The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 217

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That’s enough confidence. Jinseong Kang glanced at him.

“Is that so?”

“Then, the old friends should help out.”

Cheon Jin-soo appeared before he knew it. He slung his sword across his shoulder in a terrifying appearance covered in black ink.

“Don’t fall behind. I can’t even take care of falling behind.”

“What people say.”

Before the words could be finished, Cheon Jin-soo charged. Kang Jin-seong and two people running hurriedly behind him.


The tentacle also sensed the approach and swung a huge tentacle, but Cheon Jin-soo’s super-large greatsword mercilessly cut it off.

– Kwajik! Kwajik! Kwajijik!

Tentacles that cut into bundles with each swing. Goo Dae-sung and Kim Do-han really wanted to die on the battlefield where it seemed like they would be crushed to death just by rolling their severed tentacles.

“Uh, old man! Monsters ahead!”

But it’s not just the little tentacle. Numerous ink monsters spilled from the blood shed by the tentacles. The number is in the thousands just in front of your eyes.

“Stay right behind you.”

As if the swords following Kang Jin-seong were pouring down, they were pouring towards the leader. The swords pouring down like waves passed through the whole body faster than the speed at which the monsters fell.

“Isn’t it stronger than I thought——!?”

It was then. A medium-sized monster that digs into the side of Kang Jin-seong. From the side, which was hard to see in the dark, the fist it swung struck Kang Jin-seong.

“Old man!”

Goo Dae-sung and Kim Do-han hesitated for a moment, but a harsh rebuke was heard from the forefront.

“Run! Just look ahead when fighting!”

The two of them gritted their teeth at Cheon Jin-soo’s anger and ran forward ignoring the monster. I was at least relieved to hear the sound of swordsmen dancing behind me.

“Come quickly! The tentacles are getting more and more difficult!”

“Oh, I see!”

“I’m going now, old man!”

The two clung to Cheon Jin-soo’s back. Cheon Jin-soo slashed at the tentacles with a sword that had become huge due to the effect of Ikki-Dang-Cheon Man-Bu-Dang, but it seemed that he was getting weaker and weaker.

“Damn, I’m getting tired. A big one goes!”

Cheon Jin-soo raised his lightsaber. And a giant lightsaber that strikes vertically. It severed its tentacles into bundles, raising a huge dust cloud.


At the same time, the star iron sword returned to its original size. However, even with such a blow, Mergiola was quickly starting to regenerate.

“Both of you hold your posture!”


“Uh, old man!?”

Cheon Jin-soo grabbed the two by the nape of their necks. And it started spinning around and around——

“Uh, old man! Isn’t that what I’m thinking right now?!”

“Elder Cheon Jin-soo!

“Come back alive and strong, young people!”

Human throwing is disclosed, which uses centrifugal force to remind people of shot put throwing. The two were thrown like shot puts at the gap that Cheon Jin-soo had cut.

“Uh, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

“That crazy old man!”

The two flying in the sky drew a parabola and fell right into the gap between the tentacles.

* * * *



It can’t be said to be stable, but the two have successfully reached the center.

They whispered as they gripped their sore jaws and hips.

‘Oh, how do you think you came?’

‘Should I light a lighter?’

‘No, no, I don’t think he noticed, but let’s not make anything dangerous.’

The noise of a fierce battle could be heard outside. It is thanks to Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong’s two old hunters making a fuss so that the two do not get caught.

‘Let’s install it here and get out.’

‘I think putting it exactly in the center would be the most effective…!’

‘what’s the matter?’

Kim Do-han, who was puzzled by Goo Dae-sung’s speechlessness, turned his gaze to the end. Come to think of it, I thought it was strangely bright from before—


The two people who discovered the cause were speechless.

center arrived. Self-luminous there was familiar to them too.


The huge gate, which seemed to be able to pass through buildings, made the surroundings bright thanks to its self-illumination. And–

‘The body hasn’t even come in yet?!’

At the gate, a gigantic unimaginable thing with tentacles from the outside was coming in little by little.

In other words, the main body of the demon that the hunters have been fighting until now has not even entered.

‘A ridiculous monster.’

Are all the great devils monsters like this? Leon, who caught these monsters like a mouse, was…

Realizing that the world they live in is bigger than they imagined, the two of them approached the gate.

‘Let’s install it quickly!’

‘Yeah, let’s hope it works!’

What the two took out was a large mechanical device. It’s not a bomb… Because there’s no way the Great Devil will die from a mere bomb.

These are ‘coordinates’.

Yakt Spinner, the treasured space armament platform created by investing the resources of the universe and the pantheon, the strongest satellite weapon. The launch coordinates of its main gun.

A super-large star-iron bullet made of blessed star iron. A super-large space weapon that launches and falls at the speed of Mach 134.

The moment the two people who set up the coordinate setting machine were about to escape——


Eyes meet. ‘Several dozen’ eyeballs came out of the gate and looked at the two.




The two started the device and started running. The tentacles move with their cries. It was only a matter of time before they were caught in this huge tentacle cavity.

“Gu, Mr. Goo! How many seconds! I set it to how many seconds!”

“Hour, ten minutes? I think you set it to ten minutes?!”

-Initiate the countdown. 10… 9… 8…


“Ah, I pressed the wrong button——!”

-7··· 6··· 5···

Tentacles approach. In order to crush the two of them without leaving even the slightest gap while scraping the ground.


mechanical sound. The moment when the two of them had a hunch whether they would die from the tentacles or from the shelling——

-1··· Launch.

The star iron bullets that were fired instantly hit the atmosphere. Guided by precise coordinates–

– Kujik!

After penetrating the mountain peak and falling vertically through the cavity–

– Kwajik!

It pierced through the bundle of tentacles and fell toward the gate. There was no expected explosion of a crash, but a subtle explosion seemed to be heard from beyond the gate.


The two of them leaned on their stomachs to avoid the approaching tentacles and heard the monster’s huge scream. I realized that it was the scream of Mergiola, who had been hit directly by a star iron bullet, when I barely avoided the glowing tentacles.

-Ugh! They run away!

-The tentacles run away!!

At the same time as the cheers heard from outside, the seemingly endless bundle of tentacles struggled and entered the gate.

When the entrance through which the great demon’s body was squeezed disappeared, the gate also disappeared.

“······ This, won?”

“Whoa, whoa… whoa…”

The two people were dumbfounded by the result that was so unrealistic.

* * * *

The star-iron shells that fell from the sky literally pierced the mountain and pierced Mergiola.

A shock wave that would have detonated a nuclear bomb was supposed to explode with only the shock wave of the fall, but fortunately, such a shock wave did not occur.

“Wow… Really. I was lucky.”

“I agree…”

The shell passed through Mergiola and went straight into the gate. Thanks to this, the final point of impact was not here, but the Pandemonium beyond the gate.

I don’t know, but by now, the demon world must have been in a huge uproar.

“Hey, you guys!”

Then, Cheon Jin-soo approached. Because he was covered in blood, his demonic spirit overflowed like a bloody slaughter. But apart from that, a smile was on his face.

“Have you seen these talented people?

“That… a military secret…”

“What!? There’s nothing to hide between me and Leon-hyung!”

“No, but why do you call our majesty your brother?”

Cheon Jin-soo shrugged at Kim Do-han’s words.

“I decided to be your brother!”

It was true. Leon, admiring his attitude, which is too bold and heroic to be a modern earthling, accepted the title.

His own skill was so great that Leon even predicted him as a candidate for the Holy Grail Knight. It’s a flaw that I still lack faith.

“Anyway, I got lucky this time. I was able to kick him out thanks to a lot of luck.”

Kang Jin-seong also helped with a word when he approached. There was no one who disagreed with that statement.

“Yes, indeed… it was a formidable foe.”

that’s just the devil Then how much monsters are the demon princes and demon lords?

“But we will win.”


The eyes of the two old men are focused on his confident attitude. However, Goo Dae-seong said in a steady voice.

“Because we have His Majesty and the gods.”

Koo Dae-sung just hoped that his footsteps would be of some help to that great victory.

* * * *

Thanks to the star-studded bombardment of the satellite weapon, the hunters who chased Mergiyola led their weary bodies toward the entrance.

“Whoa… where are the two elders going?”

“We’re going back to the Resistance to let them know it worked.”

“Come to think of it, they said they were resistance fighters. Who are they?”

“The root cause of this war.”


Koo Dae-seong flinched at Cheon Jin-soo’s words. Kang Jin-seong added an explanation.

“They’re the ones who fired missiles at the charter plane of the Pantheon to start a war. They say the demons have no choice but to hurry because of them.”

At those words, Goo Dae-seong slowly turned his head around.

Attacks by monsters and demon followers all over South Korea.

It all started with the large-scale defection of North Korean pilots and the downing of the Mansinjeon charter.

Strangely, the timing was off, and an ineffective attack continued. It’s like ‘I can’t help it’.

“As long as the North Korean army makes a preemptive strike, South Korea has no choice but to declare war…”

“It must have been revealed that there is a demon lurking in North Korea.”

“So the resistance fighters did a trick to reveal the true nature of the demons!”

As a result, the demons could not start a war at the timing they wanted.

Did something like that happen?

Goo Dae-seong admired and thanked the resistance forces for their determination.

Even though Leon and the knights of the Pantheon were shot, thanks to that, the true nature of the demons was quickly revealed.

“First of all… I’ll have to tell His Majesty about this.”

“What about them?”

“Well… it’s definitely a mortal sin of attacking Okche, but…”

Leon was a fair man. Wouldn’t he be too mean?

Amid such anticipation, Goo Dae-seong continued to walk the path toward the entrance.

“By the way, what are you guys going to do now?”

Kang Jin-seong asked.

“I’m thinking of going to Pyongyang. Now I want to join the main unit.”

Koo Dae-sung was proud of this amazing victory, but he began to be afraid.

A monster like that is only one archevil. If so, how many great demons have been summoned in this land?

Concerned about him, Cheon Jin-soo patted him on the shoulder.

“Well, there’s nothing to worry about too much. It seems that they didn’t summon all of them because it was an unexpected war.”

“So that’s why the archevil hasn’t even been summoned yet.”

This war was not a war that even demons wanted to start. At least at this point in time.

In that respect, the two old men agreed that it was necessary to praise the performance of the ‘Resistance Army’.

“By the way, it’s a great weapon. If you have it, isn’t it a devil or something?”

“There are a few restrictions, but this has proven that it works well enough for the Prime Devil.”

When Yapi’s high-tech weapons were combined with divine power, truly terrifying weapons were completed. And since most of the weapons are in space, it was difficult for demons to reach them.

“I have to inform Lord Yapi of this proof data——”

As we were talking, we arrived at the entrance. While frowning at the beating sunlight, I suddenly saw shooting stars falling from the blue sky.

“Oh~ I can see a shooting star even in broad daylight. Shall I make a wish?”

pretty. The stars fall all at once. The precious stars seemed to be a meteor shower, and the stars fell incessantly.

A feast of stars that embroiders the sky. It was so beautiful and so great that it took my eyes off.

“Shall we make a video of this?”

It was in the middle of thinking about whether someone would take a commemorative video.

“Something is strange…”

Kang Jin-seong’s recitation. Check the sky once again.

The stars still continue to fall. Now, that number is growing even more. Yes, more… unnaturally a lot.

“What, why are there so many?”

The number of falling stars… is too many. Hundreds… no, thousands. tens of thousands?

As if all the stars in the universe were pouring down.

“It’s not a shooting star.”

what someone said The proof did not take long.


They pour and burn. What burns up while passing through the atmosphere is not a star—


It was the sight of all the satellites in the world crashing.

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