The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 234

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An intangible aura that distorts even space-time. The convergence of that enormous power savagely swallows the air.

The moment that hammer strikes——


The terrain changes with hammering.

– Wow… Crazy.

-That’s fucking ridiculous.

After the world’s communication satellites crashed, the satellites that were urgently launched brought the world together again.

To be precise, developed countries that have the power to build their own network infrastructure recovered half-global networks, but the first thing they searched for after the Internet was restored was the second Korean War.

Video records recorded for wartime record collection were released in South Korea as soon as the Internet was restored.

To show off the victory of South Korea against the great evil of the demon lord, and that the Korean peninsula has finally been reunified after 80 years of division.

And in the process, what the South Korean government most wants to highlight is Koo Dae-sung.

-Wow~ I thought the real Holy Grail Knight was ridiculously strong…

-Like Her Majesty Leon, Vulcanus, Yapi, and Queen Beatrice are all ridiculous monsters.

-Those people are survivors of the sin world. They are the nobles who came from that world to the end of the world. By the way–

– ‘Earthman Holy Grail Knight’…


In the meantime, it has been proven through numerous battle videos that the Holy Grail Knights are super strong, easily surpassing even the S-class.

Leon’s astonishing comrade’s opening of the Holy Sword in the battle with Akasawa, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, overwhelms Akassa, who has been slaughtering even countless S-class Hunters.

Magician Queen Beatrice is a great mage who treats the 30-year history of magic as a coloring book for children.

Yapi’s extraordinary state-of-the-art weapons and technology were at a level that could not be done at the Earth level,

Vulcanus and Karina were ridiculous monsters from the point of view of being Holy Grail Knights.

In the meantime, the Holy Grail Knight was born on Earth?

Half the Earth saw the pillar of light.

The process of sublimation by being chosen by the goddess Demera, penetrating the sky and announcing her birth to the world.

– Hey, speak straight. It is not the ‘Earthman’ Holy Grail Knight, but the ‘Korea’s Holy Grail Knight’.

-No, you’re from Earth…

-Uhh, don’t compare yourself with the nuggets? Where do you secretly put Korea’s proud Koo Dae-seong into the comprehensive system of earthlings?

Koo Dae-sung.

In the meantime, most of the main forces of Manshinjeon, such as Han Ha-ri and Cheon So-yeon, were Koreans.

The youngest S-rank hunters, Han Ha-ri and Cheon So-yeon, were both talented people in the pantheon, but the meaning of the name Holy Grail Knight is too great to put them in the same rank as the ‘Grail Knight’.

The existence of the Holy Grail Knight is very well known on Earth.

Superhumans beyond the age where the gods last for hundreds of years without successors appearing in one generation… perhaps.

A living saint who represents God and wields the power of God.

Its name is revered even on Earth and has a heavy presence.

Such a Holy Grail Knight, the first Holy Grail Knight on Earth, was born in Korea.

-Wow, what is that? is that sex law?

-It’s on a different level from what the priests of Goddess Demera in Naju wear.

-Grail knights and simple priests are on the same level.

-Kyaa~ That is our Daehan Holy Grail Knight.

– Jumo! Get down!

When Koreans saw the video, they shouted Jumo all over the country.

As a result, the government was eager to show off its national prestige by supporting Dae-sung Koo, but as soon as the video was released, numerous reporters from South Korea flocked to Dae-sung Koo.

“Knight Daesung Koo! How did you become a Holy Grail Knight?”

“How do you feel about becoming a Holy Grail Knight?”

“What about the tour course of the ruins of the Mansinjeon in Naju?”

A series of questions from reporters. Since he couldn’t get close to Leon, who hated the careless exposure of common reporters, everyone’s eyes were focused on Goo Dae-sung.

Goo Dae-sung passed by his father without knowing what he had answered.

[Grail Knight of Life and Abundance, Daesung Koo. The life adversity of the lowest-ranking hunter who was called D-class for 10,000 years!]

[Grail Knight Daesung Koo’s message to the younger generation.]

[Holy Grail Knight Sir Koo Dae-seong. When I was young, I grew up eating this!]

[K-Grail Knight’s overwhelming performance! Japan is envious, Russia is trembling, and the United States faints! King of Lionheart, K-knights are humanely good!]

‘My, when did I…’

Although Goo Dae-sung’s unspoken words have spread, the likeability of Koo Dae-sung in Korea is rising without knowing the end.

-Kya~ Goo Dae-seong’s vocal method is amazing.

-Look at the great devil breaking the earthen pot.

– Goo Dae-sung is the GOAT of the hunter world


“What are you looking at?”


Goo Dae-seong, who had laughed heartily while watching the comments on his battle video, was startled by the voice he heard from behind.

“D, Grand Duke of Dragonia!”

“Call me Grand Duke Karina. There is room for it to be used interchangeably with the new god of the pantheon.”

Karina looked at Goo Dae-sung holding a smartphone and gave him a strange look.

“Anyway, training is lacking. You can’t even notice that you’re distracted and caught behind your back.”

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

“Until I’m sorry. Kyung is a living saint whom Goddess Demera made as her proxy. Even compared to the original work, her status is by no means inferior.”

That’s why Karina said to spread her shoulders. Goo Dae-sung could not easily deal with Karina, Leon’s real daughter, the Holy Grail Knight of Ventasis, the god of darkness and death, and Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts.

If you are a person in modern society, it would be easy to deal with her as she is the daughter of the boss and even the boss at work.

“By the way, what did you see a little while ago? Sir Hari and the children of this land always carry that thin box.”

“Ah… you mean a smartphone?”

“Yes, that’s it. It’s a great item in that it facilitates long-distance communication, but the young knights of this land neglected to train to see it.”


Goo Dae-seong suddenly wondered if Leon had said something similar.

“Tsk tsk. How can young people live all day looking at something the size of a hand like that. When I was packing, I swung my sword at least once more at that time.”

“How are you so silent?”

“Ah, sorry. Your Majesty said something similar.”

“Hmm… Indeed, His Majesty seems to have found the same problems as in the original work.”

Goo Dae-seong couldn’t say that he is a kkondae, in today’s terms. In this respect, do you think the two are father and daughter?

‘Sir Vulcanus and Her Highness Beatrice adapted right away.’

Rather, the two are well-known influencers on social media. I heard that the value of one article is close to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I heard an unrealistic story.

“By the way, Sir Koo Dae-seong. You inherited Sir Geobrick’s hammer.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Will you show me one more time?”

At Karina’s request, Goo Dae-sung raised the hammer at his waist.

The heavy one-handed hammer had unusual energy and was the source of Goo Dae-sung’s power.

“I have heard from Your Majesty. Sir Geobrick will inherit all his powers to whoever wields this hammer.”

“Thanks to you… I was able to become a Holy Grail Knight, who is less than others.”

At Goo Daesung’s self-deprecating voice, Karina smiled and patted him on the shoulder.

“Sir Geobrick was a Holy Grail Knight. He represents the will of the goddess Demera, and his will is her will. You have been chosen by such a legend. Who can doubt your qualifications?”


Koo Dae-seong was at a loss as if he had hit a wedge in his qualifications after hearing what he had heard from Goddess Demera as well as from Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knight.

Even the Goddess, even such a great knight, does not doubt his qualifications, but only I have the qualifications.

“Let’s compete for a while.”


There was no aesthetics of waiting. As soon as the words were finished, a blow of dots rushed in like a darting arrow. Goo Dae-seong reflexively raised the earth shield to block it.


If it weren’t for the reflexes that entered the realm of superhumans after awakening as a Holy Grail Knight, he wouldn’t have even seen the stabbing.

Karina put one arm behind her back like a fencer and stabbed the sword fiercely with only one arm.

A series of high-speed stabs. Koo Dae-seong blocked it with the shield of the earth, but soon realized that only blocking it was not the best.



The shock transmitted from the earth shield made my arms numb and pushed my entire body.

No matter how much the Holy Grail Knight possesses superpowers, how heavy he is at such a speed.

‘I’ve had sparring with His Majesty, but you’ve really looked after me a lot!’


The earth’s shield, which had been receiving the onslaught, grew in an instant and entangled Karina with its roots. Karina immediately threw away the entangled sword and stepped back.

“Sword! I will not return it!”

Goo Dae-seong completely blocked Karina’s sword with the Earth’s shield. After reading the weapon, Karina will have to fight herself with her bare body.

“You don’t know the power of the dark god.”


<Demonic Sword’s Hwihwang>

Carina’s demonic sword, held in the earth’s shield, began to radiate darkness. Just when I thought it was just fog, I heard a sound like something being gnawed at my shield.

“Bar, shield!”

The shield of the earth that swallowed Karina’s demonic sword was severed by the darkness emitted by the demonic sword and collapsed in an instant.


And when the target that was trapped disappeared, the demonic sword returned with a single gesture from Karina.

Karina resumed her onslaught against Goo Dae-sung with the returned magic sword.

If there is anything different from before, the blow she wields is that even Goo Dae-sung’s star iron armor is cut and driven.

“If the Holy Sword of Light is a category that swallows evil, then the Demonic Sword of Darkness is a blade that cuts everything. Your shield and armor lack the amount of special iron to counter this absolute cutting power.”

Goo Dae-seong, frightened by the increasingly severed armor, rushes at him, swinging a hammer forcibly.

– Knock!

Karina steps on Goo Dae-sung’s chest and aims her sword. It was a complete defeat.

“Is it also lack of experience?”


I don’t think I’m being pushed out of spec. It’s not that Karina didn’t do her best, but Goo Dae-sung didn’t do her best either.

But I never thought there would be such an overwhelming difference in basic skills.

“Well, don’t be so sad. You didn’t think you would win the original work, did you?”


Looking at Goo Dae-sung’s angry expression, Karina realized that he was quite serious about trying to defeat her.

“I see, His Majesty deserves such a liking. He has guts.”

Goo Dae-sung must be qualified enough in that he was chosen by the Goddess and inherited the power of the Holy Grail Knight.

“Okay, so what did you just learn in the studio?”

“That… was it impatient?”

“What caused it?”

“The shield is also lost… and the armor is also cut off… it’s the same.”

The Earth Shield is not an absolutely powerful shield in terms of durability. However, as long as Koo Dae-sung breathes life into him, his infinitely regenerative power and special ability bring ridiculous advantages.

Such a shield was cut in an instant in front of the magic sword’s brilliance, and the armor blessed by the goddess Demera that he believed in was torn like a piece of paper, so he had no choice but to be impatient.

“There’s that too. It’s important to be properly armed and make a vessel to contain the holy power. Now, the base is armor for Kingdom knights, so order proper armor from Sir Spinner.”

Receiving blessings will not be difficult. Koo Dae-seong himself represents the will of the goddess Demera. It was as natural as breathing to bless the completed armor.

“But Sir’s problem isn’t the use of armor or shields. It’s that he can’t handle Sir Geobrick’s hammer properly.”

“A hammer…?”

That’s not what I’m used to. Originally, Goo Dae-seong was a swordsman. One-handed sword and one-handed shield balance center.

The shield was still the same, but I had no choice but to get used to it because I suddenly had a hammer.

“It’s not a matter of weapon skill level. The external release of holy power has no meaning in a fight between the really strong. In the Holy Grail Knight class’s interpersonal battle, the balance between the inside and outside is more important than the noisy power.”

Knights are giant-like monsters, and goblins are the size of a little bitch. An all-powerful warrior who can fight against even humans.

The Holy Grail Knights are the warriors at the pinnacle. Although they may have each other’s specialties, they are not lacking in ‘all-around’.

“Before the appearance of demons, our real enemies were not demons. In the history of thousands of years of war, the beasts were at the antagonistic point of the struggle.”


It was then. outskirts of Pyongyang. Huge fireworks welling up vividly even there.

“Boo, Lord Vulcan?!”

What the hell is the reason for Vulcanus to create such a mighty spark? Even the remaining demons?


As soon as the flames soared, the dragon’s roar resonated from a completely different direction. Unlike before, the roar of the Black Dragon, the first descendant of Dragonia born from the World Tree, sounded as if it had lost its momentum.

An energy that could crush even a dragon? As far as Koo Dae-sung knows, there is only one person like that in this world.

What the hell is going on? Apart from Goo Daesung looking around in confusion, Karina opened her mouth with a sword on her shoulder.

“The Holy Grail Knights always look for their successors. We teach and expect knights who have demonstrated their dragon power.”

Expecting him to make a new generational change.

“Karina… Grand Duke.”

“Now, pick up your hammer. Newcomer. Unlike before, the number of Holy Grail Knights has also decreased. You will have to teach the stepmother candidates how to live in the in-laws in advance.”

Karina resumed the bloody onslaught with a cheerful smile.

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