The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 219

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As Lee Yong-wan busily drew his bowstring, he realized that he was really in the middle of the battlefield.

In the meantime, while attacking numerous gates, it is not that there were no gates with the theme of war, such as territorial wars or local wars.

However, the intensity of war is different.

The cavalry penetrated and the infantry’s shield collided with the heavy bodies of the monsters.

Lee Yong-wan is an S-class hunter. As a guild leader in charge of one of the top 10 guilds in Korea, he has shown off his strongest presence at the forefront of gate raids.

Even he himself is just one of those archers who don’t have a presence here. This battlefield, if there is a protagonist—


Waves of flame swept past at the roar of the gigantic knight.

It only took 1 second for the monsters’ raw flesh and bone fragments to burn away. Grail Knight Vulcanus, who holds two giant swords, mercilessly cuts down and overwhelms his opponents, whether small or large.

There is no difference in whether that monster has power or not, whether it is D-class or A-class. The unit that recognizes the strong of that is something that surpasses even S-class.

“Get down!”

A word someone hurriedly shouted. At the same time, outward laws are pouring down from the sky.


A black baptism falling from the sky resounding. What poured from the magic circle that covered the battlefield sky was the magician queen’s maximum bombardment magic.

“Oh, black smoke spreads! Is this okay?!”

“This, don’t touch it! It looks dangerous!”

firing point. The dark purple mist scattered in the aftermath hid deadly killing power, just like the hunters’ intuition.

Wherever the mist reached, monsters and North Korean soldiers suffocated and poured blood bubbles and died miserably.

lingering conversational power. If it’s a power that purely takes away life, that priest of death is the best.

“That’s Beatrice, Queen of Magicians…”

It wouldn’t be strange even if she was a hunter representing a country… no, the continent.

And if she represents the extreme of magic… the one who shows the most powerful presence on the battlefield now represents the extreme of science.

-Main combat program 3rd decisive battle weapon Marquis level operation rate 95%. safety energy sharing.

-Kick! Giggles!

-Kick! Giggles!

huge war machine. The decisive battle weapon that defeated the Great Old One in Taiwan the other day moves with the pilots of the count class aircraft.

Although all drones and additional armaments were lost, there were not a few aircraft that withstood the roar of the Lord of Chaos.

Marquis class, a land battle weapon for Yacht spinners, and elite war-armed count class with solo action.

They trample and slaughter uncivilized savages using the power of super-education armed with star iron bullets.

High-level integrated combat control operated by the main combat program of high-level strong artificial intelligence. Using the Marquis’s overwhelming firepower and the Count’s mobility, it completes a mechanical perfect combat system with no gaps.

Various armaments that actively utilized the fact that it was a machine body, such as ultra-precision shooting of integrated firepower, divine wire, high-power plasma cutter, and antibiotic-specific neurotoxin greatsword, sliced and re-cut monsters.

The battle is truly overwhelming.

The size of the enemy in the plains is at least 10 times more. No matter how many more enemies there may be at the end, it is the allied forces that overwhelm the battlefield.

“Huh, it’s hot.”

“Heh heh, isn’t it your lack of faith? President Takeda.”

Fuck! Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the association, just blew the monster’s head off with his fist. Takeda shrugged at him.

“I am quite a devout believer, Mr. President.”

Takeda brushed off the blade drenched in the monster’s blood and looked at Leon.

“Your Majesty doesn’t seem to be stepping out.

“You must be warming up. The other Holy Grail Knights are strong enough.”

Lion Heart King is the last hidden card. Lionheart originally made it its national bird.

The fact that the Lion Heart King was directly involved was a disgrace to the knights of the kingdom. So far, the situation has not been good, and Leon has always been at the forefront.

‘Even so, you’re still breathing in a war like this. You seem to be more wary of something than face.’

Leon’s usual authoritative atmosphere was nowhere to be seen, and a rough energy flowed out like the breath of a ferocious beast.

Thanks to the knight’s overwhelming breakthrough power, it penetrates the plain and enters the city.


It was the moment they entered downtown Pyongyang. Landmarks of Pyongyang erected ostentatiously from the entrance.

As soon as they entered the city, the building that was to be occupied suddenly turned into a black liquid like ink and fell with the momentum of pouring, and soon began to come together.

“Ugh! Look at that!”

“At 2 o’clock! At 11 o’clock! Something…!”

There were not just a couple of such buildings. Those who had been holding their breath until the hunters came in began to mutate all at once as they stepped into the trap.

The black ink instantly turned into a huge monster. The huge size tried to attack the hunters all at once.

“Ugh, whoa!”

“Everyone avoid!”

It was too late to avoid it. It was because the opponent’s size was so huge. Even the Man-at-Arms knew this, but tried to get out of the giant’s landing point as much as possible, but Leon shouted.

“Keep your seat! Don’t break the formation!”

However, the words could not come out of my throat. The only principle they inscribed on their bodies while training to die in the pantheon.

absolute obedience.

Follow the knight’s command without any questioning. If that were the case, the knights, all-powerful warriors, would make a breakthrough.

“You are the owner of the peaceful warmth that illuminates the world.”

God responded to Leon’s prayer. The god who responded was Tatar, the god of the sun and judgment. An impartial judge, as cold as a sword, gladly answered his judge’s prayers.

Sacred Punishment <Sun Appearance.>

The holy power gathered in an instant in the sky above the crowd is embodied as the sun.


It burned the monsters that tried to attack the army with its size and the demons that were lurking. A scene where the intense sunlight drives away the evil darkness.


“Lionheart! Lionheart!”

“Fuck this! With something like that behind us, we can beat anything!”

“Awesome! The monsters melt in real time!”

Hunters cheering. They calmly cheered for the Lion Heart King who performed the miracle. But even in the midst of that, there was someone who couldn’t let go of the tension. It was Hanhari.

‘Even then, there were two of them.’

In the final battle of the Pantheon, Leon, the Holy Grail Guardian, and Sir Loxley, the Holy Grail Knight, launched two suns.

Even in the face of such astounding natural disasters, the demon lord of wisdom, Karacael, sneered and dropped comets.

The opponent is the same demon lord. It is an opponent that can never be overlooked.

“Sir Han Hari. Where is Sir Han Hari!”

At that time, Lord Raihar of the Burning Sword Knight found Hari. Hari hurriedly steered the horse and headed towards it.

“What are you doing?”

“Your Majesty is looking for you. Take my hand!”

“Yes? Whoa!”

Before Hari had time to say anything, Raihar grabbed her hand and went somewhere! and blew it

After throwing a human body away like a javelin, she ended up in the middle of the military gate——


run into something Realizing that it is a block of cold, hard alloy, Hari raises her head.

“Huh, Marquis level?”

Yakt Spinner’s third decisive battle weapon. Hari, seated on top of a super robot that is still beaming at waves of monsters, realizes that she is not the only one.

“Lee Yong-wan, the guild leader?”

“Ah, hello. Ms. Hari.”

Lee Yong-wan greeted awkwardly. Beside him, Leon was looking down from the top of Stallion.

“Tsk tsk, are you still a vulgar jingle who was named a knight?”

“Oh, no, I’m an archer first.”

Lee Yong-wan, who was an S-class archer, protested against Leon, who was staring at his bow disapprovingly.

“No, more than that, Sir Yapi we are riding now. Isn’t it the king of long-range weapons itself?

-Kick! The armament of this machine is no different from the ‘body’ of this machine. It is a detachable mounted ‘flesh’. Do not compare yourself with your lowly organism.

“Aren’t you a robot? Are you a human? Are you riding a person inside?!”

Lee Yong-wan knocked on the iron plate of the Marquis class, but Yapi continued to fire.

“By the way… why did you call Miss Hari and me?”

“You two have work to do here.”


Leon looked down at Lee Yong-wan first.

“I heard you have good eyesight. If you snipe them here and see a threat, report it to Sir Spinner immediately. Originally, Sir Spinner was in charge of reconnaissance, but in this area of chaos, rather good performance seems to be a problem.”

The machine’s eyes are so accurate that it’s easy to fool them. I couldn’t blindly trust Yapi’s camera eye, let alone cheating on the situation in North Korea.

“But you bastard. Are you a bachelor?”

“Yes? Yes?! That’s why…”

“If you are a bachelor, swear to dedicate yourself to the goddess of the moon and chastity. She is also the goddess of hunters, so she will bestow her protection.”

“······If you swear by that.”

“There’s nothing special about living as a bachelor for the rest of your life.”

“I did. I did! How old am I!”

Leon sighed at those words.

“Look at that, Goddess Dina. These days, young people are promiscuous and don’t have many virgins and virgins. Even more so, it’s hard to find them if you ask them to remain chaste for the rest of their lives.”

[Shut up, virgin abductor. It’s better than a guy who kidnaps a virgin virgin like you and performs a riot.]

Leon scratched his pitch and reached out to Lee Yong-wan.

“This is a special case. In this moment, the Moon Goddess will bless you.”

The blessing of the goddess delivered through Leon made Lee Yong-wan feel an unknown sense of omnipotence.

A sense of omnipotence, as if power overflowed from the heart to each of the bundles of blood vessels! And that’s not all.

Lee Yong-wan had a hunch that his eyesight had been amplified several times compared to before.

“Oh, ohhh…”

The bow he pulled as a test flew away with a terrifying sound and hit a medium-sized monster that was approaching far away.


And even the explosion at the point of impact? It also melted five small monsters around the medium monster!

“This, this…”

“The moon is the sun’s brother and sister. Goddess Dina is like the Tatar god’s sister. So when the sun is up, you can use half of its power.”

[The ecology of the gods is not so easy to explain, Leon.]

To the goddess’ words, Leon answered as if he couldn’t help it.

“Nothing is so easy to understand for foolish children.”

Leon finished explaining to Lee Yong-wan.

“The real power is when night falls and the moon rises, but it should be a power that can be used even now.”


This much power is ‘half’ level protection? Lee Yong-wan drew the bowstring with a tingling face.

“Han Hari.”

“Oh yes!”

“Use the heat of the sun. This will make your fire stronger.”

Leon stared at the heritage of the founding father of Lionheart planted inside Hari’s chest.

“If you inherited the heart of fire, there is no way you can’t do it.”

“Oh, I see!”

Hari responded by pounding her chest at the heavy responsibility placed on her.

“Whoa… whoa…”

Petos, the god of war, whispered to the nervous Hari.

[Take care of the fire calmly. Thanks to the heat of the sun, the heart of Renoir inside you will be activated.]

Poma also helped.

[Let the fire flow like waves. You are the priestess who inherited the flame of Petos, but you were also the power of the god of waves. Do not underestimate this miracle that only you have.]

Leon watched as Hari made his flame burn even hotter with the heat of the sun, taking the advice of the two gods.

This child is rarely loved by God. You can leave the work behind.

“your majesty.”

Beatrice climbs on Yapi’s mechanical arm and approaches Leon. When she arrived, Leon crossed his arm.

“Get on.”

In response, Beatrice willingly grabs Leon’s hand and climbs on top of Stallion. Stallion, carrying the two, let out a roar like a beast and spread its wings.

“It’s starting to show. The real enemy.”

Beyond the battlefield where the Knights and Man-at-Arms are engaged in a melee. Despite the intense heat and light of the sun, there is an abyss full of darkness.

Terrifyingly huge shadows were wriggling in the place where the red tree branches grew, using the Ryugyong Hotel as a graveyard.

‘Did they say there were 3 million citizens in Pyongyang?’

If that’s the case, we should assume that there are at least 3 million degenerated monsters here. Considering that they absorbed monsters and even North Korean troops around them, there must be much more.

In other words, they are in a position to be forced into an endless war of attrition. The Holy Grail Knights, who have indefatigable ‘perfect vitality’, may not know it, but the others are not.

“Sir Vulcanus, Sir Spinner. Bice, Carina.”

Four saints and maidens head for Leon. Each is an agent of the great gods.

“Hit the devil’s head. All the Holy Grail Knights break through the enemy’s center.”

“”I’ll take your name!!””

Hit the enemy boss. Stallion roared and flew into the air.

[Is it coming? The nemesis of evil.]

Rakshaar’s voice echoes through the city. It wasn’t just humans who responded to his voice.





Five Great Old Ones. The monsters of chaos and destruction awaited the arrival of their nemesis, screaming loudly.

Apart from that, North Pyongyang.

Those who arrived at the place by horse and several vehicles witnessed a huge whirlwind of war going on there.

“There… something is strange. What city is…”

Captain Kim Do-han was stunned by the natural disasters taking place in Pyongyang.

The huge sun over the city and the fireworks that devour it. The building became a giant monster and destroyed the city, and the cries of the giant monsters are spreading all over the place.

Ordinary human beings will be torn to pieces the moment they get caught up in it. Heading there right now is like going to the middle of a nuclear battlefield where atomic bombs are exploding.

“Ji, are you really going? Mr. Gu?”

“I have to go.”

Goo Dae-seong took the reins. As long as you participate in this war, there is no retreat.

Everyone is fighting there, so as a member of this world, his duty is to help his allies there now.

“Whoa…! Let’s go! The two elders and the ‘Rebels’ let’s fight together!”

“Of course not, dude.”

“I can’t help it.”

Cheon Jin-soo and Kang Jin-seong moved forward, clicking their tongues. And the leader of the resistance… Ri Cheol-woong also spoke to the special operation unit hunters they brought.

“With the great gun-bomb spirit! Charge for the people and country!”

A new force enters the battle in Pyongyang. No one knew right away what kind of performance they would perform in this phase of the battlefield.

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