The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 223

< Koo Dae-sung (2) >


This name makes my head hurt like it’s going to explode.

“Ugh, mu, what happened…”

I remember something falling from the sky. The moment I got caught up in the explosion, I felt like I heard the voice of a familiar young man—


A familiar female voice. Goo Dae-seong barely realized that the owner of the voice was Han-hari.

“I’m alive thanks to you.”

“Ugh… If it wasn’t for the power of the holy object, I would have really died.”

Suho stood up by touching the ground with his shining shield. The holy relic of the Lionheart Holy Grail Knight he possesses boasts absolute defense.

And the defense was able to cover not only himself but also the troops, and because of that, he was able to survive the magic bombardment of the great devil.

“Thanks to… I’m alive.”

“Uncle Goo Dae-sung!”

Hari and Suho recognized Goo Daesung and approached him. It’s been a long time since we met, but the situation is urgent.

“Yes, that’s right. Captain Kim Do-han! Is everyone okay!”

“Ugh… Hey, he’s alive here.”

“I think my ears have gone bad…”

Man-at-Arms rising one by one. Goo Dae-seong was relieved that they were safe, but soon his expression distorted.

“Uh, ugh…!”

“My, my leg. My leg!”

The shield of protection was a shield with great power, but it was not enough to cover the entire unit.


The most lagging comrades were bombarded. There······.

‘My back is broken! Isolated!’

The backs of the Naju Knights and the reinforcements were divided by the Great Devil’s bombing magic. Partly to avoid the bombing magic, partly due to the intrusion of monsters… The troops were cut into small pieces and isolated on this road.

‘Aiming to defeat each individual within this short period of time?’

Is it the enemy’s command? They aren’t just beasts in numbers. It must have been the command and control of a high-ranking demon.

“Take care of the wounded! Coming again!”

The monsters flocking towards the divided unit. The North Korean soldiers and Man-at-Arms, who were scattered with injuries, were the first to be hunted.

“Captain Kim!”

Goo Dae-seong grabbed his shield and rushed to save his ally. Knock! He blocked the teeth that were trying to eat his comrades, but he was able to save only one or two by himself.

– Kwajik!


A colleague who barely manages to recover is bitten by a giant monster’s mouth and disappears.

“Uh, uhhh…”

The young North Korean hunter, crouching and trembling, overwhelmed by the curse of chaos, was trampled to death without recognizing the footprints of a large demon that was thrown at him.

“Mr. Koo Dae-sung! Step back for now!”

Kim Jae-hyeok, who dropped thunder and dealt with the devil with a mighty blow. But even that didn’t last long. He was cut by the claws the demon swung at him.

“Ugh! You idiot!”

Chun So-yeon jumped in and severed the demon who was about to take an extra hit with the Seongmai sword. But soon, a projectile from a blind spot lodged in her shoulder, and it was a poison dart.

“I’ll buy you time!”

Han Hari raised her holy power. Her fire is combined with the sea god’s power to sweep the battlefield in waves of flame.

Upon contact, the bodies of the monsters turn to ashes and disappear. Really overwhelming firepower. But even that is just a momentary buy.

“You, too many…!”

Monsters quickly filling the void. Just as she was about to attack the sex law again, a chilling sensation overtook her.


short flurry. The magic bullets who shot Hari attack her.


Suho hurriedly protects her. However, Hari, who had already allowed dozens of attacks, was bleeding.

It was because he was so focused on wiping out the incoming enemies that he didn’t pay attention to the long-range defense method. The reason she was able to live was thanks to the armor made entirely of iron that prevented fatal injuries.

[Are these new articles?]


A sharp blade attacking the back of Suho, who supports Hari. Suho raises his shield belatedly, but the blade cut through the gap and cuts through his thighs and waist.



Goo Dae-seong urgently rushed to help him. But–

[What are you?]

I’m sorry.

Goo Dae-sung groaned and tried to touch the blood spattering on his face.

“Gu, Mr. Koo Dae-sung!”

Suho’s urgent voice. Goo Dae-seong made a puzzled expression when he saw his shield rolling on the floor.

‘Why is the shield over there…’

Why is the shield tightly strapped to my left arm——


– Kaang!

The sound of metal crashing in your ears. He realizes that it is a picture of a sword wielded by a giant demon measuring more than 2m, colliding with the shield of guardian covering him.

[You’ve become weak.]

The devil had six arms. And also six knives. The sword he wielded blew the two of them apart with the shield of protection.

“It’s black…!”


Seeing the two people rolling on the floor unseemly, the Great Devil clicked his tongue.

[Compared to them, I’m weak. You are not a real knight.]

An efficient battle in which the four knights, the core of the Naju Knights, were accurately shot and incapacitated. This is the result of less than a minute since the two Great Demons intervened in the battle.

[Lionheart’s article is only this much. It’s a disappointing ending.]

The great devil of pleasure and corruption. When he saw old hunters wielding huge swords and hundreds of swords in different directions, he turned his attention to the two and left to deal with them.


Goo Dae-seong tried to stand up on the ground, but he staggered and realized his absence.

“Uncle, your arm…”


Only then did Koo Dae-seong realize that his arm holding the shield had been amputated.


No screams came out. I don’t know if it’s because of the excessive secretion of adrenaline, but the emotion that came out of him right now is a faint sigh from collapse.

Until the moment his arm was cut off, Goo Dae-seong did not see anything. As if it wasn’t worth worrying about, I was overwhelmed by the roughly swung sword.

“Ah, Mister. Sister. First stop the bleeding—”

Suho tied up his sister and Koo Dae-seong, who had lost his arm, with bandages.

In the midst of the overwhelming devastation, Goo Dae-seong, who had completed only minimal treatment, saw his colleagues fighting monsters.

“Protect the knights! Raise the shield!!”

Kim Do-han gritted his teeth and raised his shield. The shield extends from the left shoulder to the waist. The empty part is a collective formation that is protected by the shields of allies.

They used straight away what they were trained to live for.


Whispering, holding up a shield and enduring the heavy weight of medium-sized monsters.

A man-at-arms who lost their weapon in the aftermath of the bombing magic tried to hold on to the shield with both hands.

“Damn it, too many enemies!”

“Shield! Shield soldiers more concentrated! Protect each other!”

“To protect the knights!”

They were desperate to protect the knights, the only hope in this phase. They had to protect the four knights who dug in unreasonably to save themselves.

Their value on this battlefield was far more important than hundreds of men-at-arms.

“The Knights! When will the Cheongseong Guild and the Shingeom Guild come to help!”

Urgent sounds erupt from here and there. Goo Dae-sung held up the star-steel sword that was still tightly gripped by his right arm.


“We have to fight…”

“Your injuries are the worst! We have to step back and treat them!”


Goo Dae-seong smiled bitterly and refused to dissuade Suho. He grabbed his stomach, which seemed to be burning hot a little while ago.

“Old man?! The wound…!”

It wasn’t just the arm that was cut off. The Demon Sword of the Great Devil tore apart even the star iron armor and cut down Gu Daeseong.

At least, if it wasn’t for the star iron armor, my body would have been cut in half.

“I can’t live long… Suho-kun, take Miss Hari and leave.”

death is certain Not only is it impossible to return to the treatment center from this turbid battlefield, but it is also questionable whether you can survive until you go.

So Goo Dae-sung decided to do what he could.

– Kaang!

“More, thanks to you, I’m alive! Goo, Mr. Goo?!”

Holding the sword with his other arm, he cut off the demon’s sword that was about to stab Kim Do-han. He was surprised to see Goo Dae-sung in a miserable condition, but Goo Dae-sung silently swung his sword at the devil.


However, the devil easily avoided Gu Dae-seong’s sword, which was more like struggling than swinging the sword. Rather, the sword stabbed in a counterattack tore his neck.


Although blood splattered, Goo Dae-seong instinctively stabbed his sword. However, as expected, the devil easily knocked out Koo Dae-sung’s counterattack.

-Your skills are terrible compared to the armor!

I grit my teeth at the devil’s mockery. because it was true

The devil cleverly harassed Goo Goo-seong in the gap between the monsters.

Hiding under the feet of monsters rushing in and cutting off their ankles, they stab their colleagues in the seat next to them as if to keep an eye on them.

When Goo Dae-sung tried to protect him, he changed the direction of the attack and cut him off as if he had never done that.

“Ha-jaw… Ha-jaw…!”

He exhaled heavily and grasped the nape of his neck, which seemed to be being supported by a heated iron. A sword wielded with only one arm without a shield soon reached its limit.

‘Is it going to die…’

It’s not even a high-ranking devil, let alone a major devil. Bladed demons that are common in Demon Gate.

He was being manipulated even by that level of devil.

Are there any other knights who are so common? I am fed up with my own helplessness.

[<Blessing of the Knight of Life> continues to heal damage.]

Unlike the message in the system window, colleagues continue to fall in the vicinity. The accumulated damage couldn’t be regenerated with just that kind of protection.


Late D-class Goo Dae-sung. The end of his efforts to encourage himself, saying that his efforts are no less than anyone else’s, ends without saving the lives of his colleagues.

– Stop dying now.

He sees the sagging sword and hears the devil’s laughter. But at the same time–

[The sword is not only a wielding weapon, but also the fastest armor. Always keep your sword in a position where you can respond.]

Its location is above the navel. Thanks to the voice that came to mind, I inadvertently raised my sword and blocked the demon’s sword.

– Kang!

A clear and clean sound hits the ears where tinnitus was heard. My numb arms trembled from the shock.

[You look like me.]


A certain knight’s voice continued to irritate my ears. No, it’s a memory that came up in a kaleidoscope.

Koo Dae-seong, unconsciously, recalling the knight’s training sparring, did not lower his sword from the center of his belly button.

That alone somehow blocks the demon’s sword. Even with cuts, tears, and numbness in the arms, the ‘life’ continues.

The moment you’re about to give up, you think of the man who comes to mind, the one who gives a foolish sensible answer to the question of why you’re not giving up.

[This is because the challenge does not require the evaluation of others.]


There is no reason why it should be excluded from the challenge.


He, in his later years, D-class Goo Dae-seong continued to burst into meaningless evil. As if trying to burn the will like this.


At that very moment–

‘from now on.’

I don’t know why I’m thinking this now. It was as if someone, the voice of a woman so benevolent and kind, was whispering in my ear.

‘from now on.’

How reckless it is to go before the tidal waves of demons that have formed so many great seas.

How could he, who could not properly block even a sword wielded by a mediocre demon, pass through this tsunami head-on?

I have neither a shield nor the energy to wield a sword.

[Young knight. young man Do you know Yong(勇)?]

[Courage… is that a word?]

[Or it could be bravery.]

[Or it could be love.]

[Or maybe hope.]

Nogu’s training knight smiled at himself who was hesitant.

[A knight is someone who handles dragons. It is roaring bravery, unbreakable hope, and pure love.]

[The Holy Grail Knight is the pinnacle of such dragons. It is a symbol of courage.]

[Do you think the Holy Grail Knight has a dragon?]

To him who was about to answer that question, of course… the second son of Jordic Vertum. A knight of the Riona Sunset Knights. The man who eventually became the first knight to serve dreams and death said.

[No one is born with dragons from the beginning. It cannot be owned, it is not given, and it is not obtainable.]

with a firm gaze. The old fool who had never experienced success spoke with such a firm gaze.

[Fortitude is demonstrated.]


[Young knight. When you pray to have a dragon, will the gods bestow you with a dragon? Or… will you give me a chance to show off my courage?]

‘from now on.’

“from now on.”

one step. from now on.

“Mr. Gu?!”


Goo Dae-sung’s sudden action draws attention from both enemies and allies.

A collapsing dustproof. As he advances towards the tidal wave full of malice, he does something crazy without questioning it.

Goo Dae-sung himself knows this.

He was a D-class in his later years, but even after becoming a knight, he fell behind others and stayed as a pilgrim knight.

Even proper kingdom knights are taking a reckless step toward the enemy’s formation that they cannot penetrate.

‘from now on.’

Guided by a woman’s voice, one too reckless step.

– You’re crazy! die!

The devil, who had been watching him for the pleasure of teasing the weak man, swung his sword wide. Koo Dae-seong knew that he could not move forward as long as the demon existed.


I went one more step forward.


With a sense of distance, he took a step forward instead of defending against the sword he swung. Surprised by Goo Dae-sung’s unexpected behavior, the devil swung his sword.

The sword that struck him cut off his ears and knocked out his star armor. One ear was cut off, but the moment the devil stiffened from the impact of the hard armor–


impediment to progress.

– Oops!

A star-steel sword that pierces the heart of a demon. The demon who vomited out of breath collapses.

However, defeating just one demon cannot stop the tidal wave. Goo Dae-seong looked at the waves of malice that would soon come towards him. And once again a woman’s voice is heard.

‘little bit more.’

Guided by the woman’s voice, he took another step.

With this, a humble person named Koo Dae-seong passed through the footprints on the threshold of death.


– You idiot! kill it!

The moment when hundreds of thousands of malice were about to attack Goo Dae-seong.

‘Well done, my child.’

It fell with a proud, benevolent voice…




It suddenly fell from the sky. Even on the turbid battlefield, its appearance was so sudden that everyone stopped and looked at it.

It was in the shape of a hammer.

A warhammer suited for one-handed wielding.

But it’s so thick and big that it’s awkward unless you’re a big guy.

“Crab, Sir Geobrick’s hammer?!”

Grail Knight Geobric’s one-handed hammer.

An epic item that sanctified the Naju Mansinjeon.

The hammer’s presence was so strong that it made his enemies feel the same way.

I can’t let you hold that.

-Damn it!


Whether it was demons with intelligence, monsters without intelligence, or variants of the North Korean army, they all came to mind.

The moment you hold that thing, something terrible will happen.


However, unlike their desperate screams, the closest thing to the hammer was Goo Dae-sung, who took a ‘step’ and ‘forward’ by forcing all recklessness and bullying.


The moment the handle of the hammer was gripped in his free arm…


“D-Did you hear?!”

With a flashing hammer, a vast green light rose from beneath the ground through the asphalt.

It rose from the earth, enveloped a knight, penetrated the sky and ascended, revealing its existence to the entire planet.

[System Message: Grail Knight of Life and Abundance, Daesung Koo’s Protection is applied to the entire Legion.]

A new Holy Grail Knight has been born in the world.

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