The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 227:Lionheart (1)


A clear and pure sound resounds in the black darkness.


hammering. It was the sound of hammering.

There are no workshops here.

There are no state-of-the-art facilities using technology from the future world, nor railroads blessed by the gods and filled with star energy.

All we have here is a blacksmith in disrepair and a crude hammer that barely mimics its shape.


But why?

Why is it that the broken blacksmith strikes with a crude hammer?


Can you make such a beautiful sound?

-Question the logic of operation. Warning of inefficient energy waste.

– Final probability calculation success rate less than 0.03%.

A number that is pessimistic, but does not lie. The blacksmith, more sober than anyone else, knew that the warning was correct.

– turn off the math logic function. Auxiliary system off.

However, it rejects the operation. do not accept

For a blacksmith, a machine, the most rational choice is always the one with the highest probability.

Even if you take an action with a 0.06% chance of success with a very small amount of remaining energy, it is better than now.

It’s more likely than the meaningless hammering you’re doing now.

understand it as a number. Yakt Spinner, a machine, knows.


[Yapie, you are the hero of the city.]

The last robot to protect the city during the end of the world.

[Yapi, I’m here. This is the last order.]

The last order of the commander who worried about the future until the very end.

[Keep the seal, don’t let anyone get near it.]

Carrying out meaningless orders in a world that has already been destroyed, the blacksmith has endured for a thousand years.

They repaired obsolete parts and produced foundation stones and manufactured gunpowder to fill in insufficient armaments.

Protecting the city for a thousand years must have been meaningless.

Until the man shows up.

[A knight of loyalty and loyalty. It is because all living beings beyond the dimension owed a debt to your service.]

The man praised himself as greater than me.

I respected him, valued him, and told him many times that he was great.

but he knows

That the man did not give up even in a more desperate situation than himself who had protected the city for a thousand years.

Caracael, the lord of wisdom, and ten thousand demons. How meaningless is the act of resisting in front of the endless forces of evil.

But the man said.

[I command you to fight to the end! Honorable Knights!]

I will fight without giving in.

In that hopeless battle, even though they knew they would be defeated, Lionheart’s knights and soldiers shouted.

[Road Lionheart! Lord Lionheart!]

Even if you won the victory alone in the end where no one was left.

Lion Heart King’s victory is clearly not based on probability theory, it is just ‘doing what has to be done’.

I do it because I have to.

In addition, the blacksmith saved it as ‘enlightenment’ that probability is not important.

So do it.

Even 0.03% is what we have to do, so we do it.

Probability was surprisingly unimportant.


Come to think of it, he has always been like that.

To protect the city, so as not to leak the malicious seal out of the world.

It has done it endlessly through meaningless repairs and regenerations.

[Put your faith in iron. Imagine the future you will forge with hammering. The sword I made will cut through the enemies of the kingdom, and the armor you made will protect my comrades.]


What this mechanical blacksmith is like doesn’t know.

Because he was a being who calculated the result by calculation, not a being who imagined and created something vague.

So I just use the subjunctive method to derive the result.


The result of the flawless Lionheart finally winning.

* * * *

Leon looked down at Yapi in his arms.


Yapi, who had poured all of his energy into hammering, had already stopped functioning when Leon opened his eyes.

Leon felt it as peaceful as a sleeping child.

“You really are proud of Jim.”

As the King of Knights, Leon was proud to have reaped this noble knight.

Because of this knight who finally completed the great quest, there is the present Pantheon.


[Leon, my knight.]

There is also a resurrection now.

“Hey Ariana.”

[The connection with my knight was lost, and we were all worried. Are you okay?]

“Thank you Spinner.”

Leon does not know what process this phenomenon is the result of. When I opened my eyes, Yapi was stopped functioning, and my armor was in a different shape than before, so I can only guess.

“Hetoshi. Do you know what English it is?”

[My blacksmith completed the unfinished armor. I breathed fire with a mechanical arm and polished it with an improvised hammer.]

“But that alone doesn’t account for the reconnection with divinity that was cut off.”

[The nature of the armor is to make it resistant to this dark fog. This child has prepared you with the armor that will enable you to win.]

In other words, this completed armor itself is a protective suit that blocks the fog of darkness.

“I really am. I am a king who is blessed with many people.”

[What shall I do now?]

To the goddess’ question, Leon answered as if it were natural.

“We will fight and win.”

Leon decided to do what he had to do.

[You bastard… how…]

Leon put the evil in front of him.

An evil lord who was too gigantic for himself, the size of a fire and a man.

When many saw them, they despaired. I was afraid and felt defeat.

But not Leon. He always raised his sword against the evils that plagued the world.

“Glory to the Holy Grail Knight Sir Yacht Spinner.”

And since he finally won, this must be his destiny.

[Lionheart. I don’t know how they reconnected the divinity…]

Rakshaar’s tentacles thrash on the ground. It toppled the city’s buildings and caused an earthquake on the ground.

Rakshaar’s claws clap menacingly. Its pincers are powerful enough to cut through the sky.

[All of your knights fell to me. You just got a new toy.]

“You pitiful evil. Do you understand the weight of life that the original king carried?”

Leon’s holy sword shines brightly. In the fog of darkness that blocks divinity, the sword shines brightly.

“I am Leon, Dragonia, and Lionheart. I am the end of evil.”

Leon jumped in. Rakshaar responded immediately.

Hundreds of swaying bridges. It is swung sharply as if there are no obstacles such as buildings and buildings.


Legs slap Leon, who jumped in with a dizzying sound. Leon’s body gnaws at the ground and bounces off.


Rakshaar. The great demons of the chaos series are uniquely enormous in size.

Rakshaar is the pinnacle. Even when he was a demon grand duke, he was mighty, but after becoming a monarch, he became a gigantic monster that literally swallowed the world alone.

Its power is too great for a single person to deal with.


Divine Punishment <Sun Appearance>

sun. It is the greatest attack-type spell among the powers of the Holy Law. The power of the sun illuminating the planet is the purest destructive force.

[Laughing! With the power that just increased the scale!]

sun beating down. Rakshaar countered it with his bare body.

Even though his entire body would melt just by the heat from the sun, Rakshaar rather pushed him away with a frontal power struggle.

The lord of chaos, his enormous magic power is so fierce that it can even push away the heat of the sun with the attribute of judgment.

[You can’t defeat me alone.]

holding the sun with claws It reminded me of a giant holding up a planet in mythology. What makes Rakshar different from him is that Rakshar has no obligation to honor the planet.

The sun, which was swept away at once, declares the city of Pyongyang doomed. It incinerated buildings and buildings where no one lived, as soon as they touched them, and dug deep into the ground.

The next turn was a bombardment created by Rakshaar’s enormous magic power. When the mana that hit the sun from the front was replaced by magic, the scale was too harsh for a single individual.

Each one is a great magic. Hundreds of them. The bombardment of the devil, created as natural as breathing, pours toward Leon.

[Here, I will offer you 3 million live sacrifices! Please hear my request!!]

After the Emperor of the Empire summoned the Lord of Chaos by sacrificing his people as living sacrifices, Leon had to witness his kingdom’s people perish in endless malice.

An incident in which Seonggun, who was satisfied with staying in the kingdom, became angry even with the same human beings. Regret that I should have torn the old emperor to pieces earlier.

“The power of iron.”

It blocks the magical bombardment by consolidating iron powder that rises from the depths of the earth. The pure iron curtain was penetrated, and Lionheart was nowhere to be seen.


Rakshaar, who was looking for the missing Leon, suddenly saw a white feather fluttering in the air.

“Let’s go, Stallion!”

– Cao oh!

The roar of a ferocious beast. However, the divine beast of light spread its wings while scattering brilliant beauty.

* * * *

Goo Dae-seong watched the fight between Leon and Rakshaar hanging from the world tree.


Although he has awakened as a Holy Grail Knight, Leon’s fight is of a different class.

That is the one who encompasses the power of all gods.

A giant of the era who stood at the pinnacle of mankind.

‘Lion Heart King.’

Guardian of the Holy Grail.

“But… you’re being pushed back.”

I could tell because it was Koo Dae-sung, who had reached the level of a superman.

The head-to-head confrontation between the Lord of Chaos and the Lion Heart King. Although they are competing closely with each other, Leon’s power has not completely returned.

That new armor is clearly reconnecting the blocked divinity, but the moment Leon’s holy power is manifested, the power gradually diminishes.

Sacrifice, created by sacrificing the five great devils and the great devil, weakens it as soon as the holy power touches it.

[Baby, you have to help.]

“Yes… but the method is…”

Unlike Leon, Koo Dae-seong cannot avoid being blocked from the divine as soon as he touches the dark fog.

[Ask her how to do that.]

It was when Goo Dae-sung nodded at Demera’s words. Something slid out of the shell of the world tree to which he hung.

‘government ordinance?’

Goo Dae-sung thought based on the meager fantasy knowledge he had in mind.

A winged spirit with a beautiful appearance. The one that Demera called her came up to Goo Dae-seong and said,

[The knight of life that gave me birth. I need your help.]

“Name anything.”

Goo Dae-sung’s innocent attitude made the woman smile.

[I am Irmin of the forest and trees. Creator of fairies and twin goddesses of Demera. A god who had the seed of a species and sealed himself.]

Like the Last Holy Grail, it is an ark plan in preparation for the destruction of the world.

A god prepared for the prosperity of all species in the world in preparation for the future when Lionheart and his army win.

[Give me your life force. Then I will show you the miracle of birth.]

Goo Dae-sung felt intuition that he had encountered a great moment he had never thought of.

Resurrection of Lionheart. I shuddered at the fact that a miracle that would bring that glorious era back to life was in my hands.

“As you wish…!”

With Koo Dae-sung’s consent, Irmin smiled and manipulated the world tree.

A stratum where the fog of darkness descends. The roots of that place moved and embraced something and brought it to the place where Koo Dae-sung is.

Goo Dae-seong widened his eyes when he saw the woman who had been cherished by the roots.

“His Excellency Karina!”

A black-haired grand duke. Goo Dae-seong, who was handed the girl in the roots, was embarrassed and did not know what to do.


“Dae, Grand Duke, are you okay?”

“Are you…?”

While Karina passed out after being beaten by Rakshaar, she wondered at the strange man holding her in his arms.

“That… the knight is Daesung Koo.”

“It doesn’t seem like a simple article…”

Karina was surprised by the infinite vitality she felt in Goo Dae-seong. In this era, there was a talented person on Earth who could sublimate into a Holy Grail Knight.

[Karina. Daughter of Leon Dragonia. Ulfric’s granddaughter.]


[I need the arguments you have.]

At Irmin’s words, Karina understood at once what that meant.

“I see. Is that how it happened?”

Karina looked straight at Goo Daesung. Faced with her strong and chauvinistic gaze, Goo Dae-seong swallowed his saliva and lowered his gaze.

It was like Beta’s behavior of instinctively bowing down to the alpha of the pack of beasts in the wild world, but Karina seems to have accepted it very differently.

“The rookie is lacking in numbers.”

“That, that’s not it…”

“It’s done. The situation is urgent, so hurry up and bring your face. Look straight at the original work.”

“Yes? Yes?!”

Karina grabbed Goo Dae-sung’s chin and forced him to look straight ahead. Then slowly bring your face closer.

‘Stand, no way!?’

Goo Daesung closed his eyes tightly. However, the unexpected situation did not come, and a strange sensation of forehead to forehead was transmitted.


It’s not what I expected, but Koo Dae-sung makes a complex and subtle expression. Seeing him like that, Karina smiled.

“What are you expecting?”

“It’s not like that!”

Karina snapped her finger at the bridge of his nose, thinking that the bashful Daesung’s reddish expression was cute.

“A man who met a beautiful woman like in the original work should do that, but now it’s an important phase. Focus.”

“Ah, yes…”

Something… Thinking that someone with a strong self-consciousness resembles him, Goo Dae-sung pressed their foreheads together as Karina told him to do.

“Feel the essence of this work. Breathe into it the vitality of the Lord and sprout it through the World Tree.”

Goo Dae-sung felt something being transmitted through his foreheads, and instinctively began to breathe life into them.

[It was. It contains enough life force.]

Irmin accepted it. The world tree soon sprouted a seed that added Karina’s factor and Goo Dae-sung’s vitality—

[It’s time to fulfill the contract! I’ll pour out all the holy power I’ve gathered. give birth to my first offspring]

Dragonia, the golden god, poured out the holy power she had accumulated so far.

So that the first offspring to be born on this earth are grander and nobler than any other living being.

The seed sprouted soon, and the first life born from the World Tree. Its vast roar echoes.

-That’s la la la la la la la la la!!

Dragon God Dragonia’s first offspring.

A huge black dragon spread its wings.

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