The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 238


“Aside from the fact that I will enjoy a thousand years of wealth and glory?”



Petos and even Leon doubted their ears at Vulcan’s bombshell remark.

Petos was astonished at having to make this fiery-attribute filial son his agent for ten thousand years.

“No, Mr. Petos. How are you so surprised?”

[Woah, enjoying it for a thousand years… I can’t believe you will live as a Holy Grail Knight for a thousand years!]

“Isn’t it natural to be a living saint if you want to live young and long?”

[this guy! Do you think Holy Grail Knights are a means to stay young!]

Despite Petos’s wrath, Vulcanus responded with an ear-piercing arrogance.

“Petos-nim. Where do you think I can get the Holy Grail Knight of War that I am the only one?”


It was true.

If it weren’t for Leon’s presence, Vulcanus would be considered one of the greatest Holy Grail Knights of all time.

His strength is unrivaled to the extent that Leon did not think of Vulcan as his successor for nothing.

If a lion’s heart is transplanted, a Holy Grail Guardian will be born that will not be lacking compared to the demon lord.

[Yes, it’s a problem that you waste so much holy power! They don’t even know that the barn is empty, and they spread their holy power all over the place!]

“Petos-sama. If I take over the military, I will conquer the world.”


Petos was silent at Vulcan’s bombshell.

“If I conquer this earth, won’t Petos’s faith overflow all over the place? Only China, which is in turmoil right now! Even if I occupy it, huh? Can’t you hear it? War followers, remember!”

Does Petos believe Vulcan’s words are plausible? I thought.

“Haa… Mr. Petos. Don’t be persuaded.”

[I was not persuaded.]

Petos denies being displeased with the fact that he was persuaded by Vulcan.

[But isn’t conquest a necessary process? In order to reestablish Lionheart on this land and spread the proper faith. There should be no country that steps in the footsteps of the empire.]

“That’s right! The lion turmeric, who established the Lionheart Empire! Make me the King of the Holy Grail! The lands here in Pyongyang and Taiwan are fine! Give me a villa!”

[You Vulcanus, shut up!]

Vulcanus shrugged his shoulders at Petos’ scream and retreated. Leon implicitly knew that the gods of the pantheon were sympathizing with him.

“Are other people of the same opinion?”

[Well, aside from the empire, shouldn’t we rebuild the kingdom? This Goddess wishes for the rebuilding of Lionheart again.]

That’s what Leon was thinking. As Vulcan mentioned, the land of China today is empty.

Getting there shouldn’t be that difficult.

“But Sir Vulcanus. What does it mean to enjoy wealth and glory for a thousand years? Sir, do you not intend to ascend?”

“GRARARA. As a living saint, you have great dragon power and youth. Why do you rush to the banquet hall? I will enjoy all the pleasures in this world.”


Leon put on a puzzled expression. Perhaps it is because, among the Holy Grail knights, I have never seen anyone who declares that he will enjoy the wealth and glory of this life even after delaying his ascension.

“I knew that Lord Vulcanus had a different temperament than other knights, but I didn’t know that he would be so different.”

“Heh heh, is that so? It seems extremely humane.”

“Sir, you need to show more respect for the gods and paradise. How about a theological education after a while?”


At Leon’s words, Vulcanus trembled and shuddered.

When Vulcan had just surrendered and served as Leon’s squire, he learned a lot from Leon.

Among them, theological education was almost at the level of brainwashing, so Vulcanus was greatly freed from the thoughts of evil spirits.

“Kuh, keuhum… Theological education. It’s not even when I was a servant.”

“There is no end to learning. Rather, if you, a saint, continue to study despite your status, wouldn’t it be an example for others?”


Vulcanus hated it and showed a lot of dislike. But Leon is unstoppable.

“Then I know that you will also participate in the theological education that will be held tomorrow with the articles collected.”

“Ah, Your Majesty!”

When Vulcanus groaned, Leon smiled and handed him a drink.

“There is a way to exempt theological education if you really don’t like it.”

“What is it?!”

“Please join us in counseling Jim’s troubles.”


Vulcanus quickly drank the Eosaju given by Leon and asked back while wiping his lips.

“So. What is our Lionheart King’s Majesty worried about?”

“I’ve been waiting for the day to go to paradise for a long time. I thought it was not good for one person to occupy the position of the Lion Heart King for a long time.”

It also played a role in not being able to afford to find Leon’s successor right away.

Because I tried to preserve the position until the demons were destroyed and the cornerstone of Lionheart’s reconstruction was established.

“However, I have a feeling that neither the gods nor many will welcome my ascension.”

Vulcanus fully understood Leon’s words. It was hard to imagine what would happen after Leon left, even for him who was greedy for the next Lion Heart King.

But it is greed. If Leon wants to rest, he can. Because he deserves it.

Even the gods can’t deny it. But the gods are not unwilling to lose the greatest Grail Guardian in history.

“Your Majesty, the reason you want to go to paradise is because of the Queen of Castile?”


Leon poured a glass instead of words with a wry smile. It was a punishment for myself for not being able to answer.

“Well, I understand. Wasn’t it a love so noble and pure that a temple was built on the moon?”

“Is that all he is? Gildus, Antok, Gunlar… Jim’s friends are all there.”

Here, Leon is just a king. The mighty lion heart king. Agent of the gods and guardian of the Holy Grail.

Vulcan knew that Leon could be a husband and friend in that paradise, free from all restraints.

“It would be nice. If you go to paradise, you will have a wife and friends.”

“Heh. Is it because Kyung is rough on making friends?”

“Well, I blew off one of the arms of a friend I had. I decided not to make friends after that.”

“Ah~ then, that…”

Leon remembered a man. When Vulcan was subdued, there was always a man by his side.

A loyal yet ‘evil’ existence.

“Well, stop talking about me, Your Majesty. Just attach some affection to this world.”

“You think you’re giving affection enough?”

“Your Majesty’s level can’t make anyone a friend. It’s not like me or Sir Yapi. Or that President Andong-gil is a decent man.”

Vulcan holds out his cup. braided! A loud sound rang out.

“Hold a woman, too. Doesn’t Goddess Ariana always say that? If you’ve kept your chastity for 200 years, Sister-in-law Castile will understand.”

Right now, isn’t the daughter-in-law also keeping an eye on candidates for stepmother? After all, it was his intention to create as many descendants of Lionheart as possible.

“I like it because it’s so simple.”

“GRRARA. Your Majesty lives too complicated.

Their nagging rang until late in the evening.

* * * *

The home of a party cadre in downtown Pyongyang.

After Mansinjeon occupied Pyongyang, several houses were requisitioned and used for welfare purposes, and this is one of those requisitioned houses.


Beatrice sipped the wine she had sloppy from the home of a party cadre who had now disappeared without an owner.

I heard that it is the poorest country in the world, but the quality of luxury goods is higher than expected. It must have been the luxury of squeezing the blood of the people.

“Bitter taste…”

As if reflecting her feelings, Beatrice became intoxicated by the bitter taste of the wine.

The first time she started following Leon was for the sake of recompense.

Those who became death knights to support and protect themselves who had fallen into the path of corruption by repeating the past.

Purify the souls of those loyal knights and enter the path of reincarnation.

In order to start the cycle of reincarnation once again, Ple, who manages the world of the dead by spreading faith on this earth.

She was willing to become the priestess of dreams and death, and she deservedly assisted Leon.

He is arrogant, intolerant, and authoritative, but he is noble, just, and honorable.

If the criminals felt that way too, he would have been a dazzling person without any obstacles to the noble Beatrice.

“Was it greed?”

There were also things I was hoping for. If it were him, if he was outstanding in terms of beauty, strength, and pedigree… he would be a suitable companion for him.

“Honestly, if that’s enough… isn’t it okay?”

[Well then. There is nothing lacking in the sight of the original woman and the goddesses.]

“Isn’t it?”

If someone had seen it, it would have been a drunkard talking to the air and answering questions, but to the saintess who is closest to God, it is a daily communication with God.

[He’s such a pretty and talented kid, but that guy from the wall is…]

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu forgotten even two hundred years later are you?”

Fleur tried to comfort the drunk priest, but Dina, the goddess of the moon, giggled.

[It’s enough to kidnap the priest of purity and hold a ceremony, so you have to be that level of fidelity.]

[The moon, be quiet at times like this.]

Fleur covered Dina’s mouth.

[Where would the original priestess lack? Even if Leon was half like Vulcanus.]

Ariana, furious at this, said a word.

[How do dreams make such terrible noises? My knight’s supreme purity is also in line with his noble mind.]

Irmin, the goddess of forests and trees, clicked her tongue and said to the goddess of light who was busy wrapping up her article.

[This wouldn’t have happened if the light hadn’t stubbornly refused to marry the high elves of our forest.]

[Why is the forest talking about that now?]

Ariana’s displeasure from the gods burst out like a flood.

[My child at the Temple of Lebonia also adored Leon… but the light took away my chance to express my feelings.]

[Life, even you!]

[Isn’t the light not condoning polygamy in order to monopolize the authority of the pantheon? The original woman has been curious about that since before.]

[How can I blame my knight’s pure love? My article just kept the idea of earthly monogamy intact.]

While the goddesses were arguing, Beatrice sniffled and made her own wine.

Just when the gods were having heated discussions about Leon’s new marriage, the door opened and the culprit of the situation was revealed.

“your majesty?”

It was Leon.

“Vice, why are you drinking alone?”

“······It’s just that. Because it’s hostile.”

[The priestess of dreams is blatantly revealing her sadness. It’s drunk.]

[Write! Let the light be quiet!]

Leon sat down next to Beatrice with a light smile on the faces of the goddesses.

“I think the burden made you sad.”

Leon, trying to appease Beatrice, took away the bottle of wine she was about to pour. When Beatrice gave a puzzled look at this action, Leon smiled and said,

“It’s not time to pour a glass here. Let’s go.”

“your majesty?”

At Leon’s urging, Beatrice was bewildered and followed Leon. Outside, Stallion was waiting for the two of them, and Beatrice climbed onto the saddle, led by Leon.

“Let’s go, Stallion.”

As Leon stroked the neck of the Shinsoo, Stallion flapped its wings and began to fly.

“Hold tight.”

As the cold night wind blew, the spirit of drinking had gone, but Beatrice still seemed clueless.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?”

“Forgive me first. Viche.”


To the puzzled Beatrice, Leon continued in a quiet voice.

“I’ve lived my duty for a long time. I’ve fought for 200 years with only the hope of destroying all the demons that destroyed my kingdom.”

Leon honestly confessed that he hadn’t thought of what happened next.

“If the gate to Earth hadn’t been opened, Jim might have sat there. I didn’t know what to do.”

However, the gate opened and he returned to Earth, where he learned that demons existed as well.

Knowing this, Leon was relieved. Because you still have work to do.

“This fight isn’t over yet, but after the fight, I thought I should ascend to paradise. The more stagnant the water, the more it rots.”

“Your Majesty… that will never happen.”

Wasn’t he a knight who had fought for two hundred years and kept his integrity and honor?

Beatrice couldn’t imagine how Leon would change.

“Huh, maybe that’s the case. There were other reasons too.”

“For other reasons…”

“My friends. The servants and soldiers I am grateful for who have been with me until the end of the glory. And Castile, whom I have loved for the rest of my life.”


At the mention of that name, Beatrice pursed her lips. Because it was the name of a woman she could never win, who wanted to become the object of competition.

“When my duty is done, I consider it the end of my journey to see them as I ought. Jim looks forward to laughing and talking with them at dinner someday.”

In the end… are you going to leave alone like that?

Beatrice buried her face in Leon’s back, unable to hide her regret. He presses his forehead with his forehead and gives a timid rebuke.

“It’s slowly opening. Look at that.”


In response, her gaze turned to Leon’s fingertips. There was a huge world tree, and numerous lights were gathering on each branch.


“They’re a tribe of the forest. Elves and treemen. They’ve come to the Old Bible and asked to hurry up.”

The world tree was huge enough to reach the clouds.

Each of its outstretched branches was so long that it cut halfway through the city, and the sight was amazing as the light gathered on the fruits that bore from each branch.

Hundreds of years ago, the wise men of the forest who stayed with Lion Heart until the end and became extinct.

They didn’t give up until the end and entrusted Arrangement to Leon.

The Ark Plan and the Final Holy Grail Plan.

They could bet everything because they trusted Leon completely.

The Moon Chalice obtained by Beatrice at the Gate and the history Leon experienced. Their devotion transcends time and space and was formed by Leon’s hands, so this must also be a miracle.

“Treemen live several dozen times longer than humans. They protect the harmony of nature throughout their lives, and in the end, they give everything back to the forest and plant new trees.”

That is the seed of the sage. The seedling left behind by Gunlar soon became a world tree and is bearing fruit right in front of us.

The stopped cycle of life is starting again on this earth through several miracles.

“Your Majesty… do you want to say that it is natural?”

Beatrice felt resentful of even Leon saying such a thing. In the end, it seems like he is saying that ascending to heaven is a natural harmony.

“That’s right. It’s definitely a natural thing.”


Beatrice buried her face. But then–

“So, it takes time.”


“I wonder if I should go against the cycle I deserve.”

Remembering what it was against, Beatrice blinked her eyes. Leon doesn’t look back and speaks awkwardly, cautiously as if committing a sin.

“Give me a little time. I’ve lived my whole life believing that. It’s not easy to change your mind in an instant.”

“your majesty······.”

“Can you wait?”

Beatrice hugged Leon’s waist and buried his face tightly. The meaning was obviously different from before.


The resurrection of the species that embraces the light of life continues here and there on the branches.

knights and soldiers. Everyone who was mobilized to rebuild the city watched in awe for a while.

It was an unforgettable night for everyone.

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