The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 224

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Holy Grail Knight Geobrick.

Capturing his soul through the tricks of demons and beast gods, he repeated death and history at the gate for a long time.

However, for so many years, he did not fall or succumb to the end, and in the end he left his holy relics for Leon and the pantheon.

[Geobrik’s one-handed hammer]

This epic item he left behind was kept in the pantheon and was open to anyone.

[The one who is loyal to the Lion Heart King and has been recognized by Demera! Through this hammer, I will inherit the authority of Geobrick!!]

A miracle caused by the noble spirits of Geobrick and his soldiers. The sacred offering was accepted by Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, and completed a holy relic that would inherit his power.

And there were many challengers to the hammer asking for qualifications, but none were recognized by the hammer.

Even now, when the war against the demons began, no one with the qualifications appeared.

But now.

[Fortitude is demonstrated.]

[Jim expects the greatest achievements from you.]

One vulgar, commonplace, and stupid knight had to go through all recklessness and overcome all disadvantages to wield the hammer.

‘Well done, my child.’

he took the hammer

The knight who displayed his courage was chosen by the goddess through miracles, luck, and indomitable will.


source of life. Light rose from the body of the goddess of fertility.

The light enveloped Gudaeseong and passed through the sky to announce its birth to the world.

[Koo Dae-sung, he is my child.]

In that blue light, the sound of the goddess could be heard even by Goo Dae-seong.

“De, Goddess Demera?!”

I recognized it at a glance. Goo Dae-sung put on a blank expression at Demera, who was staring at him with a benevolent smile.

[This is my proud child who stood up on his own in the midst of turbidity. Your indomitable will made me pick up the hammer.]

Goo Dae-seong couldn’t believe himself when he saw the hammer in his hand.

It was so unbelievable that I was holding a hammer that was so heavy… a hammer that not even geniuses in the world could lift.

“Uh, how…”

I am a lacking person He is such a weak and incompetent criminal. He’s too ordinary to be a hero…

Demera shook her head and said the qualifications she doubted herself.

[Baby, a hero is not one who does not fall.]

She knows the indomitability that the Holy Grail Knights who have supported the kingdom have in common.

They were geniuses, superhumans, and great souls. However, geniuses with such talent existed in every age and every generation.

They were not ‘those who do not fall’.

Even Leon Dragonia Lionheart, the strongest grail guardian.

[A hero is someone who stands up. A person who gets up again with indomitable will no matter how many times he falls. They are people with strong souls who can impress the gods and lead their lives.]

The eyes of the goddess are even more proud. Her slender hand was stroking Goo Dae-sung’s hair before he knew it.

[A child with an indomitable will. You are well qualified to inherit Geobrick’s power and hammer.]

The moment the goddess said that, Goo Dae-sung changed.

The severed arms and ears grew back, and the armor turned green.

Also, the roots that grew from the earth became entangled in Koo Dae-seong’s arms and became a round oak shield.

[The Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance, Dae-Sung Koo. I, the saint who represents Demera’s will.]

At those words, Goo Dae-seong hurriedly fell to his knees. Feeling the utmost gratitude for the blessings and favors of the goddess, I accepted her appointment.

[You go and help the Lion Heart King with your companions. My body, which governs life, will help you wherever you are.]

“I’ll take your command, Demera!!”

The next moment, the light penetrating the sky disappeared and a knight emerged from the light.

Zereah and Geobrick. A new Holy Grail Knight of this era, created by the nobility and determination of two great knights, transcending time and space.

Koo Dae-sung.

The giants of the times move forward.

* * * *

His appearance forced everyone on the battlefield to stare at him in awe.

Geobrick’s one-handed hammer that emits intense green holy power.

The star armor of life blessed by Goddess Demera and the earth shield she gifted.

Goo Dae-seong, wearing epic items that change the face of the battlefield, changed the atmosphere of the battlefield.

And it’s never to blame.

[System Message: Grail Knight of Life and Abundance, Daesung Koo’s Protection is applied to the entire Legion.]

-【Blessing of the Living Saint】, 【Blessing of Life and Abundance】, 【Blessing of the Earth】, 【Blessing of All Poisons】────

Bold traits apply to allies across the battlefield. And it encouraged all the Hunters who had lost more than half of their fighting power due to the curse of chaos.

“Sue, it’s easier to breathe.”

“My, what have I been up to now?”

The hunters who came to their senses and the hunters who were happy when their deteriorating physical condition returned.

This was not the only protection given by the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.

“Uh huh?”

“Has the poison… been detoxified?”

Cheon So-yeon, who was dizzy from the poison needle, realized that her vision had become clear, and Han Ha-ri, who had fallen with a fatal wound, was dazed and sparked.

It’s not just them.

Han Su-ho, Kim Jae-hyeok, and all those who suffered minor injuries on the battlefield… even those seriously injured who lost their limbs.

“The wound has regenerated…”

“This, what is this…”

I am bewildered at the result of the overwhelming miracle. An effect comparable to that of the Holy Grail, which created miracles while protecting legions.

The blessing given just by the presence of the Holy Grail Knight changes the atmosphere of the battlefield.


Goo Dae-seong looked at the miracles he had created with a dumbfounded face. And I looked down at the hammer that inherited the power to create that miracle.

The core of faith, perfect vitality, the blessing of the goddess, becoming a saint… and many other forces are clearly felt as if they were mine from the beginning.

That’s why I instinctively picked up the hammer.

It’s not even a distance that can be wielded by someone.

A hammer that was only held high. And the intangible energy flocking there.

who knows its meaning.

few here.

“Oh, it’s coming!”

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri of the Firebird Guild. Hwang Yeon-ha and Hwang Yeon-ha of the Golden Lion Guild. Also the guild members. They had a hunch that the tragedy they had seen one day would repeat itself.


A hammer that savagely devours even the air around it. A concentration of power that is so frenzied that it turns not only demons, but also allies into a blue sky.

The moment that power struck——


──The world has lost its sound.

A giant of an era that strikes the ground.

The shattered ground is crushed and shaken, causing a huge earthquake.

A destructive phenomenon that made it difficult for hunters to even stand. And it’s a horrific havoc for the evil monsters.


A shock wave explodes and the city collapses. All the buildings in the rain were demolished, and huge craters were formed everywhere on the asphalted ground.

scorched earth.

The terrain changes with one hammering.

“Eh? Eh?”

the center of the crater. Captain Kim Do-han and numerous man-at-arms, knights, and hunters stomp their butts on the extinct ground with dumbfounded faces.

Even after such great destruction occurred, none of the allies recognized by Goo Dae-sung were injured. This is because as long as the saint wishes, he distinguishes the friends he will hurt with his will.

On the other hand, the numerous demons and monsters around were swept away.

Truly one-hit pressure.

Friends and foes alike, everyone is overwhelmed and looks up to him.

Goo Dae-seong, who really showed off this ignorant superpower…

“Wow, wow…”

He had a bewildered face, as if he couldn’t believe himself.

[this guy···!]

What burrowed in with the roar was the great demon of pleasure wielding six sharp blades.

He fiercely wielded the cursed blade that cut through the air and attacked Goo Dae-seong, but Goo Dae-seong blocked all of them with his shield.


Gu Dae-seong, who was not familiar with the inherited power, was pushed away by the onslaught of the great devil. If it wasn’t for the shield of the earth given by the goddess, I wonder if it would have been cut off long ago.

‘Damn it, take it easy!’

What Goo Dae-sung thought of unintentionally turned into a miracle.


The great devil of pleasure widened his eyes. The earth’s shield, which had been firmly blocking his own onslaught, suddenly poured out its roots and entangled itself.

The roots that wrapped around the six arms and whole body were tough and continued to grow, capturing the great devil perfectly.

“Gee, opportunity!”

And Koo Dae-seong is not stupid enough to miss this moment. He lunged at the Prime Evil, and the hammer was thrown back.

[Now, wait…!]

– Kwajik!

Geobrick’s hammer slammed into the head. The Great Demon’s head was sunken under his shoulder.

[This, this guy…! How dare you——!?]

The moment the great demon of wisdom tried to cast magic at Goo Dae-seong, dozens of blades pierced his back.


Kang Jin-seong’s cloned star-steel swords dug into the great devil. and······.

“One-eyed bastard is an idiot!”

Cheon Jin-soo’s greatsword cut off the great devil’s head. Since he died after being cut by a star-steel sword, even that mighty soul cannot escape extinction.


The disappearance of the two great demons. It brought great confusion to the battlefield and meant that one side of the battlefield collapsed.

* * * *

“It’s amazing, Knight Koo Dae-seong!”

“Your uncle is so awesome! No, should I call you Holy Grail Knight?”

As the front line collapsed due to the awakening of Goo Dae-sung, knights and hunters flocked to him.

They sent a gaze of awe and respect toward the saint who appeared in the turbid battlefield, which was very awkward for Goo Dae-seong.

“Hey, there…”

“Thank you, Mr. Gu!”

“Thanks to that, I no longer have to receive disability benefits!”

Man at Arms expressing their gratitude towards Koo Dae-sung. Not only them, but also the North Korean soldiers and some hunters who witnessed the miracle he caused, shed tears and knelt down.

“You’re amazing, Mr. Goo Dae-sung!”


Goo Dae-sung fell into a strange feeling when he saw Han Ha-ri looking at him with respect.

A genius representing a generation. As a priestess who was even loved by the gods, Goo Dae-sung had no choice but to feel inferior.

Is it only her? All the knights of the Mansinjeon were geniuses superior to him, and Goo Dae-seong was a pilgrim knight even while they were appointed as knights and were active.

How could he be looked upon by geniuses whom he envied and felt inferior to?

It’s a sight I’ve always dreamed of, but it can’t be this awkward when it actually happens.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you. We should thank you!”

“Wow~ Mr. Goo Dae-sung… No, no, Goo Dae-sung Holy Grail Knight! Receive a big bow!”

Koo Dae-sung is frightened and stops Kim Jae-hyeok, who bows in a big way. Even though he became a Holy Grail Knight, he still had new breasts.

“Oh, that’s right! This is not the time! Goddess Demera told me! Help her Majesty!”


A fact that I inadvertently forgot because I witnessed an amazing miracle.

The reason they collapsed so rapidly was because the protection of the Lion Heart King and the Holy Grail Knights disappeared.

Needless to say, the side of the World Tree infiltrated by the Holy Grail Knights. This is where the Ryugyong Hotel is located.

“Stop, let’s hurry!”

Koo Dae-seong hurriedly joined the main unit with the knights of the Mansinjeon.

Even with empty words, the war situation could not be said to be good, because even though Koo Dae-seong had completely destroyed one side, waves were still crashing incessantly from the front and left side of the Ryugyong Hotel.

The good news is that Goo Dae-sung’s protection offsets the curse of chaos to some extent and the front line is maintained, but that is not enough to overcome the war situation.

“Damn it! Kill and kill, there is no end!”

“The Great Devil Appears! S-class Hunters must respond!”

“They’re flocking to the front again! Reinforce our power this way!”


Millions of enemies are not empty words.

The reason Lionheart tried to defeat the enemy’s leader with a special attack was this ignorant number.

Even if the Holy Grail Knights were beings with perfect vitality and never got tired, the others weren’t.

Humans who are not saints have limited physical strength, and depletion of physical strength on the battlefield meant death.

“We must support His Majesty. We need the power of the Holy Grail Knights to overcome this battlefield!”

“But how? Right now, all I can do is hold on…”

No matter how much Grail Knight Goo Dae-seong joins, he is still an individual after all. If several Holy Grail Knights gather, they will not be able to overcome this difficulty on their own.

I wonder if it was Leon, the agent of the gods, the almighty Guardian of the Holy Grail.


It was a brilliant idea.

Goo Dae-seong saw the knights crowding around him.

“I have no choice but to do it.”

It doesn’t matter if you can do it or not, but if it’s something you have to do.

“From now on, ask everyone whose name is called to join us.”

After a while, the forefront of the battlefield.

Goo Dae-sung arrived at the place where he was barely holding the front line from the terrifyingly many demons.


And next to it, the banquet of names continued all the way behind.

Han Ha-ri, the goddess of war, flame, sea and waves.

Han Soo-ho, a knight of light and justice.

Jaehyuk Kim, the Knight of Heaven and Thunder.

Cheon So-yeon, a knight of darkness and revenge.

there is another

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the Korea Hunter Association.

Lee Yong-wan and Ha Yu-ri of the Firebird Guild.

Golden Lion Guild Golden Chul and Hwang Yeon-ha.

Cheon Jin-soo of the New Swords Guild and Kang Jin-seong of the Cheongseong Guild.

Park Yong-shin, the lord of Hanbit Palace, Takeda, president of the New Japan Hunter Association, and Japanese S-class hunters.

Allen Taylor and Minuteman of the Maverick Guild of the United States.

Count-level pilots, the most elite warriors of the Kirkiruk tribe.

All of them are rated as S-class powers, and they are people with comparable skills.

Their characteristic is that they are all those who were appointed as knights by Leon in the pantheon and received the blessings of the gods.

In other words, gender users.

Koo Dae-sung, who was at the forefront of all of them, said.

“I will break through the lead. Han Ha-ri and Kim Jae-hyeok make gaps with their conversation skills, and Cheon So-yeon and Han Su-ho support the formation one step behind.”

Horses do not ride. To match the whole movement and stride as one.

Instead, the horse’s collision power is replaced with the conversation power. In the center, he and Hari stand.

“You don’t have to be omnipotent. You have to use your strength to the fullest and move like one body for a moment. If that doesn’t work, it will be difficult.”

How much can you do? Unlike himself, the others are not ‘God’s agents’, but only to the extent of using ‘God’s power’.

There is a limit to the size of the bowl where the holy power is stored, and the size of the faucet that pours out the holy power is also small. but······.

“I believe. All of you are geniuses. You are knights acknowledged by the gods and by your Majesty.

Goo Dae-sung holds a hammer. His voice contained infinite vitality and firm will that was different from before.

“We recreate the Lionheart.”

< Koo Dae-seong (3) > End

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