The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 225

Lion Heart King reappearance (1)

Lion Heart King.

Since the cataclysm, many strong people have been born, but this survivor, who is said to have come from the other world, has redefined the world’s standards.

The criterion of ‘strong’.

A being that represents the gods. Therefore, its power is no different from that of God, and therefore it is omnipotent.

The flame of Petos boasts overwhelming firepower.

Demera’s life force that grants allies tremendous regenerative power and sustenance.

Ultima’s lightning or wide-area protection that causes natural disasters, and the Tatar sun that melts enemies in the field.

Ariana’s light cut through anything.

Is that all?

The history of the 300-year war itself, he is the strongest assaulter who can break through any obstacle, and the most demon slayer who makes evil tremble just by his existence. demonic fear.

He is an existence that strengthens the legion with just his presence, and he is a superman who can exert the power of a thousand and one thousand people alone.

Everyone here realized that it was possible to break through any unfavorable battlefield with just that one existence.

Even when dealing with Cheongju’s killing machine Yakt Spinner,

Even in the world of the magician queen who repeats destruction,

Even in front of the demon archduke who subjugates all living things,

Beast gods, slaughter masters, even demon lords who can destroy the world with a beckoning gesture.

Destiny changes with only one being, the Lion Heart King.

“We recreate the Lionheart.”

Therefore, in this extremely unfavorable battlefield, Koo Dae-sung decided that he could only win if he reproduced his strength.

“But… how?”

Hari was dubious about Koo Dae-seong’s words even here, where the best fighters except for the Holy Grail Knights gathered.

Literally, ‘excluding the Holy Grail Knights’. There was also a Holy Grail Knight, Koo Dae-seong, but only one of them.

The reason Lion Heart is so strong is not only the individual’s superhuman strength and experience, but also the versatility of the spell that is infinitely close to omnipotence.

How do you cover this with the people gathered here?

Looking at the size of power right now, Hanhari, which boasts the largest firepower, is not even close to Vulcanus.

If Hari, who is at most the top rank of the Knights of the Burning Sword, is like that, it goes without saying for the others.

“That’s probably possible now.”


“Because Your Majesty and the Grail Knights are not using their powers.”

Holy Grail Knights and Burning Sword Knights. Their situation was Koo Dae-seong, who had heard of Demera.

Although the Pantheon Temple has recovered considerably after settling down on Earth, it is still not at the level of reproducing its former glory.

Leon also knew this, so he did not use the greatest power called Divine Advent.

Nevertheless, the holy power used by Leon, Vulcanus, Beatrice, Yakt Spinner, and Karina is enormous.

Due to its nature of representing the power of God itself, there is no limit to its output, so it is no different from a hippopotamus that uses its holy power.

But now, they have lost their connection to divinity and are unable to use their holy power.

In other words, it means that the enormous reserves of holy power they used are sleeping without being used anywhere.

“You only need to break through the front line until you reach ‘it’. Otherwise—”


Upon hearing the plan, the knights swallowed their saliva and participated in Goo Dae-seong’s plan. In the end, if not, everyone dies.

In order to overcome this situation, the Lion Heart King and the Holy Grail Knights must have their strength.

If you have to do something, you have to do it.


Koo Dae-sung, who was in the lead, felt indescribably awkward about his own positioning.

It was a fluke after all that he became a Holy Grail Knight.

He met a gifted man named Zerea and learned how to live his life, and although he could not meet him, he was able to become a Holy Grail Knight because of Geobrick, who inherited his power in the hammer.

Compared to the real Holy Grail Knights, he was lucky to get a position. Can such a person fill their role?

“Mr. Koo Dae-sung…”

Then, Cheon So-yeon speaks from the side.

“Why, why are you like that, Commander?”

Cheon So-yeon is the leader of the first knights in Naju. Even though she was very young, Goo Dae-seong inadvertently treated her with respect.

“There’s no need to be respectful. Koo Dae-seong is older than me… It’s a bit awkward for us to call him Gyeonggyeong…”

You are the Holy Grail Knight.

At Cheon So-yeon’s words, Goo Dae-seong realized that his position had changed.

“Rather than that, can you pour a big technique into the front at the same time as the front, advance?

Having made hundreds of charges as a knight commander, she gave Goo Dae-seong appropriate advice.

“That… I’ll do a good job hammering.”

“No, if you are a Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance… you should be able to use the power of the earth.”

Cheon So-yeon told the story of Geobrick, the Holy Grail Knight, whom she saw and fought alongside.

And that was great advice for Goo Dae-sung, who had just become a Holy Grail Knight.

“Do, prepare to charge!!”

In the awkwardness leading those who looked up to him as a genius, Koo Dae-seong shouted, and everyone raised their swords and spears.

‘Use the power of the earth. how······.’

Goo Dae-seong imagined. Demera said that the earth of the whole world was definitely on her side.

Also, the holy law is a miracle that comes true as the knight desires. If the Holy Grail Knight desires the miracle of the land, the land responds to his wishes.

lift one’s feet

I don’t know why. It concentrates its strength on the nearest body part that is vaguely connected to the ground and spreads it into the ground like a root while striking it down.

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>


An inexorable tremor rang through the city of Pyongyang.

The holy power penetrating deep into the ground becomes a huge spear that Goo Dae-sung wishes for, changing the terrain and pouring out a huge mass sharply.

-Key profit?!


It is an overwhelming mass of spears. The huge monster that was charging at the hunters was stabbed in half by a sharp spear of the earth, and the demons and monsters that were pushed out in the aftermath became mush.

A group of monsters tearing apart like dolphins hit by a giant battleship. And the spear of the earth that stopped stabbing becomes a huge ‘road’.

Cheon So-yeon remembered the knights running on this huge road.

“Now! Charge through the land!”

With her cry, hundreds and thousands of hunters charge all at once.

They charged through the spears of the completely empty earth and broke through hundreds of meters at once. And when you have to jump off the cliff at the end–

“Reel the big one!”

At the bottom of the cliff, foreboding that the enemy would jump down, Ultima’s spearmen lifted their holy spears at the crowd of demons.

Seongbeop <Heaven’s Wrath>


Lightning strikes in the dry sky. However, the scale of the sky echo is too large to be an ordinary vocal method.

The Holy Lance left behind by Ulan, the Holy Grail Knight of the Sky and Thunder, is the best repeater that focuses the thunder of Ultima.

The focused thunderbolts drop a thunderbolt amplified several times in the location desired by the owner of the spear.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwang!

It sounded like hundreds of bombs exploding at the same time. Powerful thunderbolts rained down on the densely packed monsters that would obstruct the advance of the allies.

Thanks to this, when the knights jumped out of the window of the earth, only charred corpses were left.

[You guys…!]

The great devil who was commanding from the rear… He ordered hundreds of high-ranking devils.

[Stops on landing. It melts with firepower.]

Now that they could not use the long-distance defense method of the corps unit, the knights were exposed to the most vulnerable enemy attack.

And the demons, who had removed the worst debuff of nullifying long-range weapons, poured firepower into the forefront to destroy the city.

“I’ll stop you!”

Han Soo-ho, who was guarding Goo Dae-seong, raised his shield. The shield left by Sir Amalek, the Holy Grail Knight of Light and Justice, absorbs the light of Goddess Ariana and summons a huge protective shield.


A shield that blocks the pouring power of conversation. Since it was a situation where it was necessary to protect only the front, the shield of protection wonderfully protected all the hunters in the rear.

“Oh, is this okay?”

“The firepower is too strong? Isn’t it piercing the shield?”

Apart from such worries, Suho’s expression was confident.

The holy relic of Lord Amalek, the Holy Grail Knight of Light and Justice, is an absolute defense. That confidence is never false.

The light shield summoned according to the caster’s will is not just a light barrier.

Complete blocking of physical interference. Create another wall in the world to realize absolute defense. The front side protected by this shield cannot be penetrated by any attack.

[Chit…! Annoying items! Aim for the side!]

When it became impossible to interfere in the front, the commander, the Great Devil, made a huge amount of water dig into the side. In the end, this overwhelming difference in quantity will not be overcome.


Harry put his hand on my heart.

Isabel, the priest of the moon and purity, inherited two sacred objects from Hari.

A bracelet of waves left by Maroon, the priest of the three seas and waves.

A heart of fire left by Duke Renoir, the saint of the first war and flame.

The bracelet of waves controls ‘water’, and the heart of fire creates ‘fire’ by itself.

The fact that this power, which is the opposite itself, can coexist is due to the speciality of the sex method, but it also means that Hari’s own vessel is huge.

“Citizens who will use Pyongyang in the future! I’m sorry! The infrastructure just needs to be rebuilt!!”

Harry decided to squeeze all his strength. The maximum development that has not been done while worrying about the aftermath.

“Huh? Does the ground shake?”

“Is Mr. Gu doing something?!”

At that moment, the ground rumbles to the extent that one wonders if Daesung Goo, the Holy Grail Knight, is using another holy method. But soon they realized that it wasn’t the way to deal with the earth.

– Knock!

At first, a small stream of water gushed through the asphalt.

– Knock! Kwak Kwa Kwak!

– Kwak-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

And it surges in all directions, forming wave heights like a tsunami.

“Sir, could it be that the city’s water pipes burst?!”

That rumor is true.

Harin is a priestess who handles water. The power granted to her by the god Poma made it possible to create waves of all that water.

Seongbeop <Waves>

Water pipes all over Pyongyang burst and the pouring water created a tsunami in the city. And that’s not all.


Hari poured all the holy power generated from her heart into a huge flame.

For this war, the gods of the pantheon brought all their surplus holy power to the temple of the god of war.

It was to leave enough holy power to be used by Vulcanus, who uses his holy power profusely, and the Burning Sword Knights, the strongest of the pantheon.

And now, when Vulcanus and the Knights of the Burning Sword cannot use holy power, the enormous holy power left on the altar of the god of war.

It is pouring through Hari, the priestess of the god of war.

The sparks merged with the waves formed by the waters of the entire city of Pyongyang to create waves of flame—


cover the whole stream.

It’s not just them.

Seongbeop users who have been appointed as knights and use Seongbeop so far.

All of them unsparingly poured out their holy power to fill the void left by the giants called Holy Grail Knights.

It is an endless series of miracles.

Clearly, they poured out everything for a momentary breakthrough—

“from now on!!”

In this instant, the lion heart king was reproduced.

* * * *

Although the Holy Grail Knights lost their holy power due to the blockage with the divine, he did not lose his own body.

Holy Grail Knight Vulcanus was the strongest monster of the era even without holy power, and Magician Queen Beatrice focused on magic rather than holy power from the beginning.

They resisted Rakshaar with their holy power cut off in their own way, but there was a Holy Grail Knight who couldn’t even do that.

– Severe damage to the aircraft. Reactor output reduced by 0.2%.

Yakt Spinner.

This strong artificial intelligence robot knight, the holy grail knight of iron and blacksmith, is a broken product that would have stopped functioning long ago.

As the reactor that moved the fuselage collapsed in half, it was unable to cover its own energy, which naturally led to shutdown.

However, Yapi was reborn with the blessing of the pantheon.

The half-destroyed nuclear reactor produced energy that would be incomprehensible no matter what scientific basis it brought, and the source of that power was divine.

In such a situation, the connection with the divine was cut off and the Marquis-class aircraft, which was full of safety energy, was completely destroyed.

What is currently driving Yappy is a very small amount of residual energy. Even that is on the verge of breaking down soon.

-Kick! Residual energy 6.8%.

Yapi shuffled his broken leg, busily examining his surroundings with his broken camera eye.

– Quaang! Kwak Kwa Kwak!

Rakshaar is fighting. However, it was doubtful whether it should be considered a battle.

Vulcanus, Karina, Beatrice… Even now, when they can’t use their holy power, they are fighting desperately, but they were like child’s play in front of the Lord of Chaos.

Above all–

-Kick! your majesty.

Leon was the first to suffer.

He was mortally wounded and could not even recover, and stood at the forefront.

It was inevitable that he was the first to fall because he continued to fight unreasonably.

Falling unconscious, he continued his fight with strange recklessness. As if waiting for something.


It is not a sensibility that a machine can understand.

From the first time he met him at Cheongju Gate until now, Leon has been a mysterious existence to Yapi.

[A knight of loyalty and loyalty. It is because all living beings beyond the dimension owed a debt to your service.]

However, the words he said on that day, when Yapi’s long defensive battle came to an end, remain deep in the data.

-Emergency use of residual energy. Non-consideration of object maintenance cost.

disassemble the body There were not many parts that could be salvaged from the broken body. However, in a thousand-year defense battle, Yapi learned the most efficient way to use resources by disassembling and attaching her body thousands and tens of thousands of times.

Remove the armor protecting the broken reactor, and melt the lead bullets remaining in the fuselage.

The damaged bridge was disassembled and became a ‘sack’ to connect something.

When it formed a certain form, Yapi put all of the remaining holy power in the reactor into it.

This is only possible because it is a yappy that even stores its holy power in the form of a save cap.

-144 seconds to stop the aircraft.

Leaving only enough holy power to move, Yaffy lifted ‘it’, which was created by disassembling his own body.

[Sir Yacht Spinner, the knight who saw that your quest has been completed solemnly declares.]

On the day the old duty ends, Yapi has a new duty. that’s obvious–

– Start polishing.

The iron and blacksmith’s final hammering of the Holy Grail Knight has begun.

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