The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 239

Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City

The world tree is so huge that it can be seen even by neighboring countries.

A tree soaring high into the sky can be seen not only in Korea, but also in China and Japan. However, even that must have its own conditions: the weather is clear and it must be broad daylight.

“Mom, what is that?”

“oh my god······.”

and present. It is a night when the scars of the Second Civil War, which had been so painful, are being cleared up. Everyone has seen the light.

A huge tree that stands tall in the capital of a ruined rogue nation. The light of life shining on the endlessly extending branches illuminates the whole world.

Citizens on their way home from work amid the neon signs in the city center

The fishermen who hauled in their nets late at night,

The North Korean People’s Army, who were active in partisan activities in the unoccupied mountains, and the ROK Army, who were searching for them.

Passenger planes flying nearby or astronauts rebuilding a crashed space station.

I saw the bright light that lit up the night sky. The light of life that shines brightly and beautifully.

* * * *

“Wow~ Mom, look over there! The tree is so big!”

After unification was declared, the first tourist visa was issued.

Even though the entire Korean Peninsula has been incorporated into the South Korean government, the reason why a visa is required is that it is nominally South Korean territory, but it is also a special autonomous region.

Arrive at Pyongyang Station by train. Those who came from South Korea to Pyongyang could not hide their admiration at the sight of Pyongyang outside the window.

Branches of a huge tree that has grown to the point where you can see it even in Seoul stretch out in all directions, and you can see some people passing by.

The city, which was so unindividualized and beaten, has become an eco-friendly city surrounded by the mysteries of Mother Nature.

-Kick! Notice to the organic passengers of this Pyongyang Special Line.

Inside the train, everyone’s eyes are focused when a surprisingly beautiful gray-haired girl starts guiding them with an expressionless expression on the screen.

Yapi’s organic appearance, which I saw five minutes ago when leaving Seoul, was a pleasure to see even twice.

-30 seconds later, this train arrived at Pyongyang Station. A guide is waiting for you, so please act accordingly.

-This Pyongyang Special City maintains a legal system similar to the Continental Law of the Republic of Korea, but notices that there are more important principles than laws under the Mansinjeon Special Act.

-Check the tour guide notes again.

Guides distributed for tourists heading to Pyongyang contained several precautions.

-No hunting for elves.

-If you get caught throwing away trash by Tree Man, beat your head first.

– Unconditional respect for those wearing full plates.

– If you throw food at a dragon, you can really die.

It was a bloody caution in many ways, and it is a matter that is thoroughly educated in the process of issuing a visa in Korea.

First of all, it is an autonomous city belonging to the Republic of Korea, but Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City is an independent city where the Naju Mansinjeon, that is, Leon, the lion heart of the other world, works as a support.

As much as they recognized that Lionheart’s Kingdom Law is different from Earth’s due to the popularity of the Pantheon, they must follow Lionheart’s rules.

– Isn’t Pyongyang also our land? It’s kind of like this in a democracy.

-Yes, if you twist it, don’t eat the blessed crops.

-I just wished they had put a hyperloop in Seoul for free.

– Yes, can you go back without the pantheon of Korean economy now? If Yapi-kyung hadn’t built a semiconductor factory in Kaesong, he wouldn’t have dared to absorb and unify North Korea. I unified but the tax doesn’t go up hahaha

-Is it true that you can play 16K 240 frames only with CPU without graphics?

-Ah, just say ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

The discussion of the Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City has been a subject of intense debate in Yeouido as well.

The opposition parties, led by President Andong-gil An, tried to prevent the establishment of the Pyongyang Metropolitan City by uniting in an alliance to prevent the ruling party from rising in approval ratings, but the Pyongyang Metropolitan City passed smoothly as opposition lawmakers’ corruption problems and slush fund exposure incidents broke out.

Above all, the support of the whole nation was great, and the popularity of the pantheon that led to victory after defeating the lord of chaos, Rakshaar, in the 2nd Korean War was beyond imagination.

-Honestly, isn’t it rather advantageous to have one more holy site inside the Korean Peninsula?

-Look at Naju. It was a rural village with only rice fields, but now it has become an economic city beyond Busan. This is possible because the Byeol Iron Workshop is here for blessed crops.

-How about Mokpo? The Kikkiruk bring enormous economic benefits without overlapping with humans and habitats. Did you see the diving class made by the Kikkiruk tribe this time? The US Navy ordered 20 ships.

-What about the pantheonic satellite? Sir Yapi is simply the best.

– I’m in the middle of tears to attract a pantheon from all over the world. We should be thankful that His Majesty Leon is in Korea.

North Korea was the poorest country in the world, more than 100 times poorer than South Korea, and the South Korean government, which suddenly absorbed and unified North Korea, needed enormous financial resources.

In order to restore North Korean residents’ serious level of education and health to a level comparable to that of South Korean citizens, huge infrastructure investment was required, and the economy needs to be reconstructed over the next hundred years.

However, with the existence of the pantheon, all these problems could be solved.

Blessed crops are grown throughout North Korea, and nutritional problems are raised. Yapi’s cutting-edge planned city and energy supply plan are announced, and there is no problem even with development.

Moreover, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Mansinjeon was the strongest force in Korea in terms of national defense.

“Ah! Mom! They’ve arrived!”

“Really? I didn’t even hear it stop…”

The Pyongyang special line maglev train that Yapi set up to Seoul was able to complete the journey from Seoul to Pyongyang in five minutes, and tourists found guides to guide them as they disembarked one after another.

“Hello! I’m Hari Han, assistant manager of the Korea Hunter Association, in charge of today’s daily tour guide! Welcome to Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City!”

“Wow~ Hanharari!”

“The youngest S-class hunter!”

Tourists cheer when Han Ha-ri, the youngest S-class hunter in their country, comes out as a guide.

They cheered as they left the station following Hari, the guide.

“oh my god······.”

“Wow, look at that. It’s an elf! There’s even a dwarf!”

“There are even races that look like real trees!”

A surreal scene where tree men roam the streets, beautiful elves serve customers, and dragons fly in the sky.

The Lionheart’s heterogeneous tribes, which were born through the world tree for half a year when Pyongyang is being discussed as a special autonomous city of Lionheart, are making their nest in this special autonomous city of Pyongyang and achieving the prosperity of the tribe.

“Isn’t that… dangerous?”

Parents who visited Pyongyang with their children looked uneasy when they saw the massive dragon and the Treemen who were far from humans.

Even modern people who have grown accustomed to the different races beyond the gate were only greeted as monsters.

“Not at all. They are all peace-loving people.”

Hari smiled broadly and waved at the tree man passing by. He gave his own welcome to the visit of foreigners.

“Let’s go! Then, shall we start sightseeing? First, take the maglev bus—”

Pyongyang tourism, organized through travel packages, is structured by composition through Yapi’s big data.

First, the health promotion package.

It is a visit and lodging package for the middle-aged.

You can stay overnight at the Ryugyong Hotel, which was used as the tomb of the World Tree, and receive a meal made from blessed crops.

“Wow~ This is the blessed crop diet you’ve only heard about.”

“Eat everything! I heard this costs tens of thousands of won or hundreds of thousands of won outside?”

and pilgrimage packages.

It is a place where you can visit the sanctuaries of the gods built around the world tree and offer prayers to them.

The pantheon faith was already spreading all over the world, and at this rate it would not be long before it stood tall as one of the world’s three major religions.

Considering that holy places such as Jerusalem, the Vatican, and Istanbul are always full of pilgrims, there are bound to be a lot of people who want to visit Pyongyang, the new holy place of the pantheon.

If you are lucky, you can see the holy relics of Leon and other knights on display, so many pilgrims stayed for long periods of time and visited the sanctuary every day.

“This, this is the Holy Grail of Lionheart!”

“It’s noble… I feel like my heart is purified just by looking at it!”

“There is also Sir Geobrick’s hammer, which is said to be used by Sir Koo Dae-seong! It seems that he is not in combat right now. You are lucky!”

“They say the hammer flies by itself!”

The holy relics could feel the tremendous effect just by encountering their presence, so the pilgrims didn’t wait for the relic with great energy.

The third is the technology travel package.

Pyongyang is a nature-friendly city where branches of the world tree spread throughout the city and formed the residence of elves and tree men, but at the same time it was also a huge technological city.

High-tech industrial complexes in nearby cities such as Kaesong and Nampo are nearby, and it is a mecca of high-tech technology that announces such technologies one after another.

There are even rumors that the new product and technology exhibition held in Las Vegas every year will be moved to Pyongyang from this year.

“Look at this VR capsule! It’s a real virtual reality you’ve only seen in novels!”

“Project Matrix? It’s a cheap name, right?”

And the full Lionheart package that covers all these packages.

From the top-notch Ryugyong Hotel accommodation vouchers to an exchange meeting of different races, a health promotion meal, and a preemptive use of advanced technology, it is worth 10 million won for 2 nights and 3 days!

-Honestly, this was all planned by Yapi.

– Excluded. Really tight–

[These accounts have been deleted for serious violations.]

By the way, Pyongyang was becoming a city representing Asia.

* * * *

Receiving severe and relentless ‘education’ from Leon and Beatrice, the Black Dragon has recently been unscathed.

Flying was forbidden, so he had to learn how to resist magical interference, and he had to learn hand-to-hand combat from the Lion Heart King, whose power surpasses the physical strength of a gigantic body.

To think that he, the descendant of the great dragon, had to endure such humiliation.

[How long do I have to endure this humiliation?]

[Be patient, my first offspring. You must keep your position until you become the agent of the contract with the gold.]

Although Dragonia was just born, it cared for this black dragon with a lofty spirit like a proud dragon.

[Thousands of years since our species went extinct. I hate to admit it, but I have to admit that Lionheart’s Holy Grail Knights are mighty beings.]

It’s not that the Black Dragon doesn’t acknowledge that either. Right now, even Karina was able to overwhelm herself who was born as a semi-adult from the beginning, and Leon, the pinnacle of that, is strong enough to get tired of it.

[Your people are just over ten. It is a self-evident fact that we need the help of the World Tree until we can reproduce sufficiently and spread the species.]

[But… do I really have to go this far?]

[It’s all for the prosperity of the Balaur. Take it.]

Until then, there is nothing I can’t understand if it means prospering the race under the shadow of the pantheon. There’s nothing I can’t understand–

“Wow! It’s a dragon!”

“First time seeing a dragon…”

In front of Dragonia Sanctuary, God of Gold and Covenant. The black dragon growled ferociously at the citizens who were making him a spectacle.

“Kyaaak! The dragon must be angry!”

“Everyone, let’s go the other way!”

Tourists, frightened by the ferocity of the Black Dragon, change their course. Dragonia said.

[My first offspring! How many times has this been! It’s an opportunity to spread the faith!]

[Father, is this really the way to show off the glory of the dragon?]

Sanctuary of Dragonia. The Black Dragon, who was entrusted with the heavy task of spreading the faith to tourists, was crying.

[Didn’t I tell you? Simply making the contract use does not gather much faith. You have to truly serve and respect me to gather quality faith.]


[The elf priest in the sanctuary next door is increasing the number of followers day by day, so be patient.]

Dragonia was impatient.

Holy power was needed to continuously create new dragons, but it was difficult to cover this with only the Dragonia contract.

Dragons are a species that grows over hundreds of years. If you have to give birth to several semi-adults right away to reproduce and prosper the race, then at what age will the race prosper?

Look at the high elf priest who is selling the faith of the forest and trees right next to you.

“Oh, you followed Instock? Then would you like to have a detailed consultation at our sanctuary?”

“Eco-friendly organizations are always welcome! Gee, you’re doing a campaign to protect the lungs of the earth? The treemen at our sanctuary will be happy to see you. For now, here’s an autograph—”

“We, the Elves, are also worried. Our race has a lot of women. It would be nice to have a chance to interact with a dignified man.”

[Well, look! Such despicable things! It’s like attracting males in heat and signing them up for an eco-friendly campaign! Shame on the forest goddess!]

[What? Can our children date? I am liberal in that respect.]

[Increasing followers with appearance… what the hell!]

Petos, the god of war and flame, attracts the faith of soldiers and hunters around the world.

Not to mention Demera, the goddess of life and fertility.

Poma, the god of the sea and waves, prayed for a safe voyage to the Kikkiruk people and all those who make a living by the sea.

Heto, the god of iron and blacksmith, has recently been expanding his territory to advanced technology with the resurrected dwarves.

Dragonia, a rookie god, can’t help but feel frustrated when he sees the pantheon gods looking for their own way to spread their faith after securing an autonomous city.

At least it would be better if we put down our pride and spread our faith from the point of view of ordinary citizens.

Dragons are a noble and lofty race. Unlike the children of other gods, how could he dare to bend down and enter lowly humans?

This is something we have to get used to through years of education.

Irmin had a hunch that this newborn god would wander for a long time.

[The only thing to believe in is the golden contract.]

Dragonia’s choice of gold and the sanctity of the contract was by no means a mistake.

It’s just that propagation is slow because it’s still in the transitional period, but if the world-wide contract spreads, it will naturally become the standard contract for planet Earth.

Dragonia saw the distant future, and that was a foreknowledge worthy of being called the king of dragons.

“Black Dragon. Was it here?”

Sanctuary of the God of Gold and Covenant. Karina appeared in front of the Black Dragon, which failed to sell to tourists one after another.

[What is it, human.]

The black dragon still gave Karina a ferocious gaze. I didn’t like the fact that she was the Holy Grail Knight of Dragonia aside from herself.

“It’s a dungeon break. The original work, four guys, and one more, the three of us apply.”

[Who is the one left?]

Karina shrugged and pointed with her thumb at the green armored knight following her.

“Hmm… Mr. Black Dragon. Thank you very much.”

Goo Dae-sung greeted Yong with an awkward expression.


He was one of my favorite Grail Knights. And–

[Convince me well. Even one vote from that guy is valuable.]

The Holy Grail Knight, who has the right to vote for the soon-to-be-opened mayor of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City.

It was a hundred votes.

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