The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 226

Lion Heart King reenactment (2)

[shit! Stop! I mean stop it!]

The Great Devil with a whip shouts from behind.

– Run away! Run away!!

The leading demons scream and shout.


It was nothing compared to the breakthrough power of the knights who received the blessing of the strongest assaulter.

They deliberately gave up on their words and matched each other’s stride with their bare bodies.

The charge was not fast, but it was steadily and steadily taking one step forward.

[That guy… he became the center…!]

At the forefront is a knight in green armor.

Holy Grail Knight Koo Dae-sung. He stands at the forefront and breaks the tidal wave with a hammer.

If you look at the situation of forcibly squeezing in and blowing away the terrifyingly dense waves of malice, it is truly a Holy Grail Knight.

That is the Holy Grail Knight.

The greatest enemy of demons.

[Don’t be arrogant, on a topic that’s not even real!]

In order to prevent the collapse of the front line, the Great Devil directly steps forward. The Great Demon used the maximum firepower magic he could use and sniped Goo Daeseong.

That magic is really AAA grade. It was comparable to that of the Great Mage and Magician Queen.


“I’ll stop you!”

Suho moves forward with magic rather than normal momentum. Amalek’s shield, which separates even the dimension of his space, will block even the magic of the great devil.

“The aftermath will bounce! Stop that!”

However, Goo Dae-seong dissuaded Suho and took up his own shield.

earth shield.

This shield gifted by the goddess Demera has great power, but it is not a conceptual armament that separates dimensions like Amalek’s shield.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!

Violent waves of magic collide with the Earth’s shield. The shield made of tree roots burned in real time. But–

‘My shield is the shield of infinite life! As long as the protection of the earth is with you, it will never be broken!’


The Great Devil doubted his own eyes. His own magic, which seemed to pierce the shield of the earth at once, was pushed back by the firepower that seemed to burn the crude roots at any moment.

[Incinerated and regenerated at the same time?!]

The shield of the earth was burned as if it were about to break, but new roots soon filled the incinerated spot. Terrible regenerative power indeed. Even Koo Dae-seong, who is using it, is astounding.

And that’s not all.

Even hunters swept away by the splash of magic are torn here and there, and even if they receive damage enough to stop their steps, they immediately regenerate on the spot.

Golden Chul, who swung a huge golden hammer at the monsters from the front, shouted confidently.

“That nobleman’s unit was tenacious like real cockroaches!”

“What is a cockroach, really?”

The Legion guarded by the Holy Grail Knight of Life naturally shares its vitality.

To the extent that even if he cuts out his own ‘heart’, he continues to fight to some extent.

“from now on···!”

“”from now on···!!””

iced coffee······.

It doesn’t stop.

Even the strongest magic and bombing magic aimed at the explosive range of cotton are meaningless in front of the shield of absolute protection and the regeneration of life force stronger than cockroaches.

[These worms…!]

Unbearable, Grantusk stepped forward. He took an ax enchanted with curses and struck it at the leader, Goo Dae-seong.


Earth’s shield to block it. The shield was split in half with a single blow, but it rather entangled Grantusk’s axe.

“We have a great Holy Grail Knight!”

Taking advantage of the gap where the ax got stuck in the root of a tree, Kim Jae-hyeok, holding the Uhlan holy spear, unleashed a sharp stab. However, Grantusque’s arm was directed at him.

[be impertinent!]


The magic bullet that spreads from the palm bounces off Jaehyuk. It wasn’t a fatal wound, but it was enough to buy him time to retrieve the axe.

[This fake…!]

Grantusque glared at Gu Dae-seong, who was about to swing the hammer at him. that’s why i didn’t see it

The opponent is a great mage who enjoys the magic of conversational power, and a veteran of reversals. A swordsman with two swords that even such monsters can take advantage of.


Cheon So-yeon, a knight of vengeance, melted into the darkness, hiding behind Goo Dae-sung’s huge presence. The magic sword blessed by Ventasis and the holy sword blessed by Ariana cross.

Holy Demon Sword.

“How many pages are there?”

Along with the cynical voice of the girl, the crossed swords aimed at the great devil’s neck. Indeed, the timing of an artistic surprise attack… However, Grantusque reacted.

[this guy···!]


Grantusque immediately released the ax and swung his fist. Cheon So-yeon swings her sword without stopping, but it bounces off the punch and misses the cutting edge.


A blood-splattering Grantusque. But not fatal.

[You can’t get past this place!]

The Great Devil caused his mana to run out of control. Now, in this place, he explodes his vessel, his body, and makes friends with them.

After all, this body is just a vessel. As long as you don’t get hit by the Star Iron Sword or the Holy Law, you can resurrect at any time.

“Miss Hari!”

Waves of runaway magic power. Goo Dae-seong, who was hit by the waves all over his body and minimized the damage to his allies, called a girl.

“Burn up!!”

The heart of fire burns. At the same time, all the water in the city formed a high wave.


Do you still have the energy? Does that even produce holy power by itself?

A huge wave of flame that could cover even the runaway magic of the Great Devil. It attacked Grantusk, and it was…


It was the moment to break through the forces of evil that seemed endless.

* * * *

“I really broke through.”

“How much did you catch on the way…”

“Didn’t you really catch 100,000?”

The knights who couldn’t believe that they had accomplished incredible feats. It was the same with Goo Dae-seong.


You can see the Ryugyong Hotel towering over the place covered with an unknown dark fog. The world tree, which had grown using the hotel as a graveyard, was so huge that it seemed as if it would soon break through the clouds in the sky and go into space.

It sucked even the holy power of the Holy Grail Knights and the Burning Sword Knights and grew rapidly.

[You must not touch that fog. It has the property of blocking divinity and believers.]

It was the advice of the goddess Demera. She had been nesting in Geobrick’s hammer for a while before giving advice to Goo Dae-seong.

“Then… the ‘World Tree’?”

[Yeah, but I guess I’ll have to find a way around it.]

The breakthrough was successful, but reaching the World Tree was a problem. That was when I was thinking about how to do it.

“Lah, Lord Raihar!”

“Sir Tarhan!”

In the dark fog that the goddess had warned them not to reach, they were slashing demons and leaping out.




They no longer fanned fire from their breath. However, every time they swung their swords, pieces of flesh and blood rose like flames.

“”Ruthless death…!!””

Baltan Burning Sword Knights 50 people. In the midst of losing their holy power, they dutifully pierced the waves of monsters with only their swords and will.

“Ha, haha… They’re real monsters.”

When they joined in astonishment, the burning sword knights saw Goo Dae-seong and immediately knelt down.

“Reduce! Reduce again! New Demera’s Holy Grail Knight!”

They recognized at once that Goo Dae-sung had become a Holy Grail Knight.

“Hey, don’t do this!”

Goo Dae-seong was frightened and raised them up. It was the Holy Grail Knights that I always looked up to with awe and respect.

No matter how much he became a Holy Grail Knight, the example they had as Lionheart’s original knights was burdensome.

“The situation is urgent, so let’s postpone the celebration until later. We must hurry up and support His Majesty and the Holy Grail Knights.”

“But if you come into contact with that fog, you will be cut off from the divinity. How are the Lords now?”

Coming out of the fog, they tried sparking again, but still no spark came out of their hands.

“Hmm, I guess this will last for a while.”

“Then… how do I get to the World Tree?”

“To the world tree?”

Raihar responded to Goo Dae-sung’s words.

“Yes, Goddess Demera said the World Tree is the key to solving this predicament.”

“Hmm… Is it just a matter of touching the world tree?”

“Of course… it shouldn’t even touch the fog.”

You have to reach the world tree. But don’t touch the fog. It was a difficult condition. If it were Vulcan, how could he reach that place without reaching the mist?

– Giggling!

It was then. It was the Kikkiruk warrior who stepped forward with a large claw. Originally, it would have been translated through Yapi’s translation device, but with Rakshaar’s roar, all electronic devices were destroyed.

Because of that, I couldn’t understand Krashatria’s unique voice, but–

They are a wise ancient race. Through the stories of Goo Dae-seong and the knights, as well as gestures and glances, he recognized the purpose.

-Kiruuk! look good? Squeaky look!

He himself brings a ‘something’ with a desperate gesture to the point of being slightly cute.



“Does it work?”

The intentions of the objects they brought were clear even at first glance.

* * * *

As marine creatures, most of the Krashatria naturally worship Poma, the god of the sea and waves.

They were the most blessed beings in the sea, and they could do many things in the sea that humans couldn’t do, but they don’t necessarily serve the god Poma.

They are managed and commanded by Yacht Spinner, the Holy Grail Knight of the Iron and Blacksmith.

To adapt to the doctrines of the 21st century Earth and the Pantheon, Yapi dedicated himself to enlightening the entire Krashatria tribe.

In addition to securing a comfortable home from small economic activities, they also nurtured blacksmiths who believed in Heto, the god of iron and blacksmith, in metallurgical skills that only they could learn.

The ones made with them are many decisive battle weapons, including the Dominator class.

It was a structure that Yapi had all the core skills and could not work without him, but the skills learned over the shoulder did not disappear.

“When I saw Lord Vulcan flying around… I honestly thought it was a bit…”

“It’s okay to say I look ignorant.”

Goo Dae-seong silently agreed to Hari’s words. But–

“But I think this is more ignorant.”


Hari silently pushed Koo Dae-sung into the ‘Pogu’. The armor is tight and doesn’t fit well.

“Mister Goo Dae-sung, fighting!”


With Jaehyuk and Suho cheering, Goo Daesung silently watched the catch as he entered.

Demons’ hemp captured by the Kirkiruk tribe. Was the idea of putting people in there and shooting him possible because he was a Holy Grail Knight of Life?

‘It’s just that these aliens have some common sense…’

The Kikkiruk tribe, who conceived this plan, or the Burning Sword Knights, who accepted it again and again.

“Okay, let’s start soon! I’m ready, Koo Dae-seong!”

It was ‘knights’, not wheels or carts, pulling the cannons that the Kikkiruks improvised by blacksmithing.

Baltan Burning Sword Knights. They carried the cannon that pushed Koo Dae-seong like a cannonball onto their shoulders and finished their preparations.

-Kick! Kikkiroouk!

Without waiting for Koo Dae-seong’s voice, the Kikkiruk warriors shouted something. Their intentions, even raising the flag, were very clear.



– Look!

– Luuk!


The flag is lowered, the flag is lowered. that was the signal

“Baltan Burning Sword Knights! Turn around!”


A sudden rush of wind. Realizing that it was the aftermath of kicking off the seat and starting to run, Goo Dae-sung clenched his teeth while holding the hammer in his arms.

‘Pa, fast!’

Holy Grail Knights. Although they cannot use holy power, they are superhumans who have reached the pinnacle of the human body.

They covered the ground at full speed with cannons on their backs, and when they reached a certain point.


With Lord Laihar’s command, a sense of floating came over me. waving muzzle. The sound of the wind can be heard even inside the cannon.

“Throw it!!”

The Knights of the Burning Sword threw the cannon with all their might. Bang! The cannon was thrown with so much force that a roar could be heard.

How high did you jump? Slightly high in the dark misty front. The moment you see the Ryugyong Hotel──

– I’ll shoot!

With Hari’s voice, flames entered the muzzle. Next moment, bang! A voice came from the butt.


Koo Dae-seong being fired with cannonballs. He was distracted even in the rare experience of a naked human being flying in the sky.


[Get your mind right, baby!]

Koo Dae-seong sees himself flying straight through the sky at the sound of the goddess Demera. The dark fog narrowly missed and the flight headed for the Ryugyong Hotel, but…

“Floating, falling?!”

Was it lack of thrust? Goo Dae-sung realized that his body was falling in a parabola.

“Goddess, forgive me!”

Goo Dae-seong immediately placed the earth shield he was holding under his feet. A fleeting sense of floating. He steps on the shield and leaps once more.

The superhuman jump in the air is very slight, but the distance of the jump has been increased–

“Demerasi uh uh uh!!”

Goo Dae-seong put the holy power of life into Geobrick’s hammer at full power.

What he struck with the hammer containing holy power was——


It was a world tree that grew from a seedling of Gunlar.

[Now it’s your turn.]

The voice of the goddess goes to the being sleeping in the tree. She is the guardian of Treemen and Elves. The one who creates the birth of life together with Demera.

God of forests and trees.


* * * *

[World Tree?!]

Even Rakshaar was taken aback by the change in the World Tree.

The Lionheart was dying without recovering from his injuries, and even Vulcanus, Carina, and Beatrice.

Their resistance, which had lost their holy power, had now come to an end.

When everything is over and now the tree of destruction is reproduced and the world is brought to chaos, it will end…

[Putting vinegar on ready-made rice…!]

Rakshaar hurriedly turned to the World Tree. It was more important to immediately restore the World Tree to its original state than to finish off the Holy Grail Knights. But–

“Where are you going?”

A shrill voice. The existence, which must have been too small compared to Rakshaar, revealed a presence that no evil could ignore.

[You bastard…]

It must have been a fatal wound, but the armor was completely destroyed——


Rakshaar doubted his eyes, but he had no choice but to accept it.

Polar lights that shine brilliantly even in the dark. And the ‘armor’ that glows black as if it had adapted to this darkness.

“Glory to Sir Yacht Spinner.”

Leon raised his sword with the greatest praise he could.

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