The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 243

Pyongyang mayoral election (4)

Politics for the common people.

At the Black Dragon’s remarks, everyone gave a puzzled look.

Compared to the negative strategy so far and the money-spin election, I even felt the freshness of the story, which was even theoretical, but it was due to the fact that the subject of the remark was none other than the Black Dragon.

An arrogant and arrogant race.

It was because those who did not hide it even from Lion Heart King, who treated all races other than himself as inferior races, said such things.

Before someone whispered, “What are you talking about?”, the black dragon continued.

what is politics He continued his principled and standard remarks about what his policy was for.

There were no accusations against other candidates, no empty promises.

He just speaks honestly, revealing the effectiveness of the policy and his sincerity.

I don’t know how many people it might have convinced.

Among those who were self-deprecating, saying, “Politics makes people like this,” in the blatant political offensive among the Holy Grail knights, there were also those who looked at the Black Dragon’s speech with a twisted gaze.


At least one person felt a fresh jolt from it.


Holy Grail Knight Koo Dae-sung.

He is the man who watched this election, withholding his position despite the continuous love calls of Vulcanus and Yapi.

To him, Vulcan and Yapi’s actions were not very nice to see.

Both of them had a worldly side compared to other Lionheart knights, but they didn’t expect it to be this much.

That’s why the appearance of the Black Dragon, which only spoke of policies without negatives or bribes, brought great freshness.

The long-awaited voting day.

Mansudae Shrine, where the Supreme People’s Assembly was held before North Korea collapsed.

In this place where everyone with the right to vote participated, Daesung Koo’s turn came.

“I’m number 3. I’ll vote for Black Dragon.”

At those words, the hall of the Capitol was buzzing.

Grail Knights Vulcan and Yapi voted for themselves, followed by Karina, who abstained. It was because he, who was the last of the Holy Grail Knights, took pictures of the black dragon under everyone’s attention.



The two are perplexed. Goo Dae-sung’s vote was, at first glance, a 100-vote vote, but if you look closely, it’s definitely not the case.

“Oh, Daesung Koo voted for Black Dragon.”

“Hmm… Gudae Seong-gyeong is a benefactor who greatly helped us in the resurrection of our species. He is next to His Majesty, Goddess Irmin, and Goddess Demera.”


In this Pyongyang mayoral election, the number of free people’s votes is significantly smaller than that of the knights.

500 votes with just 50 Knights of the Burning Sword. 3 Naju Knights 750 votes.

The votes of the free people are only 637 votes even if they scrape together.

However, Goo Dae-sung’s vote and the airflow that followed brought about a great change.

“Well… I’ll vote for the black dragon too.”


Starting with Cheon So-yeon, the commander of the Naju 1st Knights, several knights voted for Black Dragon along with Goo Dae-seong.

There were no traitors among Vulcan’s strong supporters, the Knights of the Burning Sword, but even among the Knights, whom Vulcanus had worked hard to persuade, there were people who voted for the Black Dragon.

There were also those who did not like the scandalous election campaign between the two candidates.

By doing so.

“I declare this in the name of Lion Heart, Leon Dragonia, the Lion Heart King. The first mayor of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing Province is the first descendant of Dragonia, the god of gold and contracts!”

As the honorable first mayor of Pyongyang, a black dragon was elected, which no one expected.

* * * *


The black dragon looked at the newly established office for the large dragons and was deeply moved.

“Congratulations, Mr. Black Dragon. No, Mr. Mayor.”

Black Dragon looked at Goo Dae-seong, who supported him and turned the tide of the battle.

[Why did you support me?]

Excluding the same Holy Grail Knights, Vulcanus and Yaphi, it was the Black Dragon that was unexpected to support Goo Dae-seong, even of a different race.

At his question, Goo Dae-seong scratched his head and opened his mouth shyly.

“I felt the sincerity.”


“Yes. Unlike other candidates… I felt the sincerity of the mayor’s speech. Ghmm… Is it a bit strange that I voted just for this reason?”

Black Dragon just honestly revealed his aspirations. I didn’t think it would bring such a big twist.

[is it······.]

And it didn’t feel too bad.

“By the way, Mayor. What are you going to do first during your term of office?”

Koo Dae-seong was curious about the future policy of Black Dragon. He said he would do politics for the common people, but he didn’t know the details.

[Right. First of all, the cabinet should be formed.]

Dragonia unfolded the prepared cabinet composition plan. A cabinet member who will determine the future fate of Pyongyang Special Self-Governing City.

As it is a place where all kinds of races live in harmony, it is difficult to adjust the balance——




Yong Yong.

for use.

Only dragons from start to finish. It makes me wonder if there is such an outright racial favoritism in the world.

[Good good. The Cabinet will do just that! Then, as the mayor of Pyongyang, I have to revise the Special Law No. 1!]

“Me, Mayor? Black Dragon?”

[First, first! Mayorship in Pyongyang is a permanent position! I don’t need the next election until I die!]

As soon as he took office, he declared a permanent dictatorship.

The expression of Goo Dae-sung, a democratic citizen, was worth seeing.

[That’s la la la la la la la…! Glory to Dragonia and Dragons, God of Gold and Contracts!]

A pantheon full of scheming and trickery.

The clumsy cannot survive!

* * * *

When China was divided into more than 50 countries, it was the warlords in each region who took over the local government and started to play the king, discussing what to do with the king.

They had an army, and in times of turmoil, that’s power.

In the midst of each other claiming to be the lifelong president, president, and president of the Republic, there was a being who called himself the ‘heavenly horse’.

“I am the Master of Ten thousand eons. The one who has reached the stage of success is the best person in all ages and modern times.”


The man who came through the gate from the ruined world called himself the ‘Heavenly Demon’.

This Murim man, who came from the world of the Middle Plain Murim, appeared during the turbulent period when China was splitting up.

He wiped out the monsters overflowing in chaotic China with overwhelming force, and the Chinese hunters, fascinated by his strength, volunteered to come under his command.

In this way, the disciples gathered to form a church, and the residents who wanted protection on behalf of the incompetent government gathered and paid taxes, so they were called ‘Cheonma Shingo’.

In this way, the Heavenly Demon Church became one of the fifty or so torn Chinas, and was feared by the surrounding republics by the nature of the Heavenly Demon, which was not particularly interested in expanding its power, and established itself as the strongest country in name and reality.

Even the absolute ruler of such a continent heard the news of a small peninsula country in the far east, because someone secretly compared him to the Heavenly Demon.

– Who will win if the Heavenly Demon and the Lionheart fight?

Lionheart, a Korean survivor, and Cheonma, a Chinese survivor. Discussions about who is stronger among those absolute powers were common everywhere, but it did not lead to a confrontation between the two supremes.

It is because the Heavenly Demon, who trained disciples who reached the extreme for 10 years, entered closed training before Leon returned to Earth.

It’s been three years since he planned to practice face-to-face training for 10 years and closed the cave.

An unexpected incident occurred in the Cheonma Shinkyo, which was continuing its training while waiting for the return of the first person in the world.

-Gong Gong Goo Eo Eo Oo Oo U…!

– Quaang! Kwak!

Gun bombs pouring down and warriors rushing in without sparing their lives.

Ryu In-chin, the religious guard who guarded the defensive line by cutting them down with a single knife, was kicked by the endlessly swarming troops of neighboring countries.

“These worms! Those who couldn’t even look up at our school dared!”

Liu Yinqin was furious when he saw the army invading from all sides.

After China was torn in all directions, this place where the Heavenly Demon Gods settled was the only fortress that was not afraid of gates and dungeon breaks.

The surrounding republics were also aware of the fighting power of the Heavenly Demonic Church, so they avoided the body and rather dispatched warriors of the Christian religion.

On the continent already torn into dozens, everyone claimed to be the successor, but no one was prepared to endure the dreaded civil war, so they were desperate to enjoy their own kingdom and establish a good relationship with the Heavenly Demons.

they knew too.

They knew that if the Heavenly Demon directly shouted, “One thing under heaven,” they would always be swept away.

The reason why the torn continent was not sealed again was pure.

The Heavenly Demon, whose world was destroyed by the demons, did not pay any attention to human power until she gained the power to annihilate the Demon by rising to the brink of death.

If you go beyond the realm of talma and become a master of the life and death world, even the devil will not be your opponent.

With this goal, the Heavenly Demon volunteered to practice closed doors and went into seclusion.

“These bastards…! How dare you invade our school! I’ll tear them limb from limb—”


At that time, the hunters rushing towards Ryu In-chin. He cut five at once, but the remaining one barely cut off the hem of his clothes.

“This guy?!”

Ryu In-chin, who was about to cut him off, felt an unknown gaze from Hunter.

An extremely fearful, terrified gaze. Like falling into madness to do something at the same time.

Not normal.

Ryu Yin-chin realized that not only the hunter in front of him, but all the living things that had invaded the new church had similar eyes.

After absorbing the position of a powerful military force among the Chinese warlords, the hunters who were fascinated by the strength of the Heavenly Demon received various martial arts and possessed overwhelming military power compared to neighboring countries.

Even if the three neighboring countries are united, they are not even opponents, but the reason they are pushed this far is because they are conducting a mad charge to the point of even risking their own lives.

‘What kind of magic did he use!’

Liu Yinqin sensed that there was someone behind him and blocked their attack.

‘If the Heavenly Demon returns! If there is a Heavenly Demon, then these bastards!’

However, the Heavenly Demon does not exist here. Shingo, which grew up based on the absolute majesty of the Heavenly Demon, can never be said to be weak, but their momentum is surprisingly strong.

– Kwaaaaang!!

great roar. The roar from the mountain caught everyone’s attention.


All members of the Protestant religion, including Ryu In-chin, looked up to him.

A presence that makes even the air tingle. Even though it is in a faraway place, its existence oppresses the space.

“He has come.”

Even in the midst of an urgent battle, each kneel and offer reverence. Even in the face of a defenseless foe, the Allies were terrified.

“Wow, here you come.”

“He’s here…”

A time of chaos when the continent was torn apart. A nogoe that tore apart a thousand Taegong warriors and 100,000 soldiers alone.

“The Second Coming of the Heavenly Demon! Manma and Blessing!”

“”The Second Coming of the Heavenly Demon! Manma Angbok!!””

Heavenly Demon Lee Hwi-jin.

At some point, he was in the middle of the battlefield.

“It’s busy.”

small talk. It was just an old man’s petty complaint, but the anger it contained made everyone tremble.

“Three years since the principal is closed and training. There are still seven years left, but the worms of the Sabah world are even interfering with the principal’s training.”

It was anger towards everyone.

Anger at the allied forces for interfering with the closing ceremony.

A rebuke to the incompetent believers who finally pulled themselves out of their face.

He was the one who could make his anger pay the price, and he took up the sword as punishment.

“Me, that!”

I am astonished at the unusual sword’s anticipation. at the same time

Breaking Heaven Sword (破天劍).

One of the world’s strongest item Epic class.

It’s already been three years since that sword cut something.

3 years is enough time to be forgotten in people’s memories. But no one has lost that memory.

“Blood, damage…”

The allied hunter who said that knew how stupid he said.

No one can escape from the heavens opened by the Heavenly Demon.

The next moment, the sky broke and the sky was cut.

A terrible cut passed through the earth, splitting heaven and earth in two.



Even after suffering right in front of his eyes, even though hundreds of his comrades died in one blow, no one was angry or despaired.

I just couldn’t believe what happened in front of my eyes and was stunned.

That is the Heavenly Demon, Lee Hwi-jin.

The author is the only child of heaven and earth.

A monster of Talma who has reached the pinnacle of a world.

“Come out. You’re going against the heart of the main seat because your life is complicated.”

There were unknown thorns in the Heavenly Demon’s voice. The place where his gaze is directed is the center where he just cut the sky and the earth.

Something crawling out of the center of the wave that nothing else would have survived.

“It’s creepy.”

It was a white, silver-haired man.

At first glance, his face was neat enough to be regarded as a nobleman. However, Lee Hwi-jin thought that he could not be a descendant of a proper family.

Tattoos all over the body. The wildness overflowing from the man. It never matches the dignity of the famous family.

That is a savage who grew up in the wild and conquered with wildness. An existence that is like an ‘incarnation of a beast’.

The man’s savage voice overflowed with deafness.

“It’ll be enough to have a good match with Vulcanus. I’m glad I came.”

“Who are you?”

Comparing himself to Saekmokin, Lee Hwi-jin’s eyes glistened fiercely.

However, even when facing the Heavenly Demon’s gaze, the man does not show fear, but a sincere fighting spirit.

If asked for a name, the answer would be the same for any warrior in any world.

“Devil’s fangs, Baekrang’s semi-tribe, Cheolwoong’s fur, and Black Eagle’s claws.”

He was given the utmost respect as a warrior towards the Heavenly Demon, who was the ‘top of the world’.

“Rigardo, the great warrior of the beast gods.”

The body of the warrior who identified himself as Rigardo gradually changes. His body, which belonged to a human being, suddenly turned into a pure white and strong beast.

“You bastard… you’re not human!”

It was a beastization that would turn away even the top of Protestantism, which was revered in the world as the Demonic Cult. The pure white wolf looked down at the Heavenly Demon with a sullen gaze.

“Instead of the weak demons, I’ll destroy this planet. That was the deal.”

A short time when satellites crashed and there was a delay in communication between countries. The demise of the Heavenly Demon Goddess happened quietly and quickly.

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