The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 24: Hunting Spiders (7)

The top floor of the Magic Tower Branch of the United States.

There is a magic tower… This is where Archmage Raynald Shellman, who is praised as an S-class wizard, resides.

Called the Great Wizard in the world, he is a giant that even the President of the United States cannot easily deal with. He was prostrating in his room and begging for forgiveness.

“I’m sorry, great one! I couldn’t do what you commanded!”

The object he was praying for was a jewel that looked like a lump of black.

jewel of wisdom. Unique grade treasure obtained from the Red Gate in the United States. It let out a grim voice as it looked at the mortal prostrated towards it.

“Stupid and stupid. You can’t even do simple things. I taught you the truth and wisdom of Samra, but you disappoint me.”

“I’m sorry!”

Reynald begged for forgiveness, banging his head until the blood flowed.

It was never the dignity of a person called the great wizard of the world, but Raynald, who was addicted to the knowledge bestowed by the Gem of Wisdom, worshiped the Gem like a god.

“Oh, we couldn’t help it. A survivor named Leon was an unexpected variable even for us!”`

“You are dirtying my ears with trivial excuses. The survivor named Leon… … What the fuck?」


Reynald raised his head with a puzzled look at Bo-ok’s voice that suddenly became rude.

“Bah, who did you just say you were?”

“Leon… said.”

“Even, it must be the same person? news… Turn on the news.”

Bo-ok’s voice gradually gets lighter. Is it an illusion to be trembling as if frightened?

When Raynald turned on the news and showed the news of the Cheongju Gate attack, a blond young man was in the spotlight.

[I am the Lion Heart King. It is Leon Dragonia Lionheart.]


A death sentence close to a scream. Bo-ok exclaimed urgently.

“Why is that bastard here! why! why?!”

“Lord, master?”

The great voice that always dazzled the archmage with a solemn and serious voice was everywhere, and Bo-ok was terrified.

“I-I give up. I will not. I don’t.”

In the next moment, the jewel’s black energy dissipated and turned white. As if something inside the jewel had completely disappeared.

“Master? Master?!”

Raynald repeatedly called out to the unresponsive Bao-ok, but Bao-ok never raised his voice again.

* * * *

“Have you destroyed the Jewel of Wisdom?”

Oh Kang-hyeok, president of the Hunter Association, made a sad expression when he heard that Leon had broken the Jewel of Wisdom.

“Are you dissatisfied?”

“……No. The condition for closing the dungeon was to destroy or acquire the Jewel of Wisdom.

Leon nevertheless noticed the regret hidden in the expression of the president of the association. Yes, ignorant people can’t help it because they are in a hurry for the benefit in front of their eyes.

“Don’t be sorry. It’s poison.”

“Poison… you mean?”

“It’s the devil’s thing.”

“You mean the devil?!”

When the devil was mentioned, the head of the association, Oh Kang-hyeok, was taken aback.


Immortal beings appearing from the Demon Gate. The devil has always been behind the nightmarish damage to mankind.

“The jewel is an object created by the wickedness of wisdom and inquiry to seduce humans. At first, it grants what those who ask for it, gradually demanding a price.”

The wizards of the empire fell for the enticement of this jewel.

It didn’t take long for the Jewel, which was initially used for an inquisitive mind, to eventually become eternal life, immortality, and demonization.

“The Emperor of the Empire fell for that lure and sacrificed millions of citizens. Did you say it was found elsewhere? You’d better hurry and destroy it.”

“I can’t…”

To think that the drop item at the gate was hiding such a destructive purpose… The president of the association was dubious about Leon’s words, but was sure that terrible things would happen if it was true.

“I will inform the US government of this fact.”

“That would be good. But… you may have already fallen for the devil’s tricks.”

Leon did not overestimate the will of humans in this era.

They are weak people who easily give in to greed and easily succumb to temptation. Their oblivion, ignorant of divinity, cannot be compared to that of the subjects of the world.

They are sick, poor, weak, and greedy.

That is why true faith and enlightenment are all the more necessary.

We must teach them that God’s love is a grace bestowed upon all.

“The president of the association. Guide him to the place where he is enshrined.”

“Okay. I put it in the basement of the association.”

Following the guidance of the president of the association, Leon headed to a warehouse.

A warehouse where the by-products of the Gate are usually stored. There is the remains of the yakt spinner that was the boss of Cheongju Gate.

“Oh, are you here! Your Majesty! President of the Association!”

Starting with Hari, who has been waiting, the staff of the association bow their heads. They were instructed to be respectful towards Leon.

“Do what you have to do.”

Receiving their greetings, Leon stood in front of the wreckage of the Yacht Spinner.

The wreckage of the yakt spinner is a ghastly sight.

The body that was pierced and shattered by Leon’s Holy Spear lost its majesty that overpowered the Hunters.

It is now a bony size that is not even half of its heyday. No, literally just rubble.

“What… do you want to do?”

“Since he is an honorable knight, he should be buried and prayed to go to the banquet hall of the gods.”

Useful land should be obtained around the plains of Naju, blessed by the goddess Demera. Leon had touched a Yakt spinner before that.

“Knight of loyalty, rest.”

The moment he blessed and blessed the yakt spinner, the yakt spinner moved.


As Hari’s voice resounds, the attention of the president and staff of the association is focused.


“A yakt spinner?”

“Ooh, it moves!”

Nightmare at Cheongju Gate. The staff were astonished when the boss monster, which defeated the raiding party three times, was weak but moved with a creak.

In the meantime, only Leon is keeping the silence.

“Don’t panic!”

A word like Leon’s howl. Only then did they realize who was in front of them.

That’s right, Leon, who defeated the Yakt Spinner, is in front of him. People gulped at Leon’s presence and stared at the yakt spinner.

“Your Highness…”

Leon was also puzzled by this situation.

– Kki-ing… Kirik!

The yakt spinner whimpered as if it couldn’t stand its own weight, and then began disassembling itself using its well-functioning robotic arm.

Loosen the bolts, unfasten the gloves to disassemble themselves… Reassemble.

In the process, Leon felt the familiar energy of the yakt spinner.

“Sacred power… This is it.”

The holy water he used to consecrate the end of the yakt spinner. That’s what worked for the yakt spinner.

The Yacht Spinner’s power source was broken in half and couldn’t work properly, but it worked a miracle while receiving the blessing of holy power.

Yakt Spinner, who finally disassembled and reassembled his entire body.

The yakt spinner, reduced to 1/20 of its original size, stared at Leon.

Leon happily bowed his head at him and smiled.

“I see. If it’s you… I don’t know if you can be chosen by a goddess.”

Leon summoned the Holy Grail and created holy water in it. So, I poured the holy water from the Holy Grail onto my holy sword.

The old and dull sword gathers light. As if it was their duty to let the lights of this world become the polar lights that adorn their swords.

Leon’s old iron sword dazzlingly overlaps the brilliance of divinity.


“What is that…”

Everyone marvels at the divine radiance that is a blessing from its existence.

He cut through space with this holy sword of glory bestowed by the goddess.

The moment the sword with the condensed energy of the holy grail, holy water, and holy sword splits the space, a dazzling light transforms the space into another world.

There… The white face of a human, no, a goddess was revealed.

The goddess, who exudes brilliant aura from her pure white hair, slowly opens her eyes to reveal precious gold.

“iced coffee…….”

Leon didn’t even have to mention it. Everyone in the room felt it. That the woman of brilliant light was never human.

It is to realize that it is something sacred that no one in this world can compare to.

Everyone bows their knees to that sacredness. I couldn’t help but kneel. Leon is on one knee right now, so how can lowly commoners lift both legs?

“Hey Ariana.”

“Lionheart… My first article.」

She is the divinity of light and justice. The main deity worshiped by the Lionheart Kingdom, and an existence respected by demigods and saints.

Leon wanted to say a lot, but he was unaware of the seriousness of the situation. He said as if introducing the yakt spinner.

“Here, this Sir Yacht Spinner is an honorable knight who sets an example for all knights. He is a knight worthy of Ariana’s attention.”

The goddess saw the heterogeneous article Leon had introduced. The golden eyes pierce the red eyes of the machine.

「Iza did not carry out my quest. Prove your honor and didn’t give me the glory.”

“As the first knight of the goddess, I guarantee it. If it weren’t for my existence, he would be a great knight who could have aimed at the glory of the Lion Heart King.”

“My knight said so… There is nothing more to look into.”

The goddess showed absolute trust in Leon.

He gave glory as his knight, raised his honor, and finally gave his victory on an impossible battlefield.

The gods of the pantheon honor him, so how can he find fault with his words?

“However, one thing must be made clear.”

The goddess looked down at the yakt spinner. Even this inorganic mechanism had to be humble before the goddess.

“You, steel knight of the other world. Will you enter the gates of my knight, the Lion Heart King, to praise light and sing justice?”


The yakt spinner snooped around the torso, as if not understanding the goddess’ words. It is an expression of one’s own will.

“Honor and knowledge abound, but that wisdom is still no different from that of a child. understand simply Help my knight to destroy evil. Then you are also my knight.”


The Yacht Spinner’s camera eye stares straight at Leon.

Calmly compiling the situation, he remembered Leon’s proposal and the strength he had shown. And above all, he faced up to his own rehabilitation, which was theoretically impossible.

Yacht Spinner concluded straight away.

-Kick! Queek! gigg!

I recited something in machine language, but I thought that the language would not work soon, so I searched for a language that would be used in this world again.

Hacking the radio towers of nearby satellite communication stations is a simple task for him.

-check. plan. devil. attack. good plan.

It was a short answer, but Leon and Ariana didn’t call it rude or ask them to say it again.

He was just genuinely happy that this honorable Holy Grail Knight was with him at his military gate.

“good night. Sir Yacht Spinner. As long as you are loyal to my first knight and add strength to it, I will be with you in your glory.”

Grail Knight Jagd Spinne 10,253.

Here, a new Holy Grail Knight has been ordained of light and justice.

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