The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 229


The flash of victory that concentrated the holy power of all the gods swallowed up the malignity of chaos.

Even a single cell that makes up that gigantic body is exposed to the heated starlight and decomposes.

[Lion Heart…!]

The flash of victory extinguished without leaving a trace of the malignant soul.


Losing all the satellites in the universe, people lost their best eyesight to observe the starry sky.

People who have not been able to see the starry sky, which has never been missed since mankind advanced into space, could not help but tremble with fear.

The sight of the eyes of the universe falling is like a flare of human extinction. Everyone wonders if the world is really going to end.

In the midst of such fear, everyone had no choice but to pray to their respective gods, and they remembered one person.

He is narrow-minded, authoritarian, arrogant and arrogant. A prophet who brought a new faith to this world.

A person who has changed the standard of faith that had no choice but to pray vaguely, proved the existence of a real God, and represents that power.

A superman who leads people to the stars on a line that ordinary people can’t even imagine.

That’s why they prayed while thinking of an article with the gods.

please let him win


Brilliant light embroiders the sky as if in answer to prayer. Witness and intuition that the classification continues to move towards the universe.

that you have won

* * * *

– Seebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

“What the hell is that?! How did you beat that! You monsters! You monsters!!”

Swearing close to screaming harassed those with a lower level of existence, but Reynald prioritized instinctive survival first.

“Oh, what can I do, great being!”

Reynald desperately sought wisdom from Gob, the Great Demon of Wisdom, who was screaming in front of him.

“What is it! You have to jump out!”


Rakshaar, Lord of Chaos, has been defeated. The followers of chaos ruled by Rakshaar have collapsed, and all that remains is the demons dispatched to aid in this war.

“They’ll find out about this place soon! Get out of here before they come!”

“Crab, can’t you open the gate? Ma, take us to the Demon Realm…”

“You idiot!”

The gate from the demon realm to the earth requires a lot of sacrifices and magic, but on the other hand, going to the demon world would not be an impossible task for him, the great devil of wisdom.

However, Raynald’s hopes were shattered by Gove’s scolding.

“If you open the gate to the Pandemonium here, you’ll be tracked down by that magician queen! Do you think they won’t come to the Pandemonium?”

“iced coffee······.”

In other words, the only answer here is physical escape.

“Right away!”

“Ah, old! Shredding the papers—”

“There’s no time for that! Where Lionheart is, the priority is to run away at the fastest speed!”

“Yes? Ha, but…”

Reynald’s relationship with the warlocks who were dispatched here and himself, the owner of the American Mage Tower. And I knew the importance of this place with sensitive information, such as the support list of devil followers who are secretly working around the world.

If the information here is disclosed, comrades who are working secretly around the world are also in danger.

“At least fire…!”

“If those bastards see it after setting it on fire?! It just jumps out unconditionally!”

No countermeasures, no follow-up, just unconditional escape. Is this the devil of wisdom?

However, Reynald, who was still only a follower who had not even turned into a demon, could not refuse the command of the Archdemon, Gob.

With the remaining demons in the facility, he recklessly packs his things and runs away.

There are those who jump without hesitation with Gob in the wonder of demon followers who want to run away in such a hurry.

They are demons.

“Run away! They’re coming soon!”

“Where are the great demons?! Have they all been harmed?”

“I heard that there is a great demon of wisdom!”

Reynald glanced at Gob, but Gob ignored him with his robe on.

“Are you great?”

“Don’t talk to me, Sivat.”

Gob, who was supposed to lead them at a time when most of the great demons had been defeated and the chain of command collapsed, didn’t seem to have any intention of doing that.

Gob quietly walked down the hallway, even using an artifact to hide his presence, while he and Reynald mingled with the busy crowd and found a way to escape.


“What, what!”

“What just happened!?”

A roar as if a sudden earthquake had occurred. But everyone knew that it was by no means a natural phenomenon.

‘Wow, come! So fast?!’

Fucking fanatics. How long has it been since the battle with the lord is over?

Naughty bastards!

Awesome bastards!

-thud! thud! thud!

A series of roars and screams from the other side of the hallway, which seemed to squeak because of the collision just before.

Everyone knew there was something. But nobody moved.

I can’t even breathe, let alone escape. Intuition that even the slightest breath would be captured. And the obvious fact that the moment you are caught, you will die first.

chewing gum.

The lights in the hallway flicker on and off.

Everyone was silent in this place, as if they had lost their voices, to the extent that the electric lights rang loudly.

like that.

maybe 5 seconds. In my opinion, 5 minutes.

A muffled breathing is heard in the midst of extreme tension.


Woo-wook, doing it.

How could it be so loud, even if it was just normal breathing?

Reynald felt the cold sweat running down his neck tickle him, but he didn’t even think to wipe it off.

Everyone did.

And the reason the owner of that breath appeared was——

It was the moment when the pure white holy sword itself lit up.


It was a voice close to rage. The demon with the gun pulled the trigger and fired magic bullets.

However, the knight with the sword deflected the bullets by swinging the sword lightly as if laughing.

It became a signal.




But it wasn’t a struggle.

It was screaming and screaming.

Whether it was bullets, blades or magic, they threw everything they could.

Living an immortal life, they build up endless magical power through long-term dimensional invasion and infinite play. All they do is span hundreds to thousands of years.

However, they themselves do not believe in those who risk their lives and pour them out.

Even though they know that this is a meaningless outburst, they cannot stop screaming and face the approaching extinction.

– Kwaaak!

They are cut, their necks are grabbed and broken, and they are burned to death by the flames extending from their fingertips.

“Oh, no!”

“Save me!”

They resisted to live one more second in front of the knight who embodies the death of evil.


Reynald couldn’t help but look at it.

level of existence.

The difference between humans and demons.

He was the one who succumbed in front of that vast gap.

However, the existence in front of my eyes, the knight, the lion heart king… an existence that far surpassed the difference in rank.

In front of the Shinigami, who had become incomparably stronger than when he almost met at the Gate of the Magician Queen the other day, Raynald felt his own death.

“Fall off, stupid thing!”

Then, wow! and a savage hand pulling Raynald away. When he realized it was the power of a stocky demon, his magic struck the ceiling and brought it down.


collapsed ceiling. Raynald exclaimed in amazement.

“Up, great one!”

It was an amazing survival instinct to be able to move even in the face of this catastrophic death. Gob didn’t stop there.

“You guys! Block that place!”


“What are you doing?”

A dazed demon and its followers who don’t know what’s going on inside. While they stared at the collapsed ceiling, Gob led Raynald and ran to save his life.

– Kwaaang!

– What, what!

– Aaaaagh!

Screams were heard, but the two never looked back.

Hoping they’ll lose themselves while hunting the others.

“Go, Gob-sama, are you here!”

The place where Gansin arrived was the Daedonggang River basin that led to the sewer. There, a goblin demon was waiting for them.

“Chu, let’s go! Hurry up!”

“Ah, yep!”

The goblin demon quickly boarded a small submarine hidden in the river. Of course, Gob jumps down without hesitation and throws himself into the submarine.

“Up, great one, what the hell is this?”

Although he accidentally boarded the submarine, Raynald looked up and asked what kind of submarine it was.

“One of the eleven escape routes in case the Lord of Chaos is defeated! We ride this and fall into the sea!”


Archdemon of great wisdom. How far can you look…

wise man.

Raynald swore to follow him to the end.


Just a few seconds after they dived into the Daedonggang River, divine flames erupted that incinerated the secret base.

“I survived today!”

It was winter.

* * * *

The Lord of Chaos has disappeared.

The demons who witnessed all of this could not hide their miserable feelings.

“Damn Lionheart…”

The annihilation of the Lord of Chaos and his legions. More than ten of the Prime Evils died.

The largest damage ever since the great war that began 200 years ago.

Among the demons of the demon realm, which boast a long history, there is a uniquely old existence.

Great Old One.

They could be said to represent the history of demons, having survived the long history of struggle in which even the same demons betrayed and cheated each other.

“That’s why I’m against it. To kill him, but to use the Old Ones in great history like Rakshaar as consumable war weapons.”

“Was there an alternative? Rakshaar agreed to this national judgment.”

Demons suffered fatal damage two hundred years ago.

Starting with Malus, the lord of chaos, Karakael, the lord of wisdom, and Dotradon, the lord of pleasure, fell at the hands of the Lionheart.

It’s not just them. Even after destroying the empire in just a few days, he could not destroy the smaller Lionheart, so he had to endure decades of attrition.

He knocked down countless Holy Grail Knights and annihilated all members of the world except for Lionheart, but he was unable to win.

How many other great demons died in the meantime? Prime demons of all factions suffered damage that could not be repaired for thousands of years to come.

In order to recover the damage, the invasion of another dimension was accelerated… but everything was disturbed when the one who could not be killed returned to Earth.

“We should have saved up our strength for victory a thousand years later. We should have given up on Earth without ignoring our wisdom.”

Great Old Ones of Wisdom and Search. Having faced the Lion Heart King himself, Chi shuddered as if trembling.

“Are you giving up on Earth-level attacks like this?”

An Old One of Wisdom who shook his head at the opinion of an Old One.

“They learned the Gate technique. The Queen, who was a candidate for the Lord of Pleasure and Corruption, also collected the coordinates of the Pandemonium. Give it time and she’ll grow stronger and come here.”


The Old Ones shuddered as they remembered the day Lionheart would visit the Pandemonium himself.

Didn’t he already devastated the territory of the Grand Duke of Slaughter and came to the Glacier Continent to find Vulcanus?

The Pandemonium is not a simple physical dimension like a planet, but if you learn the coordinates one by one, it is not difficult to move over to the subspace movement technology called the gate.

“Now we have to choose.”

Should I save my strength and hide in the back roads of the dimension for a rematch?

“Did you hold hands with the beasts?”

Did you ask for help from a more powerful monster?

“Since the last monarch who created all the resources is dead, I wonder if there is a choice.”

Singularity in two dimensions.

Enemy that has constantly evolved by killing each other.

Only the ‘beasts of that dimension’ are bizarrely powerful.

* * * *

“It’s open after all.”

“Do you see it?”

The old beast stared at the far-off universe that its owner looked up at.

Exactly, ‘fake universe’. Those who were afraid of them drove them into this place and tried to tie them up by sealing the dimension.

In my opinion, it seems that natural extinction was expected in this polar region…

‘We survived in this extreme land, and you guys failed.’

they are survivors. Warriors who make even the endless struggle a game.

The reason why ferocious fighters who would normally wield axes against each other were torn to pieces here and did not self-destruct in a civil war is because the Great Khan of absolute charisma exists.

“Shall I kill them all?”

The sage of the great beasts revealed his master’s intentions with wild words that did not deviate from his birth.

“Their lord was fine. Now, even dealing with the ‘fourth’ would be boring.”

The only thing worth fighting for was the strongest of the monarchs, the Lord of Destruction. After that guy, even the same level as the monarch was insignificant.

And it was determined by this contact that they also had no energy.

Was the last one to crush the skull the lord of lust?

Before that, I heard the news that the snakehead that did something wisdom had died, so I didn’t know if there would be a remaining monarch.

And if there is no one stronger than the lord, even demons are insignificant to him.

“Let’s hear where and how much they offer.”

A speculation that seems to be raised from the depths of the abyss. A tyrannical aura that would make even the champions of the god of war and the champions of the shaman god fear.

This is the champion among champions chosen by all the ‘orc gods’.

“The Great Khan will do as he wishes.”

Orc Great Khan Murka.

The champion of the Orc Gods, who destroyed the lords of slaughter, indolence, and lust, and tore apart dozens of great demons with his own hands.

A great fighter and cunning one.

He looked at the unsealed dimension and smiled ferociously.

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