The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 228: Lion Heart (2)

<Sky Spear>

Clouds gather. The cloud giant, wearing a thunder-entwined crown, raised its arms high.

“Endure this too, evil species.”

The spear that strikes down is the spear of stroke, in which the stronghold of thunder is concentrated. It is impossible to avoid or block. Facing the all-piercing spear of the sky——

[You look at me funny.]

Destructive magic compression formation.

A black beam strikes the spear that was dropped vertically by the Giant of Thundercrown.

Leon clicked his tongue.

‘The spear of the sky is a pure thunderbolt. To block it with physical force.’

That beam isn’t just a bombardment of energy. The magic of the Lord of Wisdom, who caused all sorts of great disasters, was strong enough to attract the stars, but he did not break the law.

Leon remembered that each demon’s magical power had a different nature, and guessed that Rakshaar’s magical power was unpredictable and chaotic.

Malus also caused a bizarre anomaly that distorted even time and space with his magic.

However, Leon’s vocal method also distorts the law.

Concepts and the forces of chaos overshadowed any defense and wounded the world in the aftermath of the conflict.

– Blood, damage!

-What’s going on!

[Leon! You can’t fight against each other with only strength!]

Thunder god Ultima made a rare weak sound. But Leon knew he was right.

“Stalion, evade!”

Shin-soo complies with Maeng-wu’s request. The heavenly horse with wings made dizzying maneuvers, dodging tentacles, claws, and magical bombardment from all directions.

It reminded me of the first battle with Rakshaar at Donghae Gate the other day. But if there is a difference from then——

[I’ll show you that there’s no point in avoiding this greatest power!]

Magic is concentrated in Rakshaar’s mouth. Its power is the bombardment of a roar that I have witnessed many times. A giant cannon worthy of a super-giant demon is fired.


Leon took the reins. Stallion hurriedly folded his wings and performed an extreme vertical maneuver, and Rakshaar’s bombardment brushed the place where they had just been.


The cannonball rips over the city and cuts through the atmosphere of the planet on the horizon.

To the extent that living organisms around the world feel the rise in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere with their skin.

Half of the people on Earth saw the remnants of the bombardment that extended into space.

Such an unbelievable cannonade. No matter how much it brushed against it, it was not enough firepower for a single individual to withstand.

– Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!


Rakshaar saw the bulls land on the ground.

A fire-breathing bull.

Beasts of war given by Petos, the god of war and flame, to the greatest war rider.

“Let’s go, bulls of war!”

– Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

The wild beasts that have been on the battlefield with Leon for as long as Stallion run, spitting fire. Rakshaar’s gaze pours destruction energy toward him again.

However, Leon also adapted to his power.

“Mother of light. My goddess.”

A huge ray of destruction beating down on them. Another light against that ‘light’.


Its own beam cannot melt him. Aside from being distorted, refracted and deflected away by the light of the Lion Heart King, it is not something that a single entity can survive with only the aftermath.

– Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

fire-breathing bull. Just like that a little while ago. No matter how fast Stallion’s reverse summoning and bulls’ resummoning were, there would have been enough damage to ‘pass by’.

‘The power to absorb and neutralize heat. Is it the power possessed by divine beasts of flame!’

A war wagon led by divine beasts. It was the divine beasts and chariots given by the god of flame. Heat cannot hurt the Lion Heart King.

‘You monster. My strength as a monarch… is terrifying as expected. That is the horror of evil, the pinnacle of humanity.’

A very incomprehensible existence that could do such things with the power of a single person without an army or weapons.

I think I know why even the great devils are afraid and shudder at meeting him.

[That’s why you must disappear. Your existence will be the weight that holds us down.]

That would be his duty as an evil lord. I can’t imagine two monsters like this would appear in the last millennium.

As expected, in the midst of a long crisis, they are—


Rakshaar cut off several of his tentacles. It turns into black ink and spills onto the floor, and the Servants of Chaos stand up.

-Dooger uh uh!

Fire-breathing bulls collide with monsters in front.

The road to Rakshaar was blocked by countless servants of evil, regardless of whether they were small, medium or large, but they were mercilessly crushed in front of the war carriage driven by the 【Strongest Assaulter】.

[However, in the end, you are alone. I am the culmination of all evil and the concentration of chaos.]

Drip tentacles. The bulls, breaking through countless monsters, moved around to avoid the bombardment of the tentacles.

However, the speed of the bulls is noticeably slower than that of Stallion. Leon had a hunch that the bulls would not be able to escape Rakshaar’s attack.


Leon cut the seams of the war wagon himself. The bulls leave the war wagon and spread in both directions, and Leon is naturally isolated in the middle of the monster herd.

[It’s over, Lionheart!]

The light of extinction is focused. Direct hit this time. With that amazing armor and God’s authority, he survived even in the blast range, but it probably won’t be enough to withstand a direct hit.

If it were the flawless Lion Heart King in his heyday who defeated Karakael, he is far from worthy of being a monarch.

“Time dragged on. As much as you enjoyed the glory of your first birth, go wild, lizard.”


Rakshaar noticed the eerie aura behind his back.

There is something called Pressure that all living things are overwhelmed by.

The fearsome divinity of the Lion Heart King.

The evil malice of demon lords.

In front of the gigantic ranks of divinity and malignity, creatures with inferior ranks do not dare to raise their heads.

but only one. There is an existence that waged an equal battle without being pushed back even by divinity and evil.

-That’s la la la la la la la!!

It spreads its wings with a huge roar. Rakshaar’s eyes were stained with doubt.


Dragon. The strongest being in mythology. A being in history that did not succumb even to the gods was born from the heart of an ancient dragon and the world tree.

“Huh, what happened?”

Carina, riding on the dragon’s back with Koo Dae-seong, immediately gave instructions.

“Attack with maximum firepower. Use breath.”

[Don’t give orders, human! be impertinent!]

A dragon with innate violence and rebellious temperament could indeed be said to be the first descendant of Dragonia.

But he also made the best judgment in this situation. Although he is sensitive, he made the same judgment as a human being.


An aura rising through the body. That power was added not only to the silk dragon, but also to the enormous magic power provided by Karina’s dragon’s heart.

Rakshaar frowned when he saw the breath coming down immediately.

[Something like hetzling!]

Rakshaar directed the light of persecution he was trying to strike at Leon directly at the dragon. In the next moment, two great forces shoot at each other.


The first offspring of Dragon King Dragonia, the mightiest ancient dragon, who made a deal with the gods. Until he backs up Dragon Sovereign Carina Dragonia.

The pouring black flames collide with the light of the black ray. In the center where huge heat collides, everyone except for the two lifeforms outside the standard is burned to death.


Numerous evil species that Rakshaar sowed cannot withstand and turn to ashes and disappear. It is not the firepower that a small species can withstand. Excluding out-of-spec existence.

“······ I’m going to be pushed.”

As soon as the words were finished, the light of death pushed away the black flame.


The light of extinction, which began to be pushed once, rushed straight toward the black dragon. It narrowly passed the dragon’s head, but inflicted a great wound on the dragon.

[You bastard…! Dirty thing!]

“Concentrate on flying, baby lizard. If you fall and touch that darkness, you will die.”


The wounded dragon’s wrath was directed at its rider. However, he knew that part of the energy that made up him was divinity, and instinctively knew that contact with that dark mist was dangerous.

Even in the shaking caused by the shock, the black dragon managed to maintain its altitude by flapping its wings. However, Rakshaar’s attack did not end there.

[I won’t let you run away!]

Rakshaar’s tentacles grabbed the dragon’s torso. Then he drags it in front of me and tries to cut it with his claws.

[Where are you touching, dirty things!]

Against this, the black dragon also stopped and grabbed Rakshaar’s pincers with its sharp claws. At the same time, the teeth bite off the tentacles trying to strike them.

Truly a monster battle. However, it was the black dragon who was pushed behind in terms of weight or magic power.

‘Being annoying…!’

Rakshaar realized that the Black Dragon, desperately holding on to its claws, could not stand on its own.

Above the black dragon. Its rider, Karina, transmits enormous magical energy through her heart, but she noticed that the dragon’s body, which must have been severely injured, was constantly ‘regenerating’.

“If you don’t die…”

Seongbeop <Infinite Life>

Goo Dae-sung was sending more vitality than the basic passive regeneration possessed by the Holy Grail Knight of Life and Abundance.

[This one-day puppy!]

Rakshaar continued to pull down the tentacles holding the black dragon’s ankles. No matter how much a dragon was born from the factor of an ancient dragon, it is still a hatchling. The difference in strength that comes from the difference in weight class cannot be overcome.

Just like that, bit by bit, the dragon’s body was about to be engulfed by the mist——

“I am Vulcanus!!”

The man showed himself at the moment of desperation.


Rakshaar’s gaze instantly turned to the source of the loud voice.

The monster who should have been completely neutralized is riding on the back of a fire-breathing bull and running over its tentacles.

Regardless of what kind of art it was, when Rakshar swung his tentacles away to shake off the bull, Vulcan leaped atop the bull.

“Fire, well borrowed!”

– Mmmmmmmmmmm!!

Jumping up with transcendent leg strength, Vulcanus soared high enough to escape from the dark fog.

In his armor, the fire he had lost while being cut off from the divine was burning fiercely, borrowing the flame of a fire-breathing bull.

He is treated as an abandoned child, but he is a saint of flames. Taking the fire-breathing bull’s power as one’s own is as natural as breathing.

“Duck…! Lose!”

Vulcanus, embracing the flame, threw down the holy sword. The holy swords that were fired along with the blasting star that even exploded the air rushed aiming for Rakshaar’s head.

Rakshaar used the greatest protection magic to block the throwing of the holy sword.

– Kwak Kwah Kwak Kwak!

A protective magic circle that collapses like a glass window. The holy sword throwing, which combines the monstrous power of a monster named Vulcanus and the flame method, is more like a bombardment than a throwing one.

However, the throwing sword of this tremendous destructive power stopped right in front of Rakshaar’s nose.

[It was close, monkey.]

“There’s still one sack left!”


Right before the fall, Vulcanus throws the remaining one with all his might.

– Kwajik!

– Kwa-kwak!

The dangerous magic circle is broken by the second throw. However, Vulcan’s holy sword only grazed Rakshaar’s skull.

“Damn it, it’s a waste——!?”

The swinging tentacle strikes Vulcanus. Boom! With a roar, the building he crashed into collapsed.

‘If only the troublesome dragon is drawn into the mist——!’

It was then. A pillar of light suddenly rises from the dark fog. Rakshaar was startled by the divine light that penetrated the sky.


Rakshaar looked at Leon and saw that he was not alone.

Magician Queen Beatrice.

She was with the Lionheart, along with the fire-breathing bull.


Interpreting and disassembling demons is the skill of a mage. Among them, the Magician Queen, who reached the pinnacle, pushed the dark magic around Lion Heart King for a moment.

Even if it was the fog of darkness that had once again eroded with enormous density, that moment was enough.

“Good work, Viche.”

As a result, Leon was able to use the lion’s heart transplanted into his heart to its full potential.

Divine Advent <The Warrior of Light>

Ariana, the goddess of light and justice, is strong to herself.

[Leon, this is my first article. The lion’s heart is a symbol of power representing the gods. Crush evil and defend justice.]

The lion’s heart, which temporarily recovered its maximum power by pushing out the fog of darkness, realized Leon’s Divine Advent.

The divinity that descended like that perfectly disperses the mist of darkness filled with malice.

Just as darkness cannot exist in a space full of light, the place where Leon is located is full of light.


Even if it takes that many blows, even if it is incapacitated with a sacrifice of that amount, it persists and resurrects.

Even in front of countless evils, the strongest lords in the dimension, and even on a devastating battlefield where the chances of winning are too low.

really so disgusting.


I risk the dragon’s counterattack and the last light of destruction is shot. This ray of light cutting through the planet’s atmosphere pierces one of the Lion Hearts.

The total amount of malice that humans cannot match. If there is something that can stand against this infinite power–

“Open the holy sword.”

The power wielded on behalf of God and on behalf of God.

A polar light that cuts through the darkness allowed only to living demigods.

The power of the Holy Sword, perfected through the Divine Advent, separates the surroundings.

[The relentless hound of the gods!]

Transcendence <The Light of Extinction>

Terrifyingly great power. Faced with that power, the individual grips the sword with unshakable determination.

“You are the seeds of destruction that leave only death and corpses behind.”

People, servants, country… and even loved ones.

cause of all ruin. It is the Lion Heart King’s natural right to hate them on behalf of all those victims.

“It is my duty to represent God and represent humanity.”

Opening the Holy Sword <Aurora Light>

We will cut off bad ties with you guys and head to the stars.

the light stretches out

Justice soared.

Ariana of Light and Justice. She is the Queen of the Gods, concentrating the power of all the gods.

Originally, the descent of a supernatural being that no single human being could bear. However, a singularity in history… the strongest grail guardian in history endures the power of the gods alone.

That’s possible because he’s a demigod who accomplished a feat of fighting all evil.

The day I defeated Malus, the lord of chaos. The living demigod has been established as a concept of a certain ‘phenomenon’.

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