The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 218

< Attack on Pyongyang >

Pyongyang siege front.

Over the past week, the ROK army and pantheon have razed everything around Pyongyang, solidifying the siege.

“Have no mercy!”

I wiped out countless monsters and North Korean soldiers.

“Those who surrender will be treated appropriately! But those who resist will soon be the enemy, so don’t take up arms, you lowly ones!”

occupied cities, towns, etc.

By repeating a series of processes, the South Korean army was sure to isolate Pyongyang.

The few naval and air forces were eradicated to block the sea and air routes, and finally, a large amount of troops surrounding Pyongyang cut off all supplies.

“It doesn’t move.”

“Yes, the food must have been exhausted long ago.”

it’s such a city Not only Pyongyang citizens, but hundreds of thousands of troops and monsters in the vicinity, that place is no different from a black hole that consumes food endlessly.

“Are you growing food inside?”

“Modern cities cannot be self-sufficient in food because they have built buildings on the land to be cultivated.”

“Then can you survive with stockpile resources?”

“That’s also impossible. No matter how much resources you stock up on, it’s well worth millions. If it’s not supplied endlessly from outside, things like food stored in warehouses will run out in an instant.”

There is no external supply, no self-production, and nothing stockpiled.

“Then it’s one thing. They don’t depend on food resources.”

“Is that… possible as a creature?”

“It’s likely that what’s in there isn’t a creature we know.”

Leon recalled the transformation he had witnessed by charging the serfs. The process by which organisms change and change. It is not subject to any law of birth, old age and sickness.

Truly chaos.

Just like the lord of chaos and his army that drove Lionheart to the brink of destruction in the past.

“It can’t be helped. We have to advance slowly.”

“Yes. But if you get there.”

“Those who are armed with divinity are fine. Those who receive the protection of Jim and the Grail Knights can resist foreign objects.”

The commander of the Armed Forces contemplated whether to dissuade it.

The number of troops mobilized by the Mansinjeon was approximately 10,000. Even if the Hunters other than the Mansinjeon armed with star iron weapons were mobilized, that was enough.

It is a level that exceeds the troops of a full-fledged division, but on the contrary, it is said that the troops are only about one division.

Attacking the large city of Pyongyang with that amount of troops is tantamount to committing suicide.

Leon read the look in his eyes and patted the commander on the shoulder.

“But, there are times when we have to. Like Jim said, we don’t have much time left.”

“Twig of Destruction…”

The commander turned his gaze to Pyongyang. It was invisible even when I first came, but before I knew it, it was extending toward the heavens with the Ryugyong Hotel, the symbol of Pyongyang, as its tomb.

Leon thought it wouldn’t be completed until the war was over, but at least at this point he thought it was a ticking time bomb that could hasten time.

“Then go.”

“Good luck…!”

Leon boarded the Stallion and stood on the rice fields surrounding Pyongyang. He was wearing an unfinished star armor made by Yapi.

– All right! All right!

Then, one by one, those who gathered in front of him. they are knights

Grail Knights of War and Flame Vulcanus and the Grail Knights Fifty Burning Swords.

Beatrice Alighieri Spero, the priestess of dreams and death and the sorceress queen.

Iron and Blacksmith’s Grail Knight Yakt Spinner.

Han Ha-ri, Cheon So-yeon, Han Su-ho, Kim Jae-hyeok and more than 150 knights representing the knights who were trained and appointed at the Naju Mansinjeon.

Chief Kim Jin-soo, who leads the Krashatria Warriors and the Palcheon Man-at-Arms.

In addition to that, numerous hunters armed with star iron weapons gathered.

Members of the Korean Hunter Association, Oh Kang-hyeok, Lee Yong-wan of the Firebird Guild, Yuri Ha, Golden Chul Hwang of the Golden Lion Guild, Yeon-ha Hwang… Mujin Guild, Juwon Medical, Shingeom Guild, and Cheongseong Guild. Here, even the most elite hunters dispatched from Japan, the United States, and the European Union.

There were enough 12,000 hunters alone. And that’s not all.

– Launch unmanned combat integrated platform.

Unmanned aerial vehicles launched from containers all at once according to Yaffe’s command protocol.

There are 34,000 drones for attacking gates that Manshinden is proud of.

They were an army enough, perhaps the mightiest on earth.

“All forces, Jin forces.”

Leon took the lead. As he and the white divine beast slowly moved forward, the Holy Grail knights and knights followed.

It was truly spectacular to see tens of thousands of troops moving in unison.


In preparation for the enemy’s artillery fire, the long-distance corps defense method unfolds and gradually approaches the ‘point’.

The mutation point of the creature experimented on by sacrificing serf soldiers. He openly warned that he would die if he crossed this point.

Points approaching as their advance continues. Eventually, when Leon stood in front of him, it exposed a blatant black curtain.

A warning of sorts. However, the Lion Heart King only reaped it with a hand gesture as if laughing at it.

“With this kind of leftovers.”

It could be said that it would be a good idea to tie up the armed forces who do not receive divine protection, but Leon had no intention of relying on the armed forces from the beginning.

As he entered while driving out the black curtain, the troops gradually entered. They were relieved to realize that the black membrane had not mutated them.


A plain in front of Pyongyang. Beyond that, countless monsters and North Korean soldiers can be seen. As if waiting for this side.

“That’s a lot.”

“Are you worried? Lord Vulcanus.”

“GRARARA──!! I’m just happy to have a lot of firewood!”

“Sir Spinner, let’s start soon.”


Yapi mobilized drones. At the forefront are the pilots and baron-class drones boarding the count-class aircraft. And tens of thousands of drones are together.

A large-scale combat drone that will maintain firepower superiority along with the Kirkiruk artillery in the pantheon, which is focused on hand-to-hand combat.

A corps of unmanned robots, worthy of being called a drone swarm, occupied the sky and aimed their guns at monsters and North Korean soldiers.

-Integrated Space Armed Platform Full Weapon Set.

In addition, a stealth combat satellite that was bombarded with star iron bullets somewhere in the north of Pyongyang a while ago and finished the adjustment work.

-All Weapon Free.

The moment tens of thousands of bullets were about to be fired over the enemy’s head——

[I have to bring such a boring toy to use it.]

It resonated throughout the space surrounding Pyongyang. Maybe even in Seoul. It was that deep, and it sounded as if it had been pulled out of the abyss.

Leon knew the owner of that voice.


The next moment, a ‘roar’ rang out.


A roar echoes.

A roaring flash that pierced the sky and stretched out into space. That, Leon witnessed.

More than 200 years in the past. The sight of the roar of Malus, the lord of chaos summoned for the first time in the empire, cutting through the sky.

If so, what’s next–!!


“All of the Holy Grail Knights! Ignite!!”

At the same time as Vulcan’s command, all the Knights of the Burning Sword spewed out flames. The holy fire developed by 50 members of the Holy Grail Knights and Vulcanus, the strongest Grail Knight of all time, formed a huge curtain that blocked the way of all 12,000 Hunters.

“What, what? Why are you covering your face all of a sudden—”

The doubts did not last long. This is because something collided with the curtain of fire soon after and severed the curtain.


The destructive force created by the aftermath of the roar pierced the curtain of fire and cut through the air.

Even though it was only the aftermath of sound at most, it was sharp as if all the blades in the world were compressed.

“Turn off my ears…”

“Damn it, what a noise…”

Could it be that just roaring had this kind of effect? Lee Yong-wan thought that the opponent was formidable.

“Are you okay, Miss Yuri?”

“Uh… it was just a sound. But what kind of guy said that sound?”

It was then. Hayuri swung her dagger at the feeling of a foreign body at the top of her head and cut it off.

– Took!

The cause of the severed foreign body sensation fell to the floor.

“This, this?”

drone. It was a drone that had filled the sky just before.

“Why is this?”

Lee Yong-wan looked at the sky. And I couldn’t close my gaping mouth.

– Unmanned aerial vehicle corps function stop. 65% loss in the count class, malfunction in the baron class. out of control. out of control.

Unmanned aerial vehicles that filled the sky were crashing all at once.

“Bar, raise your shield!”

The reliable drone squadron that had covered the allies until just a moment ago turned into a pile of scrap metal and pounded the corps.

There is no weak bone here to be hurt by the fall of a little hard scrap metal, but the fact that more drones than that have all crashed has caused psychological agitation.


“Ha, look at the sky!”

The sky… No, to be precise, countless shooting stars pouring down from space.

It didn’t take long for mankind to realize that these were the satellites that mankind had launched into space.

[Now, let’s start the war the old way.]

Chaos Lord Rakshaar smiled.

* * * *

One roar.

With that one stroke, humanity lost everything in the universe.

different. The scale is so different.

So far, mankind has faced demons many times and defeated them.

Sometimes they failed, but they succeeded in defeating the demon itself.

The great evil Scajacarrier, who caused the Shanghai catastrophe, has been successful in killing every time, and there have been great evils that appear from time to time, but mankind, fully prepared, has repulsed them.

It was even easier after the appearance of the pantheon.

Demon Gate was no longer a melting pot to welcome immortal demons, and the demons secretly moving into the human world were eliminated one after another by the pantheon.

Those who watched the battle video in Taiwan cheered as they realized that they were no match for the strongest creatures on earth… the Holy Grail Knights, even though the demons might have formed a mighty force.


this is different

The scale is so different.

The only ones who ‘understood’ this moment were Vulcanus and the Burning Sword Knights, who had fought against numerous monarch-level demons… and a few people who witnessed the final war at the gate that recorded the destruction of Lionheart.

【 Aura of Chaos 】


: Weakness, chaos, terrifyingness, confusion, tetanus, screaming, fear, confusion, despair, body decay, mental pollution, soul erosion────

[Legendary Great Devil]


: Unrecognizable.

【 Demon Lord Rakshaar 】


: Unrecognizable.

【 A desperate existence 】


: All living beings are overcome with fear, confusion, and despair.

: Morale is reduced by 99.9%.

: Physical resistance is reduced by 100%.

: Defense is reduced by 100%.

“Ah, the demon lord!”

“No, that’s ridiculous. How can I overcome something like that?”


“Don’t panic, you lowly ones!!”

The crowd, which seemed to explode at any moment, stopped.

As much as Rakshaar’s majestic roar, the Lion Heart King’s roaring roar calmed them down.

“The main king is here! The guardian of the Holy Grail, the agent of the gods is here!”

【Aura of Lion’s Heart】


: Corps reinforcement charge defense is granted.

: Corps reinforcement fortification is granted.

: Corps reinforcement battalion reinforcement is granted.

: Legion strengthening valor is granted.

: Legion strengthened lighter armor is granted.

: Legion strengthened tough skin is granted.

: Legion strengthening heavy blow is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-magic enhancement is granted.

: Legion strengthening ranged resistance is granted.

: Legion strengthening sharp gaze is granted.

: Legion strengthening anti-infantry slaughter is granted.

: Legion strengthening contamination resistance is granted.

“Fear not in this place where I am. What about the evil lord! I am their executioner!”

【 Demon Lord Slayer 】

“You know what a miracle is right in front of you. No warrior has been able to slay more evil than I.”

【Most demon slayers】

“Knights stand in the forefront! Living saints and saints are in front of you, and half-gods protect you. This is the protection of the gods.”

[Yakt Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of Iron and Blacksmith, whips you.]

-Emergency repairs can be triggered.

– You can sharpen the weapon’s blade through the blacksmith’s blessing. Adds 80% sharpness.

[Beatrice, the priestess of dreams and death, smiles.]

– Mental resistance increases by 100%.

– Safe dream is always activated.

– There is a high chance that Death Resistance will be triggered once.

[Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame, is in command.]

– Attribute Enhancement: <Flaming Sword> is granted to all corps.

-Reduces the enemy’s fire resistance by 80%.

– The Holy Grail Knight’s strength is partially applied to all legions.

-Clear eyes, rough breath, muffled shouts, and anger against evil are added to the followers of the war god.

[The Holy Grail Knight of Darkness and Vengeance, as well as the Holy Grail Knight of Gold and Contract, bestows his protection.]

-<Spell of Grudge> is applied. Weakening of the glove value for the ‘Devil Species’ is activated.

-<Sword of Darkness> is granted to all members of the Legion. A successful attack leaves a scar and absorbs HP.

-<Dragonia Golden Contract> will be engraved. Bonuses are paid according to major to gold and contract followers.


【Living half body】

: Belongs to the living demigod’s gate. Divine effect is applied.


“So don’t be afraid, be brave. While you’re alive, you’ll receive the protection of the Lion Heart King, and when you die, you’ll head to the banquet hall of the gods in paradise.”

Leon holds the holy spear high. The spear sent down by the Goddess of Light shone upon them the most sacred light.

“Baltan! Burning Sword Knights! Bulgeom!!”

“The Knights of Naju, forward with spears!!”

– Total sortie of 18 count class pilots. safety energy sharing. unfold

“Come on, if you’ve seen the surprise show, hold up your shield firmly!”

The Holy Grail Knights, Knights, and Man-at-Arms respond to this.

Trusting without any doubt the miracles that the Lion Heart King had shown so far, they followed the Lion Heart King’s commands and raised their swords and spears without hesitation towards the evil army.

Lion Heart’s Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lion Heart crosses the whole dimension as the strongest war rider, leaving behind 12,000 warriors who follow him.

“Pick up your sword and spear and line up.”

He raised his holy spear and signaled to his old ally.

“For the Goddess.”

the king says

“”For the honor!!””

The knights shouted at this.

“””For Lionheart!!!”””

The ensemble of soldiers shook the earth.

“Charge. Forward.”

Only death to evil.

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