The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 242

Pyongyang mayoral election (3)

Goo Dae-sung, a democratic citizen, was shocked by Yapi’s tyrannical negative strategy and bribery strategy.

“Did you see it! How can I not be angry when they openly spread bribes like that!”

“Uh, um… tell His Majesty——”

“His Majesty refused to intervene, saying that he was also on his own!”

Leon didn’t particularly want fair elections.

If we had thought of fair elections in the first place, we would not have granted voting rights based on social status.

‘Anyway, this is a bit…’

I can understand the negative strategy. It’s not because I made up words that aren’t true.

However, such an outright bribery attack…

“Kikluk! What is it?”

It was then. What a gray-haired pretty girl entered the campaign tent where dirty tricks were being practiced.

“Hey, Sir Yapi…!”

“Gu Dae-seong. Vulcanus.”

“No, Sir Yapi outside…”

“It’s a hologram.”

I didn’t notice at all. Koo Dae-sung presumed that the technology Yapi was hiding would be beyond imagination, and it was true.

“Why… are you campaigning in the body of a girl?”

She looks like a beautiful girl and even has makeup on, and her beauty is dazzling. Yappy, who usually claims that the organic body is inferior, is active with an organic body that he did not even take out well?

To Koo Dae-sung’s innocent question, Yapi answered with a shrug.

“Organism. Weak to beautiful things. In terms of the aesthetic standards of organisms, they favor pretty and cute appearances more than ugly ones.”


I was at a loss for words because it was such a standard answer.

“Sir Yacht Spinner!”

Vulcanus strode toward Yapi. Goo Dae-seong was terrified of wanting to hit him, but he had a smartphone in his large palm.

“This is not too much!”

“What is it?”

“You’re portraying me as an unscrupulous bastard over some loot!”

“It’s true. And there are a lot of sympathetic comments.”

“Isn’t everyone doing it to unify public opinion and raise morale by plundering the property of those who lost in the war and adding it to their families!”

“I don’t think so.”

At Vulcan’s unconventional medieval remark, Yapi blinked in denial.

“I believe that all property belongs to the pantheon and must go through a fair distribution process.”

“Even His Majesty has allowed it!”

Vulcan protests, saying that he only did what he should have done. Either way, Yapi has no intention of stopping negative.

When this side’s logic was dismissed, Vulcan attacked in another direction.

“Sir Spinner. What are these bribes!”

“Not a bribe.”


Koo Dae-seong is a yappy who lies without changing his expression. Does that condescending blood remain unchanged even after acquiring the body of an organism!

“This machine is to do good deeds to support the welfare of citizens. It is not enough to receive thanks.”

“Hey Sir Spinner! You! I can promise you the same for Man-at-Arms!”

“The low-key kids are not eligible for welfare. Kiruk!”

It’s nasty. Nasty but effective is undeniable!

Yapi promised to vote by giving luxury goods and gift certificates as an advance payment, and when the vote was over, he eliminated any room for other feelings with the right to manufacture iron arms.

It was a tragedy caused by secret voting, the principle of democratic voting, and primitive voting without prohibition of payment.

“This is not enough, Sir Spinner! Sir will only fail!”

Even to Vulcan’s command, Yapi answered calmly and calmly.

“Organisms can do as the original spirit tells them to do. It’s enough to greet the utopia by the original spirit.”

-Kick! Giggles!

-Kick! Squeak!

With the help of hundreds of kikkiruk, Yapi confidently left the tent.

* * * *

It is said that setting rules for fighting is to take advantage of things that are not set by rules.

It’s not entirely wrong, but what if it’s a fight without rules?

Unlike modern democracy, which has been accumulating forms and rules for over a hundred years, eliminating irregularities as much as possible, and subsidizing the system, the Lionheart-style election, which unsparingly reveals the capabilities of candidates as they are, fell into abyss in an instant.

-Don’t leave the city to savage and greedy tin thugs!

-Symbol number 1 Vulcanus said something to Petos. he’s a stupid guy

“Honour is everything! Humans should only be ruled by humans!”

“That gloomy bastard, the account that curses himself is beating the moderators! Don’t give in to such a dictator!”

– Let’s vote!


-For good politics!

“For the right leader!”

-Kick! Squeak! Squeak!

“Vulcanus! Vulcanus! Vulcanus!”

It was a muddy election campaign with primary negatives and followers.

While the two candidates competing in the city of Pyongyang were trying to pull each other down in a close game, there were two unexpectedly important figures in this election.

The first is the Holy Grail Knight, Koo Dae-sung.

He himself is also a voter with a whopping 100 votes, but there are many people who show a crush on him and fully follow him.

These are the free people of the special city of Pyongyang. Elves, dwarves and treemen born from the World Tree.

Many people knew that Goo Dae-sung contributed to their resurgence by squeezing out infinite vitality, so there were even people who came to ask him about who to vote for in this election.

Gu Dae-seong was embarrassed and sent him back to choose a reliable candidate for himself, but the free people who had the right to vote still paid attention to Gu Dae-sung’s opinion, which became the reason both Yapi and Vulcanus tried to recruit him.

And, if not as much as Koo Dae-sung, there was a person who unexpectedly became a key card–



Symbol number 3 Black Dragon’s campaign tent found by Vulcanus.

Although they are receiving election support from the nine dragons, Vulcanus came to them, who did not receive much support.

[Reasonable… is that a word?]

The dragons frowned in front of Vulcanus and the following members of the Burning Sword Knights, such as Raihar and Galatan.

[Are you saying give up the election and go under you guys!]

[Tin cans…! What is the dragon’s pride!]

The dragons were indignant, but rationally saw the offer as worthwhile.

The situation is a one-sided onion battle with symbols 1 and 2. On the other hand, the only supporters of the black dragon were dragons.

Other freemen and knights could not easily gather around the ferocious and ostracizing Balaur.

If that is the case, I have no choice but to go under one of the two candidates and propose a plan to divide power by targeting even the number one contributor to the election.

It is difficult to play the role of a decisive kingmaker as much as Koo Dae-sung.

[Two hundred votes for all of us. Are you aiming for that?]

“Hmm! Two hundred makes sense, but maybe more! Or something that’s dormant now.”

At Vulcan’s words, Black Dragon guessed what he was thinking of.

[Karina. Dragon God’s Holy Grail Knight said he wouldn’t vote?]

“Well, maybe I’ll change my mind again when I go then.”

One hundred marks. In this way, you can expect up to 300 votes generated while being worthy of the black dragon.

Leon or Beatrice would not participate in the vote even if it was because of the pride of the royal family, but Karina was more open-minded than the previous two.

“If you accept the right party, I will create a position as a city councilor and prioritize you dragons.”


Vulcan’s offer was attractive. At least now, considering their inferiority, reasonableness was indispensable.

-Kick! I’ll make a reasonable offer.

Yapi also made the same proposal, and it could be said that the price of Black Dragon skyrocketed.

[I can’t help it. my first offspring Even if you chew on the bitter taste of defeat this time, I think it would be better to use this experience as a point of calculation.]

Even Dragonia recommended joining the Black Dragon.


But… are you really okay with that?

“You seem to be in a lot of trouble.”

Carina was smiling as if she had noticed the black dragon’s change of heart. She would sometimes snoop around at Black Dragon’s election campaign to watch the progress of events.

Although that raised suspicion from Vulcanus that Karina was intervening in this election.


“No, because crawling under one of them like this isn’t a bad option either.”

[Are you insulting me!]

“Isn’t that realistic in the current situation?”


The black dragon threatened Karina with a ferocious breath, but she was not a heroine who would back down at the mere gnawing sound of a young dragon.

“Well, even if you look like this, you are the body that will become the Holy Grail Knight of the Dragon God. I can give you my own advice.”

[You dare?]


Karina thought it was not easy to deal with arrogant races from her birth.

Well, since he had such a bloated ego, he must have thought of fighting the gods.

“This work was an emperor who ruled an empire. But he did not become a good politician.”

Emperor Carina Dragonia. She was just a being who reigned with overwhelming power.

Officials and nobles obeyed her in fear, and she only had to command with a chin.

“There is another politician that this work thinks is ideal. If you want, you can listen to his advice.”

[no way······.]

Needless to say about the politician Karina introduced.

“So, do you want to teach me?”

Leon. He looked down at the disciple who was not the disciple he taught for half a year.

[How to do…]

Black Dragon thought a lot while watching the election battle between Vulcanus and Yapi.

In this election where they bite each other, tear each other down, and that their role is nothing other than a worthy card that gives one side an advantage.

[Their supporters are solid, and I hate to admit it, but… they are more political than me. To be honest, even if I accept the invitation from one side… it’s not a vote that can’t be overturned.]


Leon thought that he had grown a lot by watching the black dragon honestly tell him about his shortcomings.

Where is the dragon who was arrogant with his pride, and now there is only a failed political newbie wet with a sense of defeat.

“It’s such an unexpected entertainment experience.”

[I am serious.]

“Dragonia’s first offspring. Why did you think you would take up politics, the mayor’s office?”

[To raise the glory of the dragon and the name of Dragonia, the progenitor.]

“It simply means that the title was needed for honor.”

[Is it wrong?]

“Yeah, that’s wrong.”


“Because you don’t see the essence of politics.”

Leon knows that this young dragon has an immature mind, unlike his lofty pride. But a dragon is a dragon.

His intellect, which is overwhelmingly superior to that of ordinary humans, is an excellent student who can learn ten with just a little teaching.

“What is democracy?”

[Isn’t it to elect an elected position through voting?]

“Yes, the most successful political institution on the planet.”

Dragonia thought Leon’s candid impression was surprising.

The lion heart king in front of me is the owner of a lofty pride that surpasses even the dragon. Aren’t you a superman who claims to be a being chosen by God and representing God?

As a living example of the divine right of kings, it is surprising even as a black dragon that he is unexpectedly favorable to the system of democracy.

“Criminals gather votes among criminals to elect their representative. The representative is also a mediocre person in the end, but all human beings have similar abilities, so no matter who they bring in, they will produce similar results.”

That may be an advantage of democracy. It’s because it’s not a big failure at all.

“It’s fortunate that out of the mediocre people, it’s a good idea to represent someone who’s exceptional.”

[Are there other problems?]

“The problem is that ordinary things are only talked about with their mouths. They change their policies and overturn the words they have spoken out of their own accord, by factions, and conscious of the votes of their supporters.”

Not to mention corruption. Things that Lionheart couldn’t even imagine happen calmly here.

“Lord Vulcanus, Lord Yapi, and even your young dragon are different from ordinary people. They are beings who were born as superhumans and transcend the world.”

So there is no need for any restrictions. You just have to have the guts.

“Lord Vulcan and Lord Yapi are mistaken that Jim threw away the shell of democracy. After all, politics is something you have to do on your own terms.”

Leon managed to say a word of thanks to the admirable candidate who had come to seek advice from him.

“Tell the people what kind of politics you want to do. Tell the citizens of your foundation that can transcend public opinion and bribery.”

That is the politics of iron men.

Black Dragon went back to the election camp, thinking about Leon’s advice.

As the election approached, the three-way debate between the candidates for the mayoralty of Pyongyang was widely announced, and the three candidates gathered in front of less than a thousand citizens of Pyongyang.

– Who will win? Is it Sir Yapi who is also on the offensive?

-Vulcanus is not formidable. 600 votes for the Burning Sword Knights and myself alone.

-Aren’t His Excellency Karina and Her Highness Beatrice participating?

-Which candidate will the Black Dragon ally with?

Citizens naturally picked Vulcanus or Yapi as the next mayor during the campaign.

The third candidate, the black dragon, only gave one candidate an advantage by adding up the dragons’ votes, but no one thought that the black dragon would reverse this unfavorable charter.

“Then, symbol number 3 Black Dragon! Please tell us your aspirations as a candidate for mayor of Pyongyang!”

When the host passed the baton, Black Dragon pondered for a while and looked at the crowd.



Unlike the two candidates who tried to gather votes somehow by cutting each other down.

his sincere political aspirations.

it is–

[I will do politics for the common people.]

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