The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 220

< Lord of Chaos Rakshaar (2) >

Led by the Holy Grail Knights, the Burning Sword Knights, Vulcanus crushed the demons in front.

The Holy Grail Knights of War and Flame, the flames emitted by the knights, and the weakening of the enemy’s flame resistance applied to the entire battlefield made the enemy’s defense even more fragile.

“GARARARARA——!! Go away!!”

The breakthrough power of Vulcanus and the Knights of the Burning Sword is overwhelming.

However, the number of enemies was really large enough to be called ‘overwhelming’.

It wasn’t enough to mutate all the citizens of Pyongyang into monsters, because they accumulated countless monsters using the large-scale gate incident.

No matter how much the Holy Grail Knights boast of their strength, it is not possible to break through this endless tidal wave indefinitely.

“That’s a lot! It reminds me of the old bad guys!”

“Compared to that time, it’s not a big deal, Sir Raihar!”

Yes, in the Great War that caused the decline of Lionheart in the past, the knights saw a truly hopeless tidal wave of evil.

However, there were many Holy Grail Knights back then. There were 12 complete Holy Grail Knights, more than double the number of Holy Grail Knights.

And what about the knights of the kingdom? Even if they weren’t chosen as the Holy Grail Knights, there were many guardians who guarded each place, the Knights of Glory.

There were elite troops who had accumulated experience and military feats that even knights acknowledged, soldiers who were willing to give their lives for the kingdom, and there were many serfs who could be used as meat walls.

But what about the current pantheon?

With the exception of Grail Guardian Leon, Grail Knight Vulcanus, and Grand Duke Karina of Dragonia, all the mighty men of old glory ascended to heaven and perished.

Magician Queen Beatrice and strong AI Yacht Spinner are strong enough to be acknowledged even by them, but the rest… well?

‘I didn’t have enough time.’

There were definitely geniuses with a promising future. Han Hari is an example of that.

A priestess who was chosen by the two gods to inherit the ‘Heart of Fire’ from Duke Renoir, the main character of Lionheart’s founding myth.

What about Chun So-yeon, Kim Jae-hyuk, and Han Su-ho? According to what I heard, they were the knights who inherited the holy relic directly from the priest of the month.

There were people who could be called talented people on Earth, and maybe a Holy Grail Knight might be born among them.

However, Holy Grail Knights are not beings born so easily.

In other words, at least at this time, we can’t hope for a new Holy Grail Knight to be born. In other words, it takes too much time to increase further from the current power.

‘It’s meaningless to wish for something that doesn’t exist.’

The Knights of the Burning Sword humbly accepted it. Have you given up hope? That’s never.

‘The Lion Heart King is here. As long as he exists, the glory of the kingdom will not fade.’

After being frozen for 200 years and barely stepping on the foreign land of Earth, the Burning Sword Knights heard many stories about Leon from the god Petos.

How long has he been fighting the demons alone?

How many demon lords and great demons have been defeated and finally won.

The knights blamed themselves whenever they heard the story of the glory.

They considered themselves guilty of treason for letting the king fight alone.

“But, not this time! We fight alongside the King! We will open the way for the King!”

“No wonder!”

The Knights of the Burning Sword, led by Raihar, responded. The breakthrough power of their wedge charge is the strongest of the Holy Grail Knights. They fight their way through the tidal wave of evil.


It was temporary, but it pierced the waves of monsters. Only 50 knights pierced tens of thousands of waves. Even if it’s a hole that will soon be filled.


At the command of Lord Raihar, the Knights of the Burning Sword began to spread widely to the left and right.

It’s a tactical quirk. As a cavalry unit, they have the greatest breakthrough power only when united. Even so, they chose the path of scattering left and right.

As if trying to block the waves alone.

“Good work!”

Vulcan enters the place they broke through. The huge footsteps of the Marquis class, a decisive battle weapon, passed, and following Karina, Leon and Beatrice also passed.

Leon said as he passed them in the sky.

“I’ll leave it to you.”


In the place where the Holy Grail Knights passed, the Burning Sword Knights descend from their comrades, the war horses, and raise their blazing swords.


And the waves of monsters rushing in again. The noise of the monsters trying to make up for it is loud, as if it was disgraceful to have been broken through by them once.

“Baltan Flaming Sword Knights.”

Lord Raihar shouted. Flames raged on the sword held vertically, and the next moment…


The flames from their swords instantly formed a huge veil. It’s like making a prison made of fire.

Of course, the prisoners in that prison are demons.

* * * *

In the darkness of pouring black mist. Leon, Beatrice, Vulcanus, Karina, and Yapi moved forward, wary of their surroundings.

[It’s been a while, Lionheart. You are stronger than before. No, have you recovered your strength?]

A muffled reverberation echoing through the space. Leon couldn’t find the direction of the voice, but it wasn’t Yafi.

-1 o’clock. response shot.

Kwak Kwa Kwak!

A flash of light replaced by holy power poured from the Marquis-class energy muzzle.

Accurate shooting without even a 0.01 second delay. But I can’t hear the sound of the impact.


The next moment, something huge rushed towards Yaffi. huge tentacles. A Marquis-class plasma barrier has been deployed, but a giant tentacle penetrates it.


A marquis-class body was hit by tentacles and stumbled.

– Anchor launch. Posture control deflection thrust nozzle full operation.

Papapak! Anchors pouring in. Anchors driven into the ground and buildings and boosters that increase output in the opposite direction of collapse correct the fuselage about to collapse.

Yafi’s machine foot, which barely got into position, cut off the tentacle foot with the plasma cutter.

[Keukkeuk, that’s a fun toy.]

Yapi sensed that the direction of the sound was completely different from before. I pushed my muzzle toward that place, but as expected, Rakshaar was nowhere to be seen.

“Sir Spinner, do not rely solely on observational information.”


Yappi looked around while preparing to mobilize all his armed forces at any time.

“But even after coming this far, I can’t clearly grasp his presence.”

Karina thought that this fog polluted her senses. Otherwise, there is no way that a great demon like Rakshaar will not be caught.

“GARARARA──! Then I’ll have to pull it out myself!!”

Vulcan immediately put the divine power into his body.

Divine Advent <God of War>.

The greatest Holy Grail Knight in history performs the miracle of putting Petos, the god of war and flame, into his body as easily as flipping the palm of his hand.


pouring flames. Sparks leaked through the entire body of the armor, causing a wave of flames that swept the surrounding area.

“Lord Vulcan! The premature descent of the Divine Spirit——!”

Karina stopped Vulcanus, but it was already too late. The enormous holy power poured out by Vulcanus as he descended upon the divinity was absorbed straight into the World Tree.

The seedling of the world tree remodeled by the demon lord of chaos, Rakshaar, absorbs the surrounding holy power. Of course, the enormous holy power that was manifested right in front of their noses was just a nutritious meal.

of course.

How to lose weight if you eat too much nutritious food.

“GRRARARA!! This my holy power! Can a young seedling be able to contain it!”

The World Tree, which had been absorbing Vulcan’s enormous flame, could not absorb Vulcan’s holy power at some point. On the contrary, it spews out the holy power it ate as if it were spitting it out.

Vulcan radiated it again, spreading flames everywhere.


The pouring flame drives away the dark fog and burns it up. Watching that scene, Karina had a tired expression.

“Is the world water indigestion? It’s still an ignorant vessel, Lord Vulcanus.”

Thanks to this, the annoying fog will disappear and their faces will be revealed.

Although the demon lord is mighty, he won’t go out alone with such an army.

At least five archevil. However, there are only four Holy Grail Knights here. Among them, Vulcanus is the greatest Holy Grail Knight of all time.

If Leon is in charge of Rakshaar, the Great Devils can be organized into Holy Grail Knights.

In the fog that disappeared like that. Beatrice’s expression contorted as she witnessed one of the Great Demons gradually revealing its gigantic figure.


The entrance to the World Tree with the Ryugyong Hotel as its tomb. The familiar demon archduke hanging there.

“I was here…”

The magician queen found the crippled enemy she missed in Taiwan, but she couldn’t help but be distorted by embarrassment.

Fallen Grand Duke Quay. It was stuffed in a corpse state.

“your majesty······.”

“I’m looking at you too.”

It’s not just Quay. The great demons who reveal their gigantic presence around the world tree. Each one of them was stuffed with ancient great demons called the Great Old Ones.

“What are you doing——”

So, are the roaring demons hallucinations?

[I was waiting. The nemesis of all demons.]

The appearance of Rakshaar is revealed.

His appearance has not changed from before.

Huge pincers and hundreds of giant tentacles. Huge figures reaching hundreds of meters are violent just because of their size.

However, what is completely different from before is its presence.

Originally the Demon Grand Duke of Chaos, he was released from a long seal and succeeded to the vacant seat of the monarch.

It was said that he had enough skills to take the place of the monarch that even Quay and other demon dukes could not inherit.

[Leon Dragonia. Son of Ulfric Dragonia. A mansin agent with a lion heart. The hero who defeated Malus, the lord of chaos, Karakael, the lord of wisdom, and Dotradon, the lord of pleasure.]

Rakshaar’s voice spreads in between. His gigantic body moved between buildings in Pyongyang, looking down at the Holy Grail Knights.

[I heard your story for a long time. How terrifying you are, how miraculous you are.]

Even so, it was an instinctive feeling that the Holy Grail Knights did not immediately attack him. Chaos Lord Rakshaar. If you don’t have the confidence to kill him at once, your intuition is that it’s dangerous to attack him recklessly.

[Many demons feared you and did not go to this battlefield. I chose to hide from you for eternity, looking forward to your lifespan coming to an end.]

“Is that why you summoned the Great Devil and killed them all?”

[okay. Even the most ancient demons did. In particular, all those who fought with you 200 years ago.]

Come to think of it, there were some familiar faces among the giant hanging demons. The great devil who fled through the remaining gates before eliminating all Demon Gates in the 256th year.

The guy who had lost half of his body and fled by throwing his men as bait was now stuffed and nailed to a building.

“But you did a good job of coming here. If you judged Jim to be weak, it would be a big mistake.”

[Hehe, demons aren’t afraid of the size of your power. For great lords, a power like yours couldn’t escape the limits of a mortal after all.]

Rakshaar asked with sincere awe.

[Lionheart. Leon Dragonia Lionheart. Are you really human?]

“It’s a demigod.”

[Don’t underestimate yourself. Even if yours is compared to the gods, it does not lose the status of a myth.]

Rakshaar saw beyond that through Leon. The gods of the heavens who are still keeping an eye on them. Those who live dependent on the heart of a human being in the middle of the day must have noticed it long ago.

[Abominable celestial immortals. Are you really using someone better than you as your servant? You don’t deserve it.]


The gods were silent. They have a huge sense of debt to the knight they love, and they know that the dedication he has made stems solely from his nobility.

After such a long dedication, the gods can’t repay anything to him who has shown miracles many times.

That’s why I have nothing to say. Because it is the current pantheon that still forces devotion to him who has fought alone for hundreds of years.

[Lionheart. No, Leon Dragonia. hold our hand Get out of the mansin that can’t do anything for you and be stained with malice. Then you will be our god.]

Be reborn as an evil god.


Leon let out an unexpected laugh. It didn’t take long to realize that it was a laugh.

“This goddamn bastard speaks nonsense for a long time! I couldn’t stand it because my ears tickled the whole time I was listening to it!”

Leon lifted the holy sword. The brilliance of the Holy Sword, from which the light of justice flows, symbolizes his unshakable justice.

“You pitiful things, you evil beasts. Did you know that this is the first time you’ve seduced me? You’ve been doing nonsense that you haven’t succeeded in so many years without getting tired of it!”


Light pouring towards Leon’s holy sword. Leon’s body shines brightly.

“Ariana loves me. Petos is proud of me, and Foma has promised me safe voyages always.”

“Demera granted me the ground to lay me on, Heto forged my sword and armor, Fleur watched over me in my dreams, and Dinah forgave me the mortal sin of committing my virginity.”

Leon doesn’t waver. Even if he stops, grieves, and collapses, he has never been shaken. As if the worries of the gods who were worried about the possibility of corruption were meaningless.

“Since the beginning of time, who among mankind has been loved by the gods like me! How can I be ashamed and regretful to repay this love!”

Born as an orphan and dying at a young age, he was born in a fantasy he longed for.

I met my undeserved parents, had a good opportunity, and walked a rugged but honorable path. At the end, it must have been a long and long childhood, facing the proof of God and escaping from the foolish path of ignorance.

“I’m Leon! I’m Dragonia! I’m Lionheart! I’m the Lionheart!!”

The answer was enough. Rakshaar realized that Lee Ja had an unshakable soul, just as he had guessed.

It’s really a pity and a precious person. He is truly qualified to become the god of evil.

However, apart from his qualifications, the malice that is invisible to him will not be able to stain him with evil.

[Excellent, Lionheart. That’s why today your legend will end here.]

“Try it, Beast. You will realize that there is a God’s Knight that will never be broken.”

[Let me introduce myself once again.]

The Lord of Chaos shouted.

[I am the chaos that will distort your norms!]

[Despair to stop your beating heart!]

[It is a cry that will crush the cry of hope.]

[I! The Lord of Chaos, Raksharda!!]

A huge roar Before that roar was over, the Holy Grail Knights charged at the evil lord.

And at that moment–

[Today, you will lose your divinity and die as mere humans.]

-bang! Kwak!


The stuffed corpses of the great demons exploded, pouring black mist.

“Vulcanus, Bice…!”

Upon hearing Leon’s name, the two poured flames and purple mist with enormous holy power. It’s because I don’t know what it is, but the ominous thought that I have to stop that thing flashed through my mind.

[no use. It is a great magic that consumes the souls of six demons. Do you think it can be stopped with mere human power?]

As the words said, the black fog instantly drove the two people’s holy power and filled the surroundings with a thick layer.

Day and night change in an instant, in the darkness where you can’t see even an inch in front of you. Leon sensed something flashing.

Seongbeop <Blessing of Arrow Barrier>

Only one ranged attack. The strongest defense method that absolutely blocks it. This is the power of concept. It is an invincible shield that has never been pierced.

– Kwaaak!

The moment the invincible shield was pierced, the cursed thorn passed through Leon, and he fell off the white divine beast.

“”your majesty···!””

In the astonishment of the Holy Grail Knights. Leon felt the goddess’s voice dissipate.

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