The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 240

Pyongyang mayoral election (1)

After Rakshaar blew up the world’s satellites, the world hurriedly launched communication satellites, but even half a year after the war ended, there are still satellites that could not be replaced.

It is a reconnaissance satellite with a gate detection lens.

The development of a reconnaissance satellite for gates, which senses magic waves from space to the ground and sends observation information from space to the ground, was the best invention for humanity to deal with gates in advance, and thanks to this, the frequency of dungeon breaks has greatly decreased.

Before the Second Korean War, there were 3,844 Gate Monitoring Satellites floating in Earth orbit.

The U.S. alone has 2,000 satellites, and economically powerful countries have secured satellites from fever to 30 to have their own 24-hour warning system.

However, satellites are being made quickly just because you want to make them.

The gate monitoring satellite technology was an original technology of the United States, and there was insufficient production to spread it to the world in a short time.

Due to the lack of supply, countries all over the world lined up in the United States to sell surveillance satellites, and Korea was also selected as the top priority supply country, and six months later, only two satellites were received.

“Can’t you just buy that technology? Co-producer or something.”

hundreds of meters in the air. Koo Dae-seong communicates while feeling the wings of a huge black dragon. The target is Yafi, who oversees the Pantheonden’s integrated network.

– The US government stubbornly refused. Concerned about a decrease in monopoly production due to technology leakage.

The United States has been reaping significant profits every year from the sale of gate surveillance satellites. Thanks to this satellite technology, which is an original technology unique to the United States, the rogue countries that were causing trouble in the United States in the 21st century had to bow their heads in front of the United States.

[Did you just watch the dungeon break happen if you twist it?]

In order to prevent the dungeon break, you must find the gate as soon as possible and secure enough time to attack.

That way, even if the advance team fails, the next attack team can respond.

“I don’t understand. If it’s such an important technology, it should be publicized and everyone’s safety should be pursued.”

Karina was shocked and criticized the attitude of foreign countries.

It was the right thing on a human level, and Lionheart would have done it.

‘At this point, there is a big difference in point of view at the bottom.’

Koo Dae-seong also sympathizes with him, but what can he do when he says he hates countries that possess original technology. The international community is a harsh law.

-So I tried to steal the technology by hacking, but there was a problem.

Hacking… you tried.

Goo Dae-sung overheard Yapi’s calm confession of crime. Yapi was a Holy Grail Knight who used his being above the law too actively.

– No data information. Presumed to keep all information on paper.


If so, it explains why continental hackers, Iran, and Russia have not been able to secure US gate surveillance technology for so long.

[It is noisy above me.]

The black dragon annoyedly cut off the conversation above him. But it must be so. you have arrived at your destination

“That place is Gaema Plateau… I’ve never seen it before.”

“Who wouldn’t?”

at the same time they arrived.

Monsters poured out at the same time as the cracks in the gate.

* * * *

Monsters pour out of the gate.

The monsters that came out full because they did not proceed with the attack were to the extent that they trampled each other and caused a crushing accident.

A catastrophe that would make one feel even despair under ordinary circumstances. However, Koo Dae-seong relaxed and stretched ahead of the waves of the monster.


Starting from the shining green star armor, the shield of the earth is equipped on the left arm. When you put the helmet on your head, your field of vision is limited.

The world seen through the visor slit inside the helmet was quite narrow, but I got used to it.


As Koo Dae-sung calls out his name, extending his empty right arm, a sonic boom pulsates through the air. Experimentally, it is a sacred object that returns to its owner even if it travels around the earth.

It traveled from the Sanctuary of Goddess Demera in Pyongyang to Gaema Plateau here in an instant.

– Knock!

Geobrick’s hammer, which naturally rests on his right arm. As he prepared for battle, Karina looked down from the top of the huge black dragon.

“It’s only an orange gate. It’s not a level that can’t be solved alone, but if it’s possible, I’ll solve it with melee combat.”


Goo Dae-seong, who had been trained by Karina for the past half year, nodded as he fixed the hammer. Soon after, a wave of monsters rushes toward Goo Dae-seong.

“The Dragon Linseok works well.”

The problem was that once the dungeon break occurred, the monsters would spread in all directions.

If even one was lost, a search team would have to be mobilized.

However, the movement route of the monsters is clearly only going in the direction of Goo Dae-seong.


A black dragon that shows an uncomfortable expression.

Those were the results of the scales and teeth that Leon and Beatrice had ripped off while beating the dragons for the past half year to educate them.

Limit the movement route of monsters by using Yongrin and Dragon Stone, which emit weak dragon fear. In other words, it can form a kill zone to concentrate firepower.

“Black Dragon-sama… are you alright? You’re going to exhale blood even if you don’t want to.”

“Don’t worry. Didn’t you learn to suppress your energy for half a year? It’s time to show the results of your education.”

I don’t like it, but the black dragon succeeded in suppressing the peer flowing out of me, as if to prove the results of training for half a year.

“Then, time to work. Let’s start with the big one.”

Goo Dae-sung and the black dragon drew in their breath at Karina’s instructions.

Black Dragon prepared to wield the breath boiling from the inside, and Goo Dae-seong concentrated powerful energy on his hammer.

In the next moment, the Black Dragon’s breath was poured into the monsters regardless.

The black breath disappeared without leaving a single bone fragment of the monsters, and hundreds of them were annihilated in one blow.

Of course, it was a mighty breath that burned up the grass and natural features of the plateau.


Likewise, Goo Dae-seong’s hammer strikes at a group of monsters.

His hammer strikes, which he plunged several tens of meters into the middle of the enemy group, were as fierce as if he had concentrated the energy of the whole world.


Great destruction ensues. Rumble! The floor collapsed with a sound, and shockwaves spread all over the place.

[Keukkeuk, that’s not bad.]

The great destruction caused by the two creatures of super power wiped out the monsters poured into the dungeon break.

Half of the monsters that poured from the orange gate were annihilated in one fell swoop.

“Tsk, isn’t the damage to nature too serious?”

It took less than ten minutes to clean up the dungeon break.

* * * *

“Thank you for your effort!”

It was a beautiful elf wife who approached Goo Dae-seong, who had finished the dungeon break.

It was an elf guerrilla who came to gain practical experience, but thanks to Goo Dae-seong and Black Dragon’s overwhelming performance, there was no need to go out.

“Oh, thank you.”

“Kyung Dae-sung Koo! Thank you for your support!”

Goo Dae-seong blushed and laughed awkwardly at the benevolent gaze of the elf wife.

In general, the different races created by the World Tree were so friendly to Goo Dae-seong. This is because they know that the mighty vitality of Koo Dae-seong contributed to the birth and resurrection of their own species.

“Don’t get too excited, Sir. He’s only a year old.”

“I-I didn’t think of that!”

Karina says something to Goo Dae-seong, who blushes at the elf’s beauty. The elf girl responded by twisting her fingers.

“That’s right, I was born as an adult.”

“Isn’t it to accelerate the growth of the species for the rapid prosperity? You guys need to study and learn more about the world.”

“I know that Sir Koo Dae-seong is a good enough person. He is the one who took care of the forest on Bald Mountain around Pyongyang.”

Elves and Treemen are the servants of Irmin, the goddess of forests and trees.

For those who tend to the forest since birth and live a nature-friendly life, North Korea’s attic and deforestation are a terrible sight that instinctively angers them.

South Korea also focused on the greening project by making Arbor Day, but North Korea went beyond that level and was unable to restore it at all.

Goo Dae-seong personally blessed the land for the elves and tree men who were stressed just by looking at the cold bare mountains, and thanks to this, many bare mountains in North Korea returned to their pre-1950s.

“Because Koo Dae-seong is a ‘friend of the forest’.”

To such Goo Dae-sung, the elves and tree men gave him the title given to the most respected friend in their knowledge.

Goo Dae-sung, a friend of the forest. He and his descendants will be treated as friends of elves and treemen everywhere.

It was truly a deep favor that would last for generations.

“By the way, Sir Koo Dae-seong! Are you not running for mayor this time?”

Goo Dae-seong shook his head at the elf wife’s question.

“Oh, I’m overwhelmed just by training. There are many people who are better than me, so how can I!”

At Goo Dae-sung’s words, the black dragon’s gaze flashed.

[Hey, Koo Dae-sung. Then give me your vote—-]


It was then. A powerful fire that raises the temperature of the ground. The presence that scatters red flames in the sky is clear.

“Why did that person come here again?”

Karina’s question and the trajectory of the simultaneous flame landed exactly where they were.


Of course, only Vulcan, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame, can do such a thing.

He approached, exhaling sparks, and spread his trusty arms.

“Koo Dae-seong! Looks like the work is over!”

“Boo, Sir Vulcanus? Ah, yes… What are you doing up to here?”

“GRRARA!! Are you coming here because we have business to do? Let’s have a drink together! I recently discovered the secret wine cellar of the chief escort!”

Vulcanus pulled Koo Dae-sung’s shoulders with his mighty arm. Even though Koo Dae-sung is a Holy Grail Knight, he did not have enough time to refuse the hand of the long-awaited great senior.


The black dragon watched him blankly. Karina shrugged.

“If you just stare blankly at it, you will lose helplessly.”

Karina’s advice alerted the black dragon enough.

* * * *

“I plan to elect the mayor of Pyongyang soon.”

That’s what Leon said at a meeting at which Pyongyang decided to enter a stabilization trajectory and accept tourists.


“You mean the mayor of Pyongyang? Isn’t His Majesty in charge?”

Leon shook his head when Beatrice, who had heard the story, asked back, thinking that Leon might be in charge tentatively.

“I must work hard to rebuild the Lionheart kingdom. Although it is an autonomous city, Pyongyang is definitely a land belonging to the government of the Republic of Korea.”

It is a law that the king cannot enter under the king. Leon announced that even such a formal relationship could not come under the umbrella of President Ahn and the government.

“Originally, I wanted to entrust it to one of the revived Treemen and Elves. It’s probably the place where the goddess of the forest and trees descended.”

Due to the World Tree, many different races of Lionhearts were being revived. This will be their city, so it would be natural for them to assume the autonomy of the city.

“However, according to Lord Vulcanus’ opinion, they are too young. Although they were born as adults after receiving knowledge, they are not enough to assume the position of leader.”

Therefore, it is to select a mayor who will temporarily take charge of Pyongyang. Leon emphasized ‘temporary’, but everyone here thought that it could possibly be ‘permanent’.

“Hey, Your Majesty. Do you have any qualifications to run?”

Chun So-yeon raised her hand. She is a citizen of the Republic of Korea, and she wondered if they, who were young, had the right to do so.

As the youngest Knight Commander, she seemed quite satisfied with the power of the leader of the group, and secretly hoped that power would expand.

“Of course. And I’ll set aside the right to vote.”

“The right to vote?”

At those words, the knights from Earth, such as Harina, Jaehyuk, and Suho, nodded.

For those who were born in a democratic country, the right to vote was a given right at birth.

“The right to run is limited to knights or higher. Those who do not have a noble status cannot enjoy the glory of ruling.”


Being a knight class means that even elves, dwarves, and treemen, who are treated as ordinary free people, do not have the right to run.

In the first place, it was seen as inappropriate for young people to do politics, so it was a natural step.

[Doesn’t the Balaur have the right to run?]

The black dragon, who had been listening with his face pressed against the window of the meeting room, asked a question. Behind them, dragons born in the last half year perk up their ears with curious gazes.

“No, the dragons will be given the right to run. I believe that your intellect is no less than that of ordinary citizens.”

[joy! Of course!]

It may be racial discrimination, but dragons take it for granted and Leon admits it, so who can dispute it?

“Sorry. Will this vote be held again next time?”

The High Elf Naru, the priestess of the forest and trees, felt sorry for them, but honestly admitted their immaturity.

She and the new races are long-lived species who are likely to stare at the vote a hundred years from now, so the position of mayor right now is not such a regrettable position.

“I’ll hold off until Jim decides. First of all, stabilization is urgent.”

“I see. Then what about the right to vote? Even though we are young, don’t we have the right to vote for the mayor who will lead us?”

Leon nodded his head at the opinion of the young high elf priest. Of course, we have also prepared for the right to vote.

“Each free people will have the right of one vote.”

This is a common concept in a democratic country. The problem is–

“Five votes for priests. Five votes for chivalry and kingdom knights. Ten votes for veterans. Twenty votes for knight commanders.”


Hari felt a fight, but Leon is not interested in ‘equal democracy’.

“The Holy Grail Knight and the priest have the right to vote equivalent to one hundred votes.”

“Tea, discrimination?!”

A word from Suho that he couldn’t even swallow. But while no one dared to question the unfairness, the black dragon asked.

[The dragons! How many branches does the Dragon Mark have?]

“Twenty votes. Considering the small number of individuals and the size of the power, I upgraded it, so be grateful.”


Finally, Leon said.

“Those who want to run must express their intentions by next week. That’s all.”

Election to decide the mayor of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City.

There was no democracy or anything.

“Your Majesty! How many votes do you have…”

Harry’s urgent question. Leon calmly continued his violence against democracy.

“The one Jim chooses is the mayor.”

‘Weren’t you interested in democracy from the beginning?!’

Where is this shit balance election!

The astonishment of the citizens of the democracy continued, but fortunately Leon declared that he would not participate in this election.

In that way, a total of three candidates ran for the position of mayor of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing Province.

Vulcanus, the Holy Grail Knight of War and Flame.

Iron and Blacksmith’s Grail Knight Yakt Spinner.

A black dragon, the first descendant of Dragonia, the god of gold and contract.

The first democratic election in Lionheart’s history began like this.

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