The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 235

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There is no doubt that it was Koo Dae-seong who awakened as the Holy Grail Knight of Life who stood out in the second Korean War, but it was not the only thing that attracted attention.

Although the Holy Grail Knights, including Leon, and the Burning Sword Knights acted as an overwhelming force, after the holy power was sealed by the great magic of Rakshaar, the lord of chaos, Gudaeseong and the Pantheon Knights became the main force.

Among them, four people drew attention.

Han Ha-ri, Han Su-ho, Cheon So-yeon, and Kim Jae-hyeok. Indeed, their performance in maximizing the power of the relic showed more value than an S-class hunter.

“The first thing we need to foster is those four people.”

Leon and Beatrice and Vulcan and Carina.

All the Holy Grail Knights participated in the meeting, except for Yapi, who has regained his original body and is in the midst of constructing urban infrastructure, and Koo Dae-seong, who is contributing to the formation of rice fields near Pyongyang.

The subject was surprisingly simple.

“For the time being, there isn’t much for us to do. Stabilizing an occupied city is for the lower ones to do.”

The Holy Grail Knights are a symbol of nothingness. Of course, it is important to observe the people’s livelihood by causing miracles of God with its mighty holy power, but it is not so much that those who become saints and saints go around directly.

“So I’m going to go in the direction of intensively educating the knights. In the future, the number of new residents will increase.”

“So, what’s the point of educating those four?”

Leon nodded at Vulcan’s question. This is the so-called intensive training of high-quality talent.

“Knights are also knights… but I’d like to add two more.”

“Who are you talking about, Karina?”

“The Old Bible and the New Black Dragon.”

“It’s a dragon…”

Leon understood when Koo Dae-sung was mentioned.

Goo Dae-sung is a strong knight with a noble will, but his technical perfection was not high.

“Are you going to teach Goo Dae-seong about interpersonal warfare?”

“Yes. But I’d rather be better than Your Majesty.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s because His Majesty wants you to take charge of the Black Dragon, not Sir Gu Dae-seong.”


The first life born after the world tree bloomed was a black dragon born as a latent factor in Karina’s dragon’s heart.

Dragon God Dragonia’s first offspring. Called the Black Dragon because it has yet to be named, it was a subtle headache for the Pyongyang reconstruction project.

“I heard that they took over the entire Sun Palace and made it rare.”

“It looks like he liked the jewels and gold inside.”

It is a dragon’s racial trait to covet gold and jewels. Because they were both greedy and arrogant, legends often robbed dwarves’ treasuries.

“About Jim, the only person who has ever dealt with a dragon. Jim’s reign was one of the few winged Fire Dragons.”

Thousands of years after the demise of Dragonia, the progenitor dragon, in Leon’s time, there were no traces of dragons.

It was only when Leon went on a mission to subdue the dragon that had taken over the dwarves’ treasury.

“Dragons are arrogant and proud. Even if you, Carina, possess the dragon’s heart and are Dragonia’s agents, it will not be easy to suppress that temperament.”

“For that reason, I would like His Majesty to take charge of the Black Dragon.”

The Holy Grail Knights are the transcendentalists who led the heyday of Lionheart. But the day will come when they too will one day lose like stars and head to the banquet of the gods.

The Grail Knights’ duty was not only to protect the kingdom, but also to teach and lead the next generation.

* * * *

“So you guys decided to teach me!”

Hari, Suho, and Jaehyeok silently looked at each other at Vulcanus’s enthusiastic cry.

“If you teach us, we are grateful.”

It is said that the Pantheon Knights, including Hari, had been trained by Leon before.

Swordsmanship, spearmanship, equestrianism, and theological education.

Basically, dozens of people, not only theoretical education and repetitive practice, but also many real battles at the gate.

“You must have received direct education from His Majesty. Well, I admit it. Your Majesty is an exemplary knight in many ways.

‘Is that so?’

‘Is holding a shield and blocking a mounted charge the standard in Lionheart?’

I was slightly puzzled, but thinking about it, Leon’s education was quite systematic.

Everyone got hurt here and there because of the hard real battle, but their skills were expanded.

Above all, the amount of training was enormous as it was possible to train virtually infinitely while receiving healing from the Holy Grail.

“But my education will be different.”

As soon as Vulcanus finished speaking, knights in red armor strode forward.

Five members of the Baltan Burning Sword Knights. They settled down, surrounding the three of them in a spacious siege.

“Does the Holy Grail Knights also participate in the training?”

When Vulcanus laughed at Jaehyuk’s question, he let out his signature flame breath.

“No, the role is to prevent them from ‘running away’.”

The next moment, the fire spewing out from the Burning Sword Knights formed a wall in an instant. The three of them were frightened by the knights who suddenly spewed fire, but Vulcanus felt that it was as planned.

“It’s a pure flame that doesn’t discriminate against peers. Except for Lord Hari, who is resistant to fire, it won’t ‘splash’.”

Of course, Vulcanus boasts that Hari will mark himself in charge and ‘prevent’ him from escaping.

“Uh, Boo, Sir Vulcanus? I’d like to say I’m not running away…

Harry evaded his words in endless anxiety. Usually, the people of Steamy Lionheart tend to go to extremes when they say they do something.

“My method of education is simple! The strong are born by breaking through endless limbs! In other words…!”

Pillars of fire emanating from Vulcan soared high into the sky. Even without using Divine Advent, his flame is already the strongest in Lionheart history.

“Repeated death crisis makes people stronger!”


It was simple ignorance, but it was a standard training method that was surprisingly effective.

People are quick to learn anything with blood.

* * * *

Dragonia’s first offspring.

The Black Dragon of this era, born through the World Tree, was contemplating what to do.

A mortal enemy engraved in the DNA. But their great ancestors stood by them.

[Now is the time to increase your strength and increase your people. You must lead my descendants to be born in the future.]

He said that in order to do so, he had to become an agent of the contract with his divinity, gold.

[Even so, you cannot bow down to that human woman.]

At the Black Dragon’s words, Dragonia thought it was her descendant, but she shook her head and said,

[However, we should cooperate. Although you’re fierce, you can’t match the dragon power of the Holy Grail Knights, including Karina.]

Extremely objective and factual advice. However, the black dragon was furious.

[I am the descendant of the great Dragonia! Can you compare them to mere worm-like humans!]

Arrogance peculiar to the Balaur.

Their self-esteem, which has fought to the end without giving in even to the gods, is not normal.

Even more, the black dragon is a special body that inherited all the knowledge and abilities to lead dragons to be born in the future while being born in the world tree.

He showed disrespect even to Karina, who provided arguments to him.

[I admit that you are the progenitor’s agent. But don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be treated the same as Sijo. That was the last time I put you on my back.]

The black dragon, displeased with having a human on his back for a moment during the battle with the demon lord, found his temporary rare.

It is a dragon’s instinct to dig nests and collect treasures. He found the most colorful and largest building in North Korea and made his nest there.

Some strange human corpses were stuffed, but those were burned and incinerated.

In this way, the Sun Palace in Pyongyang, where the black dragon was located, became a dragon’s nest that no one dared to approach.

“Hmm~ Well, it’s pretty well decorated.”

An uninvited guest who came to such a black dragon’s rare. Hearing the sound of his footsteps walking through the entrance, the black dragon slowly opened its eyes.

[How dare you, without my permission…!]

Black’s torn pupils fiercely glared at the intruder.

Her golden hair was so splendid that dragons coveted it, and her radiant aura was in no way inferior to that of dragons.

“This will become the holy ground of the World Tree. You are the one who built a nest there without permission.”

Even when Leon faced the dragon’s ferocious gaze, he did not hesitate in the slightest.

“Under the generosity of Jim and the gods, the four of you have built a nest in this land. Even if you can’t thank them, why don’t you raise your eyes?”

[You bastard…!]

The black dragon raised its head and looked down at Leon.

“I am the Lion Heart King Leon Dragonia Lionheart. I am the agent of the Mansin and the Guardian of the Holy Grail. Be polite, Lizard.”

[You’re going too far with a cooperative relationship, dwarf!]

Even the black dragon knew how powerful the human in front of him was.

He also witnessed the moment he severed the demon lord Rakshaar.

But even so, he did not allow the dragon’s pride to yield to humans. Even more so, the person in front of me is a dragon slayer.

Aren’t they the descendants of the one who killed the great progenitor dragon, Dragonia?

[Dragons do not obey humans!]

The black dragon swung its heavy tail and struck Leon without the slightest hesitation. I don’t think he’ll die at this point, but it’s his own attitude.


A terrifying shock. However, the black dragon felt that its tail stopped at some point. Even right in front of Leon’s nose.


“Well, strength isn’t bad compared to its size.”

It doesn’t budge in the slightest. Even though the dragon’s tail, which weighed several tons, was swung, Leon blocked it with one arm.

Unbelievable strength in the human body. The black dragon was caught by its tail and felt its body float.

“This place must be narrow. Let’s go to a wider place.”

The dragon’s massive body swung and shattered the sun palace. And a black dragon soaring into the air with a tail that was soon let go.


The black dragon crushed its teeth in shame and spread its wings. Stopping in mid-air, he looks down at Leon with the flapping of his wings.

Leon summoned the divine beast, Stallion, and flew up into the sky, and the two beings stared at each other in the same sky.

“The city will be ruined to fight here. Go somewhere a bit wider.”

[Don’t order me! be impertinent!]

At the black dragon’s retort, Leon smiled and aimed at the holy spear.

“Even if you don’t like it, I’ll force it. Jim doesn’t know manners enough to fight in front of the goddess.”

In the next moment, a stream of light poured from the Holy Spear. The light swallowed the black dragon in an instant and pushed the black dragon out of Pyongyang.

Like a dump truck swept away by a tsunami, the place where the Black Dragon crashed was in the middle of a lake.

Lake Taesong near Pyongyang. This golf course for high-ranking officials in Pyongyang has not been visited by anyone since Pyongyang was annihilated.

– Crowra la la la la!

The black dragon stuck in the lake spewed out its breath with anger.

Ruinous black flames shoot up and open a hole in the sky. Looking down at it, Leon honestly admired it.

“Before the coronation of the Lion Heart King, I’ve fought a fire-breathing fire dragon. Well, it’s better than that dragon.”

Leon noticed that this dragon was no different from a newborn baby.

Although it is a masterpiece filled with knowledge and magic, the fact that it is young cannot be ignored. For example–


The Black Dragon, which was flying after Leon, felt that his body was not being lifted by the flapping of his wings.

From the moment he was born, he was deprived of the privilege of flying up into the sky as naturally as breathing.

[You bastard! What have you done!]

Leon approached the enraged black dragon by flying low and said.

“I don’t know the theoretical part. Jim is a kind of cane.”

Black Dragon realized that it wasn’t Leon who blocked his wings. Near the lake, the magician queen is sitting on the lawn of the golf course and drinking tea.

“Did you know? Your wings alone can’t support that weight.”

The black dragon fluttered and stretched its wings, but only the lake fluctuated, and it still had no strength like wet cotton.

“Then the conclusion is simple. The flapping of the dragon’s wings is not just a physical action, but it takes additional magical power.”

[Your guy…]

Beatrice replied with a grin at the torn pupils of the dragon glaring at her.

“From now on, while dealing with His Majesty and me, let’s learn how to handle the body and mana at the same time. Shouldn’t we lightly deflect this level of interference magic?”

Leon and Beatrice. Even with the two strong men in front, the black dragon did not soften its momentum. Because the dragon’s pride wouldn’t allow it.


“Your Majesty, you’re still a teacher, so don’t you want to pay school fees?”

“Do you wish for anything?”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen a creature called a dragon, so there are so many things I want to know. So, by the way…”

The tuition is one dragon byproduct per day. For example, claws or scales.

“Can I take a little?”

“Cancer! Since ancient times, the teacher’s grace is like the sky, so the disciple must repay it.”

“Whoop whoop…!”

The curiosity of a pure scholar and the blatantly shiny gaze made the black dragon terrifying.

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