The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 233

The reason why I, an all-around super robot, became an inferior organic beautiful girl (2)

It was about half a year ago that Rakshaar occupied Pyongyang.

This means that the large city of Pyongyang has passed half a year without any logistics movement, and it was said that quite a few plantings and infrastructure were ruined.

A city is a deformed living system that cannot last even a month without an influx of food and materials from outside.

The ROK military, which entered Pyongyang, had to order large-scale supplies from South Korea immediately.

「Large Recruitment of Pyongyang Materials」

It is said that the supplies for the soldiers are solved with jjambab, but the hunters were different.

The high-income hunters were not the ones to be satisfied with the army jjambab, and each sent a large amount of professional chefs and necessary supplies from the guild headquarters.

Thanks to this, the restaurants around the Ryugyong Hotel, which they occupied one by one, became the headquarters of luxury chefs.

“Ah, Lady Han Hari. Knight Commander Cheon So-yeon. Do you want to eat?”

When the executives of Manshinjeon enter, the president comes out and greets them.

“Yeah~ How’s the business going?”

“Hehe, I have no time to rest because I’m trying to feed thousands of people every day.”

Mansinjeon also hired a large number of local residents from Naju and brought them to Pyongyang.

It is said that the local commercial district of Naju was revitalized thanks to Manshinjeon, but when the war slowed down, local restaurant owners and employees were generously paid for their departure, and everyone rushed to Pyongyang excitedly.

“The owner of the chicken restaurant next door fry a thousand chickens a day.”

“Right, chicken!”

Hari flashed at the word chicken house and shouted.

“Soyeon-ah, I’ll go and buy some chicken.”

“That soy sauce.”

Hari gives a thumbs up and walks out the door. Only Soyeon and Yapi were left at the seat.

“What do you want to eat?”

“It doesn’t matter as long as you have enough nutrients.”

“You just vomited up enough nutrients?”


When Yapi didn’t say anything, Soyeon roughly selected food from the menu.

“I’ll make the pork cutlet official.”

“I understand. Uh-yu~ All three of you are very beautiful~”

It was a compliment mixed with sincerity, but Yapi pouted and didn’t show any reaction.

The standard of organic beauty had no special meaning to her.

“Where is the fuselage of this machine?”

“It was completely destroyed and tainted by the demon lord’s magic.”

Soyeon told Yapi the story the gods had told her.

“They said the only thing that could be salvaged was the reactor and memory data. The new fuselage must be made by Lord Yapi himself.”

“We have to hurry. This machine will get out of this savage organic body as soon as possible.”

“Does it look good?”


Yapi smiled and showed a rotten expression to Soyeon who was wiggling her hair.

“It only has two eyes.”

“Of course it is.”

“If you only have two eyes, how can you look behind you? And why can’t you connect with the reconnaissance drone camera? If so, how do you monitor the outside area?”

Yapi’s displeasure did not end there.

“I only have two arms. How do I fix this if it breaks? How do I multi-task? First, I need to attach a few more arms.”

“It’s not even Asura, what…”

“Weak armament. Lack of diversity in external armaments.”

By the time Yapi was complaining about the limitations of humans, bowls containing food arrived one after another.

“The food is out.”

Pork cutlet set meal with Korean-style pork cutlet, hamburg steak, fish cutlet and salad.

“This is the biggest problem.”

“Pork cutlet set meal?”

“It simply symbolizes the inferiority of organisms that have to rely on their sense of taste to choose their food.”

Yapi preached the efficiency that machines can operate for hundreds or thousands of days with only cheap electricity generated from nuclear reactors.

“Therefore, mechanization of all organic matter through cyberware modification is the most perfect way of evolution. It is questionable that taste cells were not blown away even in this world.”

“Yes, yes, just eat it. Whether or not you remodel it later, you have to eat for now.”


Yapi gave a dissatisfied look at So-yeon, who overlooked her reasonable logical thinking, but picked up the pork cutlet with her bare hands, as if replenishing energy was the priority.

“Why are you picking it up with your bare hands?”

“What’s the problem?”

“It’s dirty.”

“All you have to do is eat and clean up.”

“If you get it on your hand… uh, I’ll slice it, so give it to me.”

So-yeon, who was worse off, sliced the pork cutlet. So-yeon offers to eat cutlet cutlet on a fork.

“Sleep. Ah~”

“Meat fried in oil has more calories than the daily recommended amount——sweet?!”

The pork cutlet is shoved into Hari’s mouth as she tells a long story. Yapi’s eyes widened as he unknowingly chewed it.

The combination of juicy and greasy tempura and sauce that bursts with each bite. Waste of energy due to excessive carbon emission and oil with poor absorption efficiency in the human body——


The definitive version of carbon emissions, the main culprit of environmental pollution, real meat made from slaughtered live livestock, not 3D printed meat.

In addition, the batter deep-fried in high-temperature oil is crispy, and the generous amount of demi-glace sauce is sweet.

It was a shock.

For a thousand years, the first pork cutlet eaten by a machine that had never eaten before acquired an organic body caused a great electrical stimulation in Yapi’s biological brain.


“Sir Yapi?”

Without answering Soyeon’s words, Yapi hurriedly ate the pork cutlet. While sipping the button mushroom soup and coke that came with it.


Yapi, who inhaled the pork cutlet meal in an instant, suddenly noticed Soyeon’s gaze looking at me.

is it delicious? Yapi avoids the gaze and makes excuses.

“It was an act of emergency evacuation to recharge energy.”

“Yes, yes, you would.”

He didn’t know human language, but Yapi guessed that it was making fun of him. I don’t even know that it’s a mindset that can’t exist in a machine that only values facts.

“The chicken is here! Hey, Sir Yapi, have you finished it already?”

“What else is that?”

Yappy looks at the chicken box Hari brought.

“Hehe, if you talk about traditional Korean food, isn’t it seasoned chicken?”

“I just ate greasy, high-calorie food. Eating greasy food again——”

“Come on~ Try it first and decide!”

The red seasoned chicken Hari offered brought a fresh shock to Yapi.

“What is this…?”

“Ah~ This is ‘delicious’.”

“it’s good?”

It was the day I learned the concept that machines are delicious.

* * * *

After the meal, the three headed to the top of the Ryugyong Hotel.

This desolate hotel, which has been under construction for ’50 years’ with the determination to build a skyscraper that surpasses the 63 Building in South Korea, has been completely seized by the roots of the World Tree since the demon lord Rakshaar used it as a tombstone for the World Tree.

However, now that it has been functioning as a world tree by Koo Dae-seong, Leon is staying by his side watching over it.

Only the exterior work has been completed and the interior work has been suspended for 20 years, so the interior is very desolate, but there was a story that the interior repairs would be done at the pantheon level because of the symbolism that the world tree was used as a tombstone.

“Sir Spinner, are you here?”

its top floor. Yapi ran into Leon, who was waiting for him in what would have been originally a suite room.

“your majesty.”

“Haha, it’s quite awkward because it’s not the body I usually see.”

Leon looked at Yapi, who was born after the delicate work of the gods, and smiled with satisfaction.

“Okay, how about a new body?”


“Yes, that’s right. If you want, it’s okay to stay in that body, but—”

Yapi shook his head. In order for Yaffy to keep this body going, he must have at least six more arms than he has now.

“Yes, if that’s your choice then we should respect it. But…”

As with any noble lady, Leon kissed Yapi’s hand and grinned.

“As a knight, it’s just a shame to lose the opportunity to serve such a beautiful lady.”


The back of the hand is itchy. Yapi had seen Leon’s daily manners over and over again, but when he received it, he felt a strange tickle.

‘It’s the back of my hand that touches me, but why does my body temperature rise? After all, organic bodies are strange.’

Yapi thought he would have to make a new fuselage as soon as possible.

“I have prepared the necessary facilities by ordering the following ones. There are enough special railroads, so please make them according to your will.”

Leon tapped Yapi on the shoulder and promised to support him if he needed anything.

As soon as he entered the prepared workshop, Heto spoke to Yapi, who was hesitant about what to do with the awkward human arm.

[The human body seems unfamiliar.]


When Heto’s voice reached my ears, Yapi reacted awkwardly.

“This unit’s reactor is not installed. Is communication still possible?”

[You are a Holy Grail Knight because you have a noble soul, not because of the strength of your body.]

“There is no substance called soul to this machine.”

[Yeah, that’s right. The soul is not material.]

Yapi held up a hammer.

Heavy star iron does not melt with moderate firepower.

What is needed to process this is not enormous firepower and high heat, but a divine miracle that can bend even the heart of a star.

For the Holy Grail Knight, a living saint, Byeolcheol bends and takes shape just by meaning.

Yapi, who hit the hammer to sharpen the bent star iron, expressed dissatisfaction that something did not go the way he wanted.

“I’m too short of a hand. I need an extra support arm.”

There were numerous mechanical arms in Yapi’s workshop. There were many mechanical containers assembled by the network, and there was also a high-tech facility that projected the blueprint in 3D and estimated the expected completion.

But what we have now is the body of an irrational organism. Dissatisfaction with it settled, but Heto spoke in a stern voice.

[No matter what your body is, you are my blacksmith and Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knight. Clarify that your hammering is the power of a god that works miracles.]

Yaffi recalled the hammering at that time.

Recalling the words of the Holy Grail Knight Antalk, recalling the moment Leon recognized him.

[You completed the Lion Heart King’s armor in a much worse situation than now. Did you make it even when you were perfect?]

Thousands and tens of thousands of armors and weapons were produced, but Yapi failed.

The star iron weapons that were automatically produced based on perfect blueprints were, at best, the level paid to soldiers, and only the divine armor passed through the hands of Yaffy demonstrated the true power of star iron.

The Star Iron Armor is a vessel that holds God’s miracles and blessings. We know from accumulated data that it was never determined solely by the fertility rate of star iron.

How much lack did you feel while watching the armor of vulcanus.

Looking at Leon’s holy sword, I sensed that this was a miracle that would not have happened even with my perfect calculations.

[The armor you completed is in no way inferior to the star iron armor made by the blacksmiths of past glory. You already have the skill set, so all you need is a strong arm to hold the hammer.]

Long experience, excellent technology, and expensive materials.

That is what is needed to achieve 99% perfection.

The true 1% points come from hammering that works miracles.

“This machine is a completely flawless existence.”

With that stingy declaration, hammer strikes.

The fully awakened blacksmith of God created a miracle according to his will.

* * * *

Speaking of results, Yapi quickly returned to the body of a machine.

After three days and three nights of hammering, eating only the food Hari and Soyeon brought, Yapi quickly completed her fuselage, and after an additional four days, she returned to the fuselage with a familiar design.

“It’s shiny because it’s made of star iron. But why did you keep the size the same?”

– Advantageous for connecting with other dedicated equipment.

Is there a need to fix compatibility with other platform armaments that have already been completed?

In addition, Yapi, who has now awakened as a perfect Iron Grail Knight, will be able to proceed with the ‘ducal level’ plan, which has been delayed for a long time due to anguish over perfection.

“By the way, it’s amazing. To be able to go back and forth between the human ‘body’ and the robot’s ‘body’.”

Hari glanced at the capsule placed in the corner of Yafi’s workshop.

Yapi’s body, created by the gods himself through the world tree, sleeps with his eyes closed in a medical machine manufactured by Yapi himself.

-It was given by the gods. I can’t just throw it away, so I’ll just keep it.

“I’m sorry~”

– What a pity, inferior organism.

Yaffi climbs on Hari’s head and slaps him with a mechanical arm. Hari responded with a smile at the familiar personality.

“Well, but Sir Yapi is Sir Yapi. Sometimes I move to my physical body and go out to eat!”

– This machine will not participate in inefficient eating behavior.

A yappy who speaks loudly.

and the next day.



Naju Manshinjeon Chicken Branch.

The gray-haired girl we met at a chicken restaurant selected for the knights’ group dinner mumbled a chicken leg in her mouth with a puzzled expression.

“You say you’re inferior?”

“Manshinjeon… Market research for chicken franchises.”

“You’re groovy!”

Even after that, gray hair and silver eyes were often found, so all of this must be market research with a deep meaning for the Yapi franchise.


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