The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 221

< Lord of Chaos Rakshaar (3) >

“A large monster ahead! That one!

“Shouldn’t a guy with more firepower be in charge of the larger species?!”

“Eight! Traitor Lee Wan-yong! Are S-class hunters not even that good?”

“Uh dude, are you talking? And Lee Yong-wan, not Lee Wan-yong!”

Building windows across the battlefield. Lee Yong-wan shot the monsters there and scolded Hari.

“Mr. Lee Yong-wan, aren’t you a knight of the Pantheon of God now?”

“It’s been a while since you were appointed?”

“Former senior knight. And the priestess of Foma-nim and Petos-sama.”

Who is Lee Yong-wan?

“Uh, uh huh! On the subject of an agency at the end of an association!”

“It’s enough to submit a letter of resignation! There’s a manor there, too. There’s a lot of money!”

“The pantheon abandoned all the children…”

“Is it time for a bickering?”

Then, a shadow suddenly appeared between the two. It was Hayuri, the deputy guild leader of the Phoenix Guild.


It was Yuri Ha who prevented Hari from almost falling down the building. She hugged Hari by the waist and raised him up again, stroking his hair.

“You have to be careful.”

“Go, thank you.”

“Is there a big difference in attitude between Hari and Yuri and how they treat me?”

To Lee Yong-wan’s voice, Ha Yu-ri refuted with the attitude of asking something obvious.

“A pretty sister is better than a mammonist traitor. The subject doesn’t even pay for ten rescues.”


“Aren’t you paying ten rescues?!”

Lee Yong-wan refuted Ha-ri’s astonished gaze.

“No, the ten structures are a bit… uh, are you giving enough offerings?”

Above all, the ten structure has not yet been enforced on outsiders who are not directly under the pantheon.

“It’s not enough Mii! Mii!”

“That, Miss Yuri? Why did you come up?”

“There were monsters pushing this way. I just dealt with it.”

Hayuri wiped the dagger that was covered in blood.

“Miss Harry, is Miss Hari the one controlling the flames on the battlefield right now?”

“Yes? Yes. Thanks to the sun.”

Hari was projecting overwhelming firepower onto the battlefield thanks to the huge sun Leon had left afloat.

The reason she is here with sniper Lee Yong-wan is to see the battlefield wide and find a place to project firepower.

“Let’s move to the building over there with me. Large monsters are pouring in from the eastern district. High-ranking demons are also mixed in.”


“Our Gilma-nim, be careful not to get hit in the back of the head here.”

“Uh-uh, come back quickly.”

Yuri Ha laughed and jumped down the building. Harry jumps after her. As they headed toward the building across the street, they saw a familiar face.



Han Soo-ho and Kim Jae-hyuk. The two of them are holding their spears and preparing for another charge while catching their breath with the knights.

“How is the war situation?”

“Don’t say anything. It seems everyone is out of their power.”

Suho looked tired. Jaehyuk also cried.

“The amount of holy power consumption is no joke. It’s popping up here and there, so I don’t know if I know it, but I don’t know if the gods are screaming. In particular, the gods with the Holy Grail Knights must have been very upset.”

Jaehyuk tried to evoke the atmosphere of the hard battlefield, but his expression looked too tired to be a joke.

That means the density of this battlefield is high.

“But it seems like everyone isn’t depressed because there are things like that.”

Jaehyuk looked up at the sun, who still shows his presence as if he were protecting the hunters.

The sun, summoned by the authority of Tartar, the god of the sun and judgment, melted demons and monsters with just its presence and gave its allies an unknown strength and will.

The Lion Heart King, who creates such things in the blink of an eye, and the Holy Grail Knights who represent the power of the gods. If there are them, there is no choice but to win, everyone firmly believes and keeps their seats.

“I’m going to hit a big one! Cheon So-yeon! Prepare to charge!”

“Put a headband on!”

Jaehyuk focused the lightning with the power of Ultima, the god of sky and thunder. It is not difficult to handle lightning thanks to the spear of the Holy Grail Knight of Thunder, which he inherited from the Lionheart Kingdom.


– Kwaaang!

crashing thunderbolt. It blew away the leading monsters at once.

“Wow, that’s great.”


Leaving those who admired him behind, Jaehyuk questioned his performance with a curious look.

“This is strange… Was my voice originally this strong…?”

Aside from the power, the range and the number of falling thunderbolts were different from before. As if a large faucet was turned off and the water rushed towards me.

“Miss Hari, send fire support over there soon.”

It was time for Hayuri to hurry up.

“Huh? The sun!”

“The sun is gone!”

The sun that protected the hunters by shining a strong presence a little while ago gradually dispersed and soon disappeared.

-what? what’s the matter?

– Is the sun gone?

And that’s not all. Blessing traits that disappear one after another from the system window as soon as they change. It was known to everyone in an instant and caused a commotion.

“Wait, what the hell is going on?!”

Even Harry was embarrassed.

* * * *


Everyone shouted at the place where Rakshaar’s attack had passed, the Lion Heart King crumbling powerlessly.

“”your majesty!!””

The staggering Holy Grail Knights. Even the yakt spinner was late in calculating this sudden situation.

“Keep your seat! It’s just a penetrating wound!”

Leon calmed everyone down even when his chest was pierced. Thanks to twisting my body in an instant, my heart narrowly missed.

“I can’t believe my defense method can be broken through…”

long-distance protection. The method of blocking all ranged weapon attacks is not omnipotent.

For example, something outside the imagination that the knights do not recognize as a ‘ranged weapon’. For example, it cannot block things outside of perception, such as magic.

Because magic has too many cases, beyond what knights can understand.

The absoluteness of concept defense is established under the condition of such a gap.

Leon is the apex of such surname users. That’s why I was careless. To be precise, it would have to be seen as an unshakable faith.


Karina hurriedly approached. She supported the reeling Leon, and in the meantime, Yapi, Vulcanus, and Beatrice rushed towards Rakshaar.

“You fucking bastard!”

Divine Punishment <Fire of the Battlefield>


Super-heavy bullets 680mm star iron shells divine enhancement.


Great Voice <Fog of Death>

The three Holy Grail Knights almost simultaneously unleashed the greatest amount of holy magic.

Petos’ flame, Heto’s divinity-honed most expensive shell, Fl’s death mist.

The Holy Grail Knights’ great technique, in which even the Great Devil cannot escape extinction if struck directly. That is, of course, if it triggers.


The fire does not advance. No, rather, when he noticed that even the flames overflowing from his body had gone out, a huge tentacle swung towards Vulcanus.


“Sir Vulcanus!”

Beatrice finds Vulcan, but he bounces off the building.

– Shell set. launch.

Yapi’s 680mm star-iron shells were fired at Rakshaar. Almost simultaneously, black light focused from Rakshaar’s mouth shoots out destruction.

Transcendence <Light of Extinction>

A bombardment that shook space. Even the energy of destruction collides with the strongest physical energy in history.


The windows of the surrounding buildings are shattered all at once, and the asphalt cracks.

The time of transcendence that Leon had broken through the other day… This time, it was different from before.


The next moment, Yapi’s Marquis level is penetrated. The 680mm special star-iron shells are huge shells that are just simply strong as even the protection of iron has disappeared.

It wasn’t enough to block the transcendence of the demon lord Rakshaar.

– loss of armament. Loss of 65% of the fuselage. Emergency battle mode–

The surviving armed forces were mobilized and taken out, but no shots were fired. Rakshaar’s tentacles broke even the massive body of a marquis-class decisive battle weapon like a can of millet.


Karina and Beatrice understood the current situation.

A dark fog that emerged from the explosions of the corpses of the great demons. Since it filled this space, the connection with divinity was severed.

“This fog… seems to be blocking the connection with the divine. Grand Duke Carina.”

“I know.”

you have to get out of this place The two put Leon on the Stallion and tried to escape through the sky.


However, thousands and tens of thousands of flying monsters flocked from the sky. The large army mixed with demons thoroughly blocked the escape through Stallion.

“What about the Knights of the Burning Sword?!”

Karina’s gaze turned to the Holy Grail Knights, who had been blocking the waves of monsters until just now. They lost their holy power in the aftermath of the fog and were swept away by waves of monsters.

“Hey, it’s dangerous here!”

“We’ll stop it, so hurry up and kill Your Majesty…!”

[You can’t leave this place.]

Helpless at the cries of the Knights of the Burning Sword, Rakshaar declared in a mocking voice. He was the only one who didn’t lose any strength in this fog.

[A mortal after all. It returns to a weak human body just because the connection with the divine is cut off.]

Chaos Lord Rakshaar. The great magic he unleashed by sacrificing the five great demons and the great supply demon.

[Here you die as helpless humans.]

Do you have any regrets?

The overlord with overwhelming superiority comes with great despair.

[Lionheart. Where are your gods now? Your gods will no longer hear your voice. Your soul will not go to their paradise.]


Leon stood up on his own, leaving the side of the Queen, Grand Duke, and old allies who supported him.

It’s not a heart, but it’s a fatal wound. It was a wound that would have been healed by the power of Demera had he not died, but it cannot be recovered after the connection with the divinity is severed.

He felt awkward about seeing a pure human body that he hadn’t seen in hundreds of years.


But he got up. Without caring about the open body and the blood flowing through it.


Karina approached Leon. The cold Northern Grand Duke was restless at this moment.

“your majesty···.”

Beatrice blocked his way.

“I’ll buy you some time. Get out of here with Grand Duke Karina.”

Now that his divinity has been blocked, the only one who maintains full power is himself as a great mage.

Beatrice plans to risk her own life to complete the retreat of the Lion Heart King.

you could die will probably die But I had to.

“Jim has no intention of retreating.”

“your majesty?”


“Face the impossible!”

“Challenge the invincible opponent!”

“I will walk towards the stars!!”

walking forward briskly Even at this staggering moment, Lion Heart King’s gaze is absurdly straight.

“If you drop your spear, use your sword! If you lose your sword, use your fists! If even your arms fall off, fight with your teeth clenched! What is it that the gods do not feel for a moment! Do not wander. The Mansin is always by your side. “

The knight turned his back. Even though his body was pierced, he held the sword that he did not let go of and boarded again on the back of Maengwoo, who had fallen off.

Some might consider it a strategic failure.

You might laugh at it, saying it would be a rational thought to run away from this place and plan for the future.

It might be considered worthy to seize the next opportunity at the sacrifice of the knights and soldiers.

However, articles should not be rational.

A knight is one who reveals the dragon.

It is indestructible and unbreakable,

It is an unquenchable glow,

It is the polar light that cuts through the darkness.

A being who should be an example to all those who should lead.

Lion Heart King is a symbol of all that indomitability, immortality, and invincibility.

There should be no escape in the name of rationality.

Just like the Holy Grail Knight Geobrik,

Just like the Holy Grail Knight Zereah,

Just as countless saints and women did not yield in the face of a hopeless reality.

Lion Heart King perseveres in an upright posture in front of the despair he faced 200 years ago.

“To Lionheart——.”

Overcome adversity and reach for the stars.

“Glory to you.”

He is the captain of an endless voyage toward the stars.

* * * *

“Don’t stop! It’s pierced!”

“Snipe properly in the archers’ building! The medium-sized species are just coming in!”

“Stop those who enter the building! If you lose the sniping point, you can’t stop the wave!”

It’s a mess.

With the protection of the Holy Grail Knights gone, the Hunters began to crumble helplessly.

In particular, when the legion traits that gave overwhelming protection disappeared, the debuff of Rakshaar, the lord of chaos, attacked them harshly.

Weakness, chaos, horror, confusion, screaming, fear, confusion, despair.

Many products of chaos break them down.

Even in this overwhelming chaos, the reason why they are holding on to their spirit is thanks to the epic item, the holy relic, and the few knights who handle the holy relic.

Han Hari, a priestess who is the vessel of the two gods.

Cheon So-yeon, leader of the Knights of Darkness and Revenge.

Han Soo-ho, the shield of light and justice, and Kim Jae-hyeok, the knight of heaven and thunder.

Other than that, there are S-class knights who, albeit belatedly, received knight titles and were able to express the existence of knights around me.

“Ha, Hari! At this rate, everything will collapse! I can’t stand it any longer!”

Manager Kim Jin-soo urgently shouted, but there was no point in saying Han-hari.

As the divinity of Leon and the Holy Grail Knights was cut off, the enormous holy power flowed into them, but they do not represent the gods.

There was a limit to each individual’s holy power, and thanks to Hari’s maximal potential due to the heart of fire, she could barely face the tidal wave of monsters.

“Pe, Petos-sama! Poma-sama! What should we do…!”



There is noise in the voice. The voice that always answered the voice of the priestess could not reach it.

It is not only the knights of the Pantheon that are confused. Hunters gathered from all over the world are not showing their potential.

No matter how powerful a person was, he was helpless without God’s protection in front of the great chaos emitted by the Lord of Chaos.

“Uh, I have to do something…”

Monsters come endlessly.

Giant monsters disguised as buildings and buildings attacked from all directions when the sun disappeared.

When the formation collapses and even the knights who are supposed to maintain the formation fall into confusion——

“Go, let’s go! Do, charge!!”

One knight, unable to hide his trembling voice, shouted for a charge.

But the storm that raged after that voice never softened.

<Ikki Dang, 1,000 thousand couples>

<Destroyer Sword>

A huge sword strikes down the demons that fill the city.

Hundreds and thousands of swords swept the monsters in the sky like a gust of wind.

“The old lightsaber?!”

“Infinite Sword Kang Jin-seong!”

The appearance of no hunters representing Korea. And unexpectedly, it was the North Korean army who charged with them.

“Clean up the monsters!”

Hundreds of North Korean hunters hit the sides of the monsters. The appearance of North Korean troops out of nowhere is also an appearance, but I saw a familiar person in Hari’s eyes.

“Uncle Goo Dae-seong?!”

Koo Dae-seong and his colleagues. They were jumping into the middle of the battlefield, stabbing monsters with their spears.

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