The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 23: Hunting Spiders (6)

4.7% success rate.

It was the probability that the Yakt Spinner could defeat the special object named Leon.

The winning rate of a fighting machine that has lost its main mobility, its legs and wire cutters, is only about that. In fact, even that is a calculation that adds up to the result of self-destruction due to battery runaway.

However, there was a trump number that skyrocketed this probability to 93%.

It is said that the yakt spinner is the last of the last. About 2 tons of large amounts of explosives stored in a landfill for use when ammunition production and maintenance were impossible, and they were finally driven.

After gathering as many threat factors as possible, detonate them all at once. to be buried with oneself.

Although it was out of the calculation that the final self-destruct target was only one threat, Yacht Spinner risked everything without hesitation to carry out the Last Order.

– Kwa-kwa-kwa-kwa-kwak!!

A riot reverberates throughout the city. When the two tons of explosives exploded all at once, all the oxygen in the building was burned in an instant.

Solid buildings are shattered, the pressure of the explosion violently pushing the air and releasing a powerful shockwave.

All buildings within a radius of 2 km from the center of the explosion disappeared, and all buildings within 10 km were crushed or cracked.

The shock wave spread as far as 20 km away, and the hunters who were resting due to injuries must have been blown away by the gale.

As the air filled the vacuum created by the fire that oppressed the atmosphere, the smoke from the explosion was sucked up.

Explosive smoke rising. The dust cloud spreading in all directions drawing a huge hemispherical shape resembles a mushroom.

No one will survive in that explosion.

It was a reasonable guess.

* * * *

Unit number JS-10,253 was manufactured 1,038 years and twenty days ago.

Unlike brothers made as if they were produced in a factory, the Yacht Spinner equipped with strong artificial intelligence was manufactured for the final battle of civilization.

The Yakt Spinners of the 112th Unmanned Armored Regiment, including the commander 10,253, were ordered only one thing.

Make sure that what is sealed in the center of the city never gets released from its seal. Do not choose any means to achieve this.

However, most of them were not even given a chance to carry out orders.

While being produced and transported at the factory, the train was attacked by the enemy and destroyed, and more than half of the trains were destroyed without even stepping into operation.

Units 10 and 253 would have been destroyed without even waking up if it had not been for the emergency start-up of the transporter at the last moment.

“Defend the city! Go! Do your duty!”

The transporter was devoured the next moment.

Unit 10,253, which inherited the command module, connected to the integrated network system. With the remaining troops of the 37th, they wiped out the raiders and headed for the city.

The sky was full of gray dust, and the earth’s axis shook from time to time due to explosions, reducing mobility.

By the time he crossed the cliff, his fellow aircraft was buried along with Toban, who had collapsed.

The aptitude factors attacked from all sides from time to time.

As I surrounded myself with an endless stream of enemies and mechanically slaughtered them, a mushroom cloud rose.

I went into an emergency evasion maneuver, but I couldn’t stop half of my colleagues from being caught in the shockwave.

「Unable to process JS-10,244. Pollution level 8. Pollution fatal to citizens.」

「JS-10,185 core damaged. Excessive generation of radioactive material #14.”

Many were contaminated and decontamination was delayed. According to the logical logic, they calculated and agreed on the damage to the citizens if they entered the city.

“Contaminated entities must cease their activities immediately. Order the self-destruct sequence.」

「Execute the order of the provisional command aircraft JS-10,253. The self-destruct sequence starts after the friendly plane leaves.”

Fellow aircraft that were late in decontamination buried themselves in the ground and blew themselves up.

The city they arrived at was under attack.

10,253 issued the order.

“Start fire support to allies. Defend the city.”

When 12 combat machines intervened on the battlefield, they were able to defeat the enemy.

They became city heroes.

「Yakt Spinner! Yakt Spinner!」

People cheered for the killing machines that saved them.

The story of an unmanned tank that willingly sacrificed itself to save a citizen from the aftermath of an explosion by sniping down the enemy leader in a desperate situation was a story that inspired hope in the city.

They became a symbol of hope.

Became a steel knight who protects citizens.

The reorganized Yacht Spinners defended the city under the command of their commander.

By guarding, guarding, and guarding like that, when he won the final battle, there was nothing left to protect.

A defense system that is only 3% active. Less than 5 citizens left. Most of them even die from fatal injuries.

0% chance of survival. The last remaining inhabitants of the city will be fighting machines covered in blood.

“Yapi. I’m here. Last order.”

commander. Roughly ignoring the blood gushing from his bitten arm, he left behind the Last Order.

He explained why the city was repeatedly attacked and what it was built on after sealing it.

This seal must never be broken,

“Keep the seal. Don’t let anyone get near it.”

– May future survivors not be as stupid as us.

He fell, and one after another the end was approaching.

A city in the middle of the wilderness with only one unmanned machine remaining.

Jagd Spinne – Unit 10,253 did its job dutifully.

Do not break the seal.

keep the seal defend the city

Excluding everything approaching the city.

A repair shop was built over it to hide the sealed compartment, and explosives were installed to bury it in case of emergency.

Using the knowledge in the database, I repaired the city’s defense system, remodeled my body, and crafted materials using auxiliary joints and facilities to replenish the railgun bullets and ammunition that had been cut off.

It was fortunate that there was a saltpeter mine near the city. Even cheap black powder could be manufactured.

Prepare for an enemy that may strike at any time, prepare again, prepare again.

That’s how it’s been for a thousand years.

In the aftermath of the explosion, the dust cloud disappears and an intruder walks through the center of the explosion with a hair unburned.

Seongbeop <Blessing of the Arrow>.

Absolute defense against long-range attacks neutralized even the last self-destruction of Yacht Spinner. It even protected yakt spinners.

He swung his iron sword to bring out what was sealed ‘under the garage’.

“Is this what you wanted to protect?”

It was buried by pouring cement, concealed by building a garage over it, and finally, the storage box that was intended to be buried with explosives was revealed.

In modern times, the archives that did not even have the password to unlock the protocol were cut with an iron sword.

What was revealed within it was a black sphere that seemed to be the condensation of endless darkness.

The rolling black smoke contaminates life with only overflowing residues. It is not a matter of nuclear reactors or radioactivity.

This is the main culprit that endangered the city and the object that polluted the human world.

jewel of wisdom.

This is the closing condition of this gate and the reason why Yakt Spinner’s thousand-year mission continued.

-Kirik! win each other!

The yakt spinner slowly approached Leon, dragging his half-shattered body.

The severed joints were forcibly moved, and the broken wire cutter was wrapped around Leon’s ankle with the remaining auxiliary robot arm.

There was no power left to pull it now. Even if you have the strength to fight, the chance of defeating a level 5 threat is 0.00%.

He must not be unaware of this, but the thousand-year machine desperately tries to defeat Leon.

“Are you still going to fight?”

Leon looked at the yakt spinner while holding the black orb.

Now, only one camera eye remained, staring only at the sphere from beginning to end.

Leon closed his eyes as he watched the machine desperately pull out the robot arm underneath him and struggle to get the sphere back.

“How long have you kept this? How many years have you been fighting.”

As if empathizing with those years, the knight silently watched the machine in front of him.

Even if the whole body is broken and broken, it repairs itself, takes it off, repairs it again, and replaces it… The time he has kept with his indomitable will deserves to be praised.

“You must have defended my mission to the end.”

He sincerely regretted not being able to communicate with the machine in front of him. How could this honorable man not be called a knight?

“A knight of loyalty and loyalty. All living beings beyond the dimension owe a debt to your service.”

Leon raised the holy sword. This sphere of evil is condensed malignity. Only divinity can cut this malignity.


The cleanly cut evil screamed in agony and disappeared. The Holy Grail to purify evil absorbed and captured it.

… … … … …

Yacht Spinner was silent. What is the machine thinking when it sees that what has been kept unsealed for a long, very long time has been destroyed?

Leon silently created holy water with the Holy Grail.

Leon pours holy water, appoints himself as a knight, though weak, and kneels down on one knee to show his utmost respect.

“Sir Yacht Spinner, the knight who saw that your quest has been completed solemnly declares.”

keep the seal

It does not send out one of the causes that destroyed the world inside it. That has been the driving force behind the yakt spinner for a thousand years.

Now it’s gone, and there’s no need to keep the seal.

The Last Order, which remained until the very end, ended after a thousand years.

-Kirik! Kirik… !

The last remaining camera eye blinked. As if it was finally over, as if he knew he had been freed from his fate.

“Yapi, you are the hero of the city.”

「Yapi! Thank you for protecting the city!」


“May you rest in peace…”

The remaining voices in the worn out memory module came to an end.

* * * *

[The quest has been cleared.]

The hunters tilted their heads at the message that suddenly appeared in front of their eyes.

clear? what? You mean you killed the yakt spinner?

The hunters who suffered from Yakt Spinner’s street fighting guerrillas could not believe this fact. That vicious killing machine fell?

But at the same time, they thought of a man.

That anachronistic knight who looked down on them with an arrogant and arrogant gaze. Who else could break through that machine and clear the quest?

“He was a great nobleman until the end.”

Golden Chul acknowledged him honestly. Although it was an unfamiliar enemy called a tank in the future world, it was a strong enemy that even the S-class hunter himself could not use his hand.

Clear alone against such a monster. Korea in the future will inevitably move around him.

“Let’s prepare to withdraw! Everyone worked hard!”

It was a time when he was encouraging his tired subordinates. A man appears in the distance.

“That one?”

Remnants of a gigantic machine… A man picks up the remains of a yakt spinner weighing dozens of tons.

“Ohh…! Your Majesty!”

In the meantime, Gil Tae-sung, who had acquired a suitable attitude toward Leon from Hari, exaggeratedly turned to him.

“I was worried that the explosion might damage the body.”

“Your flattery is out of the blue, order-maker. What’s your business?”


Gil Tae-seong glanced at Leon and looked at the object he was supposed to be holding.

But he’s not holding anything like that anywhere. Gil Tae-seong had a question.

“Uh… Your Majesty? Where is the ‘Jewel of Wisdom’…”



At those words, not only Gil Tae-seong but also the Hunters stopped as if they had stopped.

destroyed? The item that the Magic Tower was trying to save even by spending hundreds of millions of dollars? why?

“Do you know what kind of item it is? The Jewel of Wisdom… It is! It is a unique level treasure!”

“Where does this lowly thing raise its voice!”

He made Gil Tae-seong shut up with a shout, but many hunters, including Gil Tae-seong, did not understand Leon’s actions.

The clear condition was to destroy or steal the Jewel of Wisdom. As Gil Tae-seong said, if it is a treasure of a unique grade, it is something that the state should acquire even with all its might.

“It’s a bad thing. It’s a malignant thing that corrupts people. There’s nothing good about being held in people’s hands.”

“So, did you give up your quest and wisdom just for that reason?”


When Leon glanced at Gil Tae-seong, his eyes were overwhelmed and his hamstrings trembled.

“Foolish things. Don’t you know that those insignificant values will eventually destroy the world?”

After a contemptuous gaze, Leon left. Harry hurriedly followed him.

– Lungs, Your Majesty? Shall I come? note… It might be a bit difficult to lift everything, but… … .

-Do not touch. Isn’t it something commoners can touch?

-Eh… … .

The attack on Cheongju Gate ended like that.

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