The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 237 Leon’s heir

While discussions on Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City were taking place in Seoul, Leon was living a somewhat boring life.

North and South Koreans who will work as workers in the development of Pyongyang. A plan to allow them to become residents of the autonomous city and at the same time maintain their South Korean nationality.

How the city will develop and the issue of disposal of existing property rights in Pyongyang, etc.

Developing a new city and declaring it an autonomous city requires a lot of work. The leaders of this city also needed something to leave behind.

There are so many things that need to be done, so many things to be done, but–


Leon had nothing to do.

Urban development plan? yapi does it

Oral dental care? knights do it

As for the political issue, President Ahn is coordinating with the National Assembly, and Leon occasionally appears as a face madam.

After the demon lord of chaos and his forces were wiped out, there was only a small gate attack. Even that assault party was not something that Leon would directly step out into.

In short, there was nothing Leon could do himself.

The reason why he is so absorbed in the black dragon’s friendship is because Leon basically has nothing to do.

[Leon, is there anything to do?]

“I don’t have much to do these days.”

Leon shrugged his shoulders at the goddess’ voice. actually it was

“But isn’t this proof that the reign of peace is also a sign that the king is boring?

[There is no room for my knight to become a cancer soldier.]


Leon doesn’t even think of himself as an outstanding military commander.

Even when he was in power as Lionheart’s Lionheart, he wasn’t very competent in the affairs of the country.

Because in history, there has never been a great achievement for the people that was outstanding and will remain in the era.

He just worked hard at what he was good at.

kill orcs. demon hunting. Black Mage Torture.

Most of Leon’s actions inside and outside the kingdom were to punish his enemies with force.

Even now, what Leon is doing is suppressing the black dragon, which others have difficulty handling, and teaching him what to do to help the pantheon as a dragon.

If it wasn’t Leon, the black dragon would drive out my teachers by force.

[If you’re bored, how about going to Beatrice’s workshop?]

“Are you talking about Viche?”

Leon nodded at Ariana’s suggestion.

[Yes, it won’t be that easy to work alone as a woman. Moving something heavy…]

“Goddess, the secret body is the priestess of dreams and death. It’s about moving something heavy, even with bare hands—”

[Heh heh, since when did my knight put a toe on the horse of your goddess?]

Leon didn’t vomit any more at what the goddess said. Without saying a word, I left the Ryugyong Hotel suite and walked down the hallway.

As soon as you leave the suite, the interior becomes desolate. The interior of the Ryugyong Hotel, which had been under construction for 50 years, revealed a stark lack of budget.

“I was going to entrust it to the soon-to-be-born wise men of the forest, but I still have to do the minimum interior work.”

[The roots of the World Tree are down, so you’ll have to take care of the furniture.]

“That’s right. Treemen and elves hate carved wood furniture.”

Because of that, the dwarves and humans who used firewood and developed forests were close friends. Conflicts due to differences in species occurred everywhere, so it was the role of the Lion Heart King to coordinate them.

[How about entrusting it to Yapi?]

“You mean Sir Spinner?”

Leon thought about Yapi’s way of working, but was concerned that it might conflict with the elves and tree men.

Isn’t it Yapi, the crystallization of a highly developed civilized society? They probably have no interest in nature conservation or harmony.

[That child’s way of going out of his way. All you have to do is say one word. If you tell me to pay attention to eco-friendliness, I will take care of it.]

“That’s true too.”

Yapi alone manages the pantheon’s finances. Calling the national treasury is the basis of national work, but yapi was somewhat limited in its role.

If Yappi focuses on virtual currency production right now, it will be able to swallow up the world economy at once.

However, because of Leon’s ambiguous request to pursue the right way, isn’t it a healthy property increase even by human standards?

It’s because it rarely fails thanks to the overwhelming computational power of strong artificial intelligence.


[Why are you laughing so much?]

“I just imagined what it would be like if Sir Spinner became the Lionheart.]


Ariana wasn’t the only one who was taken aback by Leon’s lightly raised topic.

Not only Petos and Poma, but also Heto, the guardian deity of Demera and Yapi, were frightened and dissuaded.

[Leon, my lighthouse. Don’t even joke like that!]

“It’s not like I’m joking.”

Heto interrupted Leon’s answer.

[Sounds of a big day! He’s my blacksmith, but when he becomes king, his people will turn him into a cyborg! I will force implant remodeling into the constitution while saying it’s efficient!]

“Isn’t cyborg transformation something so dystopian?”

[He is the one who will make the Matrix!]


Leon thought about the future where Yapi became the Lion Heart King, and then he thought that he might really be like that.

[Yapi, that baby isn’t a bad-tempered child… but…]

“Isn’t Demera also not pleased?”

Even his benevolent mother reacted like that, and Leon asked back as if he was surprised.

[It seems that apartments will be developed on farmland and food will be supplemented with artificial food…]


In the civilized world of Yapi, it was possible enough.

Livestock and agricultural and fishery products were consumed through the development of sinful factories, and citizens filled their stomachs with artificial meat…

“Then Sir Vulcanus——”

[[I can’t do that anymore!!]]

There was more resistance than before.

[The original woman is the opposite of the Lion Heart King who makes a divine descent when she is bored!]

“Plesy, Sir Vulcanus is not such an occasional knight.”

[Leon, do you still say that when you see Petos holding evangelistic meetings in military academies around the world?]


Leon had heard that Petos, the guardian deity of Vulcanus, was always struggling with insufficient faith.

So, isn’t the holy power continuously sent with the staff obtained from the priest who serves the god Maltak obtained from the demon realm?

The gods were worried that if Vulcanus became the representative of the gods, all the gods would suffer from lack of holy power.

Vulcanus doesn’t have the timely thrift like Leon.


Leon went down the stairs and looked for candidates to become the next Lion Heart King.

I thought I had enough dragon power and qualifications to become Yapi, Vulcanus, or Lion Heart King, but the gods didn’t seem to have it.

‘Then Vichena Karina. Goo Dae-seong remains.’

However, Koo Dae-seong lacks experience. It was common for Holy Grail Guardians to be succeeded by Grail Knights, but Goo Dae-seong was too young and inexperienced.

The other Holy Grail Knights will rebel, and they will immediately disobey Vulcanus.

For Karina, the dragon’s heart is the problem. In order to transplant a lion’s heart, the dragon’s heart must first be passed on to the next Grand Duke of Dragonia.

Like Leon, he might be able to hold both hearts for a while, but that was only possible because he was Leon.

What if he gave birth to an heir who would inherit the dragon’s heart…?

‘Damn it, I don’t think you’ll see that.’

Just imagining a boy who will marry his daughter raises his anger. As long as Leon was alive, he hated seeing such a mess.


“Oh, Your Majesty. What are you doing? Today isn’t Black Dragon’s training day, is it?”

Leon met Beatrice in front of the room prepared for her workshop.

“Ah, Biche. Where are you going to drink?”

“Yes, for the experiment.”

Leon looked at the large bundle Beatrice was carrying. It was a bit unbalanced to hold with her slender hands, but as the head of the priesthood, she would not lack her strength.

Above all else, as an excellent magician, there is nothing that makes her suffer as much as a heavy burden.

“Give it here. Let me lift it.”

“You don’t have to do that…”

“It is a gentleman’s duty to lift a lady’s burden.”

“If so…”

Leon lifted Beatrice’s luggage and felt a familiar energy in it.

“It’s dragon energy.”

“Yes, I processed what I received from the black dragon as an exam fee.”

Leon and Beatrice were teaching Black Dragon together.

Leon learned about hand-to-hand combat, and Beatrice learned how to use mana.

Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts, did not like the situation in which humans taught dragons, but admitted that there were very few people in this era who could teach their offspring.

Beatrice received the exam fee from the black dragon, which is a trivial by-product of the dragon.

“Where do you intend to go with this?”

“Is there a gate I asked for before? It’s near Nampo.”

“Hmm, that’s pretty far. Stallion.”

Leon summoned the god of light. The white horse is a lofty beast that carries only the Lion Heart King on its back, but even Beatrice unexpectedly gives her back obediently.

“Take Jim’s hand.”

Leon climbed into Stallion’s saddle and reached out to her.


* * * *

over the middle of the Korean Peninsula. If you go down the west coast, you will arrive at Nampo, the second largest city in North Korea.

Although it is the second largest city in North Korea with a population of nearly one million, Nampo City was no different, just as Pyongyang fell into the hands of demons and perished.

The people who occupied this desolate city were the Kikkiruk tribe who came all the way from Mokpo and occupied the coastal area.

Strictly speaking, Nampo City is not included in the Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City currently being discussed, but North Korea is now communist in Muju.

The Kikkiruk tribe, who traveled north with Dominator-class submarine carriers, annihilated the North Korean navy and occupied the empty city, naturally occupied this place as if it were their own city.

Strictly speaking, they are also South Korean residents, so it is ambiguous to kick them out even from the South Korean point of view.

In the meantime, a gate appeared on the coast of Nampo City, and Beatrice delivered a pause to the Kirkiruk raiding party trying to clear the gate.

“I heard it was for an experiment, but what exactly is the plan?”

A gate that appears along the coast of Nampo City. Leon, who was helping Beatrice on the sandy beach, asked.

“Are you familiar with Dragon Fear?”

“It’s the energy that the dragon naturally exudes.”

“Yes, I felt it the other day when I went through the gate to the Dragonian Empire. Even a few hunters couldn’t move without knowing if they received the protection of strong faith.”

It is the energy of the strong that blooms just by existing. The higher the level of existence, the more power exists to oppress lower beings.

It’s not something that can be resisted only by strength, so it’s like how S-class Hunters or Holy Grail Knights, who are similarly strong, react differently even if they see the same higher being.

“The dragon’s scales and by-products still retain their aura even after they fall off the dragon. It’s also quite powerful.”


Leon, who was driving a stake, suddenly remembered that there were no kinks around.

They had come to say hello to Leon when they just landed, but they hurriedly avoided the seat as if they were uneasy about something.

“Did you avoid the energy flowing from Yongrin?”

“Yes, even those who are protected by the gods want to avoid the dragon’s energy. Then…”

What about monsters?

Leon’s eyes lit up at that question.

“Would the monsters avoid the dragon’s energy?”

“That’s right. That’s why I asked you to stop attacking the gate.”

Beatrice deliberately caused a dungeon break to see how the monsters that popped out would react to the dragon’s energy.

“It’s an interesting way. It’s an idea that I wouldn’t have thought of in Jim’s reign.”

It was natural too. In Leon’s reign, the dragon was an enemy to be defeated.

However, as long as Dragonia entered the pantheon and chose coexistence, the dragons to be born in the future must also choose the path of coexistence with Lionheart.

If so, you should be able to get anything like dragon scales.

Beatrice foresaw such a future and studied how to utilize the dragon’s power.

“Then, since the dungeon break isn’t too far away, shall we spend some time here?”

“Since you came to the sea after all, would you like to play?”

“I’d like to refrain from that. Exposing bare skin is embarrassing after all.”

It was a natural reaction since Beatrice was so reluctant to wear swimsuits.

“Is Jim talking about boating?”


A red flower bloomed on Beatrice’s cheek at Leon’s smirk. However, Beatrice soon changed the subject gently.

“By the way, Fleur said to stop His Majesty, what were you talking about?”

“Ah~ It’s nothing special. I’ve been talking about the Lion Heart King who will succeed me. Biche is also a strong candidate.”


Leon said it lightly, but Beatrice was startled and grabbed Leon’s hand.



Beatrice looked up at him with sad eyes.

please. tight.

Her slender hand was giving it strength as if it were about to run away.

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