The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 241

Pyongyang mayoral election (2)

The 15th Lionheart of Lionheart and the pinnacle of human history. A living demigod and representative of the gods.

In the modern world, he is the guild leader and leader of Manshinjeon, the largest guild in Korea.

In addition, Manshinjeon Capital, Manshinjeon Agriculture and Fisheries Distribution Business, Manshinjeon Construction, Manshinjeon General Trading Company, Manshinjeon Shinsung Private Equity Fund and so on.

Although Leon has many titles, not much is known about his personal life.

Heoguheon day, training or gate attack is repeated, so the repetitive daily life always continues.

No matter how much Leon is alive, even if he is a 300-year old monster, repetitive daily life is bound to build up stress.

It is said that sports activities are highly recommended to relieve stress regardless of the East and West.


[‘How to catch a giant with serfs’ grants a buff to serfs.]

On the way back to Pyongyang enjoying sports life as usual, Leon met a lady driven by a serf rickshaw.

“Oh, Your Majesty. Are you coming back after a workout?”


Beatrice, seeing Leon with a happy face, ordered the serf rickshaw to speed up.

Aside from the irrationality of a person having to match the speed of a horse walking.

“How can you use lowly things as means of transportation. What about words?”

“It’s not true recently, but my horse has a foal. I think I’m going to go around like this for a while.”

“Oops. I’ll order my subordinates to make a wagon at least.”

Just get on the car… The rickshaw serf thought to himself, but he’s not stupid enough to say it out loud.

“By the way, Your Majesty. About this mayoral election.”

“Are you interested in Viche too?

“I’m not a bureaucrat, and I’m not interested in electing a lord.”

Biche are noble royalty. For her, it was a surprising idea to select a position equivalent to that of a local lord as an elected position.

Even if she understood the system of democracy in this world with knowledge, it was difficult for her to accept it.

It is insulting that she, the magician queen of the Kingdom of Spero and the priest of dreams and death, has the same decision-making authority as one freedman on the street.

“It’s kind of entertainment.”

“Is it entertainment?”

“The city’s managerial position is a necessary position. Because there must be someone who is responsible for everything.”

That is the way to govern the people. The seat of those who take responsibility and fulfill their responsibilities.

It has become incomprehensible to Leon, who served as the king of Lionheart, to decide such a position by vote without knowing his ability.

“Well, let’s see. It might be a fun spectacle.”

Leon had no intention of running in this election.

But I was curious to see what kind of fights the candidates for power would have.

Aren’t democracy and elections essentially a fight to pull each other out of the mud?

* * * *

“GRARARA!! That guy can’t drink!”

“ha ha ha······.”

Goo Dae-seong was drinking heavily with Vulcanus and the Knights of the Burning Sword.

Regardless of whether holding onto an oak barrel in which Scotch was aged and drinking it in one gulp is a proper drinking problem.

‘Recently, strangely, everyone treats me well.’

After becoming a Holy Grail Knight, Knights from Lionheart are basically friendly to Goo Dae-sung.

They had enough respect and courtesy for the honorable successor of Geobrick, and rather, they behaved so harshly that Goo Dae-seong was burdensome.

But respect and friendship are different things.

Goo Dae-seong is not an angular personality, but it was not easy to get along with these knights with a strong medieval sensibility.

Vulcanus, even so, Baltan Flaming Sword Holy Grail Knights were busy hanging out with each other.

“Sir Koo Dae-seong! How does the alcohol taste!


“GRARA! It looks like it was a secret warehouse for someone who does tin or something.”

If it’s Joo-soo… Could it be Mr. Kim?

Aside from Goo Dae-seong’s surprised eyes, Vulcanus cheerfully handed him a drink and chewed on snacks.

“By the way, Daeseong Koo. I have something to ask you.”

‘Wow, it’s here!’

A recent approach toward yourself. Precisely, the active movement of Vulcanus and Yapi was for this very purpose.

“Hey, this election. Who are you going to vote for?”

“That, that’s…”

Goo Dae-seong could not hide his embarrassment at the knights who pricked up their ears while pretending to drink.

Pyongyang mayoral election.

There are three candidates running in that election.

Vulcanus, Yapi and the Black Dragon.

At first glance, they look like outstanding candidates, but they are candidates who start off with a lot of fraud.

Both Vulcan and Yaphie, as Holy Grail Knights, each had the right to cast a hundred votes, and ten dragons, including the Black Dragon himself, shared two hundred votes.

In this situation, each of the candidates moved busily to secure their supporters, and among them, Koo Dae-seong, who has 100 votes, is the first candidate to be recruited.

“That… First of all, voting in Korea is basically a secret ballot…”

“Huh? Didn’t I tell you? His Majesty said there was no such thing as a secret ballot.”


It’s not some kind of communist general election, it’s a public vote?

“I heard that Grand Duke Karina and Queen Beatrice do not participate in the vote.”

The Holy Grail Knights, who had the right to vote for a hundred votes, did not step forward. then······.

“Isn’t Lord Vulcan’s victory a foregone conclusion?”

Vulcanus has veteran knights, the Burning Sword Knights, as his supporters.

Each of them had 10 votes, so a total of 50 people got 500 votes.

The current clear supporters are:


100 votes for myself and 500 votes for the Knights of the Burning Sword.


My 100 votes.

black dragon.

My 20 votes. 180 votes of the nine dragons.

As such, the base of the basic supporters is different. However, Goo Dae-sung thought differently.

“There are 637 free people with voting rights in Pyongyang, including elves, dwarves, and treemen.”

637 votes for each of them.

“It’s quite a bit more than I thought.”

However, it is very small compared to the population. 637 members of different races are on the same level as 50 Knights and 1 Holy Grail Knight.

“Then the core is the Naju Knights. Our Mansinjeon has trained 357 Knights so far, and there are now five Knights from Naju.”

“As far as I know, most of them are deployed externally.”

“Yes, three with Cheon So-yeon and the 1st Knights, 3rd Knights and 4th Knights! There are a little more than 150 knights under the umbrella.”

About 750 votes like this.

It is Vulcanus, which has already secured 600 votes, but it is a figure that can be overturned depending on the actions of other candidates.

“I see. But that’s it, wouldn’t it be great if Lord Vulcanus campaigned well?”

It’s like a promise or something. But Vulcanus shouted in exasperation.

“I thought so too! If only the wicked robot hadn’t done anything mean!”

“Yes? Sir Yapi?”

“Seeing is worth a thousand words! Come with me! I’ll show you what that sinister robot is up to!”

Vulcanus led Koo Dae-seong to the Ryugyong Hotel.

* * * *

Elections are about how many votes you get.

To do this, he must meet voters, encourage them to vote, and direct their votes to him.

It is a basic concept in democratic elections, but it was an unfamiliar concept to candidates running for the Pyongyang mayoral election this time.

Coming from the authoritarian hierarchical society of the medieval kingdom, Vulcanus also understands the concept of rallying his supporters, but does not intend to go beyond that.

The black dragon is also supported by dragons of its own kind, but it just stops there.

The knight… even more authoritative than the Lion Heart King, Black Dragon rejects the notion of attracting voters.

However, Yakt Spinner, the thoroughly calculating second candidate, is a survivor from a world relatively close to democracy.

He understood the concept of attracting votes very well.


In front of the Ryugyong Hotel, where the floating population of residents and drivers is the highest. People focused their attention on the large-scale parade.

-Kick! Giggles!

-Kick! Giggles!

They are Krashatria. Although they are treated as residents of Mokpo and Nampo rather than citizens of Pyongyang in this election and do not have the right to vote, there is no law prohibiting them from helping with the election campaign.

“Why are you, Sir Yapi and the Kirkkiruks doing that?”

“Wow~ Mom! Look at that! It’s a robot!”

Hundreds of Kikkiruk campaigners and colorful and stylish machines ranging from barons to counts carry placards and displays to campaign for the election.

[Yapie to the market!]

[Make the world tree even greater!]

[Harmony between advanced technology and nature. It’s up to Yappy’s hands!]

A placard that will become familiar around the time of the presidential or general elections. For Koo Dae-sung, who grew up in a democratic country, campaigning during the election period was nothing special.

“That… doesn’t seem like a problem?”

They are attracting attention with the Krashatria tribe and state-of-the-art weapons and campaigning, but isn’t that a means that the candidate can mobilize as it is?

Rather, Vulcanus, who did not declare pledges or campaign, was an apostle to Koo Dae-seong.

“If it’s just me, I won’t say anything! Look at that! The Q-A link on those placards!”


Koo Dae-seong saw placards and QR codes embedded in displays carried by unmanned robots and quirks.

I want to do something, so when I recognize it as a smartphone, a community pops up.

It must have been a closed network made public right after the Pyongyang mayoral election was announced. Only Pyongyang citizens and drivers can access after authentication.

It was used as a communication channel for the convenience of residents and drivers.

[Shock! Excessive plundering by the Knights of the Burning Sword.]

[The dragons’ ‘inferior species’ statement. The arrogant attitude of not facing citizens.]

[Lord Vulcan’s successive drunken songs. Is it okay like this?]

The titles that appeared on the main page of each community were blatantly undercutting the candidates for this run.

At the same time, the explanation of Yapi’s superior campaign promises and plans reveals who the manager of this community is.

“Yes, negative strategy…”

This is common in elections. Putting down the other party, inflicting all sorts of slander, forcing them to give up voting, or making the other side benefit…

“No, we can go through the houses of those who have already died and loot them! What’s wrong with that!”

And Yapi’s negative strategy was definitely true.

With the capture of Pyongyang, it became the natural privilege of knights and man-at-arms to plunder Pyongyang, where all the wealth of North Korea was stored.

In the process, it is also true that Vulcanus and the Knights of the Burning Sword, who can be said to be veterans of plunder, actively robbed the houses of party officials and accumulated wealth.

Seriously, even Leon would have demanded restraint, saying, ‘Let’s eat in moderation so that the young knights and soldiers can take their share.’

After that, although he refrained from looting by occupying only one party official’s house, Yapi emphasized these incidents and undermined his qualifications as the leader of Vulcanus.

“Umm… There are more people who agree than I thought. In particular, the Naju Knights seem quite dissatisfied.”

Anonymity was guaranteed within the community, but the newly resurrected races are not yet familiar with smartphones.

Most of the Knights and Man-at-Arms responded by commenting.

“Kkeuh! That’s why I taught you the rules of plunder and even taught you how to rummage for hidden wealth!”

“Well… looting is a bit of a strange thing for a decent citizen-state to come from.”

Daesung Koo himself was not very active in looting.

“There’s also a problem with dragons… it’s not true. They’re a little less aggressive than Lord Vulcan, but I guess that’s because they don’t see them as competitors…”

“Hmph! Where else would those arrogant lizards get support other than themselves?”

This was not the only thing that angered Vulcan.

“It’s okay to accuse me of being a looter. It’s true. But…!”

Vulcanus took Koo Dae-seong and headed behind Yapi’s tent during the election campaign. And there–

“Hehe, Sir Yapi. I brought my younger brother and juniors!”

-Kick! Giggles! Chirukki look!

(Sir Han Ha-ri. 20 votes. Voting encouragement Han Su-ho and five knights. 35 votes. Total 55 votes confirmed.)

The Kikkiruk election support team scribbles something while looking at the articles Hari brought.

He took out the boxes piled up in the election tent and handed them to Hari.

“Wow~ Old X bag! Louis X Tong wallet! Do you have a gift certificate? Star iron armament custom additional equipment order ticket? This is really jackpot?!”

– Cluck!

(Please take good care of our yappy candidate)


Hari smiled and brought presents when Vulcanus and Koo Dae-sung met eyes.

“Ah, Sir Vulcanus… Sir Koo Dae-seong…”

The stopped girl quickly turned her back while wiping cold sweat from her forehead.



The dirtiest election in the world was being held calmly.

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