The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 22: Hunting Spiders (5)

As the sandstorm intensified, the Hunters carefully moved between buildings and headed toward the center of the city.

The Yakt Spinner’s terrible fighting ability was confirmed, but the Hunters’ momentum was equal.

The Yacht Spinner is thanks to retreating after taking heavy damage. The fact that the main armament and joints were distorted was a huge damage that could not be disputed.

Hunters thought it would take a long time for it to repair itself.

Even though Leon refused to cooperate, the attacks of S-class hunter Hwang Geum-cheol, semi-S-class Hwang Yeon-ha, and wizard Gil Tae-seong worked well enough.

Yacht spinners are not invincible. Hunters had confidence.

“But will it be okay? Without that strange knight as expected.”

“You’re an openly cut kid, what are you so sorry about?”

“No, but… isn’t it stronger than our guild leader to overwhelm that monster ticket?”

Even among hunters, Leon’s true identity is a hot topic. And the hunters who had their own time on this floor came to the same conclusion.

“There’s a good chance they’re survivors. Survivors are often selfish.”

“But isn’t that enough?”

“By the way, where the hell did it come from? I haven’t heard of a survivor appearing at the gate lately.”

The hunters tried to judge the existence of Leon who appeared like a comet with common sense they knew.

But even they couldn’t convince them.

That man is something different. He instinctively sensed that he was close to heterogeneity in this world.

“for a moment.”

At that time, the hunter in the lead stopped the following hunters with a gesture.

The hunter in the lead points his finger as if he found a dull lump of iron.

“250m ahead. On the roof. Cannon sticking out. It’s him.”

The hunters who followed the hunter’s words carefully checked the shape.

The characteristic crab shell-like torso is exposed obliquely. Ambiguous field of view for sniping with rockets.

Just in time, I saw a 10-story building with a good view opposite the building where the Yacht Spinner was captured. If I snipe from above, he’ll have no choice but to get hit without a chance to use his hands.

“Distance dealers, go up carefully to the building across from us. We wait here. If he notices us, he will draw attention and buy time.”

Following his instructions, the ranged hunters headed for the building opposite. I’ll hold my breath and climb the stairs slowly, so it will take some time.

“I’ve been looking for you, spiderling.”

Hunter waited for the signal from his colleagues who climbed the building with a smile of repentance.

1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes… … I’m afraid that the yakt spinner will notice, so I’m not moving, but no matter how long I wait, the signal doesn’t come.

“You bastards, what are you fidgeting about? Send a kid up on top and check it out.”

… … … …

There is no signal for a long time even though I carefully sent my colleagues. When Hunter noticed something strange–



Hunter felt that his vision was exploding.

I can see the form of a familiar ‘spider’ in the sight that rotates round and round.


Something… different. It seems much smaller… No, wait. If that’s a yakt spinner, what on earth is the entity on the rooftop they’ve been watching all this time–

The eyes that jumped into the air captured the invisible rooftop of the building with a subtle angle of view.

large carapace. To be exact, a ‘model’ in the form of a crude cannon was also attached to the spacious armor plate, which seemed to have only partially removed.



-Suddenly! Awesome!

By the time the man’s head hit the ground, it had already been whipped dozens of times.

* * * *

The Yakt Spinner has proven its name value.

The mobility obtained through the epoch-making lightweight rode the outer walls of the building like a spider,

The wire cutters wielded by numerous robot arms cut prey into pieces with a characteristic puncture sound that tore through the air.

They don’t even use cannons. He slaughtered hunters with only wire cutters, moving his lightweight torso and flexible legs exquisitely.

“Shoot! Hit something to make it stop!”

Someone’s desperate cry.

At the same time, even in the strong wind of a sandstorm, the launched magic missile chases the yakt spinner.


A steel spider that observes this and runs up the wall.

The yakt spinner erected itself vertically with a phenomenal movement and exquisitely inserted itself into the narrow gap between buildings.

– Kwak!

The two magic missiles hit the outer wall of the building without being able to keep up with that perfect evasion movement.

The three magic missiles, which responded quickly, judged that they had lost their target and turned vertically.

The arrows of magical power that soar into the sky pierce the yakt spinner that is crawling through the cracks in the building.

It is impossible to demonstrate rapid mobility in a narrow gap. The muzzle rotates.


Even though it has a guidance function, it is a one-dimensional magic bullet close to linear motion. Autonomous artificial intelligence perfectly intercepts magic missiles.

A magic missile that explodes after being hit in the air. The hunters who witnessed the scene gasped with their mouths open.

“Mi, crazy… is something like that possible?”

“It’s not an acrobatic shooting, what…”

They can’t even imagine. How can you expect the strong artificial intelligence of a killing machine born only for combat?

As they stood breathlessly silent, the Yakt Spinner caught them all at once.

“Damn it! Cover! Cover!”

The robot arms each swung the wire cutters they were holding.

The onslaught of the Yakt Spinner, which completely changed its main armament to a wire, has killed over twenty hunters so far.

Even the wizard’s long-range support didn’t work, so the hunters swallowed their screams and sprinted.

want to live The fear of not wanting to die dominates them.

A cemetery where the few surviving hunters arrived at the end of a desperate run. Hunter tripped over overgrown weeds and rocks there.


The Hunter, who rolled on the ground with the same momentum as he was running, gasped for breath and tried to escape at least by crawling.

– Steamed! Sizzling!

However, a four-legged yakt spinner approached and Hunter despaired, realizing that he could not escape.

“Oh, no. Save me… Lord, I don’t want to die…”

He begged for mercy, hiding like a shield on a shabby tombstone next to him. A mercy that he himself does not believe in.

-Kick… .

The Yacht Spinner stopped in front of the Hunter, aiming its cannon.

The logic circuitry of the killing machine, which has never sent any intruders alive, makes the decision.

「Second Logic Logic – Priority. Destroy the intruders.”

「Third Logic Logic – Priority. Destroy the intruders.”

The cannon is aimed. No matter what weapon it is, the yakt spinner can crush the hunter. But–

“Self-judgment. Logical decision-making hacking. Silence the sub-logic. Forced change of priority.”

Reap the weapon.

Autoclave, steel wires in auxiliary joints as well.

The moment I stopped with all my weapons gathered, magic arrows rained down from the sky.


The magic arrow hit the yakt spinner hard. The firepower of Gil Tae-sung and the Black Mamba hunters hits the Yakt spinner.

“Good! Got it right!”

“Staying stupid!”

The Yacht Spinner’s wide-angle lens is aimed at the hunters who attacked him. It is an attack that can be avoided sufficiently by maneuvering inside the graveyard. but… … .

“Final decision. top priority. Protect citizens.”

Heading towards the tombstone that the hunter who was chasing is hugging. If you fight here, you have to take inevitable losses.

Yacht Spinner decided to retreat right away.


A Yakt Spinner who escapes the graveyard ignoring the Hunter who makes a bewildered noise. Hunter, who was being pursued, was relieved that he was alive without knowing why.

“Yakt spinners run away!”

“He’s reached his limit too!”

“Follow me!”

Use only four remaining bridges to get to and from the building and escape as far as possible from the graveyard. The yakt spinner didn’t even fire back to avoid risking a ricochet.

「Yapi. look! I made a crown out of flowers!」

Because the safety of the citizens was the most important thing to prioritize.

Even if it’s a citizen who has already died.

* * * *

The Yacht Spinner returned to the repair shop again.

The damage received during the battle was repaired, the broken wire was resupplyed, and the self-produced ammunition was loaded.

It was not easy to maintain my body at a repair shop that has been built over many years, not even a regular facility, but I can still endure it.

“Keep the seal. Don’t let anyone get close.”

The last order left in the chain of command of the machine. However, the AI calmly judged that it was now impossible to carry out that order.

If we block this intrusion, what next? And what next? fail one day The time that had endured to the limit was now coming to an end.

While replacing broken parts with self-made ammunition, wires, and parts made by melting down the city’s scrap metal, they connect to surveillance cameras that still remain throughout the city.

-Enemy remnant estimated about 49 people. Level 5 threat factors are healthy, level 3 threat factors are healthy, and many level 1 threat factors are present. 35.7% repelling chance.

– Combat continuation.

Nothing changes. Machines simply do what is given to them faithfully.

When the machine was fully maintained while struggling to move the soggy body——

“Did you have fun playing with the mischievous people?


The knight was watching the scene from beginning to end.

* * * *

Leon worships chivalry.

No, it is no exaggeration to say that it is the incarnation of chivalry.

He abhors cowardly raids and seeks a fair fight.

Of course, the opponent does not fight fair and square.

The many enemies he faced tormented him with ambush, intrigue, and all sorts of witchcraft.

However, that is not a reason for him to abandon his knightly virtues.

He was on the side of destroying battleships and necromancer from the front.

The incarnation of unbreakable chivalry, even if it breaks.

I was strong because of that kind of temperament,

He was chosen because of his temperament.

That’s why I waited until the yakt spinner finished my maintenance.

With very few exceptions, a knight’s honor is important.

Even if it is a non-human being.

Leon has met many heterogeneous races, and among them there are many races that are completely alien to humans.

He was an earthling, but he had lived in the world of aliens and aliens for a much longer time than that.

In other words, it accepts the yakt spinner’s non-human cold armor plate and structurally different joints to the extent of its race’s personality.

“Even though it’s a robot, its majesty and dragon power are amazing. It’s hard to beat it with miscellaneous things outside.”

Before he could finish his words, the wire that had been swung violently scratched the spot where Leon had been. I backed away lightly to avoid it, but it got on the Lion Heart King’s nerves.

“Is it too much to wish for honor from a machine?”

Yacht Spinner’s eyes glow red.

480 rounds of remaining 60mm cannon for armament check.

4 wire cutters, ‘2 tons’ as the last resort in the garage.

Whips that exceeded supersonic speed were whipped in succession.

The wire cutter’s trajectory and speed are all calculated and adjusted so that they do not get entangled with each other, a perfect attack.

The whip at supersonic speed hit Leon with no way to escape, whether on the surface or in the air.

The target is still floating. Remaining awake, Leon resisted the onslaught, holding on to the holy sword.

Because it was an attack that calculated the opponent’s evasion, the only attack that reached Leon, who had stopped, was a wire cutter. It bounced off like a holy sword.


The mixture made by melting iron ore had to be shattered by the whipping of a wire cutter that broke through supersonic speed.

But the iron sword is alive and well. It’s not out of calculation. Even if you don’t understand it with common sense in the machine’s database.

The Yacht Spinner used its four legs to confuse Leon with much more agile movements than before.

It’s good if the opponent keeps his place like a heavy tank. A target that does not move is just food for the cannon.

-Tutada da da da da da da da da da da!

A baptism of cannon fire from the muzzle. The first shot misses as if it were natural.

However, Yacht Spinner analyzes and corrects the trajectory of the flying shells and the impact group, and is about to hit Leon.


Upon stepping on the ground, the concrete crumbled and the doll soared up.

The moment after the protruding concrete blocked the view, the Yacht Spinner condensed the hydraulic springs in the joints and bounced as if it were running away.

– Quaang!

A spear that pierces the place where the Yakt Spinner used to be. yeah i expected it

The combat pattern of threat level 5 was analyzed enough to be analyzed, and the number of all cases was assumed.

The appearance of a window out of thin air,

The fact that the iron sword does not break at all,

Crushing tank-grade armor with brute force.

I couldn’t understand everything with common sense and logic, but it was a reality that the threat in front of me was like that.


Help closing sound caught by noise filter. Even if it is not captured by the wreckage, the sound does not lie.

Leon landed like a cannonball on the spot where the Yacht Spinner was running while holding on to the wall. Boarding the summoned divine beast, he is recovering the holy spear.


I don’t understand. How can organisms achieve such speeds?

However, the logical understanding has long been dismissed. The lightweight yakt spinner flung itself between the repair shop buildings, blocking Leon’s approach.

“Stalion, he wants to play hide and seek with us.”

Yakt spinners running away and cavalrymen ignorantly destroying building walls and pillars with their whole bodies and chasing them.

The Yakt Spinner’s guerrilla strategy using the advantage of the terrain, and the appearance of the cavalry chasing him in a straight line were contradictory, as if the roles were reversed, but the Yacht Spinner did not just run away.

The wire cutter, which launched an unexpected ambush toward the chasing Leon, was threatening and deadly. But that is just a matter of buying time.

Leon seems to be chasing ignorantly, but he calmly and skillfully cuts off Yakt Spinner’s attack.

The ironic situation of humans chasing armored tanks. The Yacht Spinner thoroughly avoided Leon’s approach and increased its speed.

– Creak!

However, the joints gradually wear out.

Originally designed to deal with armored vehicles and slow infantry units, the structural limits are being tested by superhumans.

-Off Geek!

Parts that scream.

Excessive abuse, which is not in the thoroughly calculated machine operation method, caused a collapse from within.

How will machines accept the absurd situation that machines get tired before humans?

A chase that lasted for several minutes, the reversal occurred with a calculated wit.

With a large pillar of a building in front of him, he hooked his thin legs on the pillar and resolutely changed the trajectory.

“… Stallion!”

The yakt spinner, which reversed in an instant, rammed the cavalry.

Even if it is lightweight, it weighs more than 40 tons. It is not a shock that organisms can withstand.

“It’s quite.”

However, even as Stallion was pushed away by the shock, he endured it by gliding smoothly.

In spite of the shock, which is difficult to maintain the flesh and shape, the humans and horses lightly nod their heads and run again.

Nothing changes. Yacht spinners took advantage of the open distance and generously poured the few remaining cannonballs.


A Stallion that avoids fire with phenomenal movements.

Even if each shot generously pours precious cannonballs, the Stallion’s run does not stop.


The merciless thrashing of 60mm cannonballs cut the durability of the old building in real time.

Exterior walls, ceilings, and pillars all were crushed like sponges, pouring out large boulders.

One by one, the Stallions leap lightly toward the deadly boulders, and eventually start to climb up to the boulders that are falling.

This phantasmagoric beast, called Shinma, climbed up the stone waterfall and reached the ceiling in an instant.


The camera lens of the jockey and the yakt spinner, which is about to fall again due to gravity, intersect.

Facing each other vertically, they aimed cannons and lances at the enemy above their heads and at the enemy below their feet.

-68 bullets. bullet shot.

“To Lionheart…! Glory to you——!!”

Machine shells that defied gravity and rained down, and cavalrymen that spurred the ceiling and slammed down vertically.

The ceiling, which had barely maintained its shape despite the relentless misfire of machine guns, completely collapsed under the impact of the white giant.

Charge like a white comet. The falling star is beaten by cannonballs. But–


There is not a single wound in the divine horse that has been imbued with light. All physical attacks are impervious to the Shinsoo of Light, who releases his divine power and becomes one body with the rider to perform charging.

– Kwak!

A devastating blow imbued with dense holy power struck the Yakt Spinner.

– Kwajijik!

A yakt spinner that is pierced and half of the body is ripped off.

The robotic arms of the yakt spinner moved even as they were thrown away like garbage from the enormous impact.

Right now, the opponent is stopped in the aftermath of the shock and fall… 2.7 seconds to allow your body to move for a moment. Swinged 4 wire cutters.

The high-performance AI calculated the trajectory even when my body was being thrown out. In order to be sure to kill a stationary enemy.

A trajectory determined by sharp wire cutters swinging from four directions to cut the fabric.

Rows of silver snakes rushed from all sides to bite their prey.

This time, it was a surefire kill.



Yacht Spinner briefly reviewed my camera malfunction. In an instant, the Stallion carrying Leon disappeared like an illusion and he kicked the ground.

The trajectory of the wire cutter was calculated assuming a rider on horseback.

If the size of the target is reduced to less than half, too perfect calculations lead to rather fatal misses!

Leon, who shot his body like a cannonball, pierced the center of the orbit that should have been perfect.

With the destructive power he’s shown so far, it’s only a matter of seconds to even cut my main computer.

「Yapi. Those sealed here must never go out.”

The strong artificial intelligence finished the calculation even in a split second.

A garage built on top of a sealed facility. The last way to defend this place. If there is even a 0.01% chance, the machine will not stop its action.

-Self-destruct sequence initiated. Detonation of all explosives for landfill facilities

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!!

A large amount of explosives planted all over the garage exploded all at once.

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