The Knight King Who Returned with a God Chapter 245

Frost Queen (2) with artwork


Along with the voice of a cynical girl, the sound of stepping on the ground resounds, which is not suitable for the snowy field.

The sight of hundreds of armored knights rushing at once reminded me of medieval European knights.


A wedge-shaped cavalry charge swept away the ice followers. Several giants tried to block their charge, but a parabolic barrage hit them.

-Kick! Giggles!

Pinpoint bombardment by the bombardment gloves of the Kikkiruk warriors.

The concentrated firepower, as directed by Yaffe on board the Marquis-class decisive battle weapon, was the alien corps itself that swept away the barbarians with stone axes.

-Captured many ice spirits. Initiation of high-intensity fire support.

[I already know!]

Yapi’s integrated command communication responded to the five dragons deployed in the Siberian snowfield.

Their mouths open and a great energy is focused. Shortly thereafter, the breath that cut through the snowfields poured in, and the additional corps that had been recruited to support them melted like ice cream in midsummer.

“Huh~ We are us too, but aren’t dragons’ firepower really a joke?”

Kim Jae-hyeok, who was sweeping an axis by pouring thunder and lightning on the battlefield, also poured out admiration for the dragon’s breath.

“If you have time to admire, drop even one more bolt of lightning. If you drop lightning on molten ground, it’s a direct hit.”

While preparing for the knights’ re-attack, So-yeon observed the situation.

“So Yeon-ah, what’s wrong?”

“The speed of replenishment is slow.”


Frost Queen’s retinue pouring into Siberia is truly inexhaustible.

When the snow piles up, the magical energy injected into it gives birth to ice spirits, yeti soar and frozen ice soldiers pour down as if the snowy fields are spitting them out.

“Compared to the battle footage from 17 years ago, this Jeong-don is still weak. The quality of troops has improved, but above all, the ‘frost giants’ are not showing up.”

“What is a frost giant?”

So-yeon looks at Jae-hyeok, who calmly asks questions, saying that he is pathetic. Didn’t the guy whose name was the head knight of the pantheon didn’t even investigate the past data?

“The queen’s corps commander. Royal knights. They are monsters with a single combat power that is greater than that of a queen.”

“Is there a follower stronger than Yeti?”

Even the Yeti is not a monster that can tear apart S-class hunters. However, Jaehyuk was surprised that there was a monster stronger than him.

“Because it’s one of the worst black grades.”

Saying that it is not one of the three major disasters for nothing, Soyeon recalled the wandering magic sword.

The Demonic Sword of Wandering possessed by Akasha, the Grand Duke of Slaughter, was evaluated as the strongest single entity, but Frost Queen was called the strongest in a different sense.

“As long as the Holy Grail Knights are here, I don’t have much to worry about…”

Still, it was strange that a frost giant did not appear when the battlefield was pushed this far. Hasn’t the Frost Queen fully resurrected yet?

“Well, when you enter the ice castle, you’ll know what happened.”

The tip of Jae-Hyeok’s spear is taken away as he tries to point it at the monsters in the snowy field.

A pillar of fire that burns the snowfield and melted ice water pours down as waves.

It would have been a waste to spend more firepower here.

* * * *

The Siberian battlefield, which Russia had blocked with all its might, was broken through with the introduction of the Holy Grail Knights and Knights.

There were still many monsters in the snowy field, but the dragon and the warriors who occupied the ice castle prevented it by conducting a defensive battle in reverse, and the Holy Grail Knights and a small number of knights, but Russian hunters entered the ice castle.

-Start base defense mode. This machine moved the cockpit to the Count-class aircraft.

After giving an automatic battle order to the Marquis-class decisive battle weapon, Yapi took the lead with Koo Dae-seong.

“Many enemy troops inside!”

When the 1st Naju Knights led by Yapi, Goo Dae-seong, and Karina quickly enter the ice castle, the ice soldiers rush to stop the intruders.

-Kick! Initiate fire suppression.

The Queen’s soldiers were swept away in an instant with only Goo Dae-seong’s defense maintenance and Yaffe’s firepower support aboard the Count-class aircraft.

“It’s an ice castle. It’s tasteful.”

On top of that, he even assisted veteran Holy Grail Knight Karina.

Quite threatening monsters popped out in the middle, but they couldn’t withstand Karina’s blow.

“It was an ice spirit just now! It’s quite powerful too!”

“I don’t think you’ll feel much difference from a normal soldier in this work.”

Indeed, the Holy Grail Knight. To them, it was meaningless to measure the unit of strength of normal monsters and A-class monsters.

There are three holy grail knights with super power. The following Naju Knights were confident that this attack would end easily.

“It’s also strange.”

“Huh? Junior Soyeon, what’s wrong?”

At Ha-ri’s question, Cheon So-yeon frowned as if feeling a sense of déjà vu.

“The frost giant is still nowhere to be seen. In fact, it should be the queen’s last line of defense…”

“Isn’t it just that it couldn’t be created? You’ve come this far and you can’t see it.”

Jaehyuk said it as if it was not a big deal, but Cheon Soyeon shook her head.

“No matter how hard it is, there must be at least one. The frost giant is the first member of the queen’s family to be born. It is also the commanding entity that leads the family in the first place.”

That means that there are frost giants in this ice castle.

And the fact that it didn’t show up even though I’ve been bothered until now…

“You mean you’re guarding by the Queen’s side.”

A number of top level monsters that have not been discovered are next to the black rank boss, Frost Queen.

“This is the Hall of the Queen. Be vigilant and watch your surroundings.”

With Karina’s advice, they were able to reach the Queen’s Hall in no time.

Unlike the ice castle stage, the inside gets darker as you go.

The ‘indestructible object’ ice castle blocks even external light as if it is not of this world.

The black darkness reminds me of a maji cave-type dungeon. Yapi’s infrared and thermal cameras advance through the darkness. Reach the huge door in front of the Queen’s Hall.

“I’ll open it.”

Goo Dae-sung, who is the hardest and has the best regenerative power, opened the door himself, and Yapi threw something into it.

-Wheeying! phut!

It was a device that identified the structure by shooting infrared radar in all directions.

Yaffy explored the dark inside of the queen’s hall and made a conclusion.

-Check the life reaction inside. two objects.

“Are you the queen?”


It was at that moment that Yaffe was trying to observe more detailed information.

-Quaaaaaagh! puck!

Something is thrown inside. It was a fleeting moment, but Koo Dae-sung and Karina confirmed it.


The frozen giant’s thick neck was tossed like a baseball and met with a count-level war armament.


The count who was hit by it staggered. The war armament made of special iron lost its balance and collapsed.

“Sir Yapi!”

The assailant immediately swung his mace at Goo Dae-seong, and Goo Dae-seong blocked it with the earth shield.

– Goong!


Goo Dae-seong, who blocked it with the Earth Shield, felt something strange.

The shock felt through the shield. The total amount of power transmitted to the arm is something bizarre.

Just like when he blocked Leon’s mounted charge for the first time during his Man-at-Arms days.

“Sir Koo Dae-seong!”

Despite blocking that mighty blow with his shield, Goo Dae-seong bounced back in the same direction the mace was swung. The astonishing power that the Holy Grail Knight could not withstand.

“this guy···!”

Karina’s magic sword was dyed black and swung towards the enemy. Even with that absolute cutting demon sword in front of him, the opponent rather advanced, distorted the timing of Karina’s attack with his shoulder, and then rammed it.


Karina, who fell in shock, threw herself to the side to avoid the Mace. At the end of her gaze, she sees Yaffe aiming a machine gun.


Yapi’s gunfire, which fired thousands of machine shells per minute, hit his back.


Even after being hit by dozens of shells, the reaction he showed was to approach with a howl like a beast.


An attacker who silently endured even the most expensive star iron bullets and approached. Yaffi immediately engaged in close combat, spreading dozens of wires.

Tactics <Cheonrajimang>

After careful calculation, the sharp wires that can cut anything fall into a trajectory that makes it impossible to evade.

Literally, I wish for heaven. The assailant laughed at the wires that wrapped around the assailant like a spider’s web.

<Skuniq’s Substance>

The moment his feet step on the floor, the whole body is enveloped in darkness and disappears like fog. Even Yapi, who was watching with a high-performance infrared camera, did not witness the moment he disappeared.


In the next moment, the net of the wire is swept away, and the assailant appears in the place where the destructive castle has swept.

His outrageous arms stretched out with red aura, and Yaffi deployed the greatest defensive technique in an instant.

Tactics <Iron Blessing>

Instant defense increase. This extreme defense boasts invincibility in a short time. But–


A red hand violently grips the glove of the Count-class aircraft. The glove that was caught in the grip was ripped off as it was.


In an unbelievable moment, the glove is ripped off in the shape of the hand, revealing Yapi’s body in the exposed cockpit.

<Gokrok’s Gaze>

Soon, in the darkness, a warm energy flowed from his eyes——

– Kwaaa!

Green flashes rain down on Yaffi.

-Emergency ejection!

Yappy, avoiding the green flash that poured toward the cockpit, activated the emergency ejection system with his gloves. However, the assailant’s arm grabbed Yaffe, who had escaped the cockpit.


The corner of the assailant’s mouth twisted along with such an evaluation. At the moment of desperation, Karina appeared from behind.

“Let go of that lowly hand!”

perfect surprise. The absolute cutting demon sword cut his back, but that was all. The armor with unimaginable defensive power resisted the demonic sword’s cutting power, and the additional attack was blocked by Yaffe, who was thrown at Karina.


While Karina, who received Yaffe, was pushed back, the attacker’s mace tried to strike her.

“Take one shot.”


The end of Karina’s gaze. Huge power is focused on the ‘hammer’.


Goo Dae-seong, who had focused his mad power on Geobrick’s hammer, struck it down. Boom! With a dizzying sound, the power of the ice castle shakes. None of those who took this direct hit survived!


The moment Koo Dae-sung sighed in relief, convinced of victory, the hammer hit his shoulder and was grabbed.

Realizing that it was the assailant he had just hit, Goo Dae-seong twisted in shock.

‘You’re still fine after being hit by this?!’

If it had hit the ground, it would have been a blow that would change the terrain. But not only did he calmly endure it——


Mace slowly rising. Goo Dae-sung’s face grew darker as eerie red waves poured from the mace.

“What, what power…!”

I felt a crisis and tried to escape from his grasp, but he blocked Goo Dae-seong with one arm and immediately hit the mace.

– Goong!

Instinctively, what was blocked with the earth shield bounced off with the shield meaninglessly. The dented star-iron helmet rolls around aimlessly.

“Form up!”

Goo Dae-seong, who was hit and bounced off by the mace, was formed as if the knights were protecting him.

They form an almost instinctive formation as they have been trained, but each has a pallor of disbelief.

‘Stop, Holy Grail Knights…’

‘Have you been attacked by only one person?’

But there was no time to be embarrassed by them. The mace, which lightly struck Goo Dae-seong, was lifted this time concentrating destructive power.

“Up, danger?!”

Suho almost instinctively deployed his shield. Holy Grail Knight Amalek’s Light Hallows. At the same time as deploying that absolute defense–

<Helcan’s Grandson>

A red wave so ferocious that even breathing stops. The red meteor makes everyone numb.

The overbearing charisma and despairing energy of the mace overwhelmed the knights and hunters and engulfed them with fear.

That monster had power that exceeded even the protection of the Holy Grail Knights.


Waves emitted from the mace slammed the floor, collapsing the ice castle and crushing all directions.


The place where the sound has disappeared.

Everyone is stunned in front of the terrible destruction that took place in a single blow.

Even this kind of power was just a light ‘demonstration’ to that assailant.

“Holy Grail Knight. I expected a little… but it’s utterly disappointing.”

In the black darkness of the hall. The red energy from the mace reveals the assailant’s face.

“Run away, tin cans. Tell your king.”

that your hometown has come


It had the face of a ferocious beast.

oak rough

Warpainting X

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