-dang> severed Mergiola’s body as it was.

“Unlike the slaughter master, it’s big, so it’s easy to match.”

“Don’t be vigilant. It’s not a great supply, but it’s not an ordinary great devil.”

The two watched Mergiola’s mutilated body reflected in the flare. Its shape is not easily seen, hidden by the cloud of dust and the darkness of the cavity, Mergiola’s black tentacles.

But what is certain is that even after being hit by that amount of blows, Mergiola is fine. there–

– Kiyiik…!

-Uh uh uh…

Monsters began to take shape from the black ink-like blood that the severed tentacles poured out.

“You’re annoying.”

“It doesn’t seem to be able to purify even with the star iron sword.”

Cheon Jin-soo hit Kang Jin-seong.

“Kang Jin-seong, do you know your surname? Didn’t you say you believed in the god of the sky and thunder?”

“Didn’t you say you believe in the goddess of light and justice? Is something wrong?”

“You can shine from your fingers.”

“I can generate some static, too.”

“You’re useless.”

“What are you going to do?

If necessary, they took refuge in the pantheon and were given a special rite of passage, but it was not easy for the two old men who had lived as non-religious members to build up their faith.

‘If it’s someone like this, Lee Yong-wan or Hwang Hwang-cheol might have been better.’

Recently, the two young men had progressed in their faith enough to be knighted by Leon, so I wondered if they could use the Holy Law.

“Goo Dae-sung’s friend… Ehm?”

In Cheon Jin-soo’s gaze, he saw Goo Dae-seong and the hunters fighting the ink monsters with a loud noise.

Incapacitated by the trait debuff, they were fighting alongside Goo Dae-seong. Just like the pantheon knights who were able to stand up against the great supply of demons.

‘I don’t think that friend would have had the charisma of Lionheart.’

How did you succeed in encouraging me? Maybe I’m more of a guy than I thought.

“All those who ran away have joined. Old people, let’s try harder!”

Cheon Jin-soo charges. More than his snarky personality, he tends to turn into a berserker in battle.

Called the strongest Korean S-class hunter, cheers erupted whenever he cut ink monsters into pieces and cut tentacles.

“When will that friend be quiet…”

Looking at such a friend, Kang Jin-seong once again unleashed the sword of the Extermination Army. Among ink monsters, it shoots poisonous large and powerful objects and blocks the tentacles.

With the support of two powerful S-class hunters, Goo Dae-seong advanced toward the center of Mergillola.

“Captain Kim Do-han! That!”

“I’ve prepared it well! Yapi’s special… but can I really use this?!”

“Honestly, I can’t think of a way!”

“Well, me too!”

Captain Kim Do-han knocked on his pocket and then shrank in surprise at his own actions. If you’re surprised, don’t be.


The sound is grotesque despite the subject of a monster as soft as ink. Goo Dae-seong slashed the monster’s head, blocked the huge monster’s punches with his shield, and bounced off.

“Mr. Gu! Are you okay?!”

“It’s big… compared to its size, it’s a water fist.”

“Haha! Pretending to be strong. Anyway, there are a lot of them.”

“Bar, shield wall!”

Goo Dae-sung shouted while watching the crowd of monsters, but Man-at-Arms couldn’t keep up with Goo Dae-sung and Kim Do-han.

In the melee, the newly born monsters broke the formation.

“Oi, step back for now——!”


At that moment, hundreds of swords poured from the sky. The bombardment of the swords poured dust and wiped out the monsters, and Jinseon Kang descended from it as lightly as a freshman.

“You guys are in too deep.”

Goo Dae-seong hurriedly shouted at Jin-seong Kang’s scolding gaze.

“We have the means to kill him! To do so, we must get right into his center!”


Kang Jin-seong did not believe that a hunter like Gu Dae-seong had the power to defeat that monster. But he is a knight of the pantheon.

“Can you be sure? The opponent is not an ordinary archevil.”

“At least… I can feed you one shot.”

Confidence stood in Goo Dae-sung’s expression.

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