The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 244

Frost Queen (1)

The worst gate incident that hit mankind originated from the three black gates.

The first is the Shanghai Incident.

The appearance of the great evil Scaja Carrier. And by the ever-resurrecting devil, China lost its largest economic city and was torn to shreds into 53 countries as the influence of the central government disappeared.

The second is the London disaster.

The Epic-class item ‘Wandering Magic Sword’, which was dropped after the Black Gate attack of the European Union Attack Corps, dominated the host and caused casualties not only in London but also in the whole world.

Finally, the Siberian Snowfield Frost Queen dungeon break.

Like the previous two black gates, the Russian government mobilized all its strength to deal with the black gate that appeared in the middle of its country.

However, the gate attack failed, and as a result, a black grade dungeon break occurred in the middle of Siberia.

This monster boss, called the Frost Queen, took over the snow fields at once. A huge ice castle was created, and at the same time the snowfield gradually expanded.

Compared to before and after 2016, the snowfield expanded by more than 20%, and Russia risked national luck and mobilized all hunters and troops to defeat Frost Queen.

“Damn, I should have handled it perfectly then.”

A soldier from the Siberian Snowfield Observation Corps gritted his teeth against the severe cold of the snowy field, despite the fact that it was midsummer.

2017. It was a Russian raid that succeeded in attacking Frost Queen, but it was only a half-success.

“Uh, what should I do? Even the Yeti came out already!”

The indestructible objects Frost Queen’s heart and ice castle still remain in Siberia, harassing Russia.

This phenomenon, which caused an anomaly to the extent that a fair number of hunters would freeze to death just by approaching it, gradually expanded Siberia every year, and endless monsters were born in the ice castle.

Among them, Yeti is an S-class field boss who is said to be the highest ranking member of the Queen. The fact that even this one was born meant that the queen’s resurrection had actually been accomplished.

“Report to the superiors…!?”

The soldier nodded as his superior’s complexion turned to earthy color. However, a cold sweat broke out on the nape of his neck at the huge shadow that soon fell.


Looking back, he faced a huge giant. A monster of pure white fur and ferocious size.


“Yes, Yeti…!”

Three Yeti, the highest ranking member of Frost Queen, are in front of them.

“Gee, support…”

The subordinate soldier requested support from his superior. Even if he knew that it was an act meaningless to his life and death right away.


The soldier searched for his superior one after another, but there was no answer. The soldier had no choice but to find out why.

‘Mo, the body?!’

At some point, the lower part of the body does not move. The soldier realized belatedly that the superior he had been talking to a moment ago had frozen.


The boss has already frozen to death.

The culprits are strange beings like ice crystals surrounding them.

“government ordinance······.”

Dozens of ice spirits were staring at him. Likewise, the Ice Spirits, who are the descendants of the Frost Queen. The worst monster in this snowy field, said to have more than A-rank potential.

17 years ago, hundreds of hunters were frozen to death by those spirits.

– Kkeukreuk…!

The Yeti stretches out its hand as if mocking a soldier. The giant Yeti’s arm snatched the soldier away.


Looking at the gaping mouth, one thing came to mind of the soldier.

‘The Pantheon. If they were here…’

Siberian snowfields with fluttering snow. Russian soldiers monitoring the ice castle began to disappear one after another.

and at the same time.

[I am Skajacarrier! I am the embodiment of destruction!!]

Shanghai Gate. The great evil that destroyed China has risen again.

* * * *

The resurrection of the Siberian Snow Queen Frost was immediately known to governments around the world.

The expansion of the snow fields due to Frost Queen was a serious issue that threatened the survival of neighboring countries, and it was one of the greatest threats to mankind that was tracked and monitored 24 hours a day along with the Shanghai Gate and the wandering magic sword.

Kang-hyeok Oh, the head of the Korean Hunter Association, reacted quickly to the crisis that broke out in neighboring countries, and has already promised to collaborate with Chairman Takeda, the head of the Japanese Hunter Association.

It would have been perfect to ask Leon for help now…

“Subdue the devil.”

“Lungs, Your Majesty!”

Leon, who flew straight to Seoul, first mentioned that Oh Kang-hyeok was worried about how to be polite and ask.

“Where have the others gone?”

When Leon mentioned the empty seat at the round table, Kanghyuk Oh hurriedly replied.

“Ah, yes! The other 10 guilds are all stationed in various parts of the Korean peninsula. Since the 24-hour gate surveillance system has not yet been restored, it is to respond immediately…”

“Tsk, I didn’t say anything about my President of the United States of America, but it’s so late.”

“I will send an official letter through the government.”

Leon nodded and naturally sat down at the top seat at the round table.

“Jim came because he finally heard that the damned Great Devil of Shanghai has been resurrected.”

“As expected, His Majesty, this is unbearable news.”

Demon Gate in Shanghai. It was something Leon had heard of since he had just returned to Earth.

Wandering Demon Sword.

frost queen.


Of these three catastrophes that came out of the black gate, wasn’t it the one who split the continent?

The reason why Scajacarrier was able to ravage China so terribly is that he is an immortal being who does not die even if he dies.

Even if numerous S-class raiding parties are mobilized and managed to defeat it, in a few years it will be revived and returned, and the damage will accumulate and eventually, important human resources will inevitably collapse.

It is the great evil that has plagued the continent so persistently, but it is no longer something to be feared.

“Jim and the knights will take care of it. The devil will annihilate it without leaving a single piece of its body or a piece of its soul.”

For the Knights of Lionheart who deal with the Holy Law, the devil is truly their natural enemy. Their pride of immortality was meaningless in front of the power of the concept.

“I’m just going to give you the courage to shut it up!”

“I heard that troublesome things happened in Siberia too?”

“Actually… there was a request from the Russian government to get help from the pantheon. It seems that hundreds of hunters were killed and injured while trying to capture the outer perimeter.”

Russia had already attacked Frost Queen once, but this disaster seemed to be a more overwhelming crisis than before.

The Russian government bowed its pride and requested assistance from countries around the world, and in particular earnestly asked for the Korean pantheon to participate in the war.


Leon thought that it was reasonable to send at least a Holy Grail Knight level force at the word black gate.

“I will send my knights to see President Ahn’s face. The president owes a debt to Nampo as well as Pyongyang.”

“Your Excellency the President will be pleased, too. But… Your Majesty owes nothing to our government. Rather, our country owes you a great debt.”

The 2nd Korean War would not have been won without Leon.

Absorbing North Korea, one of the poorest countries in the world, in a pile of huge debt, there were many things that would have been difficult without the help of the pantheon.

Even though Pyongyang, the largest city in North Korea, was virtually independent and overlooked the occupation of Nampo by the Kikkiruk tribe, how can we ask for calculations since more benefits have come to South Korea.

“What. Isn’t Korea a friend of Lionheart?”

“your majesty···!”

Oh Kang-hyeok gave Leon a thrilling look.

“Jim and Lord Vulcanus will go to Shanghai together. For those of us from Lionheart, the devil is bound to be more important.”

“If so, who are you planning to send to Siberia?”

“Yeah, if you’re going to send it…”

Leon easily selected the knights to dispatch to Siberia.

* * * *

The advent of Frost Queen in 2016 was a cataclysm that threatened the very existence of Russia.

Frost Queen’s heart and ice castle, which could not be destroyed, were recreating Russia’s nightmare with the queen’s resurrection.

“Support! We need more support!”

“The monsters are endless! Send more hunters!”

Russia declared martial law at the same time as Frost Queen’s resurrection, but it was not enough to stop their expansion.

Monsters are constantly being born. Unlike demons who do not die and resurrect even after dying, this one has no end even after killing.

‘It’s too big that the gate was created in Siberia!’

As the name suggests, Frost Queen is the holder of the power to control ice.

The lower the temperature, the stronger the power of the Frost Queen, and the place where the Frost Queen’s gate appeared was the Siberian snowfield.

The power of the Frost Queen here is truly limitless.

Monsters are born in a shower with just a gesture, and among them there are a lot of ice spirits and yeti boss monsters of quite a few red gates.

The battlefield is a truly devastating situation. The hunters and military units mobilized by Russia were facing a hopeless battle against the forces of the Frost Queen.

“iced coffee······.”

Waves of monsters rush in. More monsters than the monsters you defeated step on the snow field and rush at them.

It’s over.

Even if all of their country’s S-class hunters were mobilized, they couldn’t survive for just a few days.

Frost Queen, who had been accumulating power in Siberia for nearly 20 years, became stronger than before, and the cold was not something that even a single country could block.

“The end——”

Daeseongbeop <Spear of the Earth>

The moment he intuited the end, a huge ‘land’ penetrated the Russian Hunter’s eyes.

Turning the battlefield upside down, it literally shattered the Frost Queen’s minions.

“Muh, what happened…!”


Huge machines suddenly fell from the sky. Before they hit the ground, they stick to each other and suddenly transform into alien robots that can only come out of a space war.

– Marquis-class decisive battle weapon combination completed. commencement of battle.

The iron robot pours out a roar. The weapon of destruction pouring down from the whole body of that decisive battle weapon was a tsunami that swept the beasts of the snowfield.

– Goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

A huge beast roars. As if its appearance, like an alien robot, is the appearance of an enemy that is perfect for beasts.

“Yes, it’s a Yeti!”

“The Yeti is coming!”

The monster that killed several S-class hunters in Russia rushed towards the marquis class. However, the gigantic decisive battle weapon doesn’t even care about the Yeti.

‘Boo, collide!’

If the giant robot that swept the overwhelming queen’s quantity was defeated, the atmosphere of this battlefield would change again.

The Russian Hunters tried to block the Yeti’s charge alone to keep the atmosphere about to be reversed.

It is instinctively realized. That robot is a decisive move to change this situation.


However, his determined courage collapses under the yeti’s growing shadow. I realized how pointless my own self-interest was.

The moment he was about to drop his weapon at the monster in front of him——

“It’s great courage. I’ll praise you.”

Along with the cool voice of a woman, something runs across the snowy field.

black bullet. Running on a pure white snowy field


Before the white giant notices its identity, the magic sword shines brightly.

– Kwaaaak!

An eerie sound of flesh being cut. The huge beast collapsed with the sound of the swinging magic sword cutting the Yeti’s neck with precision.

‘The S-class field boss, Yeti, in one blow?!’

Queen’s Commander-in-Chief. The white beast, said to be next to the frost giant, died in one stroke. As if it was shocking to the hunters and even the queen’s soldiers, all eyes turned to the dark-haired woman.

“There’s still a lot. Sir Spinner and Sir Koo Dae-seong, use your strength.”

At the black-haired woman’s words, the voice of a knight in green armor came from the helmet.

“What about His Excellency the Grand Duke?”

“Because this work is from the royal family. The honor of being at the forefront tends to yield to the knights.”


Even so, the black-haired woman lightly swung her sword at the monsters approaching me. With just that, the hard bodies of the monsters were cut like pudding.

only three people.

The appearance of only three people changes the face of the battlefield.

There is only one being on this planet who can exert such superpowers.

“The Holy Grail Knight…”

They arrived in Siberia.

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