The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 232

The reason why I, an all-around super robot, became an inferior organic beautiful girl (1)

With the armor completed thanks to Yaffe’s desperate hammering, Leon was able to secure victory.

It goes without saying that Leon, who had won such a victory, first tried to revive Yapi.

However, the reactor and fuselage damaged in the battle with Rakshaar did not work even with divine resupply.

“Iron Divine. Why is Lord Spinner not awakening?”

In response to the Lion Heart King’s question, Heto expressed regret as if he was frustrated.

[I don’t know if I can fix it even if I descend myself. Even if the power source, the nuclear reactor, is maintained, the fuselage is too damaged. It has been contaminated by something foreign magic power.]

Heto guessed as he looked at Yapi’s damaged body through Leon’s field of vision. If you descend directly, you will see it more clearly, but the enormous divinity consumed for it is harmful to the pantheon.

“Vice, what do you think?”

Apparently, unlike the gods who can only be seen through the eyes of their Grail Knights or Guardians in the Pantheon, Beatrice was able to touch and examine Yapi’s torso.

Beatrice mobilized all her magical knowledge to look at Yappi, and identified the cause.

“Contaminated by Rakshaar’s magical power. Except for the reactor and some parts protected by the divine, this fuselage should be abandoned.”

“If all you need is a new fuselage, good luck.”

Leon, with Heto’s help, separated Yapi’s memories and the reactor.

“Then what about Lord Spinner’s new fuselage?”



[Yafi has no choice but to do that. There is no one among us who has the knowledge to create that high-tech fuselage.]

Leon shook his head.

Yaffe needs a new fuselage to resurrect, but Yappy has to make the fuselage himself?

Isn’t that a contradiction?

[Well, once Yapi opens his eyes, he will find a way himself.]

“What if?”

[With our knowledge, we cannot build or connect Yapi’s high-tech fuselage. Then shouldn’t we do it as a professional field?]

If the body cannot be crafted, the ‘body’ is crafted. First of all, wouldn’t it be possible to put Yapi’s consciousness into the body to wake up, and then Yapi to make the body?

In short, their idea of making a temporary body would not have been so outlandish. but······.

[Would you like a girl? I want to be a small and cute child.]

Demera, the goddess of life and fertility, disagreed with Petos, the god of war.

[Spinner is a great warrior. If so, wouldn’t it be nice to have big kidneys and bulging muscles?]

[Hmm, to be good at hammering, it’s good to have muscles attached. There is truth in the words of war.]

Heto, the god of iron and blacksmiths, agrees. However, Fleur, the goddess of dreams and death, also presents a different opinion.

[The original woman actively denies the opinion of war and iron. I have to receive factors from the original priestess and make them into the body of a beautiful girl.]

[Uh huh, even if it’s a muscle? It is right to claim to be a dependable warrior as the factor of Vulcanus.]

When Petos immediately asked back, Ariana answered back this time.

[If you want to find the factor that becomes the base, isn’t it right to use Leon, the knight of this goddess and the agent of the pantheon? Even in war, they say they favor my knight more.]

[Leon is beautiful, but he doesn’t have the appearance of a mighty warrior. It would have been perfect if he was only 40 cm taller and weighed twice as much. Even though Vulcanus isn’t cheap, his physical beauty is worth seeing.]

[Have you seen this macho? It’s gross if you’re close to two hundred and three. There’s nothing wrong with my knight’s height and weight. War say no more opinions.]

[Unjust, light!]

[Before applying the variable interest rate of the borrowed holy power, do not act rashly in war.]

[Turn it off!]

After Petos sank, only Heto was left with the idea of turning Yapi’s new body into a ragtag muscle forage.

[No, since I’m my blacksmith, I have priority…]

[It is life that breathes vitality into the body, and it is the forest that sprouts the body, so the priority is not only you.]

Irmin, the goddess of forests and trees, was the creator of not only the tree men but also the big-eared race called fairies. Of course–

[I also like pretty things. Even as a man, Leon is better.]

[······Why don’t women know the beauty of muscles?]

The god of the sea and waves secretly gave an opinion to Heto who was sullen.

[I think beauty is better.]

[Shut up the horny guy who makes beautiful women hang on the player statue.]

In this way, it was decided that the body to resurrect Yapi would be a female body based on Beatrice.


Of course, Yapi’s own opinion was not included at all.

* * * *

In front of the Ryugyong Hotel where the world tree grew. The Knights of the Temple of Heaven and Man-at-Arms were in the middle of cleaning up their surroundings.

The downtown Ryugyong Hotel, which was the center of the battle in Pyongyang, was damaged in the aftermath of the battle, and it was necessary to call in a lot of experts to clean it up.

‘Should I call a contractor?’

A lot of that too. When South Korea said that hundreds of heavy equipment would have to be mobilized in large quantities, Leon dropped the plan.

‘There are serfs, so why hire a separate labor force?’

“I’m going to tear down all the buildings around the World Tree except for the important ones! Workers can use serfs, so destroy them!”

The number of serfs that the pantheon acquired in this war was staggering.

In collaboration with the government, the ‘Devil Followers’ KPA were ruthlessly sentenced to serfdom, so the majority of the KPA were sentenced to serfdom according to the severity of their crimes, and free labor was plentiful.

“Go, Comrade Overseer!”

“Don’t talk to me carelessly, serfs!”

“Hee…! Oh, sorry!”

A flaming sword that ferociously cuts through the air with a whip. After bullying the lowly serfs, he inquired about their business.

“You’re an insignificant serf. What’s the reason you dirty the ears of a noble knight?”

“That, that’s…”

The former People’s Army serf cautiously opened his mouth in front of a steamy medieval knight who was more overbearing than a propagandist who said he had descended directly from the party.

“Now, please provide some heavy equipment needed for the work. How can a stone that weighs more than tens of kilos be moved with only human power—”

The People’s Army serf was at a loss for words when Galatan glared at him with an open gaze. As he swung the whip with brute force, the sound of the whip resonated ferociously.


The serfs were trembling because of their great perforation. Galatan growled ferociously.

“Did you see these pathetic bastards! In the days when I ruled my land, the serfs didn’t complain even though they built the wall all day long!”

I couldn’t complain.

“Those wretched bastards built the wall for 5 years, but it’s hard to lift a few stones, why are you making this mess?”

The longest life span of serfs in the Galatan estate is 5 years.

“You guys are lacking nooooh! Nooooh! My today, you guys, I have to start with mental training again! Everyone stop working! Conduct corrective labor training!!”

At first glance, it seems comfortable to stop work, but Lionheart’s treatment of serfs can’t be so merciful.

They’ll soon be screaming for me to do the work.

Han Su-ho, who was watching this, asked Cheon So-yeon with a worried expression.

“Is it okay? Isn’t that like catching people like in Naju?”

“It’s okay. They’re the ones who were sentenced to ‘indefinite serfdom’.”


The serfs captured from the Grand Duke of Slaughter’s territory were exhausted because they were demon followers with heinous crimes, but the People’s Army serfs were a bit ambiguous.

Basically, minor crimes were freed, so all the People’s Army who were sentenced to serfdom were serious criminals, but if that was a mortal sin that would tear the soul apart, that wasn’t the case either.

There were people like Ri Cheol-ung who had unavoidable circumstances, and there were serfs who received 5-year or 10-year prison sentences after proper reform work.

Since they plan to guarantee their survival and release them as free people after their sentence is over, the knights were moderately treated carelessly.

But indefinite serfdom is different. They actively followed the demons, and would even be absorbed into Lord Gratas’ Bible if they died during execution.

In other words, they are those who are sentenced to extreme punishments that do not matter even if they die and will not be comfortable even after death.

“I hope everyone can hold out a little longer.”

“Huh? So-yeon, what are you doing?”

When Cheon So-yeon, who was poisoned by the Lionheart-style thinking, made an unexpected remark in the Knights of the Pantheon, Suho snooped.

“The more labor, the better. That’s all money.”

“······Sometimes you get more and more scared.”

Leon said he was satisfied, but it was Suho who wondered if modern people could do this.

“Isn’t that your sister over there?”

“Huh? Sister!”

Suho approached Hari, who was moving on horseback. Hari also waved her hand when she saw Suho.

“Suho, are you doing well?”

“Yeah. But behind my sister…”

And I was speechless when I found a woman standing close behind him.


She was a great beauty.

Her long, tied hair looked soft at a glance, and her distinct features and well-rounded face were perfect, as if they were sculpted by the gods.

Above all, the beauty of the girl was so great that it reminded me of one person.

‘It seems to resemble Queen Beatrice…’

no way. no, it can’t be

She opened her mouth to Suho, who continued to appreciate her beauty without thinking about it.

“What are you trying to say, organism name Han Su-ho?”


A cold voice that seemed to cool down even the love of a thousand years. Above all, Suho made an expression of disbelief at the familiar tone.

“Stop, can’t you?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe it. Sir Yapi.”

“No, that’s nonsense…”

Suho made an expression of disbelief, but Soyeon, who was following him, was different.

“Are you awake?”

“Uh, Soyeon, did you know?”

“It seems you haven’t heard because you’ve been working on the camp side.”

Since Cheon So-yeon was the leader of the knights, she tended to receive all the latest information from the Mansinjeon.

“Hari-senpai, what business did you bring?”

“Sir Yapi, tidy up your hair and eat something. You’re not used to the human body yet.”

“I’ll help too. Suho, you go first.”

“Uh, uh…”

Traditionally, when women play together, men are not allowed to intervene. Regardless of whether it is correct to view Yappi as a biological woman.

* * * *

The door to the hair salon in front of the Ryugyong Hotel opened and a middle-aged woman greeted the customer.

“Welcome fifty… Goddess Han Hari! Captain Soyeon!”

Mr. Han, who ran a barbershop in Naju, recognized the two at once.

“Are you going to cut it?”

“Oh, I’m fine. I’d like someone over here please.”

“Huh? Oh my gosh, you’re very beautiful~”

Mr. Han couldn’t help but admire Yapi.

Her hair was long, like it had never been cut in her life, but it was amazingly perfect.

Even the well-maintained hair of a popular idol won’t be this shiny.

“Come on, sit down. It’s a place used by North Koreans, but the facilities are good in the middle of Pyongyang. Wash your hair first—”

It was all about shampooing her hair because it was so long, but touching her soft hair made Han feel better.

“Come on, how would you like to cut it?”



“You can just push it away.”

Mr. Han hesitates at Yapi’s hot remark. Hari and Soyeon were also frightened and dissuaded.

“Oh, Sir Yapi! Why are you shaving that head! What a waste!”

“The hair on the head is a crude cold protection tool for humans that evolved for survival. It does not apply to this machine. Shave it off with a shaved head for efficient activities.”

So it took quite a long time to persuade to dissuade Yapi’s argument that it was right to push it out for efficiency.

“Mo, can’t cut it! I can’t shave my pretty hair like this!”

The struggle based on Mr. Han’s professional ethics also played a part.

* * * *

“Wow, that’s a really nice cut.”

“My hair is so good, so even the basics worked well.”

“It doesn’t make any sense.”

Despite Ha-ri and So-yeon’s sincere praise, Yapi reacted bluntly.

Yappy, who had long, floor-length hair that was trimmed off to her buttocks, still feels long and uncomfortable.

However, I felt it was inefficient to refute the desperate persuasion of the two people and the desperate opposition of Mr. Han, a beautician who is willing to neglect his duty, so I left the inferior cold protection organ of the organism.

It came from the feeling of being ‘annoying’, but the current Yapi didn’t know.

“Then shall we eat?”

“The eating behavior of the organism is not interested in the inefficient act of charging power. I hope to secure nutrients only to move this inefficient mass of organic matter.”

“Eek~ It’s a human body after a long time, so you should try a lot of delicious things.”

Hari made a sound of regret, but Yapi looked at Hari miserably and then looked down from above.

“An organism’s inefficient eating behavior is itself a proof of inferiority. Don’t you think about the energy wasted for the organism’s eating behavior?”

Yapi did not bend his will, presenting the carbon emissions of livestock and the enormous waste of energy required to manufacture feed as evidence.

“Then what do you want to eat? Combat rations?”

“The organism only needs to obtain the minimum amount of nutrients.”

Saying that, Yapi headed somewhere with awkward steps. It was a place where the people’s army serfs sat on the ground and ate.

“Sir Yapi?”

So-yeon felt strong and tried to stop her, but Yapi walked to the food table without hesitation.

“Sufficient amounts of sugar-salt water and nutrients are sufficient.”

“Eek… would you like something like that?”

Remembering the pain of eating only sugar-salt water in the past, Hari hated it, but Yapi sighed and accepted a glass of sugar-salt water distributed to serfs.

“As long as the nutrients are satisfied, it is sufficient.”

“Um, then would you like to sit over there and eat?”

“You should eat slowly…”

the two knew How salty that sugar salt water is and how simple it is to make your tongue tingle.

It is recommended to sit in a corner and consume it because you have to drink it slowly, one sip at a time, so that you can barely pass it over your throat.

“I can’t be sick with these lowly serfs.”

Yapi drank the sugar-salt water at once, not paying attention to the glances of the lowly people’s army serfs.

– Pooh!!

As expected, Yafi pours out sugar-salt water.

“Sir Yapi! Are you okay?”

“Pu-hup! Phu-heb! Guweeek!”

Yapi vomited and poured out all the sugar-salt water he had swallowed.

“What is it? Soreness. Pain. Pain. What is this?!”

“That’s right… Is it sugar salt water? A lot of sugar and salt…”

“How can you eat something like this!”

Yappy throws a glass of sugar-salt water and breaks it. The people’s army serfs who were watching the scene were thinking with one mind.

”You guys fed us.”

Either that or not, Yapi continued to vomit and was disgusted.

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